Officials announced for Argentina vs. Netherlands in quarter finals at World Cup


The officials have been named for Argentina vs. Netherlands in the quarter finals of the World Cup.

It will be Antonio Mateu Lahoz of Spain who will referee the quarter final match. His first assistant, Pau Cebrian Devis and his second assistant, Roberto Díaz Pérez, are also from Spain.


  1. It’s wasting time to talk about Garnacho. He is not in the team and there is no chance to include him. So why we talk about him. Now Argentina playing in the WC QF against Netherlands and we have 26 players for selecting our eleven and we should talk about those 26

    Meantime, my feeling is that we will squeeze Orange in the QF and flush the yellow in the toilet and play the Final of WC. Vamos Argentina.

  2. Scoloni selection is not up to the mark..
    He just waste a spot by selecting papu even after nico and coreea injury he picked almada..he should picked garnaco or simione in place of modern football need speed…lol
    I think we win against nederland easily just play our basic…we are much stronger than dutch.
    Easy win coming

    • We never won against Netherlands in world cup in regulation time never. Netherlands team will be hard. Their defense is quite good plus they r super clinical they will not miss if they get any chance plus has height

      • @Anuparno
        They claimed we always beat France in a world cup, but then 2018 happened.

        No European ever won a world cup outside of Europe, but then Spain won it in South Africa & Germany won it in Brazil.

        Pray, Believe, and Speak it to existence, my friend. Argentina is going to win within 96 minutes (6 minutes extra time). Argentina is going to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar despite all of our weaknesses!

      • Is Bercelona brench player Memphis better than alvarez? No..
        No need to talk about de maria, Messi..
        2014 nederland was better than our team.they played better but we won..actually in football not always best team win..thats the fact…This time Argentina are much better than Holland.. Just need to play as a team,play our basic game

    • In hindsight , yes the team is definitely missing a speedy winger and Garnacho would have been a great sub off the bench. However, the guy hadn’t played a single minute for us and only started to perform for United few weeks before the preliminary squad was announced. But when Nico & J.Correa were dropped , Garnacho was in red hot form for Man-Utd and should have been called up by the management like Enzo who only joined the team very late!!

      • Yes i think that the mistake from scoloni..
        But what it is what…
        Maybe scoloni think we play centrally, that why he chose central player more.
        But hope he overcome this weeknees with his team game..

        • I think if u don’t use dybala or correa atall then we could have kept nico Gonzalez with the team and im sure he would have been fit by 2nd round or quarter atleast

  3. I was one(maybe most) of the unhappiest posters on this forum.
    Complained, complained and complained.
    I thought and still think that I was mostly right.
    In 2002 people thought we would win but I didn’t. (terrible decisions, un-fit players.
    In 2006 excluding Zanetti left me fuming, but still I was sure we would win the world cup, I knew if we only could pass Germany we would win it, but again terrible decisions during the game and we went out.
    In 2010 I had no hope, but still wished to win.
    In 2014 even though we reached the final I felt we overachieved and it was a pleasant surprise, sadly we didn’t win.
    2018 was chaos from the qualifiers until the world cup. We weren’t good and it was clear from the beginning.
    Here we are in 2022:
    We went as favorites with after Brazil and same level as France.
    Injuries took a toll on us and most of our players were coming in injured.
    Missing Lo Cleso has disorientated us, like Scaloni said he was a unique player for us and we don’t have any player like him.
    Losing Nico and even Correa took a toll on us too.
    We lack in the forward department(wide and middle).
    Nico could have opened a lot of space for us.
    With Lautaro out of form and possibly injured we only have Dybala up front.
    Not that Nico or Correa are superstars, but they left holes and weren’t replaced adequately(I mean the type).
    Nothing against A Correa(I really like him) but he isn’t the type of player like Nico.
    Anyway injuries happen.
    Then we lost against Saudi Arabia.
    That loses and the injuries have wounded us.
    The 2nd game was a final for us, and all the games will be finals for us.
    Facing pressure from beginning.
    We haven’t found the team yet, still searching.
    We play good in spurts but panic.
    We haven’t had a performance scoring many goals like Brazil, France, England, The Netherlands.
    Considering all this we have been relegated to being talked sh.t about.
    They say we are average, only one World class player in Messi (old), The Netherlands started to plan the game against Brazil, etc,…
    As far as I know, there are no big headed declarations from our camp.
    We don’t hear trouble, we don’t hear overconfidence.
    All they do is play football.
    Like I said I was one of the unhappiest guys here. Old me would want Dybala to take part. Old me would have never stopped complaining about not including Garnacho instead of Almada. Old me would sulk for not playing Paredes.
    But now it’s the time to shut up all our haters and win this damn world cup for Messi.

  4. DePaul will play, so will DiMaria. This is all bullshit drama. The real question is will they play 90 minutes. My guess is they will play until we have a 2 goal lead and then we will go into typical super defensive Argentina formation, and after the game if we win everybody will say Brazil will destroy us. It’s very predictable.

  5. The newest update of the statistics:

    Here is the current new updated statistics. All the games are after Copa America 2021 (the last 16 games including the Australia last game).

    How do you see the stats?

    For example Lionel Messi played a total of 1128 minutes in his last 16 matches) and Argentina scored 30 goals while he was on the pitch. He was off the pitch (being a sub) for 132 minutes in those matches (1128 minutes + 132 minutes = 1260 minutes or 14 matches) He was absent in 2 matches in the last 16 matches.

    When the team played without Messi in 132 minutes, the team managed to score 2 goals. Compared to 1128 minutes with Messi on and the team scored 30. So Messi’s team goal/minute rating is 1 goal every 37.6 minute.

    With him off the pitch, we scored 2 goals in 132 minutes or 1 goal every 66.0 minute. So Messi’s impact is 37.6 – 66 (+28.4)

    The higher the + number, the better impact the player is when it comes to scoring goals.
    Here is the top 16. My new statistics update (Enzo and Tagliafico included):

    New ranking:
    1. Leandro Paredes
    (New 603 minutes/16 goals
    A goal every 37.69
    without him 207 mins and 2 goals
    a goal every 103.5 min (+65.81)

    2. Lionel Messi
    (New: 1128 minutes/30 goals 37.6
    without him 132 and 2 goals 66.0 (+28.4)

    3. Julian Alvarez
    (New 575 minutes 19 goals 30.26
    without 505 and 10 goals 50.5 (+20.24)

    4. Marcos Acuna
    (New 728 minutes/16 goals 45.5
    without 262 and 5 goals 52.4 (+6.9)

    5. Nico Gonzales
    291 minutes/8 goals 36.38
    without him 340 and 8 goals 42.5 (+6.12)

    6. Enzo Fernandez
    333 minutes/10 goals 33.33
    297 minutes/8 goals 37.13 (+3.8)

    7. Papu Gomez
    Papu 458 minutes/11 goals 41.64
    without him 172 and 4 goals 43.00 (+1.36)

    8. Nahuel Molina
    (New: 1047 minutes /27 goals 38.78
    without 213 and 6 goals 35.5 (- 3.28)

    9. Angel Di Maria
    (New: 808 minutes/17 goals 47.53
    without him 272 and 7 goals 38.86 (- 8.67)

    10. Rodrigo De Paul
    (New 1191 minutes 30 goals 39.7
    without him 159 and 5 goals 31.8 (-7.9)

    11. MacAllister
    (New 562 minutes/15 goals 37.47
    without 248/11 goals 22.55 (-14.92)

    12. Lo Celso
    Lo Celso 603 minutes/11 goals 54.82
    without him 119 and 3 goals 39.67 (-15.15)

    13. Nicolas Tagliafico
    732 minutes/17 goals 43.06
    without him 78 minutes/3 goals 26.0 (- 17.0)

    14. Lautaro Martinez
    Lautaro 713 minutes/11 goals 64.82
    without him 369 and 10 goals 36.90 (-27.92)

    15. Guido Rodriguez
    (New: 428 minutes/6 goals 71.33
    Without him 382 and 14 goals 27.29 (-44.04)

    16. Gonzalo Montiel
    (New 381 minutes and 5 goals 76.2
    without him 249 and 13 goals 19.15 (-57.05)

    1. Only these 16 players can be done. Others (midfielders/strikers/fullbacks only) have received too few minutes to be considered as of now such as Palacios, J Correa, A Correa, Dybala. I do not put defenders or goalies here as center backs or goalies usually have nothing to do with us scoring goals.
    2. Enzo rank 6 but he could have been much higher because against Estonia, in his debut, the team already scored 4 goals when he entered the pitch.
    3. Julian Alvarez has the best minute/goal ratio (offensive rating) among all players as the team scores a goal every 30.26 minutes he was on the pitch.
    4. Paredes is number one? I am also surprised, but in the last 16 matches, Argentina only managed to score 2 goals in 207 minutes without him. That’s a bit surprising but it is real number. That’s maybe why Scaloni said “This team played the best futbol when Paredes is on the pitch”.

    (Paredes is rumored to start against Netherlands if De Paul won’t recover)

    5. Lautaro ranking getting worse as anytime he played in the World Cup, we scored 0 or stopped scoring.
    6. The difference between Molina and Montiel, Acuna and Tagliafico are massive offensively. Molina and Acuna have a much higher impact when it comes to us scoring the goal. The left back Acuna rank 4. Tagliafico rank 13. The right back Molina rank 8. Montiel rank 16 (the last one)
    7. Among the active players (not including Lo Celso, Nico Gonzales who are not with us). Montiel, Guido, Lautaro, and Tagliafico have the worst plus minus meaning that the team can hardly score when these 4 play together.
    MAYBE the team conceded few when these 4 played together, but they score very few too as the numbers show.

    I will do the next project: Doing the stats on which players have the best impact when it comes to conceding the least goal. This time I will include all defenders and goalie, but not attackers.

    • Exactly why play an injured out of form guy.
      Gonzalo, but the problem is Scaloni left the strikers at home and has only Lautaro and Julian so the coach has no other choice.
      Why would someone select Papu Gomez for this world cup when we could have brought in a pure striker.
      But Scaloni never tried any other striker other than Lautaro during friendlies etc.

      • TBH we don’t have any good strikers left out of the squad, who is inform and regularly playing.. simeone is not a regular starting eleven player.

      • And my friend chalz.. simeoni is in form since last season and he is at home. By God’s grace they better hope their midfielders scores some more goals. Time for dybala as a false 9.

    • That selective treatment will backfire badly on Scaloni. I didn’t see need of including Papu Gomez especially considering his age. Look at Portugal, João Moutinho was regular for NT but Fernando Santos decided to go for the Youth players which payed dividends. Before someone counters me with Spain issue, Luis Enrique didn’t bring in any striker except Morata.
      Now with DePaul injury rumors it will be very hard to beat Netherlands. Every player will be required to play according to their strength. If Dimaria wouldn’t be fit then Scaloni should go for Correa who is younger and has better work rate with Dybala/ Dimaria hopefully coming on as a sub. Enzo, McAlister is a must start.

  6. Would playing Lisandro as the left back instead of Tagliafico be wise?
    Tagliafico needs to retire first thing after the world cup, sad we did not bring Medina who was in form.
    Tagliafico needs to play the game of his life now that he is playing.
    My mind tells me Scaloni is scared to use Foyth and Dybala.

  7. Palacios is not a work horse like De Paul. And lacks the confidence whenever he came on this world cup.
    De Paul has been the missing link for Argentina for generations… We need more players with lungs like him.
    Hope he is fully fit as we don’t want unfit players on the field.
    Parades needs to up his game so that Enzo will have freedom to move around freely. And more importantly ‘lazy’ Macalister needs to cover the field at will and not be his lazy self.
    At half time itself we need to make the first substitution bringing in fresh legs like Angel Correa to drag defenders around.

  8. If, Dybala does not play and we do not win the world Cup, it wll be similar to Argentina losing to Germany in 2006 QF, with Messi sitting on the bench.

    • We need pressing players like De Paul and Julian Alvarez not Dybala at the moment. Moreover Dybala does not have match practice to play an important game as he last played in 1922!!

      • Even if you hate dybala, there was no world cup 1922. Further more he has massively improved under Mourinho in his work rate. Every player selected by Scaloni should be utilized. Stop that petty hate!

    • I would prefer Dybala come on as a substitute or in extra time should match end in a stalemate. Of course Alvarez,Enzo should start but I would like to see Angel Correa getting playing time. Dybala will definitely be needed at some point.

  9. Palacios can match De Paul in work rate. He replaced De Paul in finalissima and did not miss a bit.

    Palacios also had a tremendous performance in La Paz.

    Palacios is an option but don’t think he will start in case of De Paul’s absence. Enzo and Maca has proved themselves in previous matches.

    However, RDP is crucial for us. If you want to stop opponent left wingers he is a must.

    Without him, we could not stop Neymar in final.

    If we happen to face Brazil and France in next matches, we absolutely need him.

  10. Romeo and team have sourced another Argentine youth from abroad and he has been included in the latest u 20 team. Benjamin Cremaschi is a 17 year old forward with Inter Miami. He was born in US to Argentine parents and is a current US youth international.
    Second US kid to be snapped by AFA.

  11. If De Paul is not gonna start, Paredes or Palacios are the players who can replace him, Palacios is more apt pound to pound, But he is less experienced and haven’t started in any of our matches recently, Paredes if starts will have to really step up and give the performance of his life to at least cover up for De Paul. Not ditto but at least don’t make any mistakes.

    The Penalties are now a days more favoring the Goalkeepers most of them are so tall and intimidating. They are almost covering the one third of the Goal Post. they are saving nearly 50% of the penalties. The Netherlands GK is really tall. Emi would most probably stop some penalties but we need to score too. Messi is so and so in Penalties don’t know who is good for us. Before there was towering Garay whose penalties are unstoppable.

  12. I think we can expect more from argentina in these last games. If RDP is fit then great, if not then hopefully enzo plays more free. Either way I think we can still hope in the team and in their performances. Best case scenario we use this to build and keep on building through the tournament. Hay que alentar la seleccion!

  13. DePaul’s constant running in competition created a large amount of acid in his body. If he didn’t move the wrong way, he wouldn’t get hurt. He just needs to relax and flush out the toxins from his body with a healthy diet.

  14. Mr random guy thank you for trolling in this group once in a while and it is a pleasure to see Brazilian fans or CR fans are really scared of the Argentina team and come into respective blogs and spend time trolling… That really gives me and other folks peace of mind thinking about fans of other and how scared they should be of team Argentina…. We really appreciate that. All the best in your alternate life to whatever team whom you support because you really need it when you see them loose to team Argentina… Vamos and stay strong 💪

  15. I never liked lvg as manager, the guy single handly ruined riquelme’s career of fcb, he is arrogant keeping talking rubbish I’m sure Lionel Scaloni and co will humble you in Friday night by beating your boring Dutch side well well, God willing

    • Kind of an interesting pattern even though it doesn’t necessarily mean anything
      -A Saudi Arabian player told Messi he “wouldn’t win the WC”
      -The whole Canelo Alvarez thing happened after the Mexico game
      -The Poland loss had a backdrop of the Lewandowski balondor drama
      -The Australia manager said they would win because they beat us in the olympics
      -now, Van Gaal….

  16. Dear Garcia Thank you for mentioning Bangladesh support to your discussion. We have supported Argentina without any condition and we have never thought that we get recognition from the Argentine. Thanks to to Roy and other mundos. Vamos Argentina.

  17. Counting down the days and can’t wait for Thursday night. I’ll relax, wake up and watch the games at my brother in laws (Croatian). Until then, I’m watching highlights and enjoying the goals and reactions. Has anyone seen Romero celebrating Messi’s goal versus Australia ? So far, I think my favorite.

    • I saw Romero’s celebration when the camera did slow motion during the game, I can’t believe he’s scary even when he’s celebrating a goal hahaha. Guy looked like a beast

  18. A perfect 3 matches at last to sum up the whole journey. This team deserves more and we can sense it. After each match we are more improving and God giving us opportunities to look on to our flaws without getting punished. Most importantly win that 50/50 moment and take it to the next round. It’s all that needed.

  19. _______Emi Martinez_______
    Dybala _______________Alvarez____

    We Need Counting Attack and tiki taka

      • (Yves bruno) What Rubbish are you writing..?? Fuck off..!

        I was member this blog at least 9 years ago.
        Who are you to ban me? I am much bigger argentina supporter than you, I bought 4 projectors in my area to watch our local supporter basi game, already spending about 1900 hundred dollars, cooking food for about 200 people on argentina game day we celebrate together. We are Bangladeshi crazy Argentina supporters.

        • @Dollon… I dont care about anything you just said. I have been a member of this blog and the previous one too. I just don’t post a lot.. I have watched every single Argentina game since 1990 (record them too) so don’t talk to me like you the biggest Argentina fan in this forum. Read the comments above mine.. We all think your lineup is silly. This is the world cup, not FIFA. Why would Scaloni try this? Just let the coach be a coach and enjoy the games from your 4 projectors.

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