Luis Suarez, Rivaldo, Wayne Rooney and world react to Argentina making World Cup final


Luis Suarez, Rivaldo, Wayne Rooney and the world reacted to Argentina making the World Cup final.

Argentina have qualified for the World Cup final and several players, both from football and outside of football, have reacted. Suarez, who is a good friend of Lionel Messi’s, posted on Instagram, congratulating Messi. Here is what he had to say:

“You don’t get tired of showing that you are the best in the world. That everyone stands up to applaud what this boy (Messi) gives to football. Impressive my friend.”

Rivaldo of Brazil wants Argentina and Lionel Messi to win the World Cup:

Fellow Argentine Juan Martín del Potro of tennis replied to Emiliano Martinez:

Wayne Rooney of England called Lionel Messi the best.

Jamie Carragher has also supported Lionel Messi:

Novak Djokovic has also shown his support to Argentina and Lionel Messi:


    • First goal was a Penalty plain and simple….their GK ran into Martinez as he was trying to go around him and he stopped his progress…..otherwise he would have scored once he went past him.

      2nd Goal, their defenders could have kicked it away but couldn’t and he scored, it took a good bounce back to him but that’s how things happen sometimes.

      ARG could have scored a 3rd before Messi’s run on a corner kick and their GK pushed it away with a finger tip, Glove tip was more like it…….had that went in then what LUCKY.

      Many HATE ARG, Christina lovers or not and that’s a fact of LIFE and will piss and moan like they have been since their first game……..Let them

    • Two things:
      1. Luck is part of the game and we don’t need an expert to tell us that.
      2. Every team gets their share of luck in a tournament, only the good ones are able to take advantage of it. In other words luck will pull for you 10% the other 90% is on you … and we have done 100% of the 90% we need to do..

      • Weve been unlucky up until the semi if you think about it…..either we were unlucky(starting from the Saudi defeat to Enzo hitting the post against the Dutch) or weve been making our own luck, up until yesterday. Yesterday we had just a little bit of luck.

    • Anybody who says the first penalty was wrong doesn’t know the rules. While it is true that such penalties were typically not called against GKs in the past, the letter of the law is pretty clear. If a GK doesn’t play the ball, and interferes with the opponent it is a penalty. The contention is that Alvarez completed his play so the ball was unplayable but live and replay clearly show that Alvarez could easily make a play for the ball if he wasn’t hindered with in the first place.

      Personally, I would let the ones crying continue to cry. Their salty tears are sweet to me.

    • 1st goal. Luck implies the outcome is a dice roll, pure chance, and not due to one’s own action.
      When a keeper decides to thrust his leg to prevent Alvarez from running and the ref calls a foul, the call is not based on “chance”, it’s 100% due to the keepers action.

      2nd goal is interesting because when they say it’s lucky the ball stayed close to Alvarez, would they also say Alvarez is “unlucky” if the ball didn’t stay close? No way, they would shrug it off and say its a part of football. Sometimes the ball favors players and sometimes it doesn’t. Alvarez also made the play possible by buffaloing his way to the net. He def deserves credit even though the ball favored him (also the sprint from def).

  1. This what happens when you’re loved, respected and appreciated by millions and they truly want you to succeed and GOD WILLING it will happen.
    Extra day of rest should do the team some good.
    Sit back and enjoy the game today and whatever the outcome is going to be, I HOPE it benefits ARG

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