Argentina possible eleven for semi final match at the World Cup


Argentina will play against Croatia in the semi final of the World Cup on Tuesday and Lionel Scaloni will make changes to the team.

Lionel Scaloni will be without Marcos Acuña and Gonzalo Montiel as both players are suspended. Nicolas Tagliafico and Nahuel Molina will both start in their places but there is expected to be another change.

Ángel Di María could be starting the match on the bench as he was brought on as a substitute in the penalty shootout win. According to Fernando Czyz, this would possible the eleven:

Martínez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Taglafico; De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Paredes, Mac Allister; Lionel Messi and Julián Álvarez


  1. Belgium created many chances against this Croatian side, Brazil , Japan, Canada all created chances against this Croatian side. For me if you attack this Croatian side and capitalise your chances then don’t worry, for this we need Angel De maria…Don’t need to afraid this Croatian side…

    • Yeah because Croatia wasn’t playing a counter attacking game against them. They completely shutdown Brazil by changing their approach to defensive tactics which worked wonderfully!! Today they will play with the same mindset but will use long diagonal balls to test our defense and wait for us to lose possession to counter attack.

  2. If this is the lineup, it looks like Scaloni’s idea is to dominate the midfield by adding another player. Most likely it will be upto Alvarez on the left and Molina on the right to provide width with Tagliafico and De Paul to provide balance. Let’s wait and see. On paper, this looks like a perfect foil to nullify Croatia’s midfield. But hope that won’t let us be vulnerable on the wings as they do have some pretty decent wingers.

  3. Croatian midfield outplayed Brazil’s 2 men midfield which is why they were able to keep Brazil at 0-0 until the extra time. Scaloni doesn’t want to lose the midfield battle to Modric and Co and he knows with Messi we will create few chances no matter what. He going for safety first with 4 in the midfield and 4 in the back but all 4 midfielders Paredes, Enzo ,MacAllister and Depaul are able to switch their game to attacking mode when pressing forward. As long as we play like the first 75mins against Netherlands we will win this match within 90mins. Just don’t concede any early goals and try to not concede at all.

  4. Just please no Pezzella anymore.. He is the most horrible defensive player in our squad. If Scaloni ever need fresh legs in defense, give Foyth some time.

  5. I will keep posting until we win the World Cup. *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED*


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  6. I actually like this lineup more. Modrid is too dangerous, we need some proper way to neutralize him. Plus, this lineup will allow Enzo to play higher up.

  7. This can’t be 4-4-2 because it would be so conservative and static.. I guees it means to be asymmetrical.. I think Molina is playing more like a RWF in offense? So we are attacking their left side and keep Tagliafico static to defende their right side.

    So it is 4-4-2 in defense, and 4-3-3 in offense.

  8. Waiting for one of the best game of Messi.
    A great night for Argentina.

    We were unlucky to concede in the previous games, we were unlucky not to score more goals….hope our all luck comes back in this match.

    6th Final… 🙏

    • Agree
      We should have had more goals vs Saudi and Poland
      But lucky to concede only 1 vs Australia

      We yet to have that one game that we run away with no pressure
      All games have been tense

  9. The amount of criticizing from plastic fan in this forum is really sad and funny smh. I believe in the stuff and the player, this is a group that are very motivated and so far they make every fan proud. The first game we lost alot of yall was saying bad stuff but look at where we at now

  10. Not good…. Even Palacios is better than Paredes for this game….

    We need Messi magic…

    I have a meeting at 3pm CT so I really hope we can finish it in 90 mins… lol

  11. Some of you need to learn how to use a forum. It’s not for throwing your harebrained idea into the mix and forgetting about it. Try to read what other tards say and have a dialogue.
    Also, what happened to the in game matches that Roy Nemer used to host??? How have we regressed. Anyone want to set up a Telegram channel for in game talk??

  12. A defensive line up against a solid defence? It would again be left with Messi alone to bring in the creativity upfront. The out of form and hot headed Paredes! Why not a Licha then? Scaloni and his strategy of roulette!

  13. I don’t think this will be the starting line up. DiMaria is a must and I’m sure he knows that.

    Paredes, as much as I’m glad to see he made his PK, he’s never smart when it comes to his temper. Maybe he’s in to give balance to midfield but I would rather di maria start all day and have their midfield be stretched wide.

  14. Whoever starts we will win … we have to win midfield and they will try long ball attacking from start…Lisandro may start..Dimaria is starting tonight sure..

  15. Usually the real starting 11 will be leaked to the media around 2 hours before the match or less. I don’t think this will be the starting 11. Paredes, MacAllister, Enzo, and De Paul in midfield. That’s too defensive minded. Better with Di Maria in 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 with Licha.

    The question is everyone knows that Di Maria is not a 90 minutes player. So better use him for around 70 minutes from the start? Or around 40 minutes in the end?

    • It doesn’t make Sense as Paredes perhaps better with PK than Di Maria and if ADM can’t play or won’t be starting it will then be either another formation with Licha or maybe chance for some one we haven’t seen yet, though they not been seen also in trainings ?

      Do i remember wrong that Arg never lost with A.Correa on the pitch ?

      Maybe, anyhow today we will end up seeing Lautaro, Dybala and A.Correa as if Paredes and Guido not starting maybe one of them too, so that is 4 subs, but 5 is allowed right so i think we will see most propably either Licha or ADM starting and the who doesn’t start could end up to be the 5th subtion as that can be also pala and almado

      • He’s not setting up with penalties in mind. If it comes to that, will sub Montiel on. De Paul might not be 100% so Di Maria might replace him. Assume Lautaro for Julian.

        Leaves us with these very good pk takers Messi, Paredes, Montiel, Mac Allister, Lautaro, Enzo.

        Don’t know how good Tagliafico, Ota, Romero are.

    • Better to start with Fideo and then sub him as his legs tire out. I think it’s very important to start our best to let them grow into match and then sub then accordingly vs bring them in at crunch time.
      I don’t think this is the starting lineup, but it isn’t terrible to start this way as long as diMaria starts.
      Another point I want to mention is our give and go one two passing plays. I have not seen much of it this tournament. we need to go back to that on some attacks .

  16. Went to bed at 2 woke up at 4 5 and 6 back to bed at 6:30 only to wake up at 8:30…… sleep is all F..ed up

    LET’S GO ARGENTINA, one play at a time, Press ’em and defend like hell and let the boss of bosses do his thing.

    • Ha! Same here my friend.

      Woke up at 3 and fell asleep at 4:30, woke up at 6 and fell asleep until 8 and now working until 1:45…

      This soccer nerves are killing me.

  17. Will we ever get to see the magic of Messi and Dybala doing quick one two’s in the penalty box? Only 2 opportunities left.

    Belgium created many chances against Croatia. So can we!

  18. There is no Di Maria in the above list? Typo missing may be. Or if the above list is the one which is gonna start, It means Scaloni want to make sure the battle is in the Midfield. So there wont be much attack through our wings may be Molina can overlap but not with full freedom. The back 4 will sit deep and the midfield is gonna be the ones initiating attacks. Lets see we gotta trust Scaloni’s instincts. All the best.

  19. Not an ideal starting XI, missing Acuna and reserving Maria. Better start ADM and replace him in the second half with Angel or Lautaro. Our strength is Messi, Enzo, De Paul, Otamendi, Mac Allister, Molina, and Romero.

  20. This will not be my team. But what can I do. I don’t have the power of Scaloni.
    I just hope we give our best. Croatia is a very strong team. But if we give our best, then we can win.

    I just rewatched the highlights of croatia game of 2018. It refreshed my memory of that game that had become hazy. Croatia and Argentina were otherwise equal teams. I think Argentina had little more chances. But we lost due to 2 mistakes from GK Caballero. The 1st and 3rd goals were clearly his fault. But the 2nd goal was Modric brilliance.

    As long as Modric isn’t given enough space to operate, I think we will probably be fine.

    • 100% agree.
      Not enough creativity.
      Croatia will know that Paredes can be provoked, resulting in a red card and get a numeral advantage.

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