Ángel Di María trains with Argentina team, eleven players from training


Ángel Di María trained with the Argentina team as Lionel Scaloni tried eleven players in training.

Di María was back training and trained the entire session with the Argentina national team. The news on Wednesday for Argentina was that with Ángel Di María back, it was Rodrigo De Paul who missed the training.

Rodrigo De Paul trained separately from the team as he is undergoing tests to what early reports in Argentina are stating to be a muscle injury. Lionel Scaloni tested out a midfield of Alexis Mac Allister, Leandro Paredes and Enzo Fernández. According to Gastón Edul, here were the eleven from training:

Emiliano Martínez; Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico; Mac Allister, Paredes, Enzo; Mess; Di María, Álvarez


  1. De Paul in or out, we would need at least 3 front-liners like Portugal and Brazil to keep the Netherlands defence on tenterhooks to impact their accuracy of feeding into the forward and midfield. Such chasing killed South Korea and Switzerland. Netherlands is way way better than them. Still this strategy of pressing upfront works for every giant. Japan did the same to Germany, Spain and Croatia. So Enzo, Alvarez and the replacement for De Paul should be those 3 persons. Messi and Di Maria should also support the pressing game like they did against Italy. Messi even went down to snatch the ball from Jorginho.

  2. Lets see how an older Blind deals with fast off- and on-ball attackers ADM and Messi all match. Messi likes to hug the right sideline.

  3. This was Rodrigo de Paul message via Instagram:

    “TODO ESTÁ BIEN. Seguimos trabajando y preparando los últimos detalles para una nueva final”

    Folks here need to calm down and stop raising conspiracy theories…. Jeez

    • You are right, people need to calm down. Scaloni and his team know what they are doing. They know what players and options they have. Let them do their job and let us just have faith in them. We are 90 minutes away from a semi final. Let’s enjoy that.

  4. De Paul’s news devastates me. He is the shadow of Messi. He links Messi to rest of the team so effectively. Scaloni needs to be think of something to make up for this loss instead of lamenting like us in this forum. It’s a great test of Scaloni as a strategist. Still no sign of Dybala. It seems the Serie A sensation of this year has been permanently benched by Scaloni for this WC.

    • Its so upsetting to see Dybala not playing.Using all the resources , even a failure can be accepted well. But keeping players like him on the bench and loosing is no way acceptable. Argentina doesn’t produce that much of quality players like Brazil ,considering the number of population they have, and then when I see they are not utilizing these gems I simply don’t understand their thought process.

    • Fake news, DePaul just uploaded a pic on Instagram with a message”ALL IS WELL. We keep moving and preparing the final details for a new final.LETS GO TEAM, ALL TOGETHER .
      No worry mates

  5. I hope Scaloni will not revert to full on defense tactics and play Montiel & Tagliafico as his fullbacks. Neither of these two improves our defense, rather they make silly errors and are worse at defending than the two more attacking fullbacks. The only thing I don’t like about Scaloni is his apparent belief that Montiel and Tagliafico are somewhat better defensively than Acuna and Molina. And it’s not like they haven’t proved this point to him or something, they did.

    This is probably the worst time to lose RDP SMH. Even if Scaloni played Montiel, RDP would have kept Blind on check and pinned him back. But now, a half fit Di Maria will have to attack Blind and pin him to his position.


  6. Montiel is a great defender, he played against Brazil in the final and did not let anyone pass him. Scaloni is looking for a more conservative line here and that’s totally fine at this stage, ha has 5 subs to work with if needed. Calm down guys :). For De Paul, it’s a big loss, let’s hope it’s nothing serious, we win, and he’s back in the semis ❤.

  7. Acuna is on a yellow and Taglifico used to play against dumfries in netherland. So I believe it would be a good choice. Molina and Montiel are almost equal. One is more attacking the other is more defensive. De Paul is irreplaceable but if he’s carrying an injury it’s better to play him later on in the match. And also he has not been firing the first 3 matches. His ratings were pretty average. probably Enzo and McAlliste will step up in his absence. VAMOS ALBICELESTEEE

  8. This is so frustrating at this point to loose RDP at this point. A hardworking RDP covers all the ground be it midfield, defence or attack; so having him on the field is like having an extra player regardless of his form. I thought Palacio is his closest alternative . To add more, when you see Tagliafico and Montiel in the squad , its hard to keep calm.

      • Yes other than that, it is because Acuna is carrying one yellow. He would have to face Dumpfries and the chance of him getting yellow is quite likely, therefore he would miss the semifinal game. So Scaloni playing it safe here using Tagli. hope Tagli would defend better though. One thing for sure with Tagli, our left side attack would be completely not effective as he and MacAllister are known for their defense.

  9. Tagliafico smh. Why?…. I know acuña is at risk of not playing semis but at this point I’d take that risk. Montiel could play as a sub but Molina needs to start.

  10. Netherlands is lucky to be in quarter. This is what I understood after watching their group games and pre quarter.
    If we can’t beat this team, we didn’t deserve anything in this WC. Only chance for Netherlands is if they really UP their game. If they play same like last 4 matches, they don’t have a chance.

  11. All you ‘El Loco’ fans now you can go nuts since De Paul is out. In my heart I am going crazy because De Paul is irreplaceable however in my brain I am calm knowing Enzo presence and hopefully he shows up with an excellent performance. I feel like he will me more effective in that role

    • Because of Enzo and MacAllister stepping up, I am actually feeling some confidence even without DePaul. Kinda crazy. I can see a MacAllister/Enzo/Paredes midfield…. and it doesn’t seem scary the same way it would have felt before the Copa started. I’m excited for this next game. I don’t think the Netherlands are some world beaters or anything. I feel like they were kind of lucky in some of their group games. And I am from the US, and a fan, but the US made SIMPLE defending mistakes that led to all 3 goals from the Netherlands. I doubt that Argentina will make those same mistakes.

  12. Why Montiel and Tagliafico together? This is suicidal. Both are good for nothing. Foyth or Molina should play. If Acuna is injured play licha there but No Tagliafico please.

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