Argentina to train on Thursday evening for first time before World Cup final


The Argentina national team will train on Thursday evening for the first time before the World Cup final.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will hold the first training before the World Cup final on Sunday. It will be in just over an hour with the first 15 minutes open to the media.

It’s the first training before the final as the team rested on Wednesday and spent time with their families.


  1. Griezman needs to be controlled by De Paul in the mid field. He is the lifeline of the French team. Giroud, MBappe and Dembele all look forward to his excellent running up and down the pitch. One commentator showed a stat that he has not committed any mispass in this world cup. So far no team could control him well.

  2. Both Dembelele and Mbappe are young and have terrific speed. Acuna and Montiel/Molina would have to give a performance of a life time obviously.

    In short its gonna define our final. Acuna can manage against Dembelele. Molina/ Montiel how can they cope with Mbappe is a question mark. Hope for the best.

  3. Morocco had a back 5 initially vs France, a 5-4-1 which did not seem to work and later switched to 4-5-1 that suited them much better. Or perhaps the goal they conceded distorts the reality of that approach a bit. Their fullbacks stayed centrally while their wide players did most of the attacking down the wings. Morocco was forced to play aggressively after conceding and did reasonably well, just did not have an elite level finisher in the box. Some last ditch tackles and goal line clearance saved France from a certain Morocco goal.

    It’s a tough call for Scaloni, a 5-3-2 or a diamond 4-4-2 from the kick off.

    One advantage that we will have in the final vs France is the amount of supporters. It would have been even or perhaps favorable for Morocco otherwise. Yesterday, every time France had the ball, the booing and whistles from Morocco (likely pan-Arab) fans were pretty loud. It’s not a huge factor but a factor nonetheless. I think it helped us to some extent vs Croatia

  4. no need to think about other formation ,532 is the one we need . 442 isn’t enough to tackle with their 2 wingers and 1 central forward . especially we need one RB and RCB for Mbappe.

    442 is for croatia their powerful midfield but france is different, they are the same as holland ,play counter attack with powerful wingers and striker . but weak at central midfield .check it out the last match we play in 2018 world cup ,we play 442 against France, totally disastrous .

    • 2018 world cup versus France, we play 433 or sometimes 442 but failed .though you can say our team was in chaos in 2018. look at england playing 433 still giving giroud some chances .Not to say England’s Walker is faster and stronger then molina

  5. Coman has fever (believed to be Camel flue). Rabiot and Upamecano already have the flue and missed Semi. France are worried about getting fever for rest of the squad.

  6. Maybe I am reading this completely wrong so you guys can help me. After watching the England game and Morocco game, these were my observations.
    1) France has a very powerful attack, and they strike quickly. There is no build up, just lightning fast strike and goal.
    2) Their midfield seems like it leaves a lot of space and holes. Same with their defense. It seems they are so confident, arrogant, that they feel they can overcome anything.
    3) This France team reminds me of Argentina in 2014. Lots of powerful attacking, mediocre defense and midfield. They can score on anybody, but anybody can score on them.
    4) Argentina will find the holes and score. To beat France, we must play a patient game, be physical with them, and score when we find the opportunity. For example, Netherland defense far superior to France, Croatia midfield far superior to France, but France attack better than both Croatia and Netherlands but not as deadly as Brazil.
    5) I do not know why, but I somehow feel that Argentina have been working on a France strategy for a long time. Can France beat us, yes obviously, but I think our guys believe we can beat them easily also.
    6) Last point, England, Morocco, they seemed a little scared when you listened to their players talk. I truly believe we are not afraid of anybody after beating Brazil, Netherlands, and Croatia, and that our guys believe in Scaloni and themselves.
    Comments welcome

    • i have the same feeling and agree with all of your points. especially this one:
      5) I do not know why, but I somehow feel that Argentina have been working on a France strategy for a long time. Can France beat us, yes obviously, but I think our guys believe we can beat them easily also.

      i too am unable to quite put my finger on what exactly but it just feels like – ok, so they kicked us out enroute to the finals and won it. they will continue to feature strongly in this WC. we should develop a main strategy to win them. call up and play players that can fit that strategy and counter them. then everything else we just revolve and rotate around the players and varoous formations. can’t explain why i get that feeling..

    • Agreed.
      Your first point is very salient.
      Without much ado, Griezmann sneaks the ball in to let’s say Mbappe and Mbappe takes off with it and shoots at goal. Sometimes he scores, sometimes he doesn’t.
      If Argentina can nip that in the bud, Mbappe won’t be running….at least not with the ball.
      IF we can frustrate France in the first twenty minutes, Alvarez and Co. will find the net and the rest will flow.

  7. I think Montiel is best suited to Blok Mbappe
    .. It’s 5.3.2 is best to start. ROM OTA LICHA
    MOLINA Montiel/Acuna
    Sit back and counter. Thr is no other tactics works vs franc.

  8. I Don’t know but I feel like scaloni’s mind crosses my head –
    First Half * 4-4-2
    Backline – Molina, Romero , Otamendi , Licha
    Middle – De Paul Paredes , Enzo , Acuna
    Front – Messi & Alvarez

    When Attacking front ( Enzo, Acuna , Messi & Alvarez)

    Second Half -* I dont see any changes if Arg team lead by 1-0

    I pray & hope no equalizer like croatia game but if by any chance there is , formation will switch to 4-3-3 ( Dimaria in for Paredez)
    Same back line
    Mid – De paul , Enzo , Acuna
    forward – Dimari , Messi, Alvarez
    When Attack – Enzo behind the front line and Acuna like forth front line

    All players must show up game of their lifes and for the sake of Messi as well as the entire argentine fans ( irrespective of Argentinians or non arg lilke me)

    Molina – Romero – De Paul – Enzo -Acuna ( Most critical players to this game) , they need to play 150% than any other day.

    • I do not believe there is any chance that Scaloni will play a 4-3-3 to start. He will play a 5-3-2 or a 4-4-2. We have been scoring from this formation. If we take the lead by 2, then Scaloni will flood the midfield with Paredes, Guido, and try to jam up their attack. If we fall behind, I suspect ADM and Lautaro will enter with Messi dropping back in midfield and playing the role of creator for our front three of Julian Lautaro and ADM. He will be very tactical. Scaloni will not get into a gun fight with France.

      • I respect your opinion and you could be right Sir, but I beg to disagree on one thing:
        5 back line it means when Arg in attack it changes to 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 or 3-1-3-3
        I feel like this more vulnerable when playing with a team that plays 4-3-3 with fastest wingers like France.

        Scaloni played it Against Dutch wingers who were defenders/midfielders not mid /forwards type.

        However, as I said this my assumptionI could be wrong anyways
        I like to learn and hear from people .
        Any response its positive for me

  9. Argentina vs France What a Final match up!

    Both Arg n Fra have score almost same no.of total goals (12-13) n also conceded total 5 goals.

    Arg has 3 clean-sheets (Mex, Pol, Cro) whereas Fra has only 1 which was against unlucky Morocco.

    Without a doubt our Defense is more organized n compact than France.
    Had Moroccan forwards been more clinical upfront then it wud ve been a different story.

    Good news for scared Argentina fans is that

    If Morocco can penetrate their defense, threaten their D-area over n over again then u can imagine what damage trio of Messi DiMaria Alvarez/Lautaro can do to this vulnerable French defense.

    Just like how our Midfield neutralized Modric-Brozovic-Kovacic thats exactly how Griezmann Dembele shl be dealth with by giving them no space n time whatsoever. Once that supply esp. from Griezmann is blocked then Giroud wud be invisible n Mbaape wont be that effective either.

    This aint 2018 disjointed squad coached by that brainless baldy Sampaoli where our defense collapsed like pack of cards but still we managed to score 3 goals against France.

    This 2022 squad of Scaloni n company of Aimar, Samuel, Ayala is very well balanced unit in all dept. Top World Class GK, Compact n Organized Defense, Robust n Creative Midfield, Energetic n Sharp Forwards.

    Most importantly this team has been performing under immense pressure since Saudis game. Now from “almost out” to having reached the finals against all odds proves that ARGENTINA are mentally strong n more hungrier which will be the difference in the finals.

    Finally how can one not mention connection of all passionate ARG FANS in the stadiums outside the stadiums all around, this connection of Fans with their players has never been seen in neutral venue.


  10. I am growing very confident in Molina…ADM should relieve some pressure off Molina and vice versa wrt Mbappe… ADM is going to be crucial down the right giving enough trouble to Theo making sure he doesnt feed or overlap Mbappe that much while Molina could be left with a lot of energy to handle the final 3rd for us.

    That run Molina made for Alvarez’s solo goal against Croatia should have clocked as the one of the fastest..oh man!

    I think Acuna and Licha should be able to handle Dembele atleast 70% and the remaining 30% would be floaters into the box or shots on goal which Ota and Dibu can handle…

    Enzo Mac and Depaul should be able to keep Griezman and Thcoumeni company…

    Llorris is not impassable…would have been more scared of bono..
    Again not cockiness but confidence

    • left-wing for argentina is the main area of concern if dembele gets through acuna. and if licha is not in the starting line up then it will be a nightmare for otamendi

    • Mbappe and Dembele dont have something we do that is pressure handling experience… yes they are a good team collectively but heavily rely on individual skills especially on the wings…

      I noticed if shut down initially he loses the mental battle and has a quiet game..same with Dembele… our aim is to subdue them (tactical fouls, gegen-pressing…whatever) so they don’t get into the game…

      We have to force Fra to play down the middle and that’s where we have the tactical advantage… griezman is not good in defense and we can cut through their middle quickly and get into danger areas..

      • point..but on the right wing romero,depaul are capable of such tactical timely foul but the case is different in the right wing as otamendi is not perfect for those timely tackles that’s why licha is a must…

        • Agreed.. Licha could also play at the base of a midfield diamond to counter AG.. with Enzo receiving passes at the attacking tip from the triangle of Licha RDP and MAC and quickly become dangerous for Fra with Messi and Alvarez making runs

    • we need players who can play between the lines as france are centrally weak as compared to their wings.. and argentina are blessed with that as we have players who are top-notch in central areas but the main problem will be the left wing where acuna has to take up a hefty workload of tracking back dembele and i don’t know how otamendi can cope up with those speedy run..

  11. These men are fighting for bringing long lasting glory to their families. Spending time with them would bring for them immense joy and right dose of relaxation before the final, which is going to be a real tensed one.

  12. Rodrigo De Paul left a message on Cuti IG saying “how easy it is to play in front of you brother”.

    Remember Cuti and De Paul are right sided players that will face Mbappe on Sunday.

    • Mbappe may not necessarily play on our right , he may turn out to be on our left .or even as a central forward .however if bezema is recruited ,Mbappe may play on one side only .

      we should prepare our 5 line defense incase of Mbappe play on our left

    • Also Molina would have to play the way Montiel did in the Copa final to stop the talented MBappe. We owe our Copa to a brilliant display from Montiel. He played with grit and gumption. Yesterday’s second goal was the result of one of the brilliant sparks from MBappe.

      • 1st of all world cup is way apart from copa, where controlling your nerves is the key to success that too in the final. The only way we can nullify mbappe is by giving him no time on the ball with timely and accurate tackles which romero can do. But it can be risky as a slight delay can cost you a yellow

        • yes ,the original point is who give key pass to Mbappe. if you block it then Mbappe is isolated . it seems Grizeman or tochoumendi are the two link with Mbappe. messi restraint tochoumeni, enzo ,depaul frozen Grizeman. Then romero and molina should be capable of limiting Mbappe.

          • Yes. Cutting his supply chain and forcing him to come down into his half would be an important strategy for us. Benfica did that very well this year. Still we have to be very cautious about MBappe’s individual abilities. His speed and accuracy % are his USPs. He would also be extremely keen to prove a point against Messi and stand by his unkind comment for South American football.

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