Bernardo Silva comments on Argentina, Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez


Bernardo Silva has commented on the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez.

The Portuguese star has qualified for the quarter finals where his team will be playing against Morocco. On the other side of the bracket is Argentina and the only way both teams can play each other would be either in a third place match or in the final of the World Cup.

He has played with Sergio Agüero at Manchester City and presently a team mate of Julián Álvarez. Speaking in an interview with Ole, here is what he had to say about Argentina:

“I see Argentina as very good. They started with the game vs. Saudi Arabia, which was not good. But the truth is that I see them very good, they are one of the favorites to win this competition.”

In regards to Julian Alvarez:

“I am very happy for Juli. He’s a great kid, he’s a great player, who surprised me a lot when he came to City because I didn’t know what to expect and I hope to see him in the final. The truth is that I see Argentina as one of the favorites.”

Regarding Lionel Messi:

“How do I see Messi? Messi is Messi… He is a player which everyone knows what he can do. And let’s hope that if we play against him in the final, that he doesn’t play or that he plays very badly, hahaha.”


  1. Hope DePaul is fully fit by the time match starts. He is one of our pillars. We cant afford to lose him.

    Regarding ADM, I would start Angel Correa instead for three reasons. 1) Lets not overload him before he is fully fit as he may have to play longer if we are not winning after 70 mins 2) He will be more useful as a super sub as in Copa 3) A Correa must be assigned to press like hell. The pressing of Alvarez & Correa will unsettle Dutch defense.

    In the mid, either Enzo, DePaul & MacAllister or Paredes, DePaul & Enzo would do.

    Defense: Molina – Romero – Otamendi – Acuna


    1) Dybala for Alvarez – must press like hell
    2) Tagliafico for Acuna
    3) ADM for Correa (would be good if we are leading as ADM plays better when the opposition is not sitting deep with his counter attack)
    4) Licha for a CD/attacker/mid depends on cards/strategy.
    5) Paredes/MacAllister

    Bring on Lautaro if we are winning by 3 goals to help him gain confidence or if we need to score goals (keep both Alvarez & Lautaro)

  2. Montiel is very yery weak player,definitely molina is bether than him,lisandro martinez can play with enzo on mid field
    Emi martinez
    Molina.romero.otamendi.acuna alister
    Dimaria. Messi. Alvarez

  3. De Paul injured. Guess odds are against us very much. Only God can save us otherwise i dont see us winning against Netherland.

  4. I would love to see Lisandro as DM (Mascherano role) with this 11

    Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuna


    DePaul Enzo

    Messi DiMaria

    Alvarez or Lautaro

    This formation can allow Acuna to venture forward more, and Lisandro can drop to LB (he played there for Ajax). Enzo can drop CDM & DiMaria can operate as a LM with free role (like in Real Madrid) if we need to shift tactics.

  5. “Rodrigo De Paul trained separately from the group. He may miss the game against Netherlands. ”

    Please no!

    Without Di Maria and De Paul i would go with Macallister Paredes Enzo Palacios Julian Messi team to be no chance for Holland scoring. Our numerous midfielders have to protect the spaces behind Acuna and Molina.

  6. Van gaal is saying that messi is not very involved in the game when his team is out of possession. I think this has certain element of truth. He did very well in knock-out matches in his career when his team played a possesion oriented game & other players in his team shares his defensive load. In such scenarios he can provide the creative spark that unlocks the opponent defense. Think UCL winning prime Barcelona team that pressed very well etc.

    IMO, He has not done nearly as well when he played knock-out matches for argentina which was more defensive oriented. We typically see that he goes missing in these matches. E.g. 2014 WC semi final/ final. If you read match reports of these matches you would typically see that he had may be one or two moments of brilliance but did not do anything else

    If this is true then how should we setup for the next matches of WorldCup? I think other players need to be in top physical condition & press very well & share messi’s defensive load. This is why RDP, enzo, julian is so important. May be more senior members here can share their perspective

    • Scaloni is saving Messi’s energy. If you remember, my fear is that Messi needs rest. He never scored past group stages in WC until the Australia match. Glad the Australian player made him upset.

      Messi in 2010 used to be one of the best tacklers (remember people calling him an RB, RW, Forward, Midfielder, etc. he used to pickpocket all the time) 2014 and 2018 kept pressing opponents.

      This time it’s the Pep approach. Where he does not press except sporadically.

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