Rodrigo De Paul speaks about Argentina, the World Cup


Rodrigo De Paul spoke at a press conference on Friday about the Argentina national team and the World Cup.

De Paul was the Argentina player who was at the press conference and spoke to the media before the game vs. Australia on Saturday. He was asked about having different team mates next to him at the World Cup. Here is what he had to say:

“I Was comfortable with all of my team mates. When we train, we switch positions. You know how much I have players with Pardes. Enzo joined us very recently but he has done very well.”

When asked about the game vs. Australia:

“It will be a similar game to that of Poland where we will have the ball but they will have very fast players. The coverage will be important. When we are attacking, we also need to think about defense. It will be difficult for midfielders and defenders so that the attackers will be able to move around.

“I think they are a fast team. Focusing on the flank players, with tall players, tall center backs. And I think that we don’t have to foul near the area. They have very fast players and I think that a strong point, when they are counter attacking. We have to be careful about that part of the game and that area of the pitch.”

He was also asked about the loss vs. Saudi Arabia:

“Yes, we found ourselves in a situation we were not used to. It had been a while since our last defeat. That is where you see the character. It was a moment for us to rise, to bounce back. To understand that this was an isolated situation. There were no doubts in the locker room. We saw Germany out, Spain were nearly eliminated. These were hard days, yes.”

Regarding his play at the World Cup:

“The way I read the game is always based on how the team is playing. But I think I went from low to high, that is true. But now, I feel very well. The coaching staff are very supportive and playing all 90 minutes is very important for me. And physically, I prefer it. I am feeling well. The team is excited. My team mates are enjoying it. Not just those starting but those on the bench. Against Mexico and Poland, the team played well. We are responding well.”

About Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María and the veterans:

“They helped us a lot. They explained to us the meaning of the Argentina colors. They take on all the responsibilities. And we should too. The first World Cup for many of us. It’s good that we share the responsibility but they are the one’s leading us all and we are happy and thankful for all that they do.”


  1. Off topic: Uruguay really disappointing compared what kinda players they have in midfield,defence & attack. They do have a decent squad but they play like stupid. I wished they did better then this to prove Europe wrong.

  2. The team has united and are more careful now than the first game, I can say that was a sweet defeat coz it made us stronger and every other team faces us in the WC will pay the price. I am not disrespecting our opponents but whenever Argentines are mocked, they do wonders and take their revenge. That’s their footballing culture. Vamoooos!

  3. I think the difference between Poland and Australia would be that Australia has a little bit attacking outlet through their wing, which Poland totally lacked. So we will need to be careful about them on the break more so than we did against Poland.

    But I think we will still get plenty of time on the ball to not need a winger to break them down, but we will need to score early. I think that’s why it makes more sense to start Lautaro and Julian together, and not Paredes to play an extra midfielder. It’s unnecessary imo.

    Together With Messi, De Paul, Acuna and Enzo, we will have plenty of creativity in our team.

  4. After what Saudi did to us and Japan did to Spain and Germany and the way Belgium crashed out there is no way our team will take Australia lightly. Scaloni’s priority once again will be to keep it extremely tight in the back which mean multiple players pressing to re-gain the ball from the opposition and the trio of Enzo-MacAllister-Depaul will be running back and forth the press and defend. Chances of Dybala featuring in this match is quite high but he most likely will not be a starter. If both Lautaro and Julian start then Depaul will be covering the right flank and Alvarez on the left.

    We really need Lautaro to be back to form and he himself currently is desperate to prove himself and get his starting spot back. I don’t see anyone better than Lautaro to start the match who has a fire burning inside him after being benched by a youngster and a newbie!!

    Ironically the first knockout match of the tournament will be the one will the least pressure on the squad!! We should be able to get by Australia as long as we display the same tenacity in attack and desperation to regain the possession of the ball like last match! Make no mistake Australia will park the bus and try to hit us on counter and will surround Messi and with Dimaria not playing our midfield will have to fill in for his creativity!!

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