Argentina eleven from training on Friday, Ángel Di María trains separately


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni held a training on Friday with Ángel Di María training separately from the team.

Lionel Scaloni tried out two players up front alongside Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez in training. Papu Gómez and Ángel Correa were the two players in attack.

Scaloni tried both Nahuel Molina and Gonzalo Montiel with Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi and Marcos Acuña. Scaloni also repeated the same three in midfield. According to TyC Sports, here were the players from training:

Emiliano Martínez; Molina/Montiel, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Alexis Mac Allister; Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Papu Gómez/Ángel Correa.

Ángel Di María trained separately from the team. It remains to be seen if he will be able to start the match.


  1. I’ve watched Australia’s highlights this WC. It won’t be an easy game for us. They play sensible football, fast and pretty clinical too, look at their goals. They scored in all last three games and won the last too like us.

    There’re a reason teams in R16. We need to be extra cautious on Australia’s long shots and attack from flanks

  2. Di Maria is primarily a clutch final game player. U20 final, Olympics final, Copa final, UCL final MVP and yes we failed wo him in WC final and in two Copa finals (when he got injured or was max. 50% after an injury) But ARG have never lost wo Di Maria in earlier stages. WC quarter and semi, Copa quarter and semi in 16. In last Copa our best game was vs Ecuador when he was only a sub. But he is badly needed as a super sub. Will be on the bench?

    • Di Maria can play if needed. He is not injured but he is rested. In case we need a goal, surely we will see him in the second half (similar situation to the WCQ against Venezuela). Hope we don’t need to play him today though. Let him rest until the QF.

    • Gastón Edul


      Argentina va a tener un cambio confirmado: Di María no va a jugar. Va a reemplazarlo con un delantero. No va a sumar un cuarto volante de entrada (Paredes).
      Le sobran opciones en ese lugar. Ayer practicó con Ángel Correa y Papu. También tiene a Dybala.

      Gastón Edul


      De mitad de cancha hacia adelante van a jugar: De Paul, Enzo, Alexis; Messi, Julián y el tercer delantero.
      Si hace otro cambio va a estar en la defensa (Molina y Otamendi juegan)

      Like Mafioso said:
      1. Molina and Otamendi confirmed.
      2. The replacement of Di Maria will NOT be Leandro Paredes. It is going to be an attacker. A Correa or Papu are mentioned. Also last minute appear the name of Dybala.

      I am glad not Paredes. Not that I don’t like him but using him instead of Di Maria would make it 4-4-2 instead of 4-3-3. And 3 of the midfield players are pretty much DM: Enzo, MacAllister, and Paredes. That’s a tactical situation tactic not a main tactic. If Paredes plays, he has to replace one of the midfielders not Di Maria.

  3. 21 players got mints from Argentina squad. 5 players yet to play
    Angel correa
    Rulli… Either dybala or angel correa will play today…

  4. Neymar, Danilo and Alex Sandro is also injured. They are expected to come back in r16.

    However, Rumor is that Neymar’s injury is bigger than what has been reported.

    It is not easy. We faced injury at the beginning, but now our players are becoming fit.

    Di Maria could actually play today, but he is rested for next bigger games. This is my assumption.

  5. Di Maria is not starter today, confirmed.

    Brazils looses Gabriel Jesus and Telles. They wil miss the rest of the world cup due to injury.

    In the past, Gabriel Jesus did very well against us, caused great problem for our defence. I am glad that he is out, even though he is not an starter for them currently.

  6. Although we are not subjective before Australia. It will be a tough game ahead, but I also predict Argentina will win 3-0 after two halves. We have to defend very closely with many attacking options. Leo, MacAllister, Cuti will score. Emi has an assist. Everyone has the right to dream.

  7. WC u20 2023 short preview.

    Some of them are part of this WC squad:
    – Germany will have Musiala, Florian Wirtz, and Moukoko
    – France will have Cherki, Nianzou (not in WC squad but Sevilla regular defender)
    – England will have Bellingham and Harvey Elliot (Liverpool regular) and Dane Scarlett (Hotspur)
    – Tunisia will have Hanibal
    – Spain will have Gavi, Balde
    – Austria will have Yusuf Demir
    – Slovenia will have Benjamin Sesko
    – Brazil will have Gabriel Veron, Kaiky and Kayky
    – Argentina will have Garnacho, Soule, Luka

    I would say Germany, France, England and Spain are favorite. Argentina will need to improve its defense.

    • I doubt the guys who participate in Qatar and are playing with the A-teams with their clubs will be in u20 WC, such as Gavi, Bellingham etc. In that sense, I believe Argentina will have one of the most exciting attacking sides. But I concur that the defense looks weak.

  8. A very big thanks to Scaloni & Co. to mention & appreciate carzy Bangladeshi fans’ support for Argentina Football Team!!
    Vamos!!! 🇧🇩🇦🇷💙💪✌️

  9. After all the group matches played, the top 20 players of this world cup by Sofascore and Whoscored included 2 Argentine players.

    As per Sofascore;
    5. Messi
    18. Mac Allister

    As per Whoscored;
    5. Messi
    15. Mac Allister

  10. We will win today
    Don’t panic।।

    Australia has pressed the panic button by roaring against us…
    We will score 2 goals in 1st half…

    Only concern is we must convert every easy goal scoring chances from round of 16…

    No papu gomez please..

    As Dimaria is going to be absent tonight Scaloni may give a chance to Dybala or Angel Correa

    Lautaro will not start tonight as Alvarez is doing well ..pressing well..

    Somewhere Licha will enter the game today..

    I am concern about Messi playing every minutes..

    Hope we will score more goals in 1st half this time and Give messi a rest…

    Prediction Argentina 4-0 Australia

  11. The team have to be 1000% focused especially Dibu Australia players like trying shots both long and shot. His concentration has to be perfect. If the players can block those shots that would be great too

  12. Instead of expecting a similar playing style to Mexico or Poland, What iam worried is Australia coming out at us like SA, playing a highline,hurrying on our midfielders, unsettling them and nicking in a goal in the process and going defensive for the rest of the match

    We have never enjoyed playing those kinds of team plus the 2 days rest. I dont know how much juice Messi and Co. has to get around this match successfully.

    Argentina is techinically sound team far superior than Australia but Aus will make up for it throgh their running and intensity.

    Hope we can get through this match.

    • Don’t expect too much intensity from Australia. Saudi Arabia players were fresh that was there 1st game australia coming after playing 3 high octane game they also not getting any rest just like us plus there defenders looked tired after the denmark match. We should win this one in regulation time

    • > What i am worried is Australia coming out at us like SA

      SA Suicidal tactics and they would lose 999 of 1000 times. Only reason we lost was internal, we simply werent up to it on all fronts. Playing open aggressive and open is exactly the team we want to play.

  13. I think one important thing for us is to win within regular time. Playing extra time leading up to final will sap our energy, even with new five substitutions rule, which is clearly evidenced from our 2014 final. We already played three very high intensity matches. I’m concerned about Messi and DePaul – they played every minutes and are very likely to play every remaining minutes.

  14. I think this is the 1st time ever 6 non European non South American teams arrive at the round of 16 and no team won 3 times. For sure the most competitive world cup. The football changed significantly, small teams have the same training methods as the big ones, everyone understands the importance of intensity, pressing. For example in Japan Spain match, the jap coach replaced his wingers at second half because they didn’t defend. We saw after the changes the Spanish couldn’t even breach the median line. We may suffer from the physical challenge from Australia too, any transition can hurt. For those who think its easy to play Morocco or South Korea don’t understand football

      • Did we win 5-0 UAE similar to KSA 5-0 right before WC, then lost to KSA? When it’s do or die game, it’s very difficult. Remember how we got into 2014 final, barely won any game before the final.

      • I enjoyed the loss of 🇧🇷… well done Cameroon 🇨🇲
        Brazil looked very simple and bad at finishing..
        They have overrated players..
        Only thing they have is their speed and energy..

        But I enjoyed very much Brazil’s loss

  15. “Gary Lineker’s brilliant, heartfelt tribute to Diego Maradona”

    I love listening to fanatical stories of our legends.

    • Yeah, the same genius Diego that inspired many of us non-Argentines to fall in love with Argentina as little kids….and in some mystical way we can still still claim – soy Argentino, es sentimiento no puedo parar..

  16. all those Asian teams show how to beat the big football nations by putting intensity and pressing. very respectful. we need to do what we have always done regardless the opponents, it means counter pressing, pressing and play on the opponents side and don’t let them any chance of transitions, just like against Poland. Vamos!

  17. @enganche

    -> you’re gonna trigger some folks haha

    Does anyone want to see a collective meltdown, here’s how to do it. I present Team Trigger

    Coach – Sampaoli

    —-Almada – Messi – Gómez

    —MacAllister – Guido – De Paul

    Tagliafico – Pezz – Foyth – Montiel


  18. Angel Correa will be a better option in my humble opinion, his energy can drag defenders away from Messi.
    Want to see Dybala have some match practice in the 2nd half… Not sure why Scaloni does not trust him. Purely technical for sure.
    Hope Lisandro can play on the left flank in the first half and give Acuna some rest to recharge as he is important to us.

  19. Cuti in peak fitness is a one man wrecking crew….Richarlison should have nightmares thinking of him.. and Kanewould hope to not meet Arg. because of him… they know him well.

    The Cuti we had in match 1 was not the same… I think he is going to peak just in time and stand up to everyone that dares enter our box…


  20. Please guys stop talking about easy path to final and such nonsense. Every Match is gonna be hard even against Aussies. They are playing rough Soccer.
    If we win we probably goin to face Netherlands. They performed pretty well. Semifinal probably gonna Bananas and Final either France or Spain.

    So there’s no such thing as an easy path. Let’s just enjoy every Game and pray for a win…

  21. Enzo i heard is good in penalties. McAllister is a specialist penalty taker in Brighton that’s why im always in favor of McAllister inclusion. Depaul missed his penalty in Copa America. Lautaro is a good penalty taker. Otamendi can be a good penalty taker. Dybala is a good penalty taker. We have options

  22. No team get 9 points..Only three team gets 7 points..england,Morocco, nederland.. But all bullet fire on Argentine team..
    Not will help us on hard time

  23. My version of the team of the tournament after the group stage.

    Notes: They have to perform at least near man of the match performances in 2 games out of 3. Their teams have to qualify to the next round.


    GK: Wojciech Szchecny (Stopped 2 PK and 2 cleansheets)
    DF: Hakimi (the best DR in the tournament and Marocco top the group)
    DF: Thiago Silva (Brazil had 0 shots on goal against them in the first 2 matches)
    DF: Van Dijk (lived up to the expectation so far)
    DF: Theo Hernandez (for me the best LB in the tournament)
    MF: Casemiro (Brazil looking strong and he scored one as a DM)
    MF: Enzo Fernandez (If not Messi, he would get a MOM against Mexico, against Poland, for most of the Argentine top sites chose him as the MOM)
    MF: Bruno Hernandez (2 goals and 2 assists)
    F: Rashford (3 goals)
    F: Gakpo (one of the revelations so far)
    F: Mbappe (the best player so far)

    GK: Andries Noopert
    DF: Maguirre, Marquinhos, Alba, Gvardiol
    MF: Rabiot, Frenkie De Jong, Bellingham
    F: Ziyech, Messi, Morata 

    • It will be a very interesting match… SK move very quickly from defense to attack and they can do that down the middle or to the side..
      Brazil does not have the midfield capable of moving quickly… they are either going to be beaten in transition or concede fouls and see some Yellows or even a Red..Casemiro is not stranger to.hacking down a player to prevent a counter..

      I won’t be surprised if they make it to QF.

  24. I honestly don’t see Neymar as the X-Factor especially with all the offensive talent they have 9 players worth!! if they couldn’t beat Cameroon …i don’t know

  25. Apart from Neymar and Paqueta, who is the creative spark in this Brazil team? 15 wingers they brought? Casemiro, Fred, Guimaraes, Fabinho, all with rather defensive tendencies even if some can be plausibly called box-to-box.

    • they have exactly the same formation as France 4231 with very similar players profile. the wingers are their main force. it becomes very hard to defend them if they play compact. I rank them as the most difficult opponents for Argentina

      • Brazil and France will be our toughest test. Our weakness is our defensive capabilities of our wingbacks which is their main strength we will struggle against their speed and movement we may have to play little defensive against them maybe 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 formation to counter it

  26. The funny thing is every team we are afraid of lost to a bottom-table team when their B team means they don’t have competitive depth.

    The good news is WE DONT HAVE A B-TEAM. LOL…

    We have our A1 team and our A2 team…so no fear…give ’em HELL Argentina!

  27. All these World cup games give us a lesson to never experiment with too many new players or B teams at the same time. The victims to that are: Spain, Brazil, France, and Portugal. These 4 teams used B teams and lost badly.

    • Can’t really blame them for resting players. It’s a short tournament, so fitness level is ultra important. Whoever stays the freshest could come out on top in the end, the real reason why Argentina lost the 2014 to Germany was because Germany was much more fresh than Argentina in the finals. If both teams were fresh, i’d say argentina win that matchup 8 outta 10 times.

  28. If I were Brazil, seriously I would rather let Cameroon score one more.

    The reason is simple. They know deep within them that the only team they can not beat is Argentina. So avoid them. They can deal with France or England or Spain, but not Argentina.

    • Again, wishful thinking, now that you got your wishes of Spain to other bracket, now Brazil could potentially face south korea/japan in round of 16 and quarter. lol. This is why it’s foolish to pray for such thing when you want the strongest opposition possible to drain them out before the clash in Semi.

        • If this and If that, it didn’t happen did it? Now it’s backfiring, because Brazil had a much easier path now (on paper) to the Semi without Spain in the way. But who knows, Japan/south Korea ain’t no pushover either.

          The way you sound, might as well wish all Brazil A team gets injured, and all the top teams get injured so Argentina will face nobody and have an easy title… if you can’t beat any power house, you don’t deserve the title, simple as that.

  29. How are Australia team? I am hearing lots of noise saying Arg. bring best out of them. How should we approach this game? I am worried.

    • Wishful foolish thinking. This is why you want more strong side to Brazil round of 16/quarter opponent, because it’s pretty unavoidable to face a power house at semi.

  30. Brazil are lucky that they are not facing Uruguay. They will easily destroy South Korea and Crotria. Argentina on other hand will have to play against the Netherlands who are one of the dark house contenders of this World Cup.

    • Brazil is too used to with Uruguay, which is not as strong as in 2018. Beside, the Koreans are not easy to beat. They are a very disciplined group with a star who can change the game. If they play like the match against Germany in 2018, they will give Brazil a serious run for their money. I honestly think Japan and South Korea are much better teams than Australia, with all respects to the Aussies.

  31. Knock out rounds has arrived and we need to think about possible penalties!!!

    Who will take the pens?

    1. Messi at number 1 for sure
    2. RDP at 2nd?
    3. Paredes 3rd?
    4. Lautaro at 4th?
    5. That leaves someone like Enzo for the 5th pen.

    May be Lautaro at 5th?

    • Enzo i heard is good in penalties. McAllister is a specialist penalty taker in Brighton that’s why im always in favor of McAllister inclusion. Depaul missed his penalty in Copa America. Lautaro is a good penalty taker. Otamendi can be a good penalty taker. Dybala is a good penalty taker

    • Messi

      And Molina, DePaul, Acuna, Enzo to follow if needed. Everyone of them got a wicked shot!

  32. Papu still one of the best Argentine player. I am sure Scaloni will chose the best player in shape.
    I am okay whoever plays. Win..that’s the only thing we need.

  33. Garnacho or Buendia should have been selected because we don’t have no winger available in left side. I think Joaquin and nico’s injury is huge loss.

  34. In the 2000s we always dominated any teams including Brazil, it’s just our coaches were out of their mind, so we suffered from counter attack pretty often

  35. I think scaloni not going to mad again to select papu..papu not only overage but also out of form..looks the players like enzo, macalester were good form with clubs and Playing good with Argentina now.Actually papu was worst seveilla player last season..i think scaloni should prefer garnacho over papu though papu is good for dressing room..
    Angle correa is best option for di maria, even Dybala is good…
    And our panic start, our world cup start NOW.. I hope easy win coming…

  36. No real creativity in this Brazil team wo Neymar. Neymar wont play or will play with injury. Their defense are the best next to Argentina. Seems another 1:0 win for us in semi.

      • Good ?
        “The Paris Saint-Germain superstar was diagnosed with an ankle strain but there are growing concerns that there may be ligament damage in his ankle. His participation in the Round of 16 – where Brazil will face one of Portugal, Ghana, South Korea or Uruguay, is now at risk.
        If Neymar has suffered ligament damage, the expected timeline for a return to fitness from the original would be three weeks. That would leave him in a race against time to be fit for the World Cup final, should Brazil make it that far in the tournament.
        Neymar’s father has even expressed similar concerns, refusing to put a timeline on his son’s return to fitness but telling talkSPORT that he would be fit to play in the final of the World Cup in an update which may not reassure many followers of the Selecao.”

  37. TYC thinks it is Papu or Correa and Julian or Lautaro. All of these 4 are good. Any of you who blame Papu because he is “old” and single handed blaming him because of the Saudi loss, it is shame on you.

    The dude unfairly moves down in pecking order where he was supposed to be the first before the WC started. It wasn’t his mistake that his 2 assists were not counted due to the corrupted FIFA. I think both him and Correa are very good. They were part of Copa America winning squad and they contributed there in the tournament. They both offer something to the team in a different and unique way. I am saying this not because I want Papu to start tomorrow instead of Correa but don’t be panic if it is really him starting tomorrow.

    I feel bad for Papu. He has no fans here. In midfield everyone is a fan of Enzo, MacAllister, or De Paul or Palacios. Upfront everyone is a fan of Dybala or Alvarez or the one who is not even here: Garnacho. So Papu becomes the victim.

    I am sure he will play with a chip on his shoulder because he felt like he did not do anything wrong at all but he was down in pecking order after the first match. We need Papu energy in the locker room. The guy is the energizer of the team.

    As for Di Maria, he can play as a sub if needed. Against Venezuela in a WC qualifier, the half injured Di Maria played 30’minutes or so and scored 2 goals for us and was the MOM.

    • Problem with Papu was he was asked to play as a midfielder but he ended up being a forward due to either tactically or by mistake and he was poor. Not much his fault and I will play him before Angel Correa for sure. Has Angel ever played a good game for Argentina? Like ever?

      I would play Papu tomorrow and am sure he would provide a match winning performance. I would play Papu Lautaro Messi forward line and bring on Julian and or Angel Correa in the 2nd half depending on match circumstances.

  38. Please not Papu!!!

    Why not Dybala for Di Maria????? I know a lot of guys in here say that Dybala plays Messi role… So does Di Maria and Scaloni figured out playing Messi and Di Maria… So please figure out Dybala and Messi it is gonna work

  39. I am worried. Without Di Maria, we need other winger to stretch the defense but not sure who can replicate Di Maria’s role.

  40. We were victim of rigged World Cup games. In 2006 QF against Germany, FIFA 100% didn’t want the hosting country get eliminated before SF. In 2014 WC final, Brazil surely won’t let Argentina win and Messi officially become GOAT at Maracana.

    FIFA manipulated lots of games, and they only hire smart referees who naturally knows what they like and can rig the game beautifully.

    WC is still a business and generate massive revenue for FIFA, sponsors, sports betting companies, and local government. Only naive fans will believe all the games are fair and pure football competitions at WC.

    Teams who were victims before, will get returned favors. That’s why I hope this year is for Argentina, who deserve at least 2 world cups since 1990.

  41. So Brasil will have an easy walk in the park till semi finals where they will face us if things go well for us. we are the only ones that can stop them from win the world cup. the Europeans are chicken shits. their mentality speaking loud. they are afraid. simple as that.

      • they are 4 years older than 2018 my friend and they can t match Brasil in speed and stamina. as for Japan they can run better but they are missing in technical ability. They have decipline and maybe can cover that but i don t hope much. As about Korea don t even think about it. it will be a “friendly” game. ask the Portugese coach of them why. not me. it is honest in same time. the favors should be return back. you can t take without giving.

      • my friend tell that to the Europeans. Not me 🙂 Argentina NEVER afraid Brasil. Never. we had lose and we had win dozens of times in the history but whatever the result had been we never afraid to enter in pitch and face them.

    • He’s way fitter than Papu. The guy couldn’t get past a single player and he shouldn’t have been picked in the roster other than for Scaloni placing respect in him as a senior player. Garnacho would’ve been picked instead as the guy’s promising and has speed!

  42. Papu? Guy is done and thats been the case even in Sevilla. Argentina didn’t learn its lesson from the game against Saudi Arabia and they’re in for another rude awakening as Australia is extremely physical, fast and will cause an upset.

  43. Acuna is essential for the team. He takes superb workload up and down. He dribbles, he snatches. But, he lacks scoring accuracy. In both the games he missed opportunities that were created by Messi and others for him. Messi loves to quickly change the flanks. He has been doing that with Barca as well as with PSG. But there is a Neymar or an MBappe to pick up his pass and wreck havoc. Here Acuna seems to be his soldier to change flank. So Acuna should up his game to do justice to those opportunities created. Even Tagliafico missed such a chance against Poland when his lob was returned from the line. I hope it is A Correa to replace Di Maria and not Papu. We need someone who can match the speed and intensity of the Australians.

    • We definitely need and can control the match tempo. We don’t need to play fast or with a lot of pace. Instead, through ball or run with the ball into the box. The tall Australians defenders are not great in narrow space. I can expect a penalty anytime if Messi, Julian, or Papu/Angelito dribble inside.

  44. From this point on, nothing is easy because it’s the WC and nobody is going to give them anything for free unless what somebody said yesterday about the WC being rigged for ME countries and ARG, I hope he’s right because no footballing nation deserves some luck coming its way more than the Albiceleste.
    Moving forward, play and plan accordingly and it doesn’t matter who they meet because it wont be easy.

    • WC is rigged for the PSG top players. Argentina, Brazil, France will be on the positive end, even Morocco. They will all be in the semi finals.

    • We do indeed need a fast player. In that respect Correa is preferred over Papu.
      Why not 4 4 2 with Palacios in midfield?

  45. i don t care about anything else exept Argentina. just i have to say 1 thing only about the “mighty” Spain and Portugal. SHAME. SHAME to them. the sport of football lived 2 shameful days. something last. DON T FUCKING DARE ANYBODY say anything bad to ARGENTINA about 1978 world cup. my personal respond to him/her will be ugly. VERY UGLY.

      • forgive me but it is the same? WE WAS WINNING 2-0 and put down the gear last minutes for safe reasons and anyhow Lautaro and Alvarez and Tagliafico lost chances to score. the others LOSE INTENTIONALY. come on man give me a brake.what you try to compare.

          • @cox4 Portugal would top the group no matter if they win or lose vs South Korea. So, them losing on purpose makes no sense. Christina would happily tap in 5 goals and win if there was a chance.

          • @Bodhi86
            Bodhi86 December 2, 2022 At 1:28 pm
            Portugal lost intentionally? Really? For what purpose?

            The purpose was to get Uruguay kicked out and having South Korea to face Brazil instead of Uruguay.

            Also FiFA allready have confirmed ”afterwards, as usual, because it does not make any difference anymore etc.” That Christiana’s penalty against Ghana was not penalty, so instead of 6 points Portugal should have ended in 4 points, but i’m not going to calculate the goal difference as if this had been the case that Ghana would have got the more than deserved draw against Portugal everything obviously would had changed in that group as that was the their first group game, but just keep in Mind that even FIFA said that was not an penalty for Penaldo vs Ghana, though offcourse they just try save their image, which i do not even have word for it…etc.

            So fairly even according to our own dear FIFA if other results should had stand as they ended in that group, then all 4 teams should have had 4 points, but anyone intrested can do the math’s by themself as all i can say Portugal and Brazil have a long history, obviously many things with it too

      • It’s quite the opposite. Argentina wanted Mexico to qualify because Poland will be an easy opponent for France, but Mexico would give them a hard time. Eliminating one more European giant would have been good, but now France will easily be in the quarter finals.

        • Yes, offcourse Arg wanted Mexico to Qualify instead of Poland who could not or did not even wanted to attack nor they could not defend obviously also as Arg was very unlucky to score many more goals against Poland, also as the games are played at the same time Arg could not be sure until the very end what will be the most likely result from Mexico vs Saudi’s as also if Saudi’s had won with many goals Arg may had needed an extra goal to top the group, which was allways the main target for Arg and in the end they got it and as we seen any team can not be under estimated
          , but there is huge difference between those who are trying/willing to win for real and those who lost purpously as Portugal forexample did, though it may come as hunting them in the end as whether it will happen now or later on no one knows, but for me their team even on paper looking really strong, Still they just can’t play as so far only shitty games from them i have seen even they beat Uruguay, but as i said before according to UEFA rules Gimenez hand ball would not been penalty as he was falling down at the same time and trying to land down with that hand which touched the ball, so til’ now according UEFA rules 2 penalty’s been given to Portugal as gift’s as one was clearly taken away from Canada vs Belgium as the Canadian player who was fouled inside Belgium’s box by Belgium’s player was not in offside as the pass given to him to the box before he was fouled was passed by Belgium’s player as there been obviously many clearly wrong call’s by FIFA’s own referee’s and many more bad call’s from them as i’m not going to point them out all as group stage is over, so in the end even FIFA admitting some clearly more than wrong , Still it won’t change anything as the competion continues now with KO’s and i’m pretty sure that as allready now with so many dubious and obviously wrong call’s from FIFA’s own referee’s who they have chosen by themself, forsure we will see even more drama from those referee’s and VAR who all been chosen by FIFA ” the one and only ”

    • Fully agreed ! Anyone talking shit about Arg 1978 or talking any shit about Arg better keep their mouths shot down ! As Arg would not be affraid of anybody and has never been and will never be as there is difference so huge which can’t even be compared to those who loose purpously or play their dirty game’s along with FIFA….etc.

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