Emiliano Martínez speaks on his World Cup, Netherlands in quarter finals


Emiliano Martínez spoke about his performance at the World Cup and playing against the Netherlands in the quarter finals.

Martínez has kept two clean sheets in four games at this World Cup, allowing three goals. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports after Argentina’s 2-1 win vs. Australia in the Round of 16, here is what he had to say:

“It’s my first World Cup, I’m trying my best and what I value the most is the peace of mind that I have.

“They scored twice on me against Saudi Arabia. It’s somnething I can’t get rid of. Against Mexico, I was a little better and against Poland I had no work.”

In regards to the match vs. Australia:

“It was suffering because they were very aggressive in their pressing and in the first half it cost us to come out. They scored a goal out of nothing, the deflection completely changed the trajectory of the ball and from there it was an uphill for us.”

Regarding the match vs. Netherlands in the quarter finals:

“It will be a big opponent, a team with a lot of technical quality. They also have to take us into account.”

Talking about Lionel Messi:

“Leo (Messi) leads the team forward when we need him and we must help him.”


  1. Our team played well and we win. this is the important and what matters. Now we are in quarter finals against a rival team during the history. it is 50-50. we can win and i am sure the team will give everything they have for succeed. this is what matters most to me. in those kind of games we need and luck. i hope we will have on Friday. i hope the journey will continue longer but whatever happened i am proud for everybody inside the world cup 2022 Argentine group.


    • You posted the same stuff again. France is stacked and that’s been the case from the beginning. The possession percentage is 55-45 in France favor. Poland tried to play but with Argentina, they shut themselves down bc they knew we would pounce on any opportunities. Mbappe got his goal bc Cash was too tired by then and they just had 4 players defending with a gaping hole for him to take it home. Are you trolling or simply dense? What an utterly idiotic take?!! Any one who’s behind a keyboard can call others mfs. What are you? 12 who started to know that there’s a word in English along those lines? You sound like a POS in real life! Get one now as you stated you lost your life and family bc you supported Argentina! Go and support other teams, dude!

  2. The current pecking order of our team. I would assume that the starting 11 vs Poland is the current best starting 11.
    GK: Emi Martinez -> Rulli -> Armani
    DR: Molina -> Montiel -> Foyth
    DL: Acuna -> Tagliafico
    DC (2 players): Otamendi, Cuti -> Licha -> Pezzella
    DM: Enzo -> Paredes -> Guido
    MC (2 players): De Paul, MacAllister -> Palacios -> Almada
    AMR: Di Maria -> Papu -> A Correa
    10: Messi -> Dybala
    FC: Alvarez -> Lautaro

    The most reliable subs:
    The 12th man: Licha Martinez
    The 13th man: Lautaro Martinez
    The 14th man: Leandro Paredes
    The 15th man: Nicolas Tagliafico
    The 16th man: Gonzalo Montiel
    The 17th man: Papu Gomez
    The 18th man: Exequiel Palacios

    So far this is the most updated pecking order. I would like to leave my comments on 2 players:
    1. Lautaro Martinez: He is one of the world class players we have, but what happens to him is a mental thing. The exact same situation as CR7 or Lukaku who seem to forget how to score. Maybe one goal will change everything. But we are in the most decisive moment right now, a quarter final of the WC where we can not afford giving a chance to a striker who would likely miss golden chances (like Higuain or Palacios). I am sure Scaloni will think about this too. The good thing is Alvarez has turned out to be better than expected. So Lautaro is not that much missed, but who should be the main back up of Alvarez? Alvarez has amazing stamina and work rate, but because of that, he is not a 90 minutes player.

    Final verdict: If I were the coach, I would give that chance to Paulo Dybala instead as Julian’s back up. Dybala is not a 9, but Messi is not that much of a right winger anymore nowadays, so they can play together for sure. Plus Dybala is very good at PK, in case we will go to PK shootout. BUT in order to play Dybala and Messi, we have to sub Di Maria too because all 3 can not play together and will make our defense much weaker.

    2. Nicolas Tagliafico. I rewatched the match again, Tagli marking in the 97th minute was super poor. I have seen Tagli doing heroic defending for us in Copa/qualifiers, but I am afraid the same guy will make mistake like he did 4 years ago against France.

    Final Verdict: I know Scaloni thinks that Tagli is better defensively than Acuna, but Acuna was the starter of the Copa America final. Tagli was the starter of the finalissima. Acuna is in better form and has not shown any weakness at all defensively in all games he played in the WC. So I would keep Acuna against Netherlands.

  3. Funny moment in yesterday’s game when Messi was getting his shirt pulled by the defender and then pushed back….La Pulga walks away with his hands up while the Aussie gives him a dirty look and Who comes over?
    De Paul walks over to him and points to his eye and back….”I’m watching you Playa, watch out”

  4. My only concern is Netherland right now.

    I captained Mbappe in fifa fantasy, he gave me 30 points today. Theo Hernandez 6 points. So not a bad day for me 😁😁

  5. MBappe is already 9 goals in 2 World Cups. Messi took 5 world cups. Speaks volumes about France’s success in bringing up top quality teams. MBappe gets all the support from a brilliant mid field and co forwards. Argentina seriously needs to give a hard look into how their overall footballing system is working in building teams. We seem to be like a factory manufacturing talented footballers and not potentially world conquering teams.

    • It can be largely blamed on our imbecile managers and their weak mentality! 2006 , mentally weak Pekermen subs out all the attacking threat and goes full defensive for 30mins in regular time and no threat whatsoever in the 30 extra mins. Played with Saviola instead of young Messi and wasted him on the bench while France took risk and won a world cup.Nothing need to say about 2014, it was us not taking our chances.2018 , we lead 2-1 and instead of sitting back and defend , Sampaoli goes full attack more and loses the lead in matter of minutes.

      I will be honest , I am glad that we avoided France in the second round and will only face them in the final. Both Brazil and France have that one extra forward/attacking player who does’t disrupt the balance of the team. In our case we only can field 3 attacking players otherwise Scaloni won’t be able to execute his no-error, no conceding early approach. Our left flank still doesn’t posses any threat with only Acuna providing some crosses and Enzo playing deep and between CBs when defending. As a result left flank does look safe in the back which why all the goals we have conceded is from the right flank with Messi and Dimaria operating on that flank.

    • That’s because the coach and AFA stole Messi’s youth (1st 2 world cups). Pekerman barely played him and Maradona wasn’t a qualified coach otherwise Messi could’ve had Mbappe’s number if not better.

  6. haha die england. even if overrated english get past senegal (which I hope they don’t!), they will be facing mbappe. wondeful match up to kill off one of both teams that I hate… die england die france!

  7. Now I understand why AC Milan won Serie A and Inter didn’t. It’s the difference between Giroud and Laurato. He had reasonably good form back then though.

  8. Poland didn’t looked like they were playing for win. However thet almost scored vs France but they didn’t have any shot on target against us yet people say shit. If any team cut down the service to Mbape this French team can be beatable. If Messi scores all those pundits and morons here says Argentina Messi dependable, if Messi doesn’t scores they say Messi is chocker. Make your stupid mind up idiots

      • same hope here, brother. we’ve seen how lautaro can be clinical for us… no matter how we rant and compare, we know surely his form will and has to come back right? the BIG question is when. it’s not like we got a queue of strikers after Julian. so if Julian’s ermmm and or if we need to score, it will 10000% still be Lautaro coming on. he better find back his form… like right NOW. all the way to the cup win!

    • Lautaro has scored really good goals and from tighter angles but his confidence is at the lowest right now. He could have scored a hat-trick yesterday within 15mins and he knows he blew it. He will most likely not do it again now and will be more clinical. However, Alvarez will get more time now may be extra 10-15mins and play until 80th min unless we need a goal then Lautaro will be subbed in to play along with Julian. That means chances of Correa and Dybala playing is very low , may be and may be if Scaloni sees the same out of form Lautaro in training and that playing him again could backfire then he might play Dybala from bench but Scaloni knows Lautaro is a better finisher than yesterday and will most likely pursue with him. Lautaro too also must have made peace with himself that he will have to come off the bench for the rest of the matches and will prepare accordingly.

    • As a striker MBappe is in the same league as Ronaldo. Lautaro is not even at the level of Suarez. Italian press wrote about him last year (translating it loosely) – the problem with Lautaro is that he is not improving with years. France has the champion’s ability as well as luck. Their forward line created so many chances against Poland which we couldn’t. And luck saved them from going one goal down when Poland messed up with that open net opportunity in the first half.

    • As a goalie,what Polish defence did on that shot was as bad as it gets.Try to make the strike difficult to take,don’t pretend to be a goalkeeper. They all stood there,Mbape had all the time and space to take perfect shot.Absolutely awful.

  9. We lost against Saudi Arabia…they said Argentina is finished.
    We beat Poland and topped the group…they said Poland is pathetic. You know what? Poland’s ranking is higher than Korea’s.
    We beat Australia…they said Argentina was given a hard time.
    We will beat the Netherlands…Next excuse and joke, please!

    • In “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Gandalf utters the phrase as he blocks the path of Balrog Demon in pursuit.

      Gandalf: “You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the shadow. You shall not pass!”

      We are Gandalf and Netherlands are the Balrog Demon, THEY SHALL NOT PASS!!!

    • The team that makes fewer errors and take their chances will win!!We only made 2 errors yesterday that was also after that deflected goal. People here similar to ESPN pundits are over-rating our opponents and underestimating our defense and midfield prioritizing not conceding goal and relying on Messi, Alvarez and Dimaria to create and score. Against Netherlands we will be even tighter which means we will take lesser risk and wait for them to make errors.

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