Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni speaks about Australia match in Round of 16 at the World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Friday about the team’s match vs. Australia, VAR at the World Cup and the support of fans from Bangladesh.

Lionel Scaloni was at the press conference on Friday where he had spoken about Ángel Di María but also about the Round of 16 match and the use of VAR so far. Speaking about Australia, here is what he had to say:

“Australia is a good team, it’s 11 against 11 like they said yesterday. You have to put aside the theoretical favoritism and play the game. Our idea is to play like we did in the last games.

“Their form doesn’t surprise me, they are a good team with a tradition in World Cups and that makes it difficult.”

In regards to VAR:

“We lived it and it’s really difficult to digest, especially because it’s a very new thing and it’s implemented in a World Cup. It’s like that for everyone.”

About the fans from Bangladesh:

“We’re filled with pride that a country like Bangladesh supports us like that. We’re really thankful for all their love.”


  1. I wish Scaloni lifts a few page from the Korea Portugal match. Korea showed how Australia is going to play against us – the same energy, intensity and the zeal to succeed. Add to that their physical strength. Portugal showed us what all not to do. After two wins and a lead, they took several decisions that seemingly were strategically doubtful. Ronaldo was under tremendous pressure after the debacle in their box. Still they kept him as the scorer inside the box. Instead Ronaldo should have played as a game maker around the box. And there could have been someone younger, hungrier and ‘I have nothing to lose’ attitude in the Korean box to score. Portugal’s upline was not as pressing as Korea’s, perhaps to avoid injuries. Else they could have stopped the counters in the Korean half itself. They let Koreans shoot from little outside the Portugal box. Nobody flew to stop those. Again, perhaps to avoid injuries. Avoiding injuries is understandable as they were already leading the group. So what seemed like lack of intensity in defending was perhaps a strategically good decision. Instead of sticking to their natural strength of touch and go football, they tried to hold on to the ball a lot. That gave Korea enough time to organize their defence. We should avoid these. What is strategically correct in one situation might prove costly in another.

  2. Every body will fear playing against us. No need to be worried for the Aussies. They are not even the best team from Asia QF. Our team just need to be focused. Upset not happen every now and then. Hope we will easily past round of 16. Only worries is that this match approaching too fast. Our player might not be 100% match fit. Injury is also a concern if match have to play without proper resting time. Hope everything will be handled properly by our medical team. Fifa should avoid this type hectic schedule.

  3. News update from the training field.

    Scaloni trained with this team:
    Emi; Molina/Montiel, Cuti, Otamendi, Acuna; Enzo, MacAllister, De Paul; PAPU/A. CORREA, Julian, Messi.

      • Both are reliable. I am glad J Correa is not here. We know how much Scaloni relies on him. Actually any of A Correa/Papu/Lautaro/Paredes would add something positive to the team.

        I am not worried at all with Australia. The atmosphere of the team is good and the team is not in panic state anymore now. I am sure we would win.

    • Papu, 35, tried already and was a disaster in the first game, and Angel Correa, who was not even among the first 26, both preferred to Dybala. Sorry but it does not make sense anymore. Did Dybala steal Scaloni’s lunch or something?

    • I prefer Angel or Parades instead of a pure attacker like Lautaro or Julian in place of DeMaria. Reasons are two:

      1. Australia will not play as defensive as Poland in the last match. They will try to control the midfield and surely counter attack.

      2. McAllister plays as if he is a second striker, spending more time on the opposition box than in midfield when we attack. That’s one of the reasons he got a goal against Poland and as per Insider, that’s why McAllister has the least number of touches amongst our midfielders. This statistics isn’t just true for our match against Poland. It worked against Poland as they were completely parking the bus. Ageist not so ultra defensive team, we better need another midfielder. The goals will come eventually.

      PS. It’s just my observation of his play, nothing else

    • Lack of pre-season hampered his fitness. Ten Hag does not treat him as special one. It has affected his mental state very badly. He lacks focus and sharpness.

      His decline has been steady for last 3 years.

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