Ángel Di María and Papu Gómez do not train with Argentina national team


Ángel Di María and Papu Gómez did not train with the Argentina national team on Monday.

Argentina had a day of rest on Sunday, as coach gave them a day to spend with their families after the 2-0 win vs. Australia. The team was back training on Monday and were without Di María and Papu Gómez as they were doing kinesiology.

Di María did not play vs. Australia as he has a muscle overload. He was replaced by Papu Gómez in the starting eleven and he injured his ankle in the match.


  1. 3-5-2 against Netherlands:

    Cuti – Otamendi – Lisandro

    Molina – DePaul – Enzo – Paredes – Acuna

    Messi – Alvarez

    I think conservative Scaloni will use this formation given that ADM and Lautaro are not fully fit.

    In this way, we also have a few good PK kickers on the bench. MacAllister/Palacios/Dybala can be subbed in during extra time.

    • Three benefits from playing 3-5-2:

      1. Start all of our phenomenal CBs
      2. DePaul and Paredes can provide more support to our best midfielder – Enzo Fernandez
      3. Two forward up front sounds lack of attack, but these two are in really red hot form.

  2. I hope Scaloni has rewatched the 97th min save from Emi. Tagliafico was completely beatean by the Australian player. First of all it was criminal to let the other guy send that aerial pass , I believe it was Palacios who couldn’t get his tackle right. After that when the cross was made beside the guy who took the shot there was another player behind him unmarked. This is unacceptable from our defense. While the cross was being delivered almost everyone were in right side. And the way the ball was stolen under Taliafico’s feet when he was the one who was checking the last player and the ball was coming towards him speaks volume about our LB!! These errors will decide the results between two stong teams. The team that makes fewer errors and forces opponents into making errors while not wasting their chances will win!!

      • Lol Montiel and Talgliafico look so nervous. They are not sure what they want to do when they have the ball. Talgliafico is at his second World Cup so he should be playing like a leader. Almada is very young so I can understand him being nervous.

        • Montiel and Tag should not be glued to the bench but rather should be glued to the ceiling of the dressing room.
          Lautaro Martinez should have a statue not for missing those chances but for the way he pressed and helped his team to fight off Aussie. The coach deserves special mention for actually witnessing this Martinez atrocities and keeping his retard mouth shut without passing on any instructions.

    • Good catch. just rewatched. Not the first one but it’s a little disturbing to see brief team meltdowns.

      1) Otamendi solid clearance to Messi.
      2) Messi lost the ball from defender blind siding him from behind. Really poor from him.
      3) De Paul executed the ugliest ineffective slide tackle. He slid slowly and 2 feet off target.
      4) Enzo, closest teammate, didn’t attempt to block pass.
      5) No clue why or how but Tagliafico fell back on his ass, leaving the shooter wide open.

      • Our defense looked solid but when pressed or under pressure we are still making errors need major improvement in order to win against Brazil or France. But i still think u guys r scrutinizing too much. They played a physical knock out game only after 2 days rest that’s insane no team can perform after so less rest tiredness was creeping in that may be the reason behind those mistakes but tagliafico and palacios mistakes were unforgivable. We will get 6 days gap in quarters 4 days gap in semis and 5 days gap before final. With no travelling. We will be okay but we need to be super at defense like 2006 Italy side only then we can win the whole thing

  3. I apologize to all Mundo members and Roy to have written a bad comment about Mbappe……..but honestly it really did not seem like a big deal to me….. he looked like a very hated figure in this forum……

    • you don t have to apologize i believe. some people are over sensitive here. i don t blame them of course because romance king era is difficult to be forgotten 🙂

    • The reason I dont like him is not his looks, its his arrogance. For the same reason I thought the Brazil dancing after the goals are completely disgusting and distasteful. It is ok to celebrate, but there is a limit to everything. The way Brazil celebrates is disrespectful to other teams. There is no need to rub it in. They should remember this when their tears roll when they lose. Humility is a wonderful trait. I wish some entitled morons would learn this lesson when they were younger.

    • Just to be fair, I have seen his PSG teammates PRE-MESSI wearing Ninja Turtle masks while making fun of him and he seemed very fine with it, in fact he was laughing……just saying.
      I always refer to him as the Golden Child and he is a child and it doesn’t matter how talented he is, he’s arrogant and I HATE arrogance as in my unconditional hatred for Penaldo and look what it got him now.
      Aside from Messi’s out of this solar system talent, he is humble and what does he do whenever he scores, he points to the sky and thank who made it possible while the conceited APE jumps up and down LIKE A MONKEY and points to himself, me me I did that ME…..

      • Messi is very humble guy, that is the reason everyone who loves football wants Messi to win world cup even English men saying on thier radio
        They said if not England than they want Messi to win world cup everyone who loves beautiful game respect Messi not only his genius but his humbleness too and more importantly as you said
        He acknowledged and show thanks the one who created and made him genius footballer (the most high )

      • Yes, his arrogance is in kind of same gategory allready as Penaldo’s, though he is much younger as @San Isidro said: . I wish some entitled morons would learn this lesson when they were younger.

        Well, this very important thing in life in general as there is no need or exist for disrespect in this world as world was never ment to be like that, but as we know instead of respecting others all around the world, we ended up disrespecting each others…etc..

        Well, why is that ? Offcourse there are several reason’s behind this as obviously history plays a part in this too, but what if there somehow would had never been such a thing called as history as obviously there be remembered legacy’s which should be more or less point to a good thing or goodness and kindness towards others as one must learn with him Self first to understand the bigger picture of this as it may sound like nothing or an easy thing to acomplish as manners and politness should be well known factors to all and to the whole world itself, but are obviously not and may have never been entirely, but at least we have goid examples to follow aa in football Messi is very unique in this as being such an humble Person, as humbleness teaches us all only more Wisdom and knowledge how to behave like a good Person as our own act’s lead’s us all to something whether it is good or bad and sometimes it-markkinoiden also feel like unfairness and something like we deffenetly don’t deserve as theese things are obviously difficult to understand, but everything is connected the way or another and therefore the world should and should have alkways lived in peace as we clearly know that has necer been the case, though there have been those who have tried to guide us to this path manytimes and forsure there are those who have entered to the stage of Mind that is called peace and hopefully most us will as this should be the goal for all of us and for the who,e world itself, but it is very easy to say that we will may as one day would not have to pay in anyway and be free to stay as our natural way….

  4. There is possibility that leo paredes and enzo Fernandez could start vs Holland, I will be happy if both start for sure arg will dominat in middle of the park

  5. Brazil looks strong but korea was poor defensively. There is a reason they lost 5-1 against Brazil sometimes back. What can you expect from a side who conceded 3 goals against ghana. I said here that Brazil would thrash korea and man im correct
    because i know korea is shit. Brazil struggled to score against Switzerland and also Serbia but they have best wingers in this tournament lightning speed dribbling fast progression so if we pass the Netherlands test we have to play 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 formation against them. This Brazil side is better than Copa America final one and we are little weaker than the copa final one so what we lack have to be makeup with formation change

  6. @Istiaque
    Yes, Australia is a minnow like South Korea but what you didn’t tell is that S/Korea played a relativley open game with Brazil while the Socceroos were sitting back all the game untill they got that lucky goal. One team was brave (korea) the other was coward (Australia). I can say there is no team in the world who can play an OPEN game with Argentina. I am not arrogant, but this is the reality.

    • It is the reality. And every game is the same for Messi, not just in Argentina but I supported/followed Barca from approx 2000-2014 – every match at Barca was the same for Messi after 21/22 because the teams can’t cope. I will also say this reality – Argentina, especially this group, are one of the best teams in the world, final after final after final, anyone can see how bad the setup was in 2018 also 2010, good ideas in theory but not practical. My good friend, also supports Argentina acts like we are far inferior, underdogs to these nations Brazil, Germany, France – but the reality is they should be more concerned about how they will manage the game against us than us concerned about them – the only concern is mbappe.

  7. Among the big teams, we are the only team lacks speed. I don’t know before but since 1990, Argentina only produce a handful amount of pacey players, namely Canniggia, Claudio Lopez, Di Maria. Modern football emphasizes speed. Lacking of fast wingers or wingbacks really limit our options. Garnacho seems promising but we may need more than that to be successful in 2026 and 2030.

  8. Brazil is a great team but we know how to match them ,Scaloni knows how to to deal with those overhyped self petulant wingers

    Guys they don’t have anything that we would be envious of .

    If we beat Holand we will be in the final

  9. Croatia is better then Netherlands in my opinion. Their midfield has some class in it. I would not be surprise if they kick Varsil. Also I was in never doubt Varsil will beat Korea

  10. h t t p s : / / t h e a t h l e t i c . c o m / 3 9 7 0 8 8 6 / 2 0 2 2 / 1 2 / 0 5 / e n z o – f e r n a n d e z – h a v i n g – e x c e l l e n t – w o r l d – c u p /

    Great Article about Enzo

  11. I wonder who are Brazilian supporters in this forum? WC2022, Madara, Flying birds? who else? Why on earth are they here? Their team losing against us 2 times in 4 meeting and one time chickened out asking the help of immigration to cancel the match. Then why are they here? Nothing to be proud of to be their fan.

    Not to mention that their dance is so Fugly.

  12. I understand the nervousness in this room given that Argentina underperformed in prior World Cups but this Argentina team is playing way better than pundits giving them credit for. Argentina will make to the final. However, Scaloni must play Enzo in a free role.

    • I agree, I always like to watch Argentina of course but this team has had a good attribute I enjoy watching – the recovery, the pressing – when they lose possession they are on it, they can play with anyone if they want to play, scrap if they want to scrap. Scaloni deserves a lot of credit for this improvement.

    • My gut tells me if we go full Sabella (defensive) we’ll easily reach the final and win it. We must not concede easy opportunities, with the attacking and midfield talent we have, chances will always be there.

  13. Everybody is getting scared from brazil and france for sure they have a good team golden generation or whatever you want to call it but Argentina is Argentina. Yes higuain and palacio fucked up the chance to win it in maracana. 2018 sampaoli fucked the whole thing but this year i m starting to see something that Argentina didn t have since 90. A grinta that disappear the day diego quite. Lio is not lio of 27 years sure but he has something this year that he never had before he is determined to win it even if there are many better teams on papper but i have faith that he will be the best messi ever on next games. De paul is getting better cuti also there is julian tricky and let s hope di maria will be back fit friday we have a joker which is Dybala i m confident about what remains and this getting better cause everybody is focusing in france england brazil which make Argentina an outsider and that s where Argentina will perform
    Hope seeing them with the 3rd star for diego

  14. Nothing interesting about the Brazil game. They beat a minnow. Really this South Korea team is mediocre at best and the worst of the 16 for sure. Just in time for them to lose to Argentina for the third time in a row.

  15. lionel scaloni definitely will paid the price for not letting play dybala and correa a single minute. All of you and scaloni will suffer sooner or later. Anyway i want france to go final because they are only country to stop this brazil.and if Argentina can make final they have to beat france.

  16. i know it will not like to most of people here but i really want to see a Spain-Portugal quarter final game. ARGENTINA-Netherlands , France- England, Spain- Portugal and Brasil- Croatia is wonderful games go watch. what a games will be.
    so sorry but tomorrow i want Swiss and Morocco lose.

  17. If you a neutral fan, you definitely want to see France and Brazil play against each other… Well Argentina and Spain will make sure this can happen in 3rd place playoff game 🙂

  18. Many years ago I can understand why Brazil played fantastic four. They always had not just world class, but the best strikers/wingers/second strikers such as Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka. Then Adriano, Denilson, Robinho were not bad either. At least for 2-3 years those 3 were world class.

    But this Brazil don’t really have the best fantastic four. I mean:
    Neymar World class/proven OK agree

    Raphinha??? Has been a bad signing for Barca and a year before that was just a “talented winger” in Leeds.

    Richarlison??? Scored 0 goal in EPL so far and has been a disappointment. A year before that, was just so so in Everton.

    Vinivious Jr OK he is world class.

    So quality wise, they are nowhere near the era of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Kaka, etc. All of these 4 were ballon d’or winner or something close to that.

    Anyway in 2010 WC we also won 4-1 against South Korea using our own fantastic four of: Di Maria, Messi, Tevez, and Higuain.

    • el_principe get your head out of your ass, you are by far the dumbest person on this forum.

      You forget Alison, Marquinhos, Casemiro, Antony, Ederson. And all those guys that aren’t “world class” are starters for some of the best teams in the world. Fabinho, Rodrygo, Martinelli, etc.

      Argentina have a very similar situation but our youngsters are given as much credit.

      • So you are saying that Allisson, Marquinhos, Casemiro are attackers? I am talking about the fantastic four meaning attackers, u talk abt Allisson, Marqunhos, Casemiro. So dumb.

    • And all those names are light year’s away from Brazil 82 as Eder, Zico, Falcao, Socrates, Junior etc..only that team was missing was a pure 9 .for example Socrates alkways after every game would smoke an cigarett, lol ! As i’m not couraging Brazil or anyone to start smoking cigaret’s either, but if u have to it is completly smoke free from my point of view as since a kid i smoked way too much until i stopped about 12 ago when i found out that my wife was pregnant for me, so since then i have not smoked, but before smoked so much, Lol !

      My Grandfather used to smoke 2 boxes of mini CIGARS in a day as i think way over 20 mini CIGARS for a day as if he smoked cigaretts, well easily 50 for day, the very same with my fathers sister as they both died obviously of lung cancer as also my father used to smoke a lot, but in the end quit, because of heavy sympthoms from Astma, but Still he had an piece of white plastic looking like real cigarett hanging from his mouth even in the bed before going to sleep as outdoors people alkways thought that he had an joint in his mouth and some even got Angry as my father refused to passed to them, lol ! Hilarious it was indeed as they seriously thought that he did not want share the joint with them, lol !

        • Wanna hear a challenge? My sister is married to a Chilean! My dad almost had a shit! Brazilian daughter in law and Chilean son in law. Christmas is gonna be interesting this year! lol

          • Well, lucky you, lol ! Good luck yo your family with all respect as obviously family affair’s can get sometime’s very surprising and intresting too, lol !

            Well, at least it is more than obvious that u have become an real mouantain climber, so no worrie’s about future family meetings as i think u will be able to climb every mountain in this world !

    • sorry it is your fault 🙂 don t blame your destiny 🙂 you made it 🙂 who told you marry a woman from Brasil? 100% your fault man. i don t feel mercy for you 🙂 🙂 🙂 you should pay for your mistakes 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • C’mon man, I love Argentina but I’m not gonna reject a great woman because of a football rivalry…Brazilian women are pretty damn fine to me! It actually makes our marriage more fun! In my defence, My boys both support Argentina!

      • Since you speak serious i am able to say to you that in every country you can see very beautiful women. everywhere in world. i have see for example some women from India that is beyond imagination beautiful.

    • Too funny ! I’m in same boat kinda but not with Brazil.

      My family is from Colombia and hate Argentina. I have 2 uncles who I think like Ronaldo just to talk crap about Messi. I don’t know how many times I’ve relived the 5-0 loss to colombia. Any ways, ever since I saw batistuta play I was automatically an Argentine fan. I got into hardcore at 10 while watching the 98 World Cup.

      My wife is Mexican and family love soccer. Father in law not happy when I wear my argentina shirt.

      My brother in law is Croatian but we get along fine and just hope one of the teams reaches the finals. I watched the 2018 game at his house and that was not fun.

    • I can relate somewhat, I am married to a Mexican and recently we had a bit of a dilemma for obvious reasons…she does not hate Argentina though and have supported in the past, as long as we don’t play Mexico…

  19. So Brazil main tactic is 4-2-4/4-2-3-1
    Their second half tactic is 4-3-3 (used to be their main tactic)

    Our main tactic is 4-3-3
    Our second half tactic is 3-4-3/3-5-2

  20. Brazil’s structure is 4-2-4.

    Their wingbacks don’t push forward even against Korea. This is very important. Wingbacks must help the midfield and attack to gain numerical superiority. Their defence is a static 4.

    Once again like Switzerland match, their forward pressing line is not hard to beat. Their forward 4 is not organized in pressing.

    So if you can beat their first line, you only have 6 players ahead of you.

    If you use 4-3-3 and one of your wingback join the attack, you gain 7 vs 6 advantage in counter attack.

    Korea does not have the quality and maturity to take advantage of this. The technical and skill gap is too big.

    In today’s football, your forwards must press correctly and your wingbacks must join in buildup and attack. Otherwise, you are in disadvantage.

    What about Brazil’s counter attacks? In 2022, a team must know how to defend against counter attacks. We are not in 2007.

        • Brazil will lose against the first difficult organized opponent they face. I am not saying this just because I am salty, but I have seen these smash and dunk teams get their rear ends handed up to them. Any team that plays a 2 men midfield and a forward line this is asking for a spanking. They would concede the same number of goals against the 2014 Germany if that German team played this Brazil team right now.

          However, Argentina isn’t that type of team either. We are poverty ridden in attack and relying upon a 35 year old injury prone Di Maria to be fit to have a decent attacking outlet, but if he’s fit he will get more spaces to run than Vinicius has against Barca’s Sergi Roberto or Bellerin.

          We need to get past Netherlands first.

          • Yes we need to get past Netherlands. I just can’t take a comment serious like “poverty ridden attack” to describe Messi, Di Maria, Alvarez, Toro (yes bad games but hes class), and Dybala. We easily have one of the best attacking players in the world cup right now. If we’re poverty ridden, is there even a word to describe the rest? lol

          • @choripan: Yes, poverty ridden was to emphasize that our forward play is functionally and realistically pretty average. It’s not our main strength and we don’t win games depending on our attack.

            In fact I don’t think we will ever score more than 2 goals in a match in this tournament. Heck, I’m never sure where the 1 goal would be coming from if Messi doesn’t score that.

  21. some people make me smile really. they see Brasil demolish one b class team that play tactical naive (for not use other more hard word) and they believe Argentina, France , Spain, England and Netherlands are fools and they will aproach one game against them with logic like Korea do. yeah right. i have dozens examples to mention but i will say the most fresh one. Brasil- Germany 1-7 and Argentina- Germany 0-1 in extra time few days after.
    Good night to those are afraid Brasil.

    • Fully agreed, my friend as i never ever think that i have seen any team playing against Brazil as South Korea did today ! Honestly i watched unti l 40th minute and stopped watching for 2 reasons and the first one is that i not like Brazil, but the second is that i never ever liked them even at 82 and 86 their teams were playing technically beautifull football, though more less in 82 than ever, but the very reason i stopped watching this horrible game was, because i never seen such a pathetic performance in 40 minutes against Brazil as i think i did not see any single tackle made by South Korea as their Portugue’s coach Paulo Bento can’t be that foolish that he tell’s his team that do not try tackle before Brazil will enter the box, lol ! Come on, not an single proper tackle or even going after the ball or try recover the ball from Brazil as South Korea looked like a bunch DOLL’s who were more than static ever as they neither just let Brazil constantly pass the ball around or were standing like DOLL’s and let Brazilian’s run by them not even trying to go for the ball as defending they were just constantly backin’ all the way to the point that they allmost accidently stepped on their own goal keepers toe’s, lol !

      Absolute joke and another disgrace as Portugal purpously lost against South Korea, only stopping that way Uruguay not facing Brazil as if it had been Uruguay, Ok i would not say that Uruguay would had won as that game did not happen, because what the bloody Portugue’s did as obviously another idiot from Portugal as Paulo Bento the coach of South Korea did also today etc…, but at least it would had been a better game to watch as i’m pretty sure Uruguay made had ended the first half at least with 5 yellow’s or perhaps we would had seen the first straight red card in this WC…etc…
      , though not because Brazil would had over played Uruguay, no at alll as Uruguay would had more than motivated to play against Brazil and also know obviously more than enough how to play against Brazil, as Brazil did not over play South Korea, actually the the South Korea and with their idiot coach and favourable tactics just let Brazil to over play them as even with all my respect any other team in this WC would not apployed such a tactics that South Korea used in the first 40 min’s as i never seen anything like this since 1978, though obviously some game’s ending with high scores, but the reason’s for those high scores were completly different as Still the another team who lost against high score tried alkways to play, even blody Brazil themself at 2014 who lost to Germany 1-7 at their home tried to play against German’s as South Korea obviously did not at least in the first 40 min’s or until the game was over fir them as 4-0 fir Brazil ir should i rather say until it had been made clear that Brazil will not loose, lol ! An absolute joke once again and all the applauds to our dear friend FIFA again, well done and thumbs up !, lol!

  22. The South Corea coach must be dreaming about boxing, wishing he could throw a towel to give up and stop the match.

    • The South Korea coach actually now most propably as it is obvious that he is rather not an capable to be an coach or his IQ is so slow that he did not understand before that why they could win over Portugal, even Portugal playing what so ever B team and now he has either made himself fool as if an completle a flop coach or he might be reggretting to TaKe that win over Portugal as now his career is obviously done, though he only blame himself to be either too greedy or more than stupid as i not belive that any coach at WC would had approach this game as the way he did, period and bye bye Paulo Bento !

  23. Guys don’t forget. Brazil always have amazing goal difference in WCQ and in Copa and now in the World Cup (much better than Argentina in all 3) but the tournament is not won by the one who has the best goal difference. Brazil latest 4 meeting with Argentina:
    Brazil-Argentina friendly 0-1
    Brazil-Argentina Copa final 0-1
    Brazil-Argentina WCQ (chickened out)
    Argentina-Brazil WCQ 0-0

    Don’t get fooled by the goal differences.

  24. Brazil has come up with a golden generation and their coach is leveraging that. They seem to have 4 Messis in their team. Such golden generations come in all countries once in a while. We missed our bus in 2014 when we had Messi, Di Maria, Mascherano, Zabaleta, Kun in the same team. Higuain , Messi and Palacio missed easy chances in the final and the team paid the price. 1978 was a golden generation and the coach leveraged that team well. 1986 there was a man with the golden touch. Our current captain is simply nowhere close to that man. That man used to break defences like a nutcracker and his passes used to find Buruchaga, Valdano and then in 1990 Caniggia. France is also having a golden generation. England and Spain are very close. England had its golden generation, but they could not build a great team out of that.

    • Well they don’t even have one Messi but I will have to admit that Tite has been able to incorporate pace into their attack and have made best use of the army of attacking players they possses. With V.Junior and Rafiniha on the wings and Neymar from the centre suppling passes, Richarlison is looking like R9 LOL!! We aren’t able to look as threatening as them because our left side doens’t have any player to create after Lo-ceslo and Nico was injured. Right now with Macllister , Enzo and Acuna operating in left side along with Licha , our left flank does look very safe but so far we haven’t seen any threat from the left. Both Brazil and France are able to field a fourth attacking player without dirupting the balance of the team and their opponents also have made their life extremely easy. Scaloni could have tried playing Dybala or Correa against Saudi but went with Papu who clearly doens’t have the legs to take on defenders and provide pentrating passes or crosses. However, if we don’t concede early then Messi , Dimaria and Alvarez with little help from our midfield can find the crack in the defense eventually. However if Dimaria doesn’t make it agasint Holland I am hoping to see either Correa or Dybala coming off the bench if we need a goal or trailing (fingers crossed)!

    • Ok i get your point until Brazil has 4 Messi in their side as with this i can’t simply agree as with things about 1978, 1986 or 1990 i can easily agree, but offcourse Messi is not DIEGO as how could he be ? They are 2 different person’s and both are the greatest so far in history of Football, period, though i miss 1978 and many things from the pass as i miss DIEGO a lot, but now we are at 2022 so we can’t simply just start comparing things from the past as the game it Self has completly changed as i’m not taking anything away with those golden teams as 1978, 1986, 1990 etc…2014 as only 2002 i see as clear failure, but things like this happen in history of football every now and then and Still so far if we are talking about Brazil the 82 team is best edition i have seen, so i’m not saying that Brazil is bad team or don’t have good players amongst their team, but as i’m thinking of 1978 and 1986 and if we are talking about Brazil’s golden generation, well even of they will win this Wc, Still the 82 team for me will remain the best edition i have seen from them…

    • Putting their arrogance aside, I see it very difficult to beat them when they’re on.

      Hopefully their cocky attitude costs them next game.

      I do not like Brazil, but our outside defenders will struggle with these guys. I know I will get bashed and called a monkey, but just speaking truth

      • Nobody can deny their talent but you can only have so many players on the pitch at the same time and how different is this team from the one that lost COPA in Brazil?
        ARG is not S.Korea, besides this is good for Scaloni to study, assess and plan ahead for the Dutch game and GOD WILLING beyond…….
        Brazil was dancing and cheering and smiling until the Krauts smacked the shit outta them

        • I’m going based off memory so keep me honest, but Montiel started and tiag came on later the copa final and had their best game probably ever. Those two are no way in the same form as copa final.

          I love Molina and Acuña, but defensively they suffer with skillful wingbacks. Acuna defends better then Molina and could impress on any day like Brazil final

          Not saying we won’t beat Brazil just saying our weakness would be our outside defenders. It would be likely that Scaloni would play Martinez, Ota, and Romero.

      • And what are thoughts based Upon ? Are they based from Brazil’s group games or todays game va South Korea or, maybe both together ? As i’m not saying they are an easy opponent to beat, but so far they beat Serbia who lost Swiss and also lost their 3-1 win for Cameroon to level the game as 3-3 and Yes, Brazil did also beat the swiss, Yes and they lost against Cameroon resting many players, and maybe Cameroon was lucky to win, Ok so that was the group stage as until Portugal game South Korea with due all my respect were not that impressive in group stages as results show obviously not only from this WC, but from more longer that South Korea had struggled with their attack as lacking goals even before WC, though deffensively they had been quite compact, though Uruguay was unlucky to not score as also Ghana scored 3 pass them etc.., but Uruguay paid the ultimate price as they did not want to loose the first match and were too precausious against South Korea as against Ghana they obviously played the way they should had done against South Korea too, also if Portugal had not loose against with what so ever team against South Korea, todays game would had been UUruguay vs Brazil and that would( as it should been the game instead South Korea vs Brazil) given us more better perspective in the end as Still i’m not saying that Brazil won’t be dangerous opponent, but honestly today’s South Korea would had lost to any team in this WC and i know many are doubting Arg and for reason too, but if it will be as i hope more than ever that Arg will beat the Dutch and proceed to Semi’s and then no matter who it will be from Brazil or Croatia, Still one thing is clear that Arg would not be affraid to meet any team or doing any favors either for any team as that been the real difference with Arg refusing to do favors for others as obviously i have seen them also loosing more than enough and many time’s more than unfairly !

      • My brother Ddr1123 looks hopeless with this current Argentina team and I understand his pointview bcs they gave him heartbreaks countless time all those years. bro you never lose hope on scaloni and co I agree likes Brazil, France, England and Portugal have better talent than Argentina but still Argentina are in to win this world Cup anything can happen it’s only three games

        • not hopeless bro. Hope is what keeps us alive 🙂
          I don’t see us dominate and score like 5-0. We are a 2-0, 2-1, 1-0 type of team. I just hope we play 3 perfect 1-0 games now 🙂


          • If Lautaro scored those sitters against Australia..it would have been 4-1. or even 5-1.
            I think it’s good that the game ended 2-1.
            We will go match by match very carefully. No overconfidence.
            We will see what Brazil will do against Croatia.

          • “Hope is what keeps us alive ” true bro especially me been African 😁 that is our strength hoping one day things will get better while likes France, England Portugal, Belgium robbing my continent in every way possible, look as example
            Kylian Mbappé and Saka both could play Nigeria and Cameroon

      • No, sorry, but today’s South Korea was the poorest so far in this WC, why is that…? Well, that is an another question, but the decission was made by themself or at least they accept it etc…

    • 2006 was the perfect example. We peaked way too early. Against Serbia in the group stage. I honestly would not want to be in Brazil position now. Peaking as early as the second round of the WC. Better get better and better as the tournament progress.

    • The reason why they look like a walkover is because Brazil is too good this Argentina team would struggle with this south Korea team I want Argentina to win the world cup but I gotta keep it real Argentina is not better than the rest of the team that left in this world cup this team rely on individual miracle, the Coach have no plan and our players are not as good as you guys think.

      • What on earth are u talking about ? Any team in this WC would had won over such a pathetic way that South Korea plyed today ! They did not even dare to have any taclles at Brazilian players at least until 40 min or when they had not defended at all and were just bunch of DOLL’s in a fun Park, as it was complete walk over in the Park only, because South Korea allowed it to be !

    • Calm down, you don’t need to insult the other teams at the World Cup or use racist terms like yellow banana, it doesn’t help..Just be a better person..

      • You need to calm down. Who told you yellow banana is racist term??? I didn’t call them yellow monkeys. Their jerseys look like bananas. You can call S.Korea red tomatoes too. Stop bringing up those political correctness nonsense in free speech forum!

        • Bananas associated with black people in a derogatory term is racist..Like the some away fans in La Liga tossing a banana at Dani Alves while he was playing for Barcelona in La Liga..It is racist, stop being arrogant…Just calm down and put the emotions aside…Australia jersey also looks like ”yellow banana.” When did I call SK ”red tomatoes?”

  25. England, Brazil and France got the more favorable R16 draw..I mean, Uruguay really disappointed at this year’s World Cup, playing against BRA would have been a classic even if Brazil is the stronger team between the two it wouldn’t have been this lopsided compared to BRA vs KOR. Valverde and Nunez were really disappointed at this year’s World Cup.

    The same for France, playing against Mexico would have been a more competitive game unlike Poland. It’s a knockout game Mexico would have raised to the occasion even though France is the better team.

    England vs Ecuador would have been better because the Ecuadorian are far more technical and skillful compared to the senegalease players, and even faster too..

    • I think Japan did quite Ok against Crotia as obviously Crotia had more history from penaltie’s and also were clearly better than Japan with penalties, but Japan would not let Brazil to have an walkover in a Park as South Korea and their Portugue’s coach did, as i not also belive that this coach is such dumbass to aporoach game against Brazil with such a tactics, also it should had been either Ghana or Uruguay who won Ghana in the last game, but as Portugal pkayed with their so called B team could had at least to get an draw and not just let South Korea to win, which is quite obvious they did this with a purpose as they simply did not wanted Uruguay to go in to KO’s etc,.,as i’m not saying Uruguay would had won over Brazil as that game never took a part, but at least Uruguay would had tried to defend as South Korea obviously did not at least until the 40th min when it was clear that Brazil could not loose after they were leading with 4-0, lol ! Such a pathetic South Kotea and their coach and as a game one as a fan of football never matter who u are supporting does not want to see games where other team is not even trying to defend or to make the game look like an football game, even there been high scores game ending’s in WC history as Brazil lost 1-7 against German’s at home 2014, Still the brazialians clearly wanted to play as South Korea obviously not

  26. This is the advantage of Brazil. They are not even sweating and I have stopped watching. Its playing the background and I am busy with my work and meetings. From a neutral point of view the game is over and super one sided. This is where the difference of France and Brazil vs the others come from. We seem to be fighting for life all the time.

    Anyhow, coming to our team. There is a good post from Mafioso below. I agree to it. I think we need to bring Paredes back in and try to move Enzo up further in the midfield. Closer to Messi. If it means dropping a forward, we do it.

  27. Although leading 3-0 I can tell they have yet to master this tactic. In a counter, most of the time only 6-7 players defending. That’s why they put Militao as right back to act like the third center back. Raphinha is being used like a wing back here.

    Raphinha, Paqueta, are not known defensively. However unlike Scaloni who has tendency to play it safe. Brazil is supremely confident. They force the opponents to adapt to their tactic not the other way around.

  28. US and Korea completely missing the plot! Both tried to fight fire with fire with superior attacking team and paid the price. This is the reason you can’t concede early! Leaving V.Junior and Dumfries both unmarked in the box speaks volume about their strategy! I was impressed by the apporach of Poland yesterday! They had two players double teaming agaisnt Mbappe and kept him quiet until the 75min mark. If they hadn’t conceded that last min goal before the first half they would have frustrated France! But we don’t need to worry about Brazil and France for another couple games now! I am glad Scaloni is playing ultra safe in the back with 3 midfielders and 4 defenders prioritizing getting the ball back and not losing posession and keeping it extremely tight in the back. My only concern is Tagliafico, the way he let the Australian guy get the better of him is very concerning. He has zero input in attack and if he can’t defend the last shot of the match and lets a guy freely shoot then he is more of a liability than out of form Lautaro who will 100% find a way to score if presented with same opportunies again.

  29. Referee robbed the game for brazil,it was never a penalty because the foul was not intentionally done on richarlison… So unfortunate for korea

  30. All I know is fantastic four tactic takes years to master. PSG took one year to practice that last year and they failed with (Di Maria, Mbappe, Messi, and Neymar).

    Sabella’s fantastic four looked deadly after more than a year of practice no less. This tactic is deadly but at least 3 out of 4 forwards have to have amazing work rate to defend.

  31. it’s starting to hit me… ARG on the cusp of a QF match. it’s going to be so nerve wrecking and nailbiting. watching the penalty shootout has given me goosebumps of how our previous shootout unfolded against HOL. Come on ARG! play well and win! Win and a SF top 4 beckons! Vamos Argentina Vamos Vamos Vamos!!!!

  32. One mistake we are doing is playing Enzo as lone DM. He is not a DM, he used to play as AM for River. Currently play as CM alongside another CM for benfica.

    Australia entered our box several time, because he does not have that instinct of DM.

    I am not saying he has done bad, he is doing well. But being a lone DM, his ability get repressed.

    He can contribute so much better if he can have freedom to attack.

    Whatever defensive contribution Mac Allister brings, can also be filled by Enzo. But Enzo is a ball carrier, shooter , passer – much better offensive player.

    Scaloni tried Paredes, Enzo today. Which is a good news.

    At some point, you have to sacrifice safety for quality. Mac Allister is safe bet. Paredes – Enzo brings quality.

  33. It’s important for the doom and gloom posters to understand that we’re on a positive trajectory in terms of form and performance. Every game we’re improving and now Scaloni has ample time to establish tactics and subs against the formidable Netherlands. Vamos 🇦🇷 carajo!!

  34. ADM doesn’t need to practice anyway. Big games player always stepping up and he already has great Chem with Messi and good chem with Molina and RDP

    • Koreans are very good in crossing and switching the play to other flanks. But as always their defense is not perfect. So even if Koreans control the game there is no guarantee that they can pose threat to Brazilians. With fantastic four in play 1 simple error in the back can cost the whole match. They have to do something in the attacking zone. No chance against Brazil with full defensive strategy.

  35. Time to shake the joya pretty sure he will be our goetze.
    I remember italy having the same problem with baggio and del piero never played together so italy hadn t won anything
    Not the time to be stupid try paolo instead of lautaro he wont score at all he will just cost important goal

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