Rodrigo De Paul training separately from Argentina team, undergoing tests


Rodrigo De Paul trained separately from the Argentina team on Wednesday and is undergoing tests.

De Paul did not train with his team mates. Per several reports out of the Argentine media, he has a muscle injury and could miss the quarter final match vs. Netherlands on Friday.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni tested out a midfield of Leandro Paredes, Enzo Fernández and Alexis Mac Allister in training on Wednesday.


  1. TyC Sports – Rodrigo De Paul worked in kinesiology for muscular discomfort
    The midfielder felt discomfort in his hamstrings and did kinesiology work, which raised questions ahead of the duel against the Dutch. They will do studies to know the magnitude of the discomfort. In his place, if we take into account the game against the Socceroos, Paredes would enter, Enzo would dive more to the side and Alexis would complete the midfield.

  2. I am hoping that this is precautionary and not a hamstring injury. If so, then we need to re adjust and reshuffle at a time that would be a gamble to try something new. Not starting depaul would be something new. He has been our main midfielder for some time now and we have tried players to partner with him, but now we need to find a way without him if the news is true that he is injured.

    • Enzo McAllister paredes midfield. But we will miss the intense pressing and tactical fouling of depaul. Depaul is not much creative so we will not loose the creative aspect of midfield

  3. Now we are in deep deep trouble. With De Paul, Acuna, Molina, Lo Celso not in team and Lautaro out of form due to injury, Scaloni would have an extremely difficult task at hand to plan the starting XI. Still not understanding why not Acuna!!! Is he injured too? Tagliafico has not been playing well for last several matches. Scaloni would now be thinking why I did not give more chances to the Dybalas, Correas and Foyths over the last several months.

    • He has to give opportunity to dybala Correa foyth etc they are more than capable to do the work. That’s why the team having best bench wins wc maximum times

  4. I dont comment here often. Also I dont like to comment on player selection coz those who do that i.e our coaching staff know them better. But even I cannot restrict myself from saying that Gonzalo Montiel is not a proper football player. I have said this even before our Copa final. I apologized for what I said about him after the final. But it was just for the grit he expressed in that particular match not because he proved me wrong regarding his skill set. Starting from his body language he never convinced me yet. Even when he played in this tournament it was always back and side way passes . He is not at all a confident player to wear Argentina jersey. I always felt like some error is going to happen from him when he recieves the ball. I know I am too harsh on him (which he wont care at all..Lol) , but playing Montiel in QF seems suicidal for me. I may be wrong… I wish I am wrong … atleast I wish to be wrong like what happened in Copa final.

  5. I guess it’s time for the subs to step up. That’s why they are on the team. RDP is a big loss, lets concentrate on winning THIS game so that we can have him ready to go at the semi final. So our midfield that carried us through Copa is now totally different at World Cup. Time for Enzo , Guido , Palacios, Paredes and MacAllister to shine.

    Van Gaal has been running his mouth to intimidate Argentina, I think it will have the opposite effect.

  6. News update:
    – Di Maria recovered and will likely start
    – De Paul has a minor hamstring injury, usually hamstring takes days/weeks let’s see
    – Montiel and Tagli will likely start.

    If De Paul won’t play; it would be a big test for Wnzo to replace him. The last time we played without De Paul was the first half of Jamaica where we looked really bad with Guido-MacAllister-Lo Celso.

    Lautaro has a minor ankle injury too.

  7. I check again today that last shot from Australian striker which Emi saved is due to mistake from Tagliafico. How can an experienced defender makes this kind of mistake. Tagliafico is not at all a good reliable player. He is next to Montiel. Good for nothing

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  8. May Be Blessing in Disguise -:

    Molina- Romero – Otamendi – Lasandro-
    ——. Paredes——

    ——-ENZo ———- Palacio

    Correa —- Messi——- Alvarez

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