Argentina are in the final of the World Cup!


Argentina will play the final of the World Cup!

Lionel Messi and Argentina will play all seven matches at the World Cup and the last one being the final. A match which was tight at the beginning, it took Julián Álvarez to be taken down in the penalty area by the Croatian goalkeeper and Argentina were awarded a penalty kick.

It was Lionel Messi who took it and Messi scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead. Messi has now scored 11 World Cup goals, the most ever by an Argentine.

Julián Álvarez would score one of the goals of the World Cup. It was Nicolás Otamendi who won a header, Lionel Messi flicked it and passed it to Álvarez who ran the length of Croatia’s pitch and scored.

The Lionel Messi show was truly one in the second half. A run only Lionel Messi is capable of making, he ran down the wing into the penalty area, dribbling around the Croatian players and he would pass it to Alvarez who would score to give Argentina the 3-0 lead.

And Argentina are in the World Cup final!


  1. At last! I am so happy! Finally I can relax a bit.
    Now I can at least say that Messi has reached 2 WC finals.
    Of course I want the cup, but even final is a big achievement.
    Very few players have played in 2 finals and even fewer as captains.

    Cafu is the only player to have played in 3 finals.
    Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldo Luiz Nazario, Rivaldo, Bebeto, Pele, Garrincha, Didi, Vava, Beckenbauer, Mathaeus, Rummenigge and may be a handful of others have played in 2 finals as a player.

    Diego Maradona is the only player as captain(IIRC) to have at least 1 world cup and at least 2 finals.

    • Technically, Argentina has a player that has won the World Cup twice, Daniel Passarella as captain in 1978 , and he was on the 1986 team, even though he didn’t play.

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  3. Players rating from Ole:
    Emi 8; Molina 8.5, Cuti 9, Otamendi 9, Tagli 8; De Paul 8, Enzo 9, Paredes 7,5, MacAllister 7; Messi 10, Alvarez 10.
    Bench: Licha 7, Dybala 6.

    I agree completely with this players rating. First 30 minutes, it looked like the tactic did not work, but after Enzo sent that amazing through pass to Alvarez, everything changed.

    Cuti was amazing. So was Otamendi. The double duo is undefeated when at best. Tagli performed his best performance in the World Cup. Enzo was spectacular. He is really the next big thing.

    Julian Alvarez… Oh man, there is no single human who plays futbol on earth that grows as much as him in just ONE year. Maybe him or Enzo or both.

  4. I slightly remember 1978, I vividly recall 1986. I also recall the heartache of 1990 & 2014. I really want this championship. I want it for Messi, Argentina &; my father. I cried when we lost in 2014, because I watched that final with my father, who was dying of cancer and I had a feeling that was the last final he would see.. I wanted to see one more Championship with him. I never wanted to win a game so badly. Ironically the last game I saw with my father was in 2018, when Croatia beat us 3-0. Then he was gone…. I know he’s somewhere watching this team. I don’t ask for much, but one more win Argentina, for Messi, for Argentina and for my Dad.

  5. European pundits…
    “Croatia will rule the midfield..It will be difficult for Argentina to win…”

    Scaloni…; here is my 4 midfield warriors…🔥

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