Alexis Mac Allister press conference: “We know that Argentina is very strong”


Alexis Mac Allister spoke at a press conference on Thursday where he commented on the Argentina national team and the match vs. the Netherlands in the quarter finals of the World Cup.

Mac Allister has emerged as a starter for Argentina. He has started the last three matches for Argentina which have been wins and is expected to start the quarter final match. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, here is what he had to say:

“We had a big excitement, we know that Argentina is very strong. We have a great squad, a great history and an excellent squad with big players. And of course our goal is to make the next stage but we know we are facing big national teams.

“We still have one training to fine tune the details. But the most important thing is to think of ourselves and be aware of what we can do. And if we do things right, I am sure we will be fine.

“The squad is feeling great, both emotionally and in football terms. We are very much united and we enjoy ourselves. This is a crucial part for everyone and when on the pitch, we always try to have our best moment.

“The match vs. Australia was pretty close to the last one but now we have many days to rest. We also have time to see our families. I think those days were excellent for us. It was great to be ready mentally and physically.”

In regards to the match vs. the Netherlands on Friday:

“They are a good team. We like watching football, we have watched their matches and they have great players with a clear vision of play. But we try to think beyond that and focus on our own game.”

He was also asked about Rodrigo De Paul:

“Rodrigo De Paul is crucial, both on and off the pitch. But Scaloni will decide who is in the starting eleven. We have great players and the one’s on the pitch will try to give their all for this squad. We won’t change our game.”

Regarding himself:

“I am a player, you won’t see me with the ball going through three-four players. I am feeling very good, my team mates are helping me a lot and that for me is crucial I have to say. From day one, they trusted me and that has been essential.”

About Louis van Gaal:

“We know he is a top coach, world renowned. All his teams have different variations but with a clear idea. We will try to do our best in order to win.”

When asked about which Argentina player has surprised him:

“Well, surprise is… It’s difficult to single out one player from our national team. We know Leo and he surprises us every day. I would say it’s Leo Messi. He does unbelievable stuff, both in training and in matches.”

On what he can say about the 2014 semi final:

“I remember I watched the semi finals with my family at home. I very much enjoyed it and well now, I am at this World Cup and to be able to play is a great pride and I am very excited.”


  1. MacAllister would be playing a critical role as he has been doing in the previous matches. Though not a very creative player, he fits in into the scheme of affairs of Scaloni. Rising to the occasion, pressing brilliant Dutch players hard right in their half and then quickly moving into penetrative zones would be the expectations from him.

  2. We are 3 games away from glory, 3 hard fought games. Nobody said it would be easy, I agree the schedule was a bit BS and I wonder if those games so close together contributed to DePaul’s injury.
    Let’s focus on Netherlands, try to win in regulation time and then move on to the semifinal. For all we know we might not face Brasil. Anything can happen. Pride can take a huge fall sometimes; I saw that the Brasil federation is already planning where to add their 6th star to their crest. Comes off as arrogance if you ask me.
    I think that Brasil playing first can spark our team knowing the result. If we face Brasil, we play our game, a little bit of “potrero”, we can see the final. But one 90-minute step at a time.

  3. Fifa is not different from Conmebol, both are corrupt. Aside for the Saudi madness we had, they gave us two days after the group stage matches to play the next match that is Australia. I mean we played two matches within 4 days last week when others had more time to rest. Now our path is the hardest likely meeting Brazil after Netherland then France and all these will be played within 9 days(from 9th to 18th of this month). This people think they are fucking with us. Honestly I am frustrated just thinking about it. I just hope our team would be able to deliver.

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