Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni on making the World Cup final


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about making the World Cup final.

Lionel Scaloni will coach Argentina in a World Cup final on Sunday. Speaking to the media after Argentina’s 3-0 win vs. Croatia in the semi finals, here is what he had to say:

“We’re celebrating because it’s something very exciting but there is still one step left. It’s a moment to enjoy but we already have to think of what is to come.

“In the first minutes, they controlled the ball, we know that it could happen. Their midfield is very difficult to mark. We understood that the match had to be played that way. We did what we had to do.

“I try not to get emotional. I’m in the dream place for any Argentine. When you represent your country, it’s impossible not to do what these guys do. It’s emotional.

“We we lost vs. Saudi Arabia, the people were with us. We felt everyone’s support and that is unequalled. We all push towards the same direction. We all want the common good, we are all fans of the sky blue and white.

“This coaching staff radiates illusion. We have experiences very strong things in the national team. We live for the national team and we suffer like the fans. For those who are not Argentine, I know it is difficult to understand how we live football.”

“Winning like this and before a final is the best rest, the best remedy that you could have. We were able to play every outfield player, for me, that was important.

“I believe we have played better matches than this. The opponent makes the win and the context even bigger. Playing against this team is not easy, there is a reason they are currently runner-ups in the world.”


  1. If you look at Messi IG post , its amazing that so many players from other countries are showing their support , Deco, Puyol, Cassano , Adriano , Pato, Falcao etc

    On side notes, we maintained our perfect semifinal record. 6 out of 6. QF seems to be the trickiest part of the tournament most of the time.

  2. I’m so happy guys. We have been singing the muchachos song all month, but today we over did it with the singing.
    We should be celebrating only….but….
    Anyways I’m going to sleep until Saturday night/Sunday morning.
    Wake me up after all negativity and criticism ends, so I can start cooking and singing again.

    • Please, just keep on singing and cooking as i do understand u need some sleep too in between as i have not slept at all as the game had allraedy started when we were driving in middle snowstorm back to home from my kids training so i had put them sleep at 23:00, because tomorrow i have to bring them play to a tournament for their age where will be some scouts from my country’s youth national team so i have to wake them up in one hour time and make them quick breakfast and drive again in another snowstorm and to try stay awake from 06:00 til 18:00 as 12 more hours, so after they fell a sleep i could not hesitate to check the result here on Mundo and obviously after that i had to watch the whole game, lol as now i will sleep for 45 min’s

  3. The man of the match was definitely:
    Lionel…. Scaloni
    Bravo! Everyone was talking about how much better the Croatian midfield is !
    Our 4-4-2 shut them down!! Enzo Fernandez clapped down on modric …
    Same line up for the final but add Acuña on the left. DimAria in the 65th as a substitution and you guys know what DiMaria does in finals !!!!
    Vamos Argentina Carajo!!

  4. Croatia didn’t deserve to make the semis. Netherlands didnt deserve to make the quarters. They both played really bad futbol. Croatia is a team that constantly gets scored on and netherlands doesn’t even play the game

      • I’m an Argentina fan for life. I understand people come here to troll and say nonsense but I’m not one of them. Just commenting like everyone else, Karl. This thread is to comment on the game is it not?

    • That’s a completely ignorant statement by someone with no football acumen. Football is unforgiving. You get exactly what you deserve. It’s played on the field, not on paper or PlayStation. Completely disrespectful to teams that have historic achievements. SMH

      • Let’s be real…. Ecuador and Senegal completely dominated netherlands. I never had a doubt argentina would beat netherlands and Croatia. We play significantly better than they do. If we play France in the final, that will be our toughest game yet.

    • This appears more like a comment from a person who has
      a) has no futbol knowledge
      b) is probably watching world cup for the first time
      c) is sour because his favorite did not make it
      d) is sour because favorite player did not make and can’t stand Argentina success

      But all in all it appears like a troll statement

          • Lol how is that a shit take? Netherlands couldn’t even take a shot if it wasn’t a set piece. Croatia couldn’t even really shoot that’s playing bad it’s their fault not Argentina’s

  5. What a dominating win by team Argentina , let’s go boys… One more performance with full effort and we go for glory and the 3rd star…. vamos 💪💪

  6. Alexi Lalas is the dumbest motherfucker in the planet. I swear this cocksucker goes home and lets his dog fuck him in the ass every night to feel better. At this point this shithead still thinks Christina is at the same level as Messi. Why do I listen to this moron to torture myself.

  7. Messi assist for Julian second goal was somewhat similar to his play against Germany in 2014 final where he run past Hummels but off course Higuain was nowhere to be found when he squared the ball.

  8. Peter drury poetic commentary Argentina vs Croatia is so beautiful insane you guys should listen
    He is the best commenter in beautiful game in my opinion

  9. I don’t know what to say, I’m speechless and every time I think about the possibility, my eyes tear up ……………………ONE more game, one more and GOD WILLING.

    • We’re all emotional right now. Don’t fight it as I had tears in my eyes this afternoon. One more effort. Leave everything on that field. DiMaria is going to leave his ligaments on that pitch. The dream, Immortality is within reach. We have one hand on the cup…

    • What started out as a counter attack to Croatian possession, ended up being a ruthless domination. Kudos to Scaloni for getting all his combinations and his tactics on the pitch spot on. Congratulations to the entire team and to all our fellow brothers who support this beautiful team. Be RUTHLESS!! BE CLINICAL!! ONE MORE MATCH —VAMOOOOOOS!!!

  10. GANAMOS!!!! WE ARE IN THE FINAL!!!!!!!

    Ole, ole, ole,
    Ole, ole, ole, ola,
    Ole, ole, ole,
    Cada día te quiero más,
    Soy Argentino,
    Es un sentimiento,
    No puedo parar!!!!!

  11. Mundoverse !!! Vamos!!!!
    🇦🇷 🇮🇳🇳🇵🇺🇸🇨🇦🇧🇩🇦🇺 🇭🇷🇲🇾🇭🇰🇹🇼🇶🇦🇸🇴 🇵🇾

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  12. I’m watching ESPN analysts. They are all blaming Croatia bad performance rather than crediting Argentina for superb performance 🤣🤣🤣🤣. They have eggs all over theirs faces for predicting Croatia will win 🤣.

  13. Keep this 4-4-2 in the final? Imo yes, Di Maria as supersub.

    Best young player of the tournament: Enzo or Julian? Gallardo did so much for this team wo a doubt. Haters said before the match that Enzo/Julian performances are nowhere compared to mighty Josko Gvardiol who will pocketed Messi easily. Hahaha.

    • ARG went with 4-4-2 to get their best players in without Acuna. With Acuna, they should play 3-5-2 which is better creatively, plus that brings in Lisandro to play three centerback sets which has proven to be the best defense for a high press attack.

      With Croatia’s average finish and excellent midfield, ARG was forced to.olay a bit more defensive. They allowed Croatia to possess more. If ARG is playing FRA in the final, the possession numbers must be more favorable to ARG as FRA has much better finishers.

    • Gongratulations to all Argentine people and also for every fan supporting Arg World Wide for Arg to reach to their 6th historical WC final as i’m so proud for this team, wow amazingly played against Crotia who Arg competly nullified with due every respect towards all the Croatian team and also to their fans ! This time Arg never stopped playing until the Crotian’s obviously were surrenderd, but Still Arg kept playing til the game was over and with great control of the game, though i think they may had easily scored even more goals as some were so close, but obviously this time they did not have to score more as they could also easily preserve their energy and also to try avoid injuries, though they made sure also of that more great clean sheet !

      As soon we all will know who will be our opponent and who ever it will be playing Arg it really does not matter in the end as i belive whatever will happen in that final Arg will come through that too as the winner by god willingly !

      And i’m also so happy that finally obviously more quicker attacks were played that all ended by more than great scoring with such a amazing passes provided as that solo goal from Julian was so determined as it reminded me of ” CANI” and his determination too from the past as Julian just went with full speed straight ahead with more than great quality to keep that bouncing ball, Still as completly controlled as when Molina did that great cameo run in to box with perfect timing and RDP also more than ready for possible rebound, which never obviously came to him as Julian simply scored with pure style as some may say that he was a bit lucky, but i think he more than deserved that and created his own and more than well deserved luck all by his own as he knew exactly what he was doing as that one diving touch from Messi to the ball just to be able to beat Brozovic showed again how determined was the captain of this great Arg team as the penalty earned by Julian was an amazing pass from Enzo and again Julian did everything more than perfectly, wow as i allways knew what kind player he allready was at River and showed very promising things at City when given chance, but what he has done in this WC is more than amazing as he has been so good that i can’t simply find a word for that as more than incredible as i’m so happy for him and his team mates and for all Argentine’s and for those from world wide supporting Arg, totally amazing as i think he will just get better as obviously just playing in his first WC and allready performing with the highest level that is not easy for any player never Mind how good u are and how good u have been playing in your career and how experienced u might be as Julian makes me so happy with his more than natural smile on his face as he is also so humble at the the same time as like he don’t have any pressure on him as he just does and give’s his best, which for me is more than top class allready and as i said he will become much, much and so much better as at the moment it looks like there is no limit for him as he purely just enjoys playing with such an high level that is allmost impossible to describe,

      wow what an player as Enzo too who was not even guaranteed a spot amongst the 26, as he only played third games for Arg Nt before this WC, even obviously started more than well alkready from Benfica’s pre season and just kept improving to become one the best middfielders in the world allready too with such young age too as in less than 6 months with Benfica as obviously there was more than good reason for why Benfica bought him as i’m so happy for him too as both players coming from GALLARDO’s River obviously so much credit and respect for both of theese 2 players goes directly to Marcelo Gallardo’s more than amazing work with River as being their coach, who sadly as once such a talent player could not continue playing as he and all fans of Arg would had wished for him, but maybe this was also ment to be as he became such an incredible coach and so much more than important for not only River, but for Arg Nt as now these 2 players as the youngest one’s from River at this such unique team of Scaloni’s and CO’s Arg Nt ” La Seleccion ” as our beloved Albiceleste are making the very and most Difference with rest Scaloni’s and CO’s all more than amazing players presenting La Seleccion our beloved Albiceleste at this present WC and who have all now with their the most unique of all time captain of forever preccious than never ever has existed in world football together only as with Diego did once and had that very same uniqueness that only has existed in theese 2 players as how greatly taken was that penalty again as with in such an important game, OMG ! and how he sorry, but toyeid with Gvardiol as he made him looked like allmost like more as fan of Messi trying to get his signature, though obviously Gvardiol was doing all his best could, but against this more than super unique Messi who seems so determined than ever and who is so happy and smiling and enjoying to play with even more greater quality than before is way beyond anything and everything i have seen since days of Diego at 1986

      as Messi has just put on or pulled on something for now for the whole wide world once again that was allmost impossible for him to do as he allways been and set his quality of playing this game as foitball in such a state of uniquness beyond anything and everything that obviously him only been capabable in this world to put on and pulled on such a statement of uniquness that even for him allraedy been allways so unique seems Still like completly something even more unique to be able to raise his quality level of eternity to a quality level of immortality in way of his uniquness as only him being able to do this in history of football as he has now allraedy in WC’ s history levelled in terms of stats DIEGO and will pass Matteus record too, which is total Numbers of games played in WC’s history as i would not be surprised after what i have seen now from him and specially in this WC that, if he would even play after 4 year’s as one more WC and to become the all time top scorer in WC’s history too, as that i scompletly up to him as he has just given so much to world foitball allraedy even, not yet winning that WC he is missing, but for me that does not matter when i think of him as the most amzing player only with Diego R.I.P in history of foitball as there, maybe most propably will never ever be such a players in history of football as Messi and Diego, whether he win’s WC or not as offcourse i want him to win as that is what he want’s to do for his country after 36 year’s as at 2014 he and Arg became so close as 1990 DIEGO also was so close to win again after 86 with Arg , so as being a fan of Arg since 1978 for now i have only obviously one last wish which is the very same as everyone here on Mundo too as every Argentine and fan of Arg world wide will have, but we all have to wait for that until sunday the 18.12.2022 and as the dream so close now once again and second time for Messi and ADM, well maybe and hopefully this time it will work like it once worked for Diego and Burru and for all those who were at both Finals as 1986 and 1990, but as they won it the first time being in the final together with rest who also palyed in both Finals, well this time i want this work the viceversus as Diego and Burru and others who played in both Finals were more than unfortunate to win at the second time as 1990 so as were Messi and ADM so unfortunate to win at first time reaching the final at 2014 that now when they have reached the WC final as second times in their lifes to be more than fortunate and win more than deservedly this WC as being their second final to for them finally to become as WC Champions for their personal life and commitment for Arg Nt as for team as Arg i will allways wish Arg to win as i have done since 1978 in every WC and no matter who were playing in the past as also who will play in the future for La Seleccion !

      As from now with even Tagli and Paredes did their job as they supposed to at this level so now i just want stay positive with everyone in this team even knowing that the next game will be harder again, but that is how it goes in every WC and i think against if it will be the french Arg can hurt their defense and find away how to TaKe Griezmann and Mbabbe out of their game as Giroud will need some one to cross for him as more from the flanks or corners and freekicks, so if Arg can stop and nullify theese 3 points, then i think Arg will have more than good chance to win, but i don’t want to go there yet as i want keep this happiness inside me and hopefully after sunday that happiness will turn into eternal joy and bliss which will stay in all our hearts forever ! Vamos Argentina !

    • We really have to credit Marcello Gallardo, am sure he’s out there watching his fruits make him proud. These 2 are immensely drilled and talented. My pick is Enzo.

  14. Bad performance from Domi Livakovic today increases the chance of Emi Martinez to get the golden glove award. He is already better than Lloris for sure for the award. Now only Bouno is his main competitior. Livakovic has just lost it (especially today he should have been red carded for that foul).

  15. I have been a critic of Scaloni. Today, I have no criticisms. He did everything right today , from the 4-4-2 formation to 5-3-2 and his player selections and substitutes. Unlike other games, we didn’t go defensive after a 1-0 or 2-0 lead. We played our game and as a result, we made it 3-0 without conceding. Scaloni learned his lesson from the Nederland, Australia, and KSA games. Like the team, Scaloni is also getting stronger by each game.

    • Scaloni growing as a coach. He is not perfect yet but he is improving as a coach. He never falls in love with possession futbol/beautiful futbol/tiki taka/joga bonito. He doesn’t care about all that. All he wants is winning. He will improve more I am sure a a coach.

      His coaching against Netherlands was the worst one but he is learning now. I am sure he will make a good decision for the final.

    • Yes he was spot on everything today. I felt he might go his ultra defensive mode. But he read the game well and outwitted the opposition. It was a game win not only on the field but also tactically, thanks in large part to Scaloni. He’s now undoubtedly the best Argentine coach of my 40 years officially. And to top that off with playing time for dybala, foyth and correa at the right moment.

      • Agree. He’s been great. His subs and tactics have almost always been great. Only fault was tactics to close matches against Netherlands and Australia and he learned from that.
        We kept challenging further up and playing the ball out.

  16. Everyone can get 10/10 for this match. I was actually pretty calm after the final whistle, because I knew we ain’t done yet!!!


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