Argentina to wear home kit for World Cup final


The Argentina national team will wear the home kit for the World Cup final.

It will be the sky blue and white shirt with white shorts and white socks in the World Cup final. They also wore that against the Netherlands in the quarter finals and against Croatia in the semi finals on Tuesday.


  1. 2014 Germany was favorite as well and we almost won the cup alas Higuain! Germany was down to Argentine feet only Sabellas some sub decision and luck eventually deprived from wining the cup!! Hopefully Messi will run/walk twice more than usual.

  2. Those ESPN ****wads have been calling Argentina a “bang average” team? They have completely written us off for the final. Have they forgotten that in 2018 even with such a dysfunctional team, we still were leading 2-1 at one point, when Mr. Sampoli went with some bizarre tactics of pressing hard and with no intention of protecting the lead. Eventually the match ended at 4-3, but even when Aguero scored the 3rd goal, the french defense did start panicking to an extent. What makes them think that this group which has won 5 matches on the trot and clearly gelling as a unit better than almost all teams in this competition is a bunch of pushovers?

    • let them thrive in their own dreamland. English media are always against Argentina. They are so ridiculous that they are not hyping harry kane’s miss penalty and are still considering Southgate as a brilliant tactician. sometimes it seems a doubt whether they know F of football. Before the semifinal majority of these pundits are backing Croatia and even predicted the scoreline of 3-0 for Croatia.

    • Well, you have to understand, France is the new Kid on the block. They’ve awakened in the past 24 years and made themselves one of the biggest powers, at least, and in fact only, on the national team circuit. But, and this comforted me after initial concerns, this final is not the first game between Argentina and France. In ALL other games Argentina has never had any problem handling France. 2018 was a telling exception, a bad and horribly coached Argentina was barely beat by A French team clearly and by far superior to this year’s version. Heck Argentina will go into Paris, play them there and beat them 2-0. Argentina has almost always beat France. 12 games, 6W-3D-3L. These talking heads are not aware of that, clearly. France can win, France can beat Argentina but not if, not when, a top form Argentina team shows up.

  3. Its very disappointing that argentina after last world cup hasnt yet played against france a very potential contender to meet at world cup if we have to win but AFA didnt ☹️

    • What the heck are you talking about, why should Argentina play France or any European team for that matter , we play in the toughest south American competition and that is enough for our team… Ask Croatia, Italy, Netherlands inputs on when they played Argentina and they will tell you how tough it is to play us, France should fear us

    • First of all I don’t believe Deschamps is that dumb to get a player who had no minutes in this world cup and was injured and has not practiced an actual game scenario for a long time straight into the final…. Next of all if France coaching staff gets that dumb then all the best to them, Argentina will smash them all over the park

  4. Had the good luck to see Messi & his boy’s masterclass vs Croatia live. Lusail Stadium atmosphere was so electric with the fans. Even during the first 20mins when Croatia dominated possession, the fans ensured the mood & tempo was up. Just loved the Vamos Argentina music at very goal celebration. Truly a bucket list checked for me. Gratitude to all the players & Scaloni. This is my 9th World Cup where i am supporting Argentina unconditionally & got so much energy to continue this loyalty for another NINE!!!
    I was seeing a reporter named Sophie Martinez’s tribute to Messi. Wonderful watch. It was exactly the same adoration & gratitude lot of fans have for the GOAT.

    • Same as me brother, been supporting this team since 1990.
      I live in US, so the 2026 is definitely on the list, I will have enough time to plan and my daughter will be old enough to go to the stadium with me, plus I know many American Argentinians to go with.
      Congratulations for the experience.

  5. Yesterday Night their victory celebration is also like a corporate function. Nothing flair and enthusiasm.
    They look this final as a routeen and ” we are already ” attitude. Let it be and eat their own head in superiority comp.

    Let Albiceleste be down to earth and work. Victory is ours. Vamos

  6. Espn pundits saying that france are favourite but they wants to see messi win the cup. lionel scaloni handling all the situation very wisely. And i think lionel scaloni will show his class in the final to Don’t allow france any kind of counter attack.france is pure counter attacking team.france just want intensity.May be back 3 is the solution. Cristian romero is will be the key men to pocket Mbappe.the way Argentina handle dutch is the same way to stop mabappe and dembele.352 is the best.when defending it is back 5 and when attacking it is back 3. Lisandra martinez should start because otherside they have dembele.may be di maria coming of the bench or di maria will play if mac allister wiil benched.

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