Carlo Ancelotti: “Messi is playing at his highest level”


Carlo Ancelotti has commented on the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Enzo Fernández.

The legendary and multi time league and Champions League winning coach has commented on Lionel Scaloni’s team. Ancelotti posted the following on his Instagram:

“With the Round of 16 matches the World Cup now enters a decisive stage, perhaps the most exciting one. At the moment we have the Netherlands and Argentina in the quarter-finals. The Argentinians are back after their setback against Saudi Arabia and Messi is playing at his highest level. The youngsters Álvarez and Fernández are also giving energy and enthusiasm to the team.”


  1. Speaking of Pens, have you seen the Aussie keeper in action? He looks like a flailing inflatable Tube Man at gas stations. The aussie monster does non stop jumping jacks going side to side. It’s comical but can be very distracting. He knocked out Peru in WC22 Qualifiers….check it out.

  2. Highest level i don t think so he could do better than this hope it will benin the final.
    Scaloni is doing good to win a world cup with a great football it s just an utopia i think since the game exist only brazil did it in 70
    He s doing the exactly what he should do bring defense strength closing spaces after he could n t enter the field and erase tagliafico shit

    • hell yes i enjoy so much PK shootouts too. i love them too. with OF COURSE Argentina NOT participate on them 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 man it is damage of health. seriously i wonder how i will handle them in future when i will be older. from health point of view.

  3. I watched all Netherlands game at WC. As compared with 2014 ducth team, this team’s defense is not rock solid. They made mistakes and sometimes left wide open space. In 2014, we must have individual brilliance moment to score on them. This year, we can be patient and look for small chances in slow build up (Scaloni’s team is extremely good at this.)

  4. I have high hopes for Switz team. Its not like hate towards portugal or ronaldo. But in big tournament they always play good football. I am expecting a tight game from them vs portugal…

    • I HATE Penaldoita no surprise there LOL and nothing against Portugal but hope the Swiss Army take ’em out and i KNOW a few are highly motivated after beating the Serbs

  5. The only thing that we need to do right is keeping our composure in the face of adversity. Even if we concede a goal upfront, the kind of offensive arsenal we have, we should be able to give them back two fold. So please God, please don’t let our team lose their nerves or panic if the opponent scores one. Its not a crime to concede a goal during such a big match in the tournament, but it would be criminal to drop our shoulders and panic and not even attempt a fightback. Lets trust La Scaloneta to deliver the goods..Vamos!!!

  6. Apparently Portugal’s coach who always looks constipated refused to confirm/deny her highness’ inclusion in tomorrow’s game because he didn’t like how SHE acted when subbed off

  7. It is great that Alvarez scores whenever he starts. For city and also for Argentina. 442 vs 352 ??? Which is best suited if ADM is not playing..

  8. Hi Roy please do something about this forum i’m sure they are more trolls than legit fans in here Every low life who doesn’t know nothing about football Bringing in here thier sickness and viruses, it’s getting out of hand.

  9. I think Scaloni is doing the right thing with this team with the players we have. We dont know whats going on in the camp. Which player has niggles, etc.
    But the way we are playing we will shut down big teams. 1-0 is enough to win a World Cup. I would not even care even if it is Tie Breakers. But we are better.

  10. Below are some of Scalloni’s mistakes.
    1.He always likes to play his favorite players, but the more deserving ones don’t get a chance.
    2.He has no plan B.
    3.His substitutions are very bad. He seems to decide in advance how to substitute.
    4.Repeatedly substituting two fullbacks can be suicide.
    5.Not letting Dybala and Engel Correa play a single minute is a huge mistake.
    6.After getting 1-2 goals, taking the whole team in defensive shape is one of the mistakes.
    7.Enzo Fernandez should be played on the left side.
    10.there is no pace on the left side and he has no idea how to solve it.
    11.Enzo should be played as LWF. De Paul, Paredes, Mac Allister will be in the midfield. Enzo, Alvarez, Messi will be in the forward line.

    • World Cup has a hectic schedule
      Plus the way Argentina play the widh is usually provided by the fullbacks which means they are constantly going up and down on their flank

      That’s why he regularly substitutes the fullbacks to give them a rest

  11. Last match when we conceded an unlucky goal out of nowhere and then Australia unleashed their full fledged attack in the last 10 mins forcing us into desperate defending and saves. I truly believe that it was a great experience for our team and a much needed testing and will be handy. The way our players Licha and Emi had to react to save the match gave our team a valuable experience and it will help them prepare mentally and strategically against Dutch counters. Once you swim out of a huge wave in the ocean, then swimming in a lake in a windy day becomes a lot easier!!

  12. This is going to be match between a dedicated, united, talented, unsteady, uncreative, superstar-dependent, injury-struck, unfortunate team hated by referees and VARs and a dedicated, super-talented, organized, steady, superstar-independent, injury-free, fortunate team loved by referees and VARs. This is going to be a battle between a very experienced coach who is strategic, clever and not dependent on magical moments and another accidental coach whose only strategy is to depend on a magical moment from a player who comes from a different planet but is ageing and, hence, is inconsistent. A team which is creating many chances and converting at a good percentage VS a team which is taking a lead by magical intervention in all senses of the word, then creating chances and missing them at a high percentage.

    • ??????????

      xG diff in first 4 matches:

      Argentina +++ 6,3

      Netherlands – – – 0,1

      They are a piece of shit compared to us so far. Simply Holland unable to create good chances and defend badly.

    • Dude, you really need to be a fan of Netherlands and not Argentina. If you don’t like the things they are doing, than why subject yourself and all of us to your misery? Just go root for France, or England or any other team that fits your approval. Because with all due respect, nobody gives a flying shit about your critique of Scaloni. God almighty himself could be managing this team and you’d find something wrong with his tactics also. Give it a rest.
      And since most people on this site are young, I went to Monumental at 13 years old and saw Argentina beat Holland in 1978. I was at the stadium. You know what? Every moron said Menotti was an idiot for not taking Maradona yet we won. Fast forward to 1986, you know what they said about Bilardo? He is an idiot! And we won. Guess what guys like you and others are saying about Scaloni? Some people are just miserable inside and out, and they project on to this team. How sad.

      • This forum is getting out of hand man. I don’t recognize half of the names that have popped up and just started spewing misery and negative nonsense. They are not happy unless Argentina win every game 5-0. They are waiting for them to lose so they can say I told you so. They fear Holland as if Holland is already concentrating on the semi final. I am pretty sure Holland was cheering for Australia to upset us as I am certain they don’t want to play us either. It’s the quarter finals now and every team we face now will be a “big team” so there is nothing left to do but trust in the coach and the players ability and support support support. People question Scaloni on his player selection, Tactics and subs but the fact is that we qualified for the WC easily, We are defending Copa champs, Finalissima champs, WC group winners and current quarter finalists…He has earned my trust at the very least

        • Its the same crap every time there is a major tournament and what could be bigger than the WC………like the song go, “Freaks Come out at Night” and then disappear just as fast never to be seen again, disillusioned FAKE ARG fans, haters, Morons, fans of other nations, trolls, pathetic losers………I jokingly said that if ROY gave me banning privileges that I would ban them all……i wasn’t joking

    • sorry i lost you. for which Dutch team you talking about? the 1998 Dutch team? the 2014? the 1978 Dutch team? the 2006 maybe? But as i know VAR wasn t exist in that era. Something i am missing here sure.

  13. This WC has caused havoc on my sleep, waking up at 4-5AM is the norm now, Anyway, this is going to be the first opponent Not to be considered a huge underdog like the previous 4 and that in my opinion is a positive thing.
    I believe Messi tends to play better vs European defenses and teams than other and when was the last time the Dutch played a South American powerhouse?
    Is this Orange better on par or less talented than the one from 2014?

  14. I think Argentina’s tactics are right to stop a team like Brazil, France and Holland.

    They offer you possession and initiative. Once you attack and loose the ball they counter attacks.

    I think we should take the possession, pass the ball between players slowly, looking for any opening. This is to conserve the energy and defensive structure.

    When we loose the possession, we should press relentlessly, to stop the counter. This is what Chile did to us in 2015.

    Our approach is correct so far and reflect above description. We should not expect free flowing attack. The only way we can win next 3 games is playing dirty and unimpressive.

    Teams like France and England has superior quality in many positions, compared to us. This is reality.

    Our approach is correct but it needs some tweak.

    • Scaloni’s approach of not conceding early and not concede at all may have made us look not very lively in attack but it will be extremely effective against Holland. He is keeping the ball and waiting for opposition to make mistakes but our all oppositions so far have parked their bus but if Holland surprises us and takes on our defense then his strategy will be very very fruitful. And if they decide to sit deep or maintain high line & defend and counter attack it will not be anything new to us in this tournament. Scaloni has assembled a very organized defense and midfield to support his forwards.

  15. Please allow me to say that Scaloni is not a great coach, but he’s growing. I don’t like the way He manages the players, we have more than enough good players to play good football. He has no respect for Dybala at all,. Let’s me tell you guys, If you don’t play with Dimaria, why Correa can’t play, Imagine so many good passes Messi gave Acuna, a right foot player like Angel would convert them to a goal

  16. Argentina vs Netherlands and England vs France(Hate both of them so anyone knocks out other is okay with me) are going to be a cracking game, so 4 giants are already there, Brazil will be extra motivated to win the WC for Pele, Its gonna be near impossible for anyone to stop them. Anyway lets somehow win our Quarters first.

    • Please allow me to say that Scaloni is not a great coach, but he’s growing. I don’t like the way He manages the players, we have more than enough good players to play good football. He has no respect for Dybala at all,. Let’s me tell you guys, If you don’t play with Dimaria, why Correa can’t play, Imagine so many good passes Messi gave Acuna, a right foot player like Angel would convert them to a goal

    • How do you know that? Cameroon defeated brazil. We have defeated them on their own turf. i know they have improved a lot since then.But they also have flaws. tell me how they are going to stop messi dimaria and alvarz. Their midfiled is not that great. I have full confidence in this team. We are able to beat this brazil team on any gien day.u are too much sacred. They are not better than us

      • I been an Argentina fan since I was a little boy but I have to keep it the way this Argentina is playing right ain’t no way will be able to beat this Brazil team I don’t see it.

  17. I checked the record of the Dutch from the day one of Van Gaal. The only strong team they could beat was Belgium 2 times. Other than that, only draw vs Germany at home and Poland. Other teams they beat were weaker teams like Wales, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Montenegro, Gibraltar etc.

    So not that impressive. When they meet higher ranking FIFA countries (but the shitty Belgium), they drew like against Ecuador or Germany even Poland.

  18. I read that Madrid is preparing to bid €80 million for Enzo (which won’t be enough). Maybe that’s why Ancelotti praises Enzo. The most expensive Argentina ever is Gonzalo Higuain when he was transferred for €90 million. Enzo should break his record.

  19. Nederland is a hard team. But we are much superior to is matter whether we play attractive or dirty football. I remind we won Copa with dirty style. A champion team is improving every match in a tournament growing and i think we improving every match by match.
    We are superior in all 3 Department from paul is back in form.our midfield looks dynamic with enzo,mac,de paul. As Midfielders running game and i believe our mid are capable to dominant Against any team.
    Come on guys Alvarez is enough to hit this dutch team..easy win coming.

  20. Argentina is playing as a team. Though Messi showing his magic. Netherlands is a good team but not the same level as Argentina. If we play at our usual level we will win the match.

  21. Important tasks for Scaloni now are helping Lautaro to get his rhythm back, prepare Dybala for the squad and use Lisandro in the field as much as possible. Lautaro is important for coming days whose finishing is definitely better.

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