Lionel Messi states Emiliano Martínez and Gerónimo Rulli helped him with penalty


Lionel Messi has stated that Emiliano Martínez and Gerónimo Rulli helped him with his penalty kick vs. Croatia in the semi final of the World Cup.

Messi scored for Argentina in their 3-0 win vs. Croatia and it was a penalty kick. Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic had previously saved penalty kicks against Brazil and was high on confidence. Messi spoke with TyC Sports regarding his penalty kick. Here is what he had to say:

“I was taking penalty kicks yesterday and just as they study us, we study them too. I spoke with Rulli and Martínez and that he was a goalkeeper who waited a lot.

“The truth is that the goalkeeper came with a lot of confidence in the penalty kicks and us, with Rulli, he told us that sometimes he slows down and goes to one side and that he stands still and blocks the low shots very well. And to be precise somewhere high.”


  1. For real though why is everyone on here such a little bitch? It’s not only the trolls it’s all these uppidy assholes that think they know more than everyone. I’ve been here since 2010 and y’all remind me why I stopped commenting in the first place. Either way VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!

  2. I guess Leo will have to do some research on the goalkeeper as I am a bit worried that he might miss if he continues to take the penalty like he did against the Netherlands. Fortunately, he was very careful.

  3. Its time to cheris and enjoy the moment in this forum

    *The Nation we support has unity
    *The players have strong love among themselves
    *Everyone around the world envious of Arg love & unity

    Then you come here with personal attacks !!!???
    Very disappointing for sure

    Some of us past 28 years since our childhood we never experienced this 1 & half year successful period , I wish you would be in our position to comprehend our hard times all those painful and tormenting times we went through

    I remember 2010 after knocked out ( 0-4 QF vs Germans) I cried in this forum with very heart touching words until Seba – founder or co-founder of this forum felt for me .

    Teach yourselves love and respect one another .

    • Come on.Its nothing to do with sunday or monday. Theres no superstitious things attached to foot ball. And theres no luck attahed to the kit they wear on the field. Some people may think if we wear away kit we will be loosing the final and vice versa. Just play like yesterday, insha Allah they will win

  4. Guys guy ARE WE STILL fighting here geeeeezzzzzz C’mon now. We’re in the final game for the WORLD CUP…..enjoy the moment, stay Humble and pray for the positive outcome WE ALL WANT.
    As I have said a 1000 times on this forum, in my heart and out of my mouth LET’S GO ARGENTINA LET’S GOOOOO

  5. @karl who worried about Giroud and prefer to have Morocco as opponent in his post. That proves again how pussy you are, a finished looser in life, go to suck cr7, you have nothing to do here. Argentina fans and the team has no fear for anything, we are proud of the team and they play their game regardless the opponents

    • I said Giroud has a big advantage against us, and that triggers you??? That means you are just purely a pathetic stupid ass. If you are not comfortable with free speech internet, then go hug your mama and play with her forever. 😂😂

      • Karl is right. Tall strong strikers have traditionally had an advantage of us in our history. If you haven’t noticed, most of our players are 6’2 and below. Taglia is 5’8. Licha is 5’9 and they criticized him in England for being short for a defender. Logic is logic.

  6. News update:

    – Messi is fine although it looked like he injured his hamstring against Croatia. He does not even need kinesiology to help him recover. He will be fine for the final.
    – According to Edul, Di Maria did not play because we were winning for sure. So Scaloni saved him for the final.

    This Sunday game could be the last game for some players. Di Maria for sure. If we win the World Cup maybe the some others will retire. Hope not Messi. I want Messi to win at least one more Copa America with us in 2024 before he is done with us.

  7. I have seen many of our legends are in Qatar right now. We also have some best coaches like Simeone, Pochettino, Gallardo, Bielsa, and so on. I don’t know if any of them will be there watching the WC final. I would like to see them visit our camp before the final – to share some stories or tips or even assist in designing game tactics lol

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