Cristian Romero: “We are going to leave our lives as we always do”


Cristian Romero spoke about the Argentina team at the World Cup, the loss vs. Saudi Arabia, the quarter final match and the rest days.

Romero started Argentina’s 2-1 win vs. Australia in the Round of 16 and have a very good match. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say about the match:

“It’s a huge joy because unfortunately, we ended up suffering. They were eliminated, they had to go out, try and get the game, they got a rebound from Enzo in the only clear shot they had. After that, one which Dibu saved. But we showed character, play and personality. I’m very happy for this group because anything can happen. But we keep showing that we are going to leave every last drop of sweat.”

Regarding the loss vs. Saudi Arabia:

“No one expected it but it served to make us stronger mentally, to go out and play each match as a final. It’s a World Cup, all the teams come with one objective but it served us in the following games to take each one as a final.”

In regards to the match vs. the Netherlands in the quarter finals:

“A very difficult opponent. We all know the kind of players they have. Now we have to enjoy it for an hour or two and already today we will be thinking about how we will play the Netherlands. We are 26 warriors, everyone is ready and the coach will decie the eleven that play but we are going to leave our lives as we always do.”

About the short rest days between matches:

“We have a fairly young group, beyond the three warriors who are our spirits. We are young and we are going to leave our lives if we play tomorrow or the day after. The day that arrives, we will be prepared.”


  1. Nice to see Cuti have such a cool head and respect towards his senior mates…especially for such a hard hitting defender…

    Great attitude… great spirit..Vamos Albiceleste…

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