Officials for Argentina vs. Australia, Round of 16 at World Cup


The officials have been named for Argentina vs. Australia in the Round of 16 at the World Cup.

Szymon Marciniak of Poland will be the referee for Saturday’s Round of 16 match. He was also the referee for Argentina vs. Iceland at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The assistant referee is Pawl Sokolnicki and the second assistant is Tomasz Listkiewicz, both are from Poland. The fourth official is Mario Escobar of Guatemala.

Tomasz Kwiatkowski of Poland is the referee for VAR with the VAR assistant Marco Fritz of Germany. Alessandro Giallatini of Italy is the offside VAR official and the VAR support is Benoit Millot of France.


  1. Enzo Fernandez is a star. I love watching this kid play so much. A lot people wanted him out before the world because he plays a same positions as parades, Mac allister, guido…etc but he proved all his haters wrong. This guy seems like a generational player.

  2. Let’s hope Acuna, Papu, Paredes and Di Maria stay focused on the WC and are not too much distracted by their club affairs.
    Sevilla will drop Acuna and Papu in January which means a new club, moving to a new city and possibly country, new schools for the kids etc.
    Uefa will start an investigation in Juventus financial dealings which could result in relegation to serie B or C. Not the first time…

  3. Lauraro could start instead of Di Maria. Lautaro and Alvarez together.

    This is as per Diego Monroig, Espn. He predicted Enzo will start vs Polonia.

  4. Angel Correa may be bwtter suited to replace Di Maria. Or else Alvarez could go wide and Lautaro to start too also is fine. Lautaro somehow needs to start scoring. Its crunch matches now onwards. Cant take Australia lightly. They are a dirty strong team.

    Only reason want Spain to beat Morocco is to take out Portugal. Becoz of Spains scariness Brazil is haveing a field day till Semis. Such a luck.But how long Spain will hide from big teams? They dont deserve to win the WC for sure.

  5. How the hell does Argentina (C1 vs D2) play their round of 16 game before 1 day before England (A2 vs B1)? Just 2 days rest before a knockout match, while England get 4 days. Comple BS.

  6. Mundos,, everybody will fear playing against us. No need to be worried for the Aussies. They are not even the best team from Asia QF. Our team just need to be focused. Upset not happen every now and then. Hope we will easily past round of 16. Only worries is that this match approaching too fast. Our player might not be 100% match fit. Injury is also a concern if match have to play without proper resting time. Hope everything will be handled properly by our medical team.

  7. During the match, Commentator about Argentine supporters against Poland.
    “It’s very rare seeing this much fans support a team in a neutral venue like this..”

    BBC about Argentina fans against Poland;
    “In the background, Argentina took the acclaim from their magnificent supporters, who flooded Stadium 974 in their thousands and made it look and sound more like River Plate Stadium rather than this unique arena made from shipping containers.’

    In Metro, it was full of Vamo Vamos.. singing..

    As I said before, it feels like another home for Argentina.

  8. Whatever lineup Scaloni going to use, the attackers have to be good at headings – Alvarez, Lauty… France were able to score three of four goals through headings against Australia. As usual Messi only might not be do it by himself, other players need to step up

  9. Hats down to Japan defeated 2 super powers both coming from behind.
    Park the bus strategy sometimes work so we should be 100% concentrated vs Aussies and convert chances.

  10. Good morning from Kathmandu Nepal.. being a die hard fan of Argentina since 1990
    I have witnessed lot of sorrows lots of agony..
    Hopefully we will win this time.

    Hii Amit are you from India??
    I’m a fan of Indian cricket team from a Long time..
    Lot’s of Nepalese people die hardly support Indian cricket team
    After the retirement of likes of Messi de Maria I feel that there is no any such player who will be on their shoes..

  11. @Insider , i remember ur comments that u are at Doha seeing World Cup. I wanted to know what is the most cost effective way to get a decent accomodation for a solo male traveller. The official accommodation website rates have gone crazily high . Studios (single occupancy) which were 350Rials is now like 800 Rials or more in official acco site.
    Any pointers on reliable alternate options for stay. I am planning for the semi1 & maybe 1 qf ( Dec 9-14th) types

  12. Australia is very fast and physically strong. They also have good chemistry and understanding between players like we have. Scaloni should start with Paredes and Enzo both. I think it will be Ideal if Scaloni starts with paredes, enzo, Mac and de paul. And give freedom to fullback to overlapping run. Mainly Monlina can help messi from the right wing. After 60 min bring di maria and lautaro.

  13. Hey Roy, if you get the Intel, please let us know what jerseys we are wearing Saturday. I’m assuming the home, but it would be helpful to know ahead of time. Thanks.

  14. Officials don’t matter. Argentina should not have to depend on friendly officials to win. They need to play their game and be patient. They have more quality that the aussies they just need to respect them and play them as if it were Brazil or France. If their goals are no doubters and they put in a Poland type performance then they will come out on top. No use arguing about players as it’s not our choice…Just sit back and support

  15. Anyone has update on the severity of Dimaria’s muscle overload? As per TYC Scaloni could go with one of Papu, Paredes, Lautaro or Correa if Dimaria is unable to make it!!

    Last match the player to lose possession mostly was understandbly Messi as he needs to dribble and take some risk to create chances. Keeping that in mind Scaloni might go with someone who can stall or prevent counters attacks due to loss of possession like Paredes and play Depaul or Enzo higher.

    • Yes according to TYC one of them will replace Di Maria. All are fine to me but Paredes. With Paredes you will change to 4-4-2. I say Lautaro is the best option. Papu or A Correa is fine too.

    • I have been very vocal about deploying 4312 with 2 strikers in front of Messi, on the condition that both are in red hot form but Toro seems off. Another De Paul dilemma.. keep playing in hopes he regains form or play another formation/player. Some may argue we need to field the best due to the uncertainty of progressing and Messi isn’t a winger so right width may suffer.
      I thought starting formation against Poland was very effective and our players looked comfortable. 2 capable wide attacking players, 3 man mid with 2 creative runners + DM. The closest would be either Papu or Correa with the former most likely given Scaloni’s track record

  16. Did anyone see the heart attack inducing score error on Fox sports?

    As the 2nd half started I was eating my final bite in the kitchen and all of sudden I hear the crowd erupt and the announcer say “gooaaalllll”. I quickly rushed back to the TV and saw Poland score flip to 1 and my heart sank. But then the camera pans over to the Argie players celebrating in the corner and i was just so effin confused. After 20-30 seconds of feeling like death, Poland’s score suddenly reverts back to 0 and Arg flips to 1. realizing it was error i immediately started jumping up and down, screaming like a wild idiot.
    What an unnecessary rollercoaster of conflicting emotions….

  17. Fair enough! Officials will make sure Argentina passed the test. It will be a tight game, Socceroos are powerful with their counter-attack and sprint. Optimized the creativity and short pass and don’t give much space to them. Vamos Albiceleste

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