Emiliano Martínez speaks on comments made by Netherlands team before quarter final


Emiliano Martínez spoke about the comments made by the Netherlands team before the quarter final match.

Martínez spoke to the media after Argentina’s on penalty kicks vs. Netherlands in the quarter finals. Prior to the match, Dutch coach Louis van Gaal had made comments about how Argentina tend to play with one man less when Lionel Messi doesn’t have the ball. Netherlands goalkeeper Noppert had also stated that he would save a Lionel Messi penalty. Speaking to TyC Sports after the match, here is what Martínez had to say:

“They spoke a lot of crap before the match. Their coach said that they were favorites if it would go to penalty kicks and that they wanted to get rid of the pain of 2014. Something I learned from football is that the talking is done on the pitch, they spoke a lot before the match and that gave me a lot of energy. You can’t talk that much before a match, to try to win. That made me stronger and after the game, I told them that.

“Their coach said that, I saw it, screenshotted it and kept it for myself. I showed it to Martin (Tocalli) and my psycholofist and told them “let’s turn on the dynamite.

“I didn’t think, I just thought that I was going to shut their mouths up.”


  1. My 2 sent about final 4

    France – They have reversed the trend of Champions curse finally i would say, New hypothesis The Champions either crash out at group stage or they reach the finals..Amazing. Their player quality and squad depth made it possible. Imagine missing Benzema, Pogba, Kante a week before World cup,they still made it to top 4 which is commendable with all the pressure and they have beaten great teams too. Giroud is one player who will score only when it matters the most not like His highness Mbappe who thrives in scoring against minnows.Griezman always plays great for France no matter his club form is good or not.

    Morocco – Ialways had a gut feeling that, one of Arab speaking team will make it far in this Qatar WC. This a WC which was designed for that if they couldnt help 1 arab speaking nation to the final 4 then whats the purpose.It may take some years the WC is gonna come back to middle east now. Was really thinking it would be Saudi with their ample money and first match win over us. Tunisia was another Arab speaking team which had potential. Iran was a failure in this WC. But every one slept on Morrocco. Morrocco as a team has history in football. They have the african grit and same time middle east flavour.Added to that they are really great at defending. Minows who defend great are always dangerous proposition.Saying that only reason i dont want them to win is because of exterior reason.Due social media.One of their Actress who performed at the WC opening is making massive publicity because of Morrocco success. She suddenly became patriotic it seems. She may not have to work from now onwards i guess. She will hold on to this Morrocco patriotism for next 4 years.Imagine what will she do if Morrocco wins the WC, F*** Now what all we may have to see.One of the baddest feature of this Social media age is the rise of untalent and shameless creatures who do anythng for free publicity from others work and fame which brings money. Pathetic creatures.

    Croatia – They have officially qualified from a second tier team group of Sweden, Bulgaria to a giant football nation now officially. They are not a push over team any more. They are milking the last out of Modric generation. Imagine if Rakitic had stayed for this WC.He is 34 only.

    Argentina – They started very bad like the 1990 and they play unattractive ugly pragmatic way under Scaloni alas Sabella, Bilardo.. But the trend is similar to the 1978 & 1986 both the teams used to win tight matches. Only way Argentina can win and do good at the World cups is by playing ugly pragmatic tight matches with the help of once in lifetime players like Maradona, Messi, Kempes like they did in 1978,1986,1990 & 2014. If they play beutifully like in 2002 & 2006 they will crash out, If they play bad like in 2010 & 2018 they also crash out. I always had a gut feeling that the Qataris will milk the most out of  Argentina passionate football fan base and added to that the Messis fan following and will do anything to keep Argentina in the WC for as long as possible. More Argentina and Messi plays more money they can milk. All of Argentina matches are massive success. Messi winning and lifting the WC will make Qatar WC iconic and historic. I think thats the image Qatar want to project. Dream big, even small can Dream big and succeed considering everyone mocked Qatar for being small.Anyway good for us. Finally hope our players are back to the working board after celeberation mode. 2 more matches. Take 1 match at a time. Croatia is a team who never gives up. Till the last whistle. Keep that in mind and keep our feet and head in ground and for gods sake hold on to your arrogancy till win the damn Final. We havent won anthing yet. Keep that thought inside the head always. For the next 300 minutes we play give everything. Its worth it. You are literally gonna write your name into the history books. How many humans on earth could do that, very few.

    • @mic “Saying that only reason i dont want them to win is because of exterior reason.Due social media.One of their Actress who performed at the WC opening is making massive publicity because of Morrocco success. She suddenly became patriotic it seems. She may not have to work from now onwards i guess. She will hold on to this Morrocco patriotism for next 4 years.Imagine what will she do if Morrocco wins the WC, F*** Now what all we may have to see.One of the baddest feature of this Social media age is the rise of untalent and shameless creatures who do anythng for free publicity from others work and fame which brings money. Pathetic creatures.” I brother I disagree here with you on this point. The women you are calling pathetic and untalented is morrocon by birth and has adopted indian citizenship and her name is nora fatehi. I think you didn’t liked how she performed on the world cup opening ceremony on dance floor just because she is a muslim and she should always be in hizab. She was getting paid for it and she then performed and everybody liked her performance and to your point that she is getting massive publicity and doing so called pathetic work after morroco success, then I have to remind you that she already was very well known artist in India and whole world before morroco success as well. And the kind of work she is doing is for her own bread and butter and she is not saying or promoting any kind of vulgarity. So i request you to please get your facts correct and when you speak about any women, speak with dignity and respect
      Arpit Gupta

  2. Nor Messi or Debu will miss the next game and GOD WILLING the one after it…….they will fine the AFA and the Dutch imbeciles $16K with the possibility of the Argentines paying more and that’s that, FIFA will not touch MESSI because of Adidas, Especially that Adidas had already suffered a major image setback…..Messi stopped at before saying anything about the REF.
    ARGENTINA has one task at hand, prepare for the next opponent that’s it, we came a LONG LONG WAY from 3 weeks ago, MESSI has shown who he is, by scoring, passing, leading and fighting back Fire with FIRE.

    Arrogance NEVER EVER PAYS, The Brazilians were dancing like imbeciles while beating on South Korea ………classless from players and coach who I least expected DANCING on the sidelines in the WC!!!! 5 times champs acting like idiots.

    I left the best for last Christina LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Where is her highness now, Home without a club, humiliated DONE and DUSTED CLOWN and your teammates crying about the ARG REF. LMAO FUCK OFF

    • What did she say to Portugal before they qualified for this WC? “I promised to play in the WC if not this ONE then the one after” LMAO you buffoon, you clown of clowns you IMBECILE ……point to yourself and say me me I did this keep on keeping on you dumb schmuck

    • @Dfox1942 thanx a lot for the update’s on this FIFA’s typical side of their nature as expected, luckily nothing too seriously sanctions, though sanctions given by FIFA is just another way showing again to everyone as they constantly need to, that who is boss as the amounts of sanctions if they are paid to be FIFA directly are peanuts for them, as if they are collecting all this sanctions from whoever country, well i clearly think that is more than wrong that there should exist rule that those sanctions should be allways given to those in this world who are desperatly needing anything possible as they obviously don’t have nothing, but the problem is that there are so many of those in this world who do not have actually nothing at all, anyway in football whether is FIFA or UEFA or CONMEBOL or who ever from what ever Continent’s as Africa or Asia etc…should allways be made to give those sanctions that they are gathering the way or another fir those in the world who are desperatly needing them, even the number of those human beings in the world as suffering is more than high, Still there should be some common rule that is fair and equal to all those who have absolutly nothing and are constantly suffering as i’m not saying sanctioning some one or some team for breaking aome rules, but also in this the world should be carefull and think really more than twice and to be clever enough to understand the rules and who have made those rules as ruler etc…anyhow more than glad to hear everything u wrote about this story as i’m very thankfull for this knowledge that u were providing and sharing to all as i’m also happy that there won’t be any Samba or neither Fado played in this tournament as those dancing Samba can’t do it their Carneval time as i Christina may seriously start thinking of building a new career as he could now concentrate seriously on Fado and maybe learn something important from that as it is more than obvious he needs to learn and the sooner the better for him, though i higly doubt that he might never learn real values of life, but Fado for him could be the turning point as when he has sang and played his Fado for long enough only then he might be able to stop being as cry baby as Fado is kind of music about sadness, though it can vibes thaughtfull for those crying constantly as learning about sadness and suffering one could understand, that they are part of every human life the way or another, though everyone is entitled to decide for themselfs if they want to learn anything from those 2 as some and most don’t even have option to choose as since they are borned with it, though this even how sad and how suffering it will be as it is beyond of any imanigation for others as only those whonare borned with theese 2 and constantly surrounded by those 2, may hopefully somehow to overcome those 2 and even it is truly more not fair and nothing to with equal rights, Still they could actually to learn about this as i hope that will give R
      them more strength to fight against all evil that exist’s in this world as for Christiana even trying to learn this through Fado, Still will be more than impossible to understand really anything until her majesty’s ego will maybe somehow as more than miraclously fade away, but i quess for her majesty to understand ego and put that away will be as impossible, but infact i wish that to happen as it will show the rest of world that after all unfairness in this world as general as this has nothing to do with Christiana’s life as her majesty has chosen a path a long a go, that been the path for Christiana to follow and, maybe her majesty will keep on the that very same path or somehow miracolusly choose and other as more humble path of life as that will be the only way to get rid of her majesty’s current ego ! As for any younger players it is very important to understand theese basic’s about human life and not get lost on her majesty’s current path !

  3. FIFA has initiated disciplinary action against AFA and Lionel Messi. Messi would be banned from the semi-final and, may be, further on, if at all there is any chance of further on left without Messi for Argentina.

      • These articles are baseless. Don’t waste time on it. Until any official statement from FIFA. I dare to say FIFA won’t have the balls to ban Messi. Moreover he hasn’t done anything to get banned.

        • We are not hearing any official statement because today is Sunday. But the news is all over. There seems to be some authenticity to it because not only against AFA, they have opened the proceedings against the Dutch football federation too. Frankly, as long as the subject is not from Europe, FIFA can have the balls. They have done this before to Messi once. Irrespective of whether this happens ultimately or not, think about the impact such news is having on the team. This is the time to remain calm and focused. Such digressions are not at all good for our game. Scaloni leaving the stadium immediately after the game and the officials not controlling the venting of ire by the Argentines can become extremely extremely costly. I was full of worries when I saw what I saw post-match.

          • See my question is wot Messi did in order to get banned. Did he do anything between the match ? NO. Did he hit anyone in the tunnel ? No. He jus make some comments on referee and does it get him banned ? NO.
            So jus relax.

  4. For the Croatia match, I think we need more presence in mid-field to nullify their strong midfield. With Acuna out, we could play 4-4-2 (Messi with free role, Julian and Lautaro to track back when necessary).

    Julian Lautaro
    Mac Allister Enzo Messi De Paul
    Lisandro Otamendi Romero Molina
    Emiliano Martinez

  5. Argetina won all of their game on xG.

    It means we created more big chances, compared to big chance conceded.

    France won 2 out of 5 games. Croatia same.
    Morocco lost all their games on xG.

    While xG does not guarantee you win, but it tells you the approach and effectiveness of your approach.

    France has slightly higher xG created than Argentina. But they have much higher xG conceded.

    So you can conclude that Argentina is doing better defensively, even though France is much more defensive in practice. Croatia better on defence, but also weaker on attack.

    In my opinion, each opponent helps Argentina prepare for next round. Australia challenged with physicality and pace. Holland counter attack and high ball. Against Croatia, it will be midfield control and their defence.

  6. We have to remember Croatia has a great penalty saver and a great goalkeeper. Emi Martinez might be good at penalties, but he has not been in best of his forms in the normal situations. The first goal from Netherlands could have been saved had he been in the peak of his form. So we cannot have a defensive approach to drag the game to penalties. Brazil, despite all the talent thay have, remained unaggressive for much of the time. They let Modric and Perisic build their counters well. Raphinha had to be subbed quite early as he was least attacking. We are up against one of the best defences in the world cup and a good attacking line, which is not necessarily the best unlike France and England. Somehow I feel Scaloni is going to start with Martinez instead of Alvarez. Then Martinez should have a clear goal of pressing upfront like the way he did in Finalissimo and not at all like what he did against Netherlands and Australia. We should have a taller defence line. That means there is an opportunity for Guido as a defensive medio. Would he do worse than the hot-headed Paredes or a shaky Pezzela? I don’t think so. Can’t predict our players. Other than a few, most are quite inconsistent. Scaloni can assume the same strategy as Croatia adopted to stop Messi in 2018. Di Maria needs to wake up with bigger eyes.

    • They cannot stop messi every time. 2018 we had medicore squad and a clueless coach.this time its very different.Why u guys are so scared of croatia.We are the better side. come on lets have some faith.This team is mentally fit and they hungry for the title and united more than ever. Some of us think we dont have streangth, qaulity and depth to beat this croatian side. TBH they not that great,however they are strong enough to reach the semi. Croatin GK saved only one penalty and it seems emi is more confident and much better on penalty. They are just lucky to reach semi.

  7. So thats our final 4 a balanced four i would say.

    2 giants with football heriditery.
    1 second tier who is consistent in last WC too.
    1 minnow team who defend well which is dangerous.Remember Iran 2014.

    Where as most nuicance teams are out:-

    Brazil – If any team who could defeat Brazil after Argentina and France, it was Croatia, And they did it.Dance now F****krs. Thats Karma dancing inside you plane while going back home. Own it. See it with open eyes.

    Portugal – His Highness CR7 shamelessly been kicked out infront of world. He became a laughing stock infront of world. If your arrogance is much more then, Karma will hit u back. No PR machine can help u for long time. Where is Piers Morgan were is his Goat. Humiliated, Owned, even if Messi may or may not win it, he still won everyones heart 4 Goals 2 Assist what more. CR7 1 penalty goal thats it and as usuall whipping the bench with his shorts.

    England-As usuall its not coming home this time too. Just forget the World cup guys.

    Spain-The era of Tiki Taka is over, try something new. Overrated.where is Gavi and Pedri the magicians.

    It could have been better if France was out too. But its okey, we will meet them eventually, Lets take care of dangerous Croatia first. Beat them somehow. They are a tough nut to crack. Lets see. But its a final 4 no one was predicted.

  8. Whoever wins this World cup is like winning 10 World cups. The price money is 10 times more than the last WC. Means more money to invest for 10 years. It will be a lottery.

    AFA will be bitting their lips in greed now, they wanna make maximum money with Messi on.

    Croatia and Morrocco could literally become a giant football nation for next decade if they win it

    France is a scary proposition, they are already rich in talent for next decade.Imagine what will happen if they win it again.

  9. What we need now is to cool down a little. The Netherlands match was physically and emotionally a brutal match for us, I hope it hasn’t drained us during those 120 plus minutes. Messi and co needs to put everything that happened on the pitch behind them and start fresh. This is a very organized and dangerous Croatian team and we really can’t afford to make the same mistakes that we did on the pitch(I am not talking about the handballs and those moronic things that Paredes did with the Ned dugout, just talking about our strategy once we have a lead or not starting to panic once we have conceded). It’s high time that we utilize some of our attacking arsenal that we have on the pitch instead of just keeping them on the bench and not just sit back and defend when we have the upper hand, that’s the last thing we need against a team of Croatia’s quality. Finally for God’s sake, let Lautaro convert one chance finally, I hope that penalty did a world of good to his confidence.

  10. This is the first time in history of world cup that 2 club team mates will be the coaches of 2 semi finalists. Scaloni and the Moroccon coach were team mates for a while at Santander. Interestingly, both were right backs.
    River Plate sent a River jersey signed by Ortega to Moroccon goal keeper, after it was revealed he was River and Ortega fan as a kid. It was given to him after Morocco qualified for the second round by former River boys Montiel, Ocampos and Lamela, who are now Bono’s Sevilla team mates.
    Hachimi apparently hinted he would like Boca ‘s shirt signed by Tevez. I don’t think that will happen, since Riquelme is the go to guy at Boca and he hates Tevez (and anyone else who threatens to be more famous than him at Boca)
    Yesterday Tchoumeni scored for France and his celebration wouldn’t have any meaning for the whole world who witnessed it. But he actually dedicated it to Lisandro Lopez (who used that celebration), who was Tchoumeni’s idol as a kid. Remember, Lisandro Lopez was 2010 French league player of the year. Lisandro, Zanetti and Cambiasso apparently criticized Maradona’s tactics and Diego dumped them from squad and didn’t select them for 2010 world. All three were in the form of their lives. In their place Diego selected Palermo, Garce and Jonas Gutierrez. yup.

    • Quite intresting to read about all this as indeed more than appreciated !
      As it ia an more than nice geature from River as signed by Ortega as if he was Bono’s favourite or amongst his favourites, well it deffently ended in right hands !

  11. With Acuna is out is blow. He was better in attack and also in defend. And Crotia RB is looking very promising. I think match will be decide by messi. And who control mid field. Crotia mid fielder are aggressive. Scaloni did same tactical mistake against Dutch. If depaul play whole 90 mints we are good.

    • To be honest, Croatian RB looked promising because there was no one to track his runs. Vinicius did little defending and Brazil midfield was thin. There was acres of space for him.

      Same thing happened for Dumfries in USA match. Lots of space to exploit for him. But in QF he was one of the worst players in the pitch.

      • Everything happened was good for Argentina. So be optimistic that, Tagliafico will have a game of his life against Croatia.
        Scaloni will surely analyse everything.

    • How was that Scaloni tactical mistakes? Do you guys watch same match or there is some different stream or something. Scaloni knew De jong pull all the strings so when we didn’t have ball he put MacAllister with De Jong like a shadow or De Paul. Scaloni knew Van Gaal was going to do long ball so he put Pezzela on for win the battle but unfortunately he wasn’t up to the task. Di Maria sub made us more dangerous and we almost was winning in extra time if those chances was going in. Just give the man credit where is due. I bet if Netherlands had won you guys would have praises Van Gaal here like crazy

      • Guido should have come instead of Parades… Any other day. He would get Red.. Guido is proper number 5.. Good in air. It was parades antics that gives them 10 mint of extra time.

      • I dont think seriously that no one would never praised LVG after all he has done with Arg in the past and the present, though now it’a all over for him as his team was full of crap as only De Jong and maybe Berghuis considered as their strongeat middfielders in this WC as expected they never had quality to beat Arg, but Still nearly did it as it was a given opportunity as free gift after 80 th min+, but luckily Arg got themself back mostky at the second part of the extra time as when Di Maria was given the last 10 minutes Arg looked superior again as theybhad looked until that 80th+, but after that went through obviously more than suffering as Arg can only look in the mirror for that as Isidro they simply gifted this as free gift for the Dutch to level it up as off ourse how it happened, well in the very last minute of the game and all credit for Dutch to p,AY that free kick as pass for inside as only Enzo was there, but could not derend it as firstly it tooked everyone with more than a surrprise and secondly unfortunatly the dutchbplayer who scored was taller than Enzo not only with his head, but alao with his legs as Enzo was obviously Late, but Still one the very few who reacted with Dibu, but as it took everyone by surrprise as a more than brilliant free kick, but all this more than obvious, but why was that free kick given ir why did Pezzella had to make contact as he should now more than wel, enough with his experience that coming from behind to players back, well as soon as that Dutch player felt Pezzella’s very soft touch at his back, well any player in the world would had gone for free kick even how time was left and regardless tonthe score, so Pezzella screwed it up, simple as that, but he can’t be blamed alone as he did not choose himself in the first place to enter the pitch also he or any other player did not purpously choose to start defend from so deeply as by that they allraedy knew what was coming at towards them as constant bombardment of free crosses which led to 2 very unnneccasary goals and many unnnessacary corners freekicks too, though i understand they started to get tired, but there was no need to to TaKe out Acuna as everyone knew or at least should had known that he will miss the semi, which at that point looked more than rightly deservedly owned by 2 goal lead, but instead it went alk the way to penalties, which was not necceassary at all, though the only positive’s for players mental strength were that they managed it to penalties and won them with those taking part of the penalties as it could had been very easily a complete ment down for every player as suffering like hell specially in the first part of extra time as during that time i’m not fully sure sådid Scaloni’s brain functioned with full consideration and focus as i’m wondering about this subject mostky as why DI Maria was only brought for the last 10 minutes as why he was not subbed in straight when the extra time started ? There are moments in every game that can TaKe anyone with surprise, but there is clear difference whether u are looking for trouble or not while leading until 80th+ min comfortably and way superiorly and by 2 goal lead as i hope u understand this, because til that Arg had no troubles at all and in football the team that is tarcking back the lead as wanting to level the game will most offently more or less til towards the end start sending crosses and bringing their tallest players in to opponents boxes as this more than common knowledge of football even for us as fans or who are used to watch football as i don’t mean anything bad with my words only i want to be clear about where and why it all ended lime it and also why there was so much fuss n’ fight, which more less created firstly by the Dutch as talking trash way before this game and continued to do so as Arg and Scaloni also most have noticed as whole world did, but Still when subbing in Paredes as RDP obviously had to be taken out, because having something that may cost him the reat of the tournament if he had continue as RDP’s style of play is more than full on constantly or at least when he is on top his game as he won’t quit by himself like Messi who was actualky running quite much as i’m sure that when he saw that Arg started to defend from way too deeply and giving ball as free gift for the Dutch to do as they pleased, well Leo knew that at moment he had to run like hell as others were backing and i can’t belive that whole team with players like Ota and Messi will let that happen if it would not be their coach’s choice as i’m sure they have both seen more than enough what will be the outcome of it or this kind of tactic as when Julian had to obviously be replaced, well Ok, Toro scored that very important Penalty, but there were Still 2 subs left as Montiel And Di Maria and, maybe Scaloni did not want to risk Di Maria Still at that point as being affraid that he would fully loose him for rest of the tournament or at least the very next game against Croatia, but he could had subbed A.Correa who has very good work rate and to be known to be able also to press and defend either by pressing towards the ball or closing spaces and marking players aa i think Scaloni went instead for toro for the very same reason as he did for Pezzella as height factor and that prooves his tactical aspect that he choosed for the team from 80th+ or even before that, which was accepting giving the ball freely to Dutch and let thenåm start either to bombard with their crosses or do as they pleased and obviously the Dutch had decided to go for to start bombarding with crosses as once as missile is launched it will either hit it’a targer or not, but if u can stop those missiles before as they are launched or at least make their accuracy or targetting them more difficult by harrashing those who sending those missile’s, well the better chanche of survival u will have compared to withdraw all your forces to the place as in this game and alao in Australia game more close to your own box käy knowing that your opponent is technically good and more than capable of doing that if let so, and also knowing that they have more taller players in over all waiting for those crosses as also when your own forces are standing Still and even if solid whether they are shorter or not, Still the one whonis sending those crosses as constant bombardment has the upoerhand as defenders have alkways more difficult to defend crosses against the one who is attacking as they are running for those crosses with speed while defenders have to more or less stand Still and either defend their area or man mark, but Still whether u choose to manmark or defend the area u are Still having the lower hand against your opponent who is sending those crosses and the more time they to do so the accurate their crosses will be and alsontheir running players with speed have in better chance to win those crosses against even the very best defenders in the world as this is just simply one of the natural law’s in football as in general as obviously there are many more of those very basic’s and natural law’s of football etc..,so i hope even u most propably know this all more than well, that i’m not trying neither insult you or Scaloni only i’m affraid of theese kindcof tactics apployed specially as all this is common knowledge in football and we have all seen this happening so many time’s and not only now as in the last 2 KO’s of Arg, no this is very common in football, but may not alkways end as favour for the opponent depending if they can acore or not, but everytime it will give them chance no matter who are u playing against or whatever teams are facing each other, as the only way to avoid this or to at least try to minimize this is not letting your opponent to such an easy acces to the ball and even they will most propably gain the ball possession, Still try to press towards the ball and try to block their crosses or passes and also don’t never give them anything as free before the game has ended and if they are superior team,( which was not the case withbthe Dutch at all,), well then they are just more superior, but even superior teams under pressure suffer more to score goals than without any pressure as then they are given a free walk in to your very own and higly protected ground, which they should not have any acces to enter etc…

        and therefore blody Russians using missiles launched from far and blody drones as the very exact way as German’s did during the second world war, because that is all they can do as they can’t beat Ukraina, though the German’s did not really had yet any missiles as the one’s they were using against England was an complete a flop as so was their Airforce’s lead by that blody idiot Nazi Goering himself and his arrogance+ Hitlers even more arrogance and pure maddness and insanity as it just did not cost the whole world that he wanted to Conquer as blody Napoleon or whoever from the past or present as forexample Putin, as it costed much obviously for all the world, but also it costed for German’s who did not support the war or the blody Nazi party of Hitler’s and Himlers and all those Nazi bastards as many of them too obviously lost their lifes as they were ordered to fight in the war that they never even wanted as many of German high comanders were constantly trying to fight mad Hitler and his more than mad Nazi party and also lost their lifes rebelling against theese mad and completly insane orders from theese lunatics as Stalin was shooting his own soldiers everytime they came back as running away from their Enemy’s and also massmurdered so many like Hitler’s Nazi party not only being as Jews or gypsys or some minority like ethnic groups around all over eastern Europe and as even more in his very own country too as Soviet Union was it called back then, but now again in Europe after not so long ago another lunatics are fighting as one of them called as Putin and others who so ever as the war is never so easy to understand as how world media is mainly talking about it as there are alkways hidden truth’s, that won’t be so easy to find at all and may never be found…?

        But, unfortunatly this been the trend in our world for so long as more longer than is written history etc…

        And therefore even being allways and only fan of Arg i do want them to win the WC at 18,12.2022 as i have wanted Arg to win every WC i have seen since 1978, but offcourse i want this to happen to Leo as well as he morecthan deserves that as being the greatest ever with DIEGO, R.I.P, but also i think of him as a goid Person being humble enough as i think of Argentina as a good country being more than brave as i want the whole world and specially Europe to learn from their misstakes that they have done to so many in the past and in the present as also all those others who have only thought theirselfs and their wealth’s and riches and making the poor people even more poorer as it should work completly the very opposite way as richest bastards who own this world should help all the rest of world and not just themselfs as usual a bit like FIFA style, but much way deeper than that !

        As in the end i want apoligize if i did offended anyone as that was clearly not my intention ! As the very opposite i just wish peace to whole world and equal rights to every one in this world as also naturewise obviously too !

  12. Morocco fans and players believe, they are going to final this time.
    They are telling this from the first match. Both teams in their group, Morocco and Croatia have reached semi final.

    They kicked out Belgium, Spain and Portugal. All super teams. They have all the right to believe, they will kick out France too.
    France’s counter attacking or aerial game will not work with Morocco. GK is in amazing form too. With some luck, Morocco is going to final.

  13. I really miss Higuain. Our lack of a true poacher has clearly scrambled our tactical options.

    Griezmann thrives in France because he doesn’t hold the burden of being their target man.

    He is very much like Messi in the sense that he is the creative center for his respective team

    Griezmann is a true number 8, he doesn’t need to play as striker thanks to Giroud and doesn’t have to focus too much on pushing into the box thanks to his trusty wingers.

    Messi on the other hand holds both the clinical and creative burden. If we still had a true striker like Pipita then this team would be much more balanced.

    I think Tucu (J Correa) was the closest thing we had but he wasn’t called up for some reason.

      • You completely misunderstood my point.

        I’m talking about the type of striker we need up front. El Toro is amazing, but we really are missing someone who can leap for crosses and get up front alone.

        And Giroud scored only 5 in 2022-2023 and he is a much bigger star than Tucu… what’s your point?

    • I don’t think so. Messi’s best years at Barcelona were spent without a poacher. He functions best with creative ball-playing goal-scoring attackers at either side of him, like Neymar, Suarez, Villa etc. Players who can provide space and assistance to Messi, and he can do the same for them.

      IMO one of the reasons Argentina have done so well in the couple of years preceding the World Cup because Lautaro, Di Maria, Lo Celso have provided a similar system to his happy days in Barcelona, while he continuously struggled to play with more conventional strikers like Aguero and Higuain.

      Now Argentina attack looks stifled because Lautaro is out of form, Di Maria struggles with fitness and Alvarez lacks in a creative capacity. Dybala would have been the one to fill this void, but Scaloni & Co have utterly failed to give him any opportunity to be part of the system, and it is too late now in the semifinal of the world cup.

      We can only hope Lautaro recovers his mojo, and Di Maria can stay injury free.

      • Villa? Suarez? Eto? Those guys were all poachers not creative play makers.

        Of course I won’t compare Barca to Argentina but the a huge reason why he was able to do so well was because he was allowed to sit deep when he wanted to, there was a true striker always to cover for him, and when he wanted to push forward he could do that as well.

        Giroud and Lautaro are both genuine number 9s, but they don’t have the same level of support. Messi struggles to push into the final third when he is alone I think we can all see that. But the moment he drops deep the guy becomes a monster.

        I think playing a line of 3 with mac Messi and de paul would be ideal.

      • he did falter at pressure but again my comment was more about the type of striker he was rather than how critical.

        In that sense giroud is the complete opposite. He doesn’t score for most of the year then when a final or a tournament comes up the guy turns into prime Ronaldo.

  14. Man this forum is something else:
    – when England had an excellent 6-2 debut against Iran. Here: England look scary
    – When France won 4-1 opening game: France look scary
    – When Brazil won 4-1 against South Korea: Brazil look scary
    – When Spain won 8-0: Spain look scary
    – When Portugal won 6-1 against Switzerland. Portugal look scary

    So which one really scary? Lol Not the one with the best goal difference or the one that win 5-0 or better will win the World Cup. Italy in WC 2006 won pretty much all games 1-0, but they were the champ! The same as Spain in 2010 won almost all 1-0 but they were the champ! So stop freaking out.

    The same here when evaluating players. The tendency is:
    One good match = world class
    One poor match = not NT material

    Croatia is next. They are not easy but they are beatable.

    • Margin doesnt mean anything at KO stage. You lose once in the next game, its still game over.

      This place is fun because lots of people with their “defeatist” mindset lol. If we win the WC these people will not be celebrating, instead they’d start saying how Portugal & England has bright future and could trouble us in 2026!

      • @Rattlehead Lol ! Again, u make me more than smiling ! As what el_principe said it is obviously more than true and therefore i rather talk about other subjects based on something at least and also therefore purpously like obviously write long boring post’s which may have nothing to do with football more or less as just can’t help myself really to stop talking with my own kind of rebellious way that i have created during my life, lol ! Still, dont know where that will end me up, lol !

    • True. We have to calm down. However, I do think after quarter finals those claims have a lot more value than they did in the previous stages.

      I don’t anyone here mentioned Morocco before they beat Portugal. No one talked about Croatia before they knocked Brazil.

      These teams are very well balanced with most guys playing starters for european teams(yeah I know it sounds like I’m sucking up to them but the truth is they are top tier).

      We also don’t have any big guys(shoved 5’9″) up front. Our team height is very low compared to the remaining teams.

      • Height? Spain has lots of midgets in 2010 and they beat Germany who thrashed many teams in that tournament.

        Remember Ayala and Puyol goals against Germany (2006 & 2010) ? they’re both a header.

        • We aren’t Spain. We don’t have Iniesta, Villa, Puyol, Casillas, Xavi.

          I’m not saying height is the only factor but it does play a role when it comes to overall physicality.

          Anyone who has actually played football will agree with me.

  15. The lack of discipline, both in on-field behavior (blatant handball, Paredes’ nonsense) and off-field comments is very troubling. You can’t collectively lose your composure like that at such a critical stage of the tournament. This is how you put you fate into the hands of the referee or FIFA’s disciplinary committee. Now we have to trust FIFA will not jeopardize their viewership numbers by punishing Messi or Argentina.

    This is another failure of management.

    • Exactly, although I do not blame this on management but on the temper of some players. Paredes is and always has been a red card risk. Dibu needs to calm down, provoking L.de Jong was unnecessary. Messi’s dumb handball in the middle of the pitch brought back the Caniggia nightmare against Italy in the semi final. He missed the final and maybe cost us the title as Diego missed his partner upfront in the final.

      Hopefully they put their focus on how to beat Croatia by playing football and refrain from provoking opponents.

    • Absolutely.

      Messi as well. I think our captain should know better. Thought I felt Netherlands deserved every bit of backlash they got, we also cannot say much after throwing a 2-0 lead in 7 minutes.

      Messi was known to be a quiet and respectful guy but since 2018 qualifiers he has gotten into lots of arguments with referees and has started to receive cards. Dibu plays in arguably the toughest position on the field, he should not be attracting more attention to himself.

      Number 1 rule should be to stay humble and respect opponents. The FANS will take care of the media stuff for you.

      • good comment @Madara. it’s one thing to use the people’s comment to motivate you, to learn from it and fuel you. but it’s a totally different thing to raise hands and open mouths to react to the comments. unfortunately, that’s the fact of life. stay humble and move on. we progress, they didn’t, it’s on them.

      • I don’t think Messi has personally done or said anything too controversial, but he does share responsibility as the captain and a major part of team management. And yeah I would prefer him to be usual reserved humble self. Perhaps he knows he is close to retiring, so he is letting loose.

  16. If we analyze Argetina-France game 2018, they scored one goal, then went on very defensive. We made it 2-1.

    Then they pushed forward and made it 4-2 real quick.

    Once again, they went defensive and we scored another goal.

    In yesterday’s match, England made 1-1 and was dominating France. France made some effort to push forward and started putting cross. One header from Giroud was saved by Pickford. One minute later, another cross and header, this time it is goal.

    France’s strength is get a goal when they are trying for it. You can’t just plan for mbappe. It needs to be collective effort defensively. And you must score against them to be safe, because they are expected to score despite your effort.

    • The thing about France is the play the same way as 4 years ago or in Euro. They are pretty much 4-2-4 team too but Griezman, Dembele have better defensive work rate than Neymar or Raphinha. Ours is much stronger than the Argentina team that beat 4 years ago 3-4. And they are not better than that Winning WC team for sure. I think we have a chance against them at least 50-50.

      But let’s think about Croatia first. Also Marocco is the perfect team to face France as they always park the bus AND Hakimi is as fast as Mbappe and they will meet all night long. Safe to say Mbappe speed will be useless against park the bus team + Hakimi. That’s huge already.

    • We don’t play pretty but we will thrive. We don’t have a cluster of Nationalities but we give all we have. More importantly we have Gods grace.

  17. Honestly, France looked inferior to England during large parts of the match and I’m happy England lost not only because of the historic rivalry and what they did to Argentina but also because the better team got eliminated. Of course, we need to analyze Croatia first and I will start tomorrow to watch some matches I missed (step by step), but something that potentially scares me about France is their quality. Look at Tchouameni’s goal. You can play defensive and solid football but lose because of quality like that from a wicked shot. I thought Griezmann was done for years but his crossing and playmaking is truly impressive, one of the best players of the tournament. You can dominate France but again, one good cross from Griezmann and it could end. That is not even mentioning Mbappe. They just have players that can give you magic for a couple of moments. The way England were able to complicate them and should have drawn the game is quite promising though. Morocco’s style of play should be ideal to stop them in theory but the quality difference is huge, I hope France lose but I’ll prepare myself mentally for them to be in the final.

    • Don’t forget we have quality too, furthermore this England vs France game showed that their defence have mistakes in them.
      To be honest I m more worried about Croatia than France, their defence is better than that of France or should I say they are defending better than France like a proper team.

        • Yes @Olive that verybyoung Croatian CB is thought be one ofvthe best, which comes to players or CB’s at very same age, though for sure there will be others too, most propably allraedy now or at least in future….as obviously i’m hoping them popping out Arg and not only CB’s as i think wingbacks with pace and quality who can defend and attack like ending up scoring or creating that very last crucial pass etc.,are very needed as obviously good and physically strong strikers with again pace as that is needed more or less with quality too for every player as whatever possesion u are playing as football constantly developping just faster and faster as i’m sure we will see good young players coming from everywhere more or less, though it may TaKe time for player like Messi or as DIEGO once was, as theese kind of players are completly unique and above all others ! And if in the future the 3rd one will arrive, well i truly hope that him being Argentine too !

      • But England midfield and their wingers r better than ours. Plus our defense looked nervy and shaky whenever opponents score against us so if France play against us in final they will be huge favorite. Atleast we don’t have to face Brazil in semis. We can hope that somehow Morocco beat france or atleast tire them as they play their semifinal 1 day after us that may benefit us

  18. FIFA will do nothing against Messi & co. Bcz thy fears if any action taken will definitely affects Remaining matches glamour. Bcz Arg is a fan favourite team and Messi is also a glamouress footballr that attracting worldwide . So we could hope they can’t do nothing..

  19. Where are those english and Portugal fans now? That they have talent and blah blah blah.
    I have always said European media has always been unfair with our players.
    That’s why they are not as popular as they should be.
    Those European people were calling are defence bad over England.
    That France Portugal Brazil England will eat us alive. On the other hand they didn’t see maguire, stones and 60 year old pepe are not weaknesses.
    Full of hypocrisy.

  20. Acuna absence is a great loss, he is irreplaceable. The battle is on the midfield led by Modric and De Paul. Hopefully, Scaloni can optimize Dybala or Angel Correa when we are on the lead, no more play defensively when up 1-0 or 2-0. It will be better if Scaloni will start with Lautoro and 4-3-3 formation back again. Croatia will be a hard opponent and tight game. Physically strong with fast counterattack. Need to lock down Ivan Perisic’s movement; they will push and play with heading and highball.

  21. We have two very important games ahead of us. Scaloni wisely avoided talking about referees because they were chosen by FIFA. Touching the referee is touching FIFA. They are the ones in power. So every player must be careful.

      • Remember Netherlands is known for their bad attitude aswell. Rijkard spitting againts Germany in round 16 of WC 1990.. De Jong kungfu kick against Spain in 2010… Yea Netherlands is such sn angelic team haha

        • @Rattlehead very good points again, indeed ! As it is funny that somehow it allways only Arg and Uruguay who are or have been known by the world media for to remember for as ” the ones who play so dirty”, what an crazy world and it’s more than crazy media too as offcourse every team has some who just can hold their horses and will end up doing stupid things for their very own team etc.,,as this very important for the coaches of every team to have those players who might have tendencies towards doing stupid things on purpose as they will directly harm their very own team etc,.,well, let’s hope that against croatia none of Arg players will go completly nuts as offcourse it is hard to maintain that very level is needed and also to avoid the caught in stupid fights or arguements as every team will try to work their mental strength on the opponent and get them pissed off etc..,

  22. Fifa has opened investigation on Argentina and Netherland match. Dibu might likely be fined on his rant on the referee. I do not know how bad is it to call a referee useless. Let’s hope it okay. Honestly he did not use offensive word he called him useless meaning he is no good at all.

  23. Acuna’s loss is gonna be huge.
    I watched the MA youtube podcast for Netherlands games a few hours back. And Seba pointed out that with Acuna we are winning super comfortable(something like 7-0 or 8-0). But without Acuna on the pitch we are actually losing.

    I am not sure Tagli can handle it. Which is why I suggested Otamendi, Lisandro, Cuti and Molina at the back.

  24. ========Alvarez/Lautaro===========
    ======Messi=======Di Maria=======
    ==MacAllister=====Enzo======De Paul==
    ============= Emi =============

    sub: Dybala for MacAllister/Enzo(if not playing well) or Di Maria/De Paul(if still injured)
    sub: Tagli for Otamendi/Lisandro (if not playing well)

        • I deffenetly agree that it should not be Tagliafigo and also it can’t Molina as Montiel out too, but actually i may think that keeping Ota more center wise as CB could be more helpfull, though i’m not sure if Licha can play as LB, so i will go with Choripan’s second formation as : 433 > 343 (Tagliafico out)

          ——- Alvarez ————– Di Maria
          ——————– Messi
          Mac Allister — Enzo — De Paul — Molina
          ——- Licha – Otamendi – Romero

  25. I Think it’s time for Foyth to play his full potential. After injury he is little panic in field. Acuna and Montiel is out Scaloni need to take risks. All our players need to excercise calm in field. Montiels pk is fantastic. It is so appreciable who took tht risk .I hope dmaria is completely recovered and available for next match .

  26. Spurs, Tottenham, Juventus, Inter and Atletico Madrid would like to sign Alexis Mac Allister goal.com/en-us/news/live/transfer-news-and-rumours-live/blt9a1e6a689f506a7c

  27. Focus on the game at hand against Croatia and stop talking about the potential of playing Morocco or France in the final..Let Morocco and France take care of itself, no need to look that far ahead..Show respect to the opponent who is immediately standing between Argentina and the final. The semifinal game is the most important game for Messi and Argentina right now so it’s kind of pointless talking about the final at this stage.

  28. This France team is looking super strong but they are beatable if you play anti football. If Argentina get through the semi and meet France in the final, they must play counter attacking football. France struggles team are parking bus against them.

  29. Time for Di Maria to step up. He need to risk himself since his career is coming to end. NO more injury tournament as someone already mentioned.

  30. Argentina players should be calm in the pitch. Romero hand ball, parades kick to bench, pazella’s faul infront of goal post, are some of examples that were unnecessary and not referee fault.

    • on the paper Portugal, Brazil and England looked so talented, England has lost quarterfinals for seven times probably more than any other nations so sad

      • England is somehow destiny’s child as the odds against France were like if i remember right that when in WC French had scored the first goal they only draw once at 2006, but never lost, but can’t remember now against who as fir England after going one behind they had never won in history of WC, sounds pretty amazing, but this is an fact from previous WC’s as last time i remember England doing OK was at 1990…though with this latter i could remember wrong, but at least that time GAZZA was not Still that much on booze and drugs, though afterwards it went quite downhill for him as i think it may had started from 1990 !

  31. Is it time for endless formation and player comments?

    Scaloni has a tactical dilemma, he hasn’t quite figured out the optimal balance between attack and defense, it will interesting to see how he handles it against Croatia. (acuna and montiel are out due to reds)
    There are 12 or 13 players to fit an ideal starting 11. 1 of Di Maria, MacAllister, Licha, or fullbacks are out. I’m not sure there is a better 11 that doesn’t include Di Maria and a 3 man mid of MacA, Enzo, and De Paul.

    433 (Licha out)

    —Alvarez ————- Di Maria
    ————– Messi
    —-Mac Allister — De Paul
    Tag ——– Enzo ——— Molina
    ——- Otamendi – Romero

    433 > 343 (Tagliafico out)

    ——- Alvarez ————– Di Maria
    ——————– Messi
    Mac Allister — Enzo — De Paul — Molina
    ——- Licha – Otamendi – Romero

    523 (Mac Allister out)

    —-Alvarez ————- Di Maria
    ————— Messi
    Tag — Enzo — De Paul — Molina
    —-Licha – Otamendi – Romero

    532 (Di Maria out)

    —————- Messi
    —–Mac Allister — De Paul
    Tag ———– Enzo ——– Molina
    ——Licha – Otamendi – Romero

    • @Choripan if u have time, maybe u could make one more poll about the next line up even it won’t work on my stupid safari, but it would be morecthan intresting to see or hear the results, though don’t stress yourself too much about it as the next game is coming fast so just keep your great spirit high and keep on supporting as u have allways done, which is more than respectfull, indeed ! And i will try to keep my post’s more shorter in the future, though i can’t really or fully promise that yet, lol !

  32. Argentina-Morocco final is probably better.
    The main downside I see to Morocco being in the finals is that there will be a lot of support for them in the Arab world.

    Of the 4 remaining teams France is the one team that I definitely do not want to become champions. Especially since they eliminated us last time.

    But I am glad that England is out.

  33. French are already seeing themselves champions.
    We shouldn t act the same way. the game against croatian will be a battle , modric is always giving his all vs messi.
    The focusing issue still our lack against Dutch and Australian we saw that. De paul must be here cause he s the one running all around the ball in additional time.
    This time Dybala or correia must play even if we re in advantage cause they re fresh and surprise factor.
    Hope that we re not going to see the same coaching error as yesterday cause now it s the semis and every error will be paid.

  34. I’m happy guys, we won. We should feel grateful and happy. I’m also grateful to the Dutch.
    Not only did we win, but This is the first time I see Messi like this. I have never seen the flea get involved in the drama at this level. Hes usually much more collected and quiet. Its almost like the spirit of maradona entered him. He even had an intentional handball in midfield!!!!! 😎 He showed his anger post match too. And I agree with his anger, I just hope he is careful.
    It’s like a baton that somehow manifested and passed down. I’m hoping this new edge adds something to a player who is already the greatest.

    So thank you Netherlands
    ….From Ariel Ortega vs Van dersar in 98 ….to van gaal remarks of “riquelme being useless”,… To now the antics of van gaal interview before the game. Thank you Hollanda!

  35. A few positives for me:

    -Molina looks buzzing, such a boost to have him getting forward.
    -Toro will be much lifted and ready
    -De Paul was withdrawn at the right time to hopefully reserve some of his energy
    -Di Maria looked sharp & ready

    -This one may be a pipe dream lol BUT here goes…our possible surprise element remains a surprise in the shadows, the one Dybala patiently waits to be called upon when the time comes..!

    • Lol ! Well, i quess he kind of earned it as his right ! Lol ! Though i won’t go hyping about as if i was him, lol ! If he would be smart enough, ( he obviously is not !) he should just retire and start playing an fiddle !

  36. France aren’t as unstoppable as they seem. Their defense seems shaky and kept zero clean sheets this WC, if I were a French fan, I’d be really scared of facing Argentina in the final. Anyways I think Di Maria starting against Croatia is a must

    • Was just thinking the same about Di Maria and that the normal thought process is they are older, messi and Di Maria, but this could also be an advantage as this is really it, they have potentially 2 games and they can should/will give it all they’ve got! Mentally I see them as 2 strong men in this aspect, absolutely dedicated to the fight, and the experience they have so much of it, the good the bad the ugly!

    • Sampaoli terrible team put 3 goals against France in 2018. Croatia also scored twice in 2018 final. France was lucky Croatia conceided from penalty after accidental handball and then an own goal.

  37. Yesterday Messi scored 2 PK. It is very not easy mentally to score 2 PK in a game. Messi did it. Kane is viewed as a better PK taker than Messi but he failed today in his second attempt. Hope if there is any PK again Messi would score.

      • Yes Ota and Cuti can handle him, only need the one’s stopping Griezzman and and that Speedy Gonzalez with cocky mouth, as taking out Griezmann France will depend on Theo Hernandez,( though Deschamps may be done with him), but anyhow their right defender and Mbabbe combo as i think Morocco’s right side with if Ziyach able to play could do that as they could stop Griezzman too and Dembele as also i don’t see Giroud as danger as far there will be no crosses for him

  38. If Morocco doesn’t surprise, Argentina will face France in the final if they beat Croatia. It is very difficult for Argentina to feel comfortable facing England in such an entertaining sport as football. That is understandable.

  39. England play better than France they should proud themselves, I remembered England used to play ugly football but now they have technical players like Saka foden

    • It’s not that England played better. France allowed England to have the ball and sit back, and when needed, scored another goal. France looked more dangerous to score than England. Only Saka looked dangerous and had the ability to change the game for England. Had England scored the second penalty, very likely that Frances would have taken the lead again in the extra time. But, you never know .

      • Yes, i think u may be very right indeed, though as Godin said England has improoved their game as no wonder with allmost all the best Coaches and players ending up in England as only due to money, offcourse EPL is more than competive and maybe the best in Europe, but i have allways liked Serie a or those leagues with most Argentine players, though i had to learn by my father to support Spurs even Villa and Ardiles no longer existed, lol ! As when KUN moved to City i was firstly very sad, but what he ended up with City was morecthan amazing since from the very first season ! So every team more or less with Argentine players are the closest for me and those without, well they can walk their way, lol !

  40. England showed that France is beatable like the rest.

    If Saka could cause so much problem for France, what about Messi and Di Maria?

    Walker did not have a good game, yet Mbappe’s game was nullified. I think Molina would not do any worse. Actually Molina might be fresher and faster than Walker.

    However, France is very efficient in front of goal. When necessary, they can get a goal. Griezmann and Giroud are intelligent.

    • @Mafioso u are very right as if Griezzman taking out of the game, well then they heavily are depended of their right side as Ok, maybe some crosses or danger could be created by Dembele, but as far as Giroud has no suply he is allready by then taken out of the game etc…as Morocco’s right side if only their players fit could cause a problem for the french…

  41. Usually when England lost I was just as happy as when Brazil lost. This time OK, I am still happy they lost although the prospect of meeting arguably the strongest team of the tournament will be a reality.

    But this France is not stronger than the runner up of Copa America 2021 that we beat: Brazil who played at home. Their goalie is very average, not good at PK. Their defense has a hole. Only their left winger is super deadly. Well I have no choice I will root for Marocco against them. Marocco always park the bus, so France counter attack will not work against them at all. Hope they can pull a miracle one more time to stop them. I don’t care if it is an ugly Argentina vs Marocco in the final. I just want the cup.

    Btw Portugal accused the Argentina referee for no reason. The referee was totally fine. They said “just give the cup to Argentina”. Well as you wish then, Bruno, Pepe, etc.

    • Yes, agreed no matter how this cup will be won as i think Morocco could do Arg one more favor as u said also i don’t care about the way how this Cup will be won as it has been robbed more than enough from Arg ! So let them talk shit about Arg referee who did nothing wrong as only they can look themselfs in the mirror and maybe ask their coach why he had to bring Penaldo along as Captain of team he was the first one as a drama Queen running crying away as he should had stand with his team mates and accept that they could not win Morocco as Morocco was better than them as also Portugal had more than luck on their side with group games as one penalty given as free gift from referee to Penaldo against Ghana also i think they purpously lost against South Korea just to kick Uruguay home, so actually they should shut their mouths for now and rather concentrate their future as clearly they have so many good players coming up all the time and they been very good at youth WC’s etc…so Portugal do yourself a favor and just get over the drama Queen and Pepe and maybe hire another coach as in the future tournament’s i think they may have chance to go all the way, though Felix and Bruno are also quite irritating to watch to be fair as i don’t like them both !

  42. How can england coach sub there best player saka. And put sterling…. WTF was that. There was so much talent in the team and somehow there coach bottled

    • 😆 yh definitely not tbf English players are likebale but thier media, so call pundits and fans always are arrogant
      BTW France look beatable I’m not afraid of them

    • England deserves it coz of ass licking to Varsil before they gone out. All of the English Pundits was drooling over Varsil players so now a Varzilian fucked them up also Kane

  43. Mac, Álvarez, and Enzo can be our Declan rice, mount, and foden

    Those guys are running riot in the midfield. Grande are only competing thanks to Mbappe and lloris.

    If we can push a team back like this we can absolutely beat them.

  44. There should not be any referee from countries who have qualified for a particular round. Why there was an Argentine referee in the Morocco Portugal match? Why there is a Brazilian referee in France England match? Fifa’s decision on referees bits any logic.

    • Argentine referee for Marocco and Portugal is fair because it is a South American referee for an African and an European country.

      Brazilian referee for 2 European countries like France and England also fair.

      What is not fair is they used a Spaniard referee (european referee) for Netherlands (european) and Argentina game.

      Hope against Croatia, someone from Asia or Africa or North America or Australia will be the referee.

      • i don t give a fuck about football in this subject. this is not rivalry. this is beyond that. those….. keep islands that belong to my country and a big number of my countrymen died and some of them are still unrecognized from 1982 to cemetery.
        i think them more than a football game against France.

        • Do you know Vietnam war against US and France? They killed more than a million Vietnamese. We won the wars eventually, but died far far more than them.
          We don’t think of the war anymore, it’s because of the past stupid politicians that caused all these, already half a century ago. I don’t think South Gate or Harry Kane have anything to do with the war. English Premier League also welcomes Argentine footballer much more than before.
          For your context, I knew about that war England vs Argentina in the past.

          • so what you try to say man? to forget the people that lost their lives for football? are you crazy? i don t want to enter in your country s affairs but with all my respect and my friendlyness allow me to say that IF people of Vietnam forget or ignore all those give their lives for you to be free there then SHAME. those should be honored respected and remembered.
            anyway to end this you are free to support what team you desire in this game and allow me to support what i desire.

        • the whole goal of football in modern day is to have a non violent way of bringing people and nations together.

          If you cannot put the ghosts of the past behind and be respectful to opposing teams then you do not belong here.

          • first i belong wherever i want and it is not your business to say.
            second i respect and i honor my people and sure i don t forget them. for me it is not ghosts of the past.
            Do whatever you want with your people and stop judge me.
            last i can t hold my laugh for your post because i didn t write not a single word to offend against English team and you write to me about be respectful.
            Jesus you didn t even read all my post and you wrote answer !!! well i just express my desire for England lose and i speak with Diego86. stop speaking to me and things is fine.

        • And that is why we don’t like french either in Argentina. Every major war in the last hundred years was started by France. You say Vietnam? France started that war and then bowed out before the guns popped off. World war two? France surrendered in three days and asked the world to come help. How about the rape and pillage of the entire continent of Africa which still goes on today by France.. F both France and England.

          • This is why I am still shocked that so many Africans still okay for France. Do you remember 98 when zidane won the world cup and the president of France hugged everyone on the team except for zidane ? F them

          • Fully agreed about this subject as those 2 with King Leopold himself and BOERS were the worst all working with each other the way or another and used Spanish and Portugue’s ships to either ship them to all over America’s as SLAVE MASTERS or just decided to sink them all the way to the bottom of the Sea as log book’s and ship name’s were falsly changed as British East Asian Company or ” THE COMPANY ” were the ones who were paying for most of the cost’s as at the same time in England some others as rebels started to talk against racism and therefore England was granted to be the first country in Europe who did not accept or support slavery, as all this is more than horseshit, because that very British East Asian Company who were so wealthy during that time that they literally owned every Kingdom in Europe more or less as by supporting and giving their ships on one condition only as that the log book’s and shipped named will be erased and changed to new one’s so that no one could associate them being the one’s behind this very SLAVE MASTER STORY as they collected huge amount of prophits from this SLAVE MASTER STORY !

    • Kane has average speed and dribbling, but his vision is pretty good for a striker. he tries to play like Messi but he has no Messi dribbling skill and technique. Kyle Walker not too fast.

  45. Dembele running like a gazelle completely fit…if I’m Barcelona I want my money back because this mofo has been getting paid doing nothing for years at a time.

  46. I hope Eng v France is being closely analyzed by Arg coaching staff. IF we make it past Cro and this match winner prevails over Mar, this match should tell us how either of these teams will.play against us in the final.

  47. oh boy Croatia will be a tough team. They have shown they are no longer underdogs reaching 2 semifinals in their last 2 world cups.

    We cannot make the mistakes we made last time, they thrashed us 3-0. I can only be consoled by that night of terror if we thrash them back this time.

  48. Morocco! What a team!
    Topped the group containing Croatia and Belgium, in the process knocking Belgium out. Then eliminated Spain. Now eliminated Portugal!
    And Bono, what a GoalKeeper!

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