Argentina rumored eleven vs. Netherlands in quarter final of World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has two different systems in mind for the quarter final match at the World Cup.

Rodrigo De Paul and Ángel Di María both trained on Thursday and Scaloni is waiting to decide if Di María will start. According to TyC Sports, De Paul could start but if he doesn’t, it would be Leandro Paredes with Alexis Mac Allister and Enzo Fernández.

Up front, if Di María does start, Scaloni will go with a 4-3-3, with Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Di María. If Di María does not start, it could be a 5-3-2, with Lisandro Martínez in his place. This is the rumored eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Acuña or Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul or Leandro Paredes, Enzo Fernández, Alexis Mac Allister; Ángel Di María or Lisandro Martínez, Julián Álvarez and Lionel Messi.


  1. This game reminds me of Argentina Italy in WC 1990. When Schillaci scored that goal. I was hopeless. Then Caniggia out of nowhere scored the equalizer. And we finally won in the PK shootout. Go croat!

    • Scaloni heard me!

      BTW I don’t think this is defensive.. Licha might play DM in front of a 4 man back line with the regular mids forming a diamond. So Licha at the back corner and Enzo at front corner..
      I’m excited to see this in action!

    • It is not 3 5 2, i think it is 4 3 1 2 – acuna and Mac are going to be tasked with neutralizing Dumfries, Licha will break passing lanes between blind and Depay and Enzo and Rdp will take on FDJ and Messi will roam around and create for Alvarez / Enzo..

  2. I had a dream of Brazil beating Crotia in penalty and Netherland defeating us. Hope it is not true. Sh it feeling.

  3. Spain wouldn’t have managed to contain Brazilian attack like the experienced Croatian team has done today. Just need a moment of magic from Croatia , just one goal PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  4. Hopefully Croatia score on them in the 119th minute and their whole team dances at this arrogant Brazil side. Overhyped and overrated midfielders and forwards, Neymar has also had a stinker of a game

  5. Croatian attackers are quite aggravating. When they get the ball in the box they think someone will bring them a cup of tea before they are expected to shoot…

    Just blast the fvcking ball !

  6. To beat this Brazil team, you need two things:

    1. Fast counter attack, which Croatia is missing.
    2. Control the midfield, which Croatians did well in the first half but failing to cope up with their aging players in the second half.

    France is in best positioned to beat this Brazil team. Argentina is lacking pace up front a big time. Julian and DeMaria are a must. I would have taken Garnaco when there was a chance.

    • You do not allow Brazil to bring the game around your box, you keep it in the midfield. Allowing them playing around your box falls into their 4-2-4 system.

  7. Croatia making Brazil look ordinary (like Copa 2021) than the footballing gods that media claims they are…

    That being said, Brazil is and always will be 5 seconds away from a goal so not completely hopeful just yet 🙂

    Lets see. 🤞

  8. Without Angel Di Maria and De Paul things get difficult. Brazil just toyed with an aged Croatia in first half. Exhausted them and they are heavily after them in the second half.

  9. Fantastic four can not be trained in less than a month before the WC. PSG failed last year after 1 year practicing it. Bauza tried it with Argentina again but he also failed big time. This 4-2-4 does not work. I am sure Brazil would play better with a normal 4-3-3

  10. Croatia doing their thing. Everyone afraid of BrAzil but they look more beatable after watching this first half. We’ll see what happens second half.

    Middle wide open.

    • Apparently referees have been told to give reds in the most extreme situations, plus it’s Brazil playing in a quarter finals…so…but I agree this is a red card worthy episode…

    • When a much bigger club in a better league comes with an offer that also very likely has a much higher salary, who would say no that? Would you have refused in their situation? Easy for us to reflect sitting on our chesterfields….

      • But see how we are suffering in the midfield…….BTW our plays whenever has been poor has largely to do with the absence of GLC and Nico G, who were integral parts of the team that were on the streak……nobody cares to mention that, all they do is criticize…..bring out Vini and Casemiro from the Brazil team and see how they perform….

  11. Unlike US, Korea and Switzerland three teams laced with best great attacking talent fighting fire with fire against their opponents, Croatia went with a a defensive approach against superior attacking side and have restricted Brazilian possession of the ball hence they have successfully closed Neymar and V.Junior so far. ESPN pundits must be super confused right now, how the hell this Brazil side will all these attacking players are unable to trouble the aging Croatian team!! eh?

    We will have to do the same against Dutch , we will have to slow them down by dominating possession and taking less risks until and force Dutch team to make error.

  12. For me this Croatia have 5 World class/near world class players:
    3 midfielders: Kovacic, Modric, Brozovic
    1 left winger: Perisic
    1 defender: Gvardiol

    And 2 very good players: Juranovic their right back who is wanted by Atletico to replace Molina.

    And their goalie, Livakovic. These 2 will move to big clubs for sure after the WC.

    • Final third of Croatia are showing nerves otherwise they could have easily scored one by now. If they can keep the score 0-0 until 65+ mins then they will tire Brazilian team with over-rated and less quality players coming off the bench.
      Pundits are again saying Brazil is not playing up to their potential , no body giving credit to Croatia’s super effective tactical approach!!!

  13. Dutch strategy aims to have the ball at the feet of the weakest players of the opponent. So if Molina has the ball a lot, we know their strategy is working.

  14. Boys, I hope everyone is ready, stretched out, getting their gear on, meat on the grill, prayers made, smokes rolled, and confidence high!
    Almost time to squeeze some orange juice!
    Vamos vamos !

    • @SorinXcrespo Yes, mate more than ready with both of my kids as i see u have planned and prepared more than proper way as this also bring me confidence as i’m kind of superstitous and allways have read your pre-game post’s since i once found out about this website, which i think was around before 2010 WC as since then i have tried to imagine how good will Asado really taste if i will make it to Arg, perhaps one day or meet a Person who clearly know’s his stuff about Asado as it obviously more than clear that u are such kind of Person obviously from Arg ”so keep that fire burnin’ ” as if i have understood anything right about Asado as being slowly grilled beef on a real Fire lighten and burned with real wood for a very long time before u can even bring the meat out also i think in Arg and SA they cut the meet differently as here in Europe at least most of the people( i think, though i may be wrong too, lol) they cut the meat to a bigger slices upwards or downwards as i once read that in Arg or SA in general they cut it as latitudinally as one cook was explaining that in this way the meat will taste better…etc. .? Please correct me if i’m wrong about this as i would like learn more about Asado as if they are using or favouring some wood over another and how long do u keep that ” fire burnin’ ” and is there some temperature meassured somehow before u bring the meat out and how long u grilled it as if it is supposed to be fully cooked or do u leave it and cook it as everyone wishes like medium style with different variations etc.? and how big piece as i assume now, though i’m not fully sure that it will be an bigger piece of meat as whole…? As u can maybe see my hunger is growing fast, lol !

  15. We will eventually switch to ultra-defensive 5-3-2 with Tagliafico and Montiel once we are defending a lead however, he will opt for a a balanced starting xi. Both will be instructed to sit back and not venture forward unless Dutch are wide-open. We need at least one more player who can take on defenders beside Messi and if Dimaria is not there then hopefully it is A.Correa but let’s hope it will be ADM and he can give us solid 65-70mins!! Again, not conceding early and not conceding at all should be our no-1 and if we are able to do so then we should get past the over-hyped and cocky Dutch team!! If we can slow them down and dominate the possession then we will make it extremely difficult for the Netherlands.

    Nobody is giving us a chance whatsoever!! Van-dyk who is having disastrous season with Liverpool is being over-hyped to clip Messi’s wings. ESPN pundits and anti-defensive football gurus have written off our midfield and attack completely!! I have a feeling our no-so popular players will be decisive factor today!!

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