Lionel Messi wins Player of the Match, speaks about World Cup final


Lionel Messi was named the Player of the Match as he spoke about the World Cup final.

Messi had one goal and one assist, the assist of the tournament, in Argentina’s 3-0 win vs. Croatia in the semi finals of the World Cup. Speaking to the media after the win, here is what he had to say:

“Many things went through my mind. It’s very exciting to see all of this, the people, the family. The entire World Cup was incredible, what we experienced and now we are going for the last match, which is what we wanted.

“I don’t know if it’s my best World Cup or not. I’ve been enjoying this a lot for a long time. We were confident that this group was going to pull it off. We know what we are and we ask the people to believe in us.

“We have been through tough situations, other very good ones. Today, we are living something spectacular. I’m enjoying it with all of these people and all the Argentines that are in our country. I imagine it has to be crazy.

“We knew were not the top favorites but we were not going to gift anyone anything. We showed it match by match.”


  1. It was very nice for Scaloni to give some minutes to Dybala, Correa, and Foyth. At least when we win it they would all feel like they made some valuable contribution. I didn’t even realize that Lo Celso was in Qatar with the guys. That was very nice to see him celebrating with the guys at the end of the game.

  2. Messi was majestical. Rolled back years and probably was the very close MOTM. But Alvarez probably should have been given that tonight. But no one’s going to complain.

    One last game – all you lovely dudes, give it your all. Defence looks solid, which is most important going into the finals. Scaloni, aimar, walter and team deserves a bag full of praise for that.

    We are set up for a game very nicely irrespective of the opposition. If they stick to their guns they will have the chance to win. It will come down to whether they take the chances, whether they make mistakes etc. But for not the boys deserve all the celebration. Thanks for giving us a great World Cup all of your team and staff. Ever grateful irrespective of the result on Sunday.

  3. On one hand, I want them to just give the World Cup to ARG already. Just based on our results and form. Surely we deserve it, Messi’s performances thus far more than deserved it. It’s already close to perfect and I don’t want anything to ruin the current picture. We’ve come so far and I don’t want us to fail at the all-important last match. Just give us the Cup and crown us champions now.

    On the other hand, we’ve settled CRO now. Next, we’ve got to settle the score with FRA. I want ARG to beat FRA enroute to winning the Cup so that nobody for even once should doubt ARG’s team ability or say we had it easy coz no Spain no Germany no Belgium. ENG and BRA also out already. Just win FRA, crown us champions and that wii shut up the naysayers.

  4. And I will say it again.
    At last! I am so happy! Finally I can relax a bit.
    Now I can at least say that Messi has reached 2 WC finals.
    Of course I want the cup, but even final is a big achievement.
    Very few players have played in 2 finals and even fewer as captains.

    Cafu is the only player to have played in 3 finals.
    Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldo Luiz Nazario, Rivaldo, Bebeto, Pele, Garrincha, Didi, Vava, Beckenbauer, Mathaeus, Rummenigge and may be a handful of others have played in 2 finals as a player.

    Diego Maradona is the only player as captain(IIRC) to have at least 1 world cup and at least 2 finals.

  5. I have been supporting Argentina since 1999 so proud to be Argentina nt fan even though they putted me difficult times hopefully Sunday Argentina will be world champion
    F…k you haters and those who was keep bringing negative thoughts since we lost Saudi Thanks those who never lose hope and stay positive
    Sunday we all celebrate Insha Allah

  6. Messi was outstanding, but I think my Man of the Match will be Alvarez.
    He earned the penalty for Messi and scored 2 goals.

    And that 1st goal by Alvarez! That Alvarez goal!
    I believe it is only the 5th time in world cup history that someone scored after catching the ball in his own half.
    The others were diego maradona, al owairin, arjen robben and pierre njanka IIRC. Only Maradona’s goal was in a knock-out stage. The rest of the goals were in group stage.

  7. Muchachos
    I did tell you yesterday in the comments that Netherland under Van Gal they are better team than Croatia

    France will be difficult but if we play like tonight we will beat them.

  8. All sources say Messi had 1 assist.
    But didn’t Messi also had the last Argentina touch before the 1st Alvarez goal? I guess it doesn’t count since alvarez had deflections with croatian players?

  9. ESPN pundits are blaming a mediocre performance from Croatia and trying to dig how they were lucky against Brazil! These fools still have no idea Argentina doesn’t play like Brazil or France or Portugal. Our midfielders and defense along with incessant pressing from Alvarez forced Croatia into back foot. They never every created any chances whatsoever! Out strength is the way our whole team defends and at times we look tooth less in attack but out of nowhere we manage to score!!!We have learnt a valuable lessons against Saudi that no matter who is the opponent never ever take them easily! Our priority is to not concede early and try to not concede at all! Even though we have players like Dybala , Correa and Dimaria on bench we unlike Brazil or France like to prioritize keeping it tight at the back and not try to outscore the opponent! Just want Morocco to pull an impossible feat and knock France out if not we will find a way to nullify the front four of France too!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  10. To everyone in mundo: if the 2014 WC final team managed by Sabella(for this argument’s sake he’s resurrected) hypothetically played against the current finalist squad of Scaloni’s

    Who’d win? And what would be the scoreline? Which version of Messi comes on top?

    • This team of Scaloni is stronger defensively. It has stronger defense, goalie. Midfield maybe about the same but that 2014 with their prime fantastic four is too scary to deal with. It would be great match for sure.

      GK: Sergio Romero vs Emi
      Emi better

      DF: Zabaleta, Demichelis, Garay, Rojo vs Molina, Cuti, Otamendi, Acuna

      The 2022 defenders better

      MF: Di Maria (left), Biglia, Masche
      vs MacAllister, De Paul, Enzo

      I would say draw.

      F: Messi, Higuain, Aguero
      vs Messi, Di Maria, Julian

      2014 attack is better.

      Coach: draw unless Scaloni wins the WC then he is better

      • nah that 2014 team was better solid at the back, better midfield most players coming off good seasons

        the only difference was higuian (didnt want messi to win anything)

        on a personl level being a fan since 1990
        the 2002 team was the best (had a bad WC i know it happens) and the 2006/7 squads wc and copa

      • But the front line of that game was largely handicapped with error prone higuain and ADM sitting out. In all probability ADM will play a larger hand this final. Also front line of Messi, Alvarez coming off better form. Also Lautaro thirsty and showed his mettle in pressure

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