Argentina to play with the home kit vs. Australia in the Round of 16 at World Cup


Argentina will play with the home kit vs. Australia in the Round of 16 at the World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni’s team wore the alternate purple kit vs. Poland in the 2-0 win but will play with the home kit in the next match. Argentina wore the home kit in the first two games against Saudi Arabia and Mexico.


  1. Home kit or away, does Scaloni have a solid plan to take the pace away from Australia? Portugal couldn’t from South Korea, Spain couldn’t from Japan, Germany couldn’t from Japan. Even we couldn’t against KSA in a span of 10 mins in the second half.

  2. Thank you for this Post @Roy Tiger. The kit is always critical!
    As for Korea, they will do better against Brazil or anyone they play than Uruguay would. Uruguay coach should get fired today. The only focus he had was the suit he was wearing. This whole tournament he played formations that are not for the Uruguay style. I hope he is gone before the end of day.

    Ghana didn’t have a good team, nor Cameroon. I wish Nigeria and Algeria made it. Algeria was cheated by the FIFA president of Africa from Cameroon when Algeria played Cameroon in last qualification match. But That’s a different blog.

    As for Argentina, we learned that this tournament is open to all teams and continents. No one can say that “so and so is better on paper so they will win” anymore.
    With that being said, tomorrows match must be played like a final. Australia will try to play physical and tough and try to get us out of our focus.

  3. Initially I wanted Uruguay to win so that Brazil will face somekind of resistance but now in hindsight , Uruguay would have a found a way to boost Brazil’s confidence by losing to them. Korea has already played a friendy against Brazil and with some luck they can knock them out!! Without Neymar their all attacks are from the flanks and Neymar won’t be ready until semi-final where he will be sent back to hospital by our defenders.

  4. Something seems fishy in Qatar. The Ecuador offside in the first game, Lautaros “Offside” goal against KSA, Japan keeping the ball in play when it was clearly over the line against Spain, Uruguay being denied a pretty clear penalty. Is it me or are Asian teams benefitting from the reffing and VAR calls….Don’t want to be a conspiracy nut but VAR seems to work when it wants and for who it wants…IMO

  5. Some countries came to play FOOTBALL and others came to play politics…….call it however you want, maybe poetic justice…….the teams that came to play politics crashed out while others came with heart and passion and nobody can deny them that.
    I honestly LIKE this WC and I hope it’s a good omen for ARGENTINA, the only thing I didn’t like was timing being in the middle of the season which was bad for ALL the players involved.

    Let’s go boys, one play at a time and lets MOVE FORWARD.

  6. European powerhouses are a joke. They exploit players from all over the world for teams that are owned by middle easterners. Europe is nothing more than a venue.

    • Because? Australia is weaker than Korea, defensively too. 5,6 xGA vs 3,6. And here guys are scared from Australia. Zero logic. If you say that Brazil will score 3-4 minimum you should say that Argentina will score 4-5 minimum. Everything else is biased.

  7. lots of teams challenging the so-called traditional powerhouses… being tight at the back and then either counterattacking or stringing a few passes to score once or twice: KSA vs ARG, MOR vs BEL, TUN vs FRA, JPN vs GER, JPN vs ESP, KOR vs POR. controlling the game is not enough. we must be clinical and score and yet must also be careful at the back. Else we are going to be caught and then have to start by chasing the game… vamos argentina! vamos vamos vamos!!!

  8. Korea was nowere expected to make it out. Uruguay would have atleast challenged Brazil. Korea i dont think so. Tough luck Uruguay.

    So the best 2 of asia are through to Round of 16

  9. This is an insanely corrupt World Cup. They give a bs penalty to Ghana and they don’t give an actual pk to Uruguay. This is fucking insane. The Var makes it even more obvious. Señoras y señores, se manchó la pelota.

  10. I spoke to many Argentine fans here in Qatar, almost all of them wish Dybala play if Di Maria not there. Fans favorite.
    In reality he has less chance to start …

  11. After Enzo Fernandez scored that amazing goal vs Mexico I looked back on the previous WCs then I realized that the beautiful goals are in Argentine players’ DNA. Zanetti 1998 vs England, Maxi Rodriguez & Cambiasso 2006, Messi 2014 vs Iran, Di Maria 2018, and last but not least Enzo Fernandez.

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