Argentina national team to train on Wednesday afternoon


The Argentina national team will be training on Wednesday afternoon behind closed doors.

Lionel Scaloni will have the team training behind closed doors at the University of Qatar with eyes set on the quarter final match vs. the Netherlands on Friday. Tuesday’s training session was open to the media for the first 15 minutes and Scaloni had tried out to different formations.

The first had Leandro Paredes for Enzo Fernández in midfield with Ángel Correa up front with Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez.

A second formation was tried with Enzo Fernandez coming in for Ángel Correa and it being four in midfield with Messi and Álvarez up front.

Montiel, Otamendi, Romero, Tagliafico; Paredes, De Paul, Mac Allister; Ángel Correa, Álvarez and Messi

Montiel, Otamendi, Romero, Tagliafico; Paredes, Enzo Fernández, De Paul, Mac Allister; Álvarez and Messi


  1. Taglifico and Montiel is not bad in dfending. we can hope thy will get back thr foam in right time. In a def.mode Montiel is better than Molina and same is in case of tagli.Against Dutch Paredes or Guido must needed in centre of the pitch. I think if correa or dmaria along with Messi whoever with Messi can do thr job well. Both are extraordinary talents.I think it is better to use Dybla on for julian in 2nd half..We fans totally unlucky about lautaros current status. Thr is no time to expect his miracles.

  2. I really don’t understand also baffle by those who here moan about certain players starting. I have remembered they moaned about Montiel in Copa final too. As per as my concern he did shut it down our right side completely with De Paul & Cuti. If the coaching staff doing it then obviously there is a reason behind it. I don’t care aswell. Got full faith on Scaloni. All I see two fresh legs in both sides. Also Acuna & Molina will be devastating attack in flank against slow Netherlands wingback when we switch to 3-5-2 in some point of the game. These inexperienced Dutch team will crumble as time goes in the match. And tips for all those who struggle to play in Fifa with Montiel & Tagla i suggest double it up with De Paul & MacAllister.

    • How is it defensive? Not necessarily! If someone start 3-5-2 formation it ain’t defensive always. It depends on team how they play. Every time we switch to 3 men back our defence had stability also one of thevmidfielder got more freedom to go up and wing back running from both side. So I don’t how is it defensive?

      • 3 cbs means sacrificing a midfielder or forward. One less forward could leave Alvarez isolated or marked easily. One less mid could lead to more pressure, losing control of center pitch, and isolation of RDP or Enzo. One less mid or forward means we may have 1 less body in their half ..

  3. Personally, aside from GOD FORBID any injuries, I am done worrying about whose going to play and whose not. The plan is simple, attack/Press, and defend like hell where 2-3 defenders rush to any attacking player.
    They know what they need to do and now that they had a chance to see how other teams have played.

    • That’s the best comment. Same to me. To add on that, I will try my best to avoid discussing about other teams, no matter no matter how realistic or open minded I am. Lastly I hope Lautaro steps up his game and finish chances presented to him.

  4. The 2nd formation looks more possible to me because Enzo is one of the best players of the team during this competition. If you put Paredes next to him, he can finally play in his natural position and allows him to attack. I guess Scaloni will replace Mac Allister or Paredes by Lisandro in the 2nd half and switch to 532 if we need to score. Otherwise, Di Maria and Lautaro will sub Mac Allister and Alvarez. I guess that may be Scaloni’s plan.

    I would go for a slightly different 442: Emi-Molina, Romero, Lisandro, Tagliafico-De Paul, Paredes, Enzo, Acuna-Messi, Alvarez. I believe that if the strongest point of Netherlands is Dumfries then why not having the pair Acuna-Taligfico. Lisandro is our best CB and he used to play in Ajax, he should be in the 11. I don’t find Montiel defend better than Molina. With Paredes, Enzo can play in a his natural box 2 box position, he can be the 2nd striker if Messi drops deep. I think he will be the key of this match.

  5. Tagliafico, Montiel and Paredes starting means Scaloni is going with ultra defensive approach in this match. However I don’t think he will drop Enzo! Correa is the best and proper replacement for Dimaria and should have played instead of Papu Gomez last match. A.Correa is a natural right winger and with Messi also operating from the right side for the most part means Scaloni will invite Dutch team to attack us from the same flank hoping we can exploit the left wing of Netherlands team. However Messi will be heavily marked and without Acuna and Molina we will have only two natural attacking players players. Our midfield trip of Depaul MacAllister and Enzo beside securing our defensive line will also have to bring in their attacking game. I don’t mind if they try shooting from outside the box as sometimes you can also score on rebounds. Both teams approaching this match with defensive mindset means it might go to extra time and penalties. Hopefully we are preparing for that too!! Sometime I like to be a little superstitious and believe that the selection of A.Correa could be a sign from God !

  6. Is Di Maria unfit? One time he was fit, we won Copa. Wish he is not so much injury prone. He is big game and unpredictable player who can change game when Messi is marked heavily. I believe we should risk di maria because this is Messi and his last chance.

  7. I could understand paredes but taglia and montiel ??? Acuna and molina are better.
    Taglia is concerned on many goals conceded and that dibu save recently hope it s just a fake to blur dutch expectations

  8. OMG. I’m so fucking done with Montiel and Tagliafico. This has to be fake news. If this is for misleading Netherlands, I doubt even they will believe this.

  9. I hope we control the game Enzo and RDP are a must… I’d take a MacAllister over Parades. LVG knows Parades more than MacAllister (who remains a wild card with his slightly varying style of play in every match).
    Also Cuti should mark VVD in setpieces. Depay and Dumfries are not quick but clever and skilled… I think cuti and licha can start…. thoughts?

    Enzo to track and neutralize FDJ – it would be better to not give them the ball and retain possession so Enzo can create more than just cover FDJ..

    • Dumfries is quick enough, typically wingbacks need to be fast otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose of playing them in that position, it requires a lot of running back and forth and a slower than average player is not a good fit to play there.

  10. The presence of Montiel and Tagliafico will surely trigger some folks, I think it’s fine. Having 5 subs gives teams more room to maneuver and switch things around if necessary. I would not mind seeing what Angel Correa can do on the right with his direct running and dribbling vs Blind and Ake.

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