Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on Ángel Di María, Papu Gómez injuries


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on the injuries to Ángel Di María and Papu Gómez.

Lionel Scaloni spoke to the media on Saturday following Argentina’s 2-1 win vs. Australia in the Round of 16 at the World Cup. Ángel Di María had been ruled out of the starting eleven with a muscle overload.

The next match for Argentina is on Friday vs. the Netherlands in the quarter finals and Scaloni was asked about Di María possibly being fit to play. Speaking at a press conference, here is what he had to say:

“Let’s hope that he is there. Today, he was not fit to play. Having him on the bench is always tempting. For him to be in a difficult position, it seemed to me that we would not be doing anyone any favors (for him to play). I hope that as the days go by, he can get better and get to the game.”

Alejandro Papu Gómez started in place of Di María but he was substituted out due to an ankle injury. Here is what Scaloni had to say:

“He has a big knock on his ankle but even so, I had the feeling that the team needed something else, which is what we tried with Lisandro. To have Acuna and Nahuel and three midfielders with Leo. We improved in that aspect.”


  1. Let’s accept that we do not have an attacking side like the best. France, Brazil, England, Netherlands look far more aggressive, able and intense than us. We have not been able to create as many chances before our first goal in this tournament. This was not the case in Copa or qualifiers. The absence of Lo Celso has been a big blow. None of the other midfieldiers could take up the challenge of his absence. Paredes and De Paul losing their forms have become other big headaches. De Paul takes a huge workload but unlike what he did in Copa, he is not being able to create any through-passes. We still remember his pass in the final, right? So he is trying to contribute by being pressing. That resulted in our second against Australia. Lautaro should learn from his dedication. When you are not at your best, try the next best thing to help the team, at least.

  2. Guys where do think the perfect team for Enzo if he leaves the team in January. I read a lot of articles where almost all big teams are interested in him. They are: Madrid, Barca, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, MU, Newcastle, West Ham.

    Fabrizio Romano said that Benfica will accept bid if anyone wants to pay at least 85 million Euro. I think that’s too cheap for him.

    I would follow all the matches of Enzo if he moves somewhere the same thing I do to Cuti, Licha, and Emi Martinez. I say Barca is not good for him because of the competition there against Gavi, Pedri, and De Jong. Madrid have Valverde, Kroos, Camavinga, and Tchoumeni. I think the best is Liverpool or MU.

    • Enzo + Alvarez at City is a dream, especially under Pep, but I’m not sure how much longer Pep will be at City so maybe Real to takeover from Kroos and Modric? United too since they are desperate for quality midfielders, hed get plenty of time and i do like Ten Hag. A spine of Garnacho – Enzo – Licha playing at same club is a dream for us.

    • Real Madrid needs to replace Kroos and none of Valverde, Tcoumeni, Camavinga can do that, but Enzo can.

      Liverpool needs a midfielder and they will get Bellingham or at least try to.

      Man United needs a controlling midfielder, and Enzo is like the perfect midfielder for them to partner the Brazilian c*nt they got. But United is not the ideal place for a new midfielder.

      Man City are also trying to get Bellingham as they will lose Gundogan soon.

      Many club needs a midfielder like Enzo and there are only like 2 midfielders like him in their age bracket. Things will be hot next summer.

  3. Papu wasn’t subbed just because he got injured, he wasn’t offering much and Scaloni has admitted it. He is too old to take on defenders and penetrate and provide crosses and passes. Only Dimaria is skilled enough to do that and along with Molina on the right flank we can certainly cause some issues for Holland. Regarding Dimaria’s fitness hopefully Scaloni is playing mind games as 9 days of rest should be enough for ADM to play against the Dutch and his worst former coach who humiliated him and forced him to leave United.

    Regarding France and Brazil looking lively and playing more attacking game than us is because of few things.

    No-1 is Scaloni is playing safe and doesn’t want to concede by trying too many risky plays. He is relying on opposition to make error and Messi/Dimaria/Alvarez take advantage of it.

    No-2 , every team has parked their bus against us and the combination of ultra defensive approach from opponent and Scaloni’s ultra safe tactis is making us not look very lively until we score the first one.

    No-3, both Brazil and France can field one extra attacking player , the 4th one who doesn’t disrupt the balance of their team and coach’s strategy in our case Scaloni doesn’t fancy a 4th forward in Dybala/Correa as a result we don’t look threating from the left flank at all.

    However a good team with better midfield and attack like England or Spain can easily isolate Mbappe by marking him with 2 fast RB and RCM like Poland did until the 70th min and take their chances. If any good team score first against this France then they will expose the weakness of that team and we are well equipped to do that!! However, it is too early to talk about France as we have to deal with a Sleazy and experienced tactician in Van-Gal. If we win it will be because of a under the radar player as Dutch team will give no space whatsoever to Messi and Dimaria. Hopefully Scaloni outwits his counter part like he did against Tite.

    • I think we play better in an open game that against the bus parkers. Scaloni need to be patient as Holland will most likely use the same tactic as they did against USMNT. If we possess the midfield, we should not risk our back line by going all in.

      • Yup but the good thing is we have broken through park the bus teams. I’m hoping our defenders and goalie don’t make simple mistakes when being pressed. Holland will exploit that. We can’t play close to our box on Friday

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