Footage of Argentina, Lionel Messi before and after semi final match at World Cup


Footage of Argentina players have emerged from before and after the semi final match at the World Cup.

Cameras were focused on the Argentina national team players and specifically Lionel Messi against Croatia in the semi finals and they are online. The camera is on them as they are in the tunnel and on Lionel Messi during the national team.

Lionel Messi is also shown as the match ends and the celebrations as the players celebrate and he is shown hugging the Argentina national team coaching staff.


  1. If we play defensive with fear we re going to lose.
    We need to destabilize their confidence we need to show them our strength and we re not allow to miss any chance like mezza s one in the last second.
    We faced their best version with our ugliest one and we were leading the score and without tagliafico double fault we were going to beat them
    I m not gonna focus on the referees cause i know france always have them on their sides since last 24 years
    I know that it will be a huge factor as the croatians suffered from it in the last final the 2 first goals were gifted by the Argentinian referee so don t be mad of the referee it s an evidence for france
    The referee will be with them but the crowd will be with Argentina and we should take profit of that
    I don t know who should play and how scaloni will play
    I m so stressed cause we re gonna see a country of football facing a country who invest in football and as we know what money brings i ll be very sorry for football if ever we won t gonna win
    11 argentinian vs 3 french and 8 africans
    We re going to suffer physically and on set pieces
    Messi must do it this time even with biting handing ball every thing he could do. julian must play his best game ever de paul too and di maria must reperform as he used to do on finals since 2005
    We have to win that one guys we have to win it this time
    I ve just watched our 14final the first time since then and we were very unlucky on that game as we ve missed a lot of opportunities this time it s not allowed
    We re playing for the 3rd star french too but Argentina is country of football france is not
    I pray God to win this time God will be with us
    For Diego muchachos
    Vamos Argentina

  2. One thing about France is they are tactically inflexible.

    No matter the match situation, they stick to 4-2-3-1. When it comes to sub, they change similar players. The shape remains same.

    You know how they will attack and how they will defend. There is no surprise there. So it becomes a matter of overcoming individual quality.

    You can overcome that in two way. You put your best players against them. You can also tweak your tactics to nullify their individual players.

    Remember Pep’s Barcelona had superior players than Mourinho’s Inter. But Mourinho overcome them with superior tactics and organisation.

    Ten Hag’s United vs Klopp’s Liverpool. Who had the better squad? Klopp. Who was in better situation? Klopp. But who won? Ten Hag. It was a tactical masterclass.

    I remember a quote from Ten Hag before the match. ” when playing on field, you work hard and you follow the rules, you will be fine”

    We will be fine.

    • Well Said. First Cut off their one touch passing and Crop their link to wingers. Once the fastone touch passing is cut and wingers are nullified, they will be rotating in their half and we counter attack. Vamos Argentina.

      Yes thwy are strong with in asystem like machine.
      But we not only strong in system and also individual brilliance and more united as aTeam with Desire.

      Sky is the Limit, Vamos Argentina 💪

  3. guys keep calm . France win comfortably last night though they aren’t at their best form .

    they played 433 or 4231 . The most dangerous players are Mbappe, Grizeman. Giroud is a decent finisher but needs some support from wingers .He isn’t the one who creat chance himself. Dambele is below par or disappointed . Tochoumeni definitely is better in attack than defense. It seems Grizeman is the axis of the team .Mbappe is the engine together with a little engine dambele.

    if they keep on playing 4231 ,their weakest link is their central midfield and Left Back because Mbappe didn’t defense a lot .Here is my conclusion about France

    1,4231 ,433 interchanged with Grizeman as an axis ,Mbappe ,dembele as two engines . Tochoumeni connect the whole team .
    2, Left back and right back aren’t as offensive as holland or croatia
    3, weakest link is either central midfield (suppose only tochoumeni and a no.5 together with Grizeman come back to defense ) and left back Hernández.
    4,Their attack initial by Grizeman then either through Mbappe or Dambele reach to Giroud.

    To cope with I suggest
    1,argentina play 352 , for defense Cuti Romero and Molina mark Mbappe. Otamendi mark Giroud, Acuna and Licha mark Dambele . DePaul and Enzo for Grizeman. Messi in Central pressing on tochoumeni and their No.5. With Alvarez running on both sides pressing on their left/right backs. McAllister overlap to support messi and alvarez.

    2,play counter attack ,don’t play possession football .Don’t play highline pressing because France players are fast and strong.

    3, When we attack , Acuna ,molina move forward . Romero mark Mbappe, Licha mark dambele ,otamendi mark giroud.

    4, cut off the link between Grizeman and Mbappe. isolate Mbappe.

    5, second half change to 433 dimaria replace licha if we lost 1goal .And prepare for penalty kicks .

    6,perhaps Mbappe may play on our left side or in second half as a sole central striker .

    they are heavily relying on Mbappe, Giroud and Grizeman. especially Grizeman and Mbappe. if I was the coach we can do 2 things

    1, using Romero, molina mark Mbappe
    2, don’t allow Grizeman easily distribute the ball .

    • Though argentina can play 433 but being a bit conservative, 352 is the best.

      433 with dimaria in ,licha out .Then

      1, McAllister / Acuna either one should mark dambele .
      2, Romero and molina for Mbappe
      3, Otamendi for Giroud.
      4, messi ,dimaria ,Alvarez for attack with DePaul overlap
      5, enzo, DePaul for Grizeman

      if Mbappe on our left ,then acuna otamendi mark him. Romero for Giroud. McAllister in central midfield to support our first three. molina tackle dambele . Enzo ,DePaul pressing on their central midfield .

      Actually we should cut off both Grizeman – Mbappe and Grizeman – Dembele links.

      • I like what you said 3-5-2 make sense, but I am sure Scaloni will choose Montiel this time because he thinks Montiel is a defensive stopper. Whoever plays, they won’t overlap that much anyway. For me the best is still 4-3-3. Di Di Maria as their left side defense is weak. If Scaloni afraid using Molina, then Di Maria-Montiel is fine.

        • Dechamps may use Mbappe on our left , which is the most dangerous for us .since our left side is our weakest point ..If that is the case licha must in ,acuna plus licha versus Mbappe. all in all france depends on Grizeman, Mbappe, Giroud triangle .Dambele and touchomeni overlap. if we frozen Grizeman and isolate Mbappe then tochoumeni and dambele is easy to be pressed on .

          as a result the main point is
          1, can romero, molina isolate Mbappe
          2, our central midfield frozen Grizeman ‘s activity
          3, can we utilize their mistakes .

    • actually france is a upgraded type of holland .they share the same weakness which is central midfield but with better wingers and strikers .

      They are willing to play counter attack that’s why we should not give their wingers too much space. Hence 352 attack ,532 for defense is suitable to tackle france ,let them hold the ball and wait for their mistakes

    • Hello Vasu, I am here. I am reading all of you.

      It’s just that I am a bit busy at work. I could not even watch France vs Morocco.

      I think to beat France, some players will need to give their best performance. Like Montiel in Copa America final.

      I think our midfield trio will need to be in their best version. They are the key. There is no room for an off day by any player.

      We also need a bit of luck. If Higuain, Messi and Palacios did not miss, Germany would be runners up. If Robben did not miss, Holland would be champion in 2010. However, fortune favors the brave.

      I think we are in better position than 2014 in terms of squad and tactical flexibility.

      In 2014, we had 3 midfielders without any creativity and attacking threat. This is not the case today. Our fullbacks are significantly better at attack.

      A forward in Alvarez who does defending like a midfielder.

      A Messi who has nothing to loose.

      I have faith. The France team has physical superiority, they have skills. But they have no soul. We shall defeat them.

  4. this world cup kept presenting the teams’ time to ball recovery. In trying to close down Griezmann and in general recover the ball, our defence cannot leave Mbappe and Dembele out of their sights. coz if we press (not saying that we don’t press) and fail to recover the ball, any desperate anywhere-will-do clearance from the French could mean a chance for Mbappe and Dembele to latch onto the ball and run at our defence. this might mean if we play a flat 4, Molina and Acuna can’t really be contributing to attacking plays since they would be preoccupied. which is going to be a problem as they have been quite active in attacks. hope Scaloni’s doing something about this… that’s why he is where he is and I’m a freaking nervous wreak of a couch potato… come Argentina!!!!!

  5. This Team is Physically strong, mentally tough, united and on top of that they are quality players. Inshallah we shall win this time and celebrate wildly………..


    From Bangladesh…….

  6. Let’s not forget we will be France‘s toughest test! So far they have not had anyone stronger than Croatia and Nederlands. England would probably be their strongest but even then they did not test them.

    • The game of France vs England shows how Easily England penetrated through their defense. France don’t defend properly. I would say their defense is worst than Netherlands or Croatia. England should have scored 2 against them remember.

      GK: Emi vs. Lloris Emi is better for sure (You can ask Cuti Romero for that, he will tell u)
      DF: Kounde, Varane, Konate, Theo vs Molina, Cuti, Otamendi, Acuna (Ours is better, we have the least expected goals against us out of all teams in the World Cup).
      MF: Tchoumeni, Rabiot, Griezman vs Enzo, MacAllister, De Paul (Theirs better offensively, ours better defensively).
      F: Mbappe, Dembele, Giroud vs Messi, Di Maria, Alvarez (draw)

      We have better quality. This is a NON BIASED observation. If you say their defense is stronger? Prove it to me. how many expected goals they had?

      Just because their defense is more expensive in the bullshit transfermarket website, doesn’t mean their defense is strong. I mean I know Kounde, Theo, or Dayet or Konate are close to $100 million players each. Otamendi or Molina or Acuna not even $20 million. But it means nothing. Think about all of our goals allowed. The Saudi does not count. Players were not fit.

      The Australia goal? Deflection. The 2 Netherlands goal? one by height only, the other one was very cunning with the help from the referee. Other than that? None. I would say not even close. So whose defense is better?

      Coaching: Deschamps vs Scaloni.
      Deschamps is the world champ and the only time he got defeated in the tournament is by PK shootout by Switzerland in the Euro 2000. But he comes to the World Cup only using one formation 4-2-3-1. Scaloni has a lot of tactics and all work fine. I would say Scaloni is smarter especially he already learns not to make stupid subs. Plus Scaloni also keeps his secret weapon for the final named Angel Di Maria either as sub or starter.

      • One question @el_principe
        You had mentioned that we have te least expected goal ratio.Is it because the out of the 6 teams that we played against, Mexico and Poland played for a draw with no intention to score. Against Croatia we played well. However, Croatia had the least chance created ratio amongst all semi finalists.
        Saudi, Aussie and the Dutch did come at us and we conceded.
        Could that be a reason.

        • Hmm interesting point. But Poland and Mexico did need to score goals against us in the second half when they were trailing, especially Poland who had to depend on Mexico-Saudi game to qualify. They needed to score against us. They just could not.

          Mexico also the same. They needed to score because they got only 1 point from Poland game. They would not want to lose against Argentina after trailing 1-0 against us. They just could not get any chance.

  7. France is standing in between achieving our dream. Its as simple as that, Its each of us Argentina Fans dream. Its been my dream to watch Argentina lift the World Cup since 1994. Still waiting. We haven’t won it yet. No matter how we win what margin we win doesn’t matter, it we just have to win. Its been that much waiting. Like me each one us will have a story of becoming an Argentina fan at some point of life. Can we finally see our NT achieve our dream?

    • yes. the vibe within the team going into the final is totally different from the one when the team got into the 2014 final with GER. the way the team transited, have been playing and learning and growing through the games should stand them in good stead for this match. this is the match. it has to be it. i was too young to recognise the significance of 1986. i was to see it and smile like a goon for the next few days and a third star….. do it guys! do it!!! Vamos Argentina! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos!

  8. Enzo Fernandez. How good is this dude? In every match he always did his magic.
    vs Mexico scored a goal to make the world remember his name

    vs Poland. Him replacing Guido was the key to our best futbol in the WC so far

    Vs Netherlands meeting one of the hottest midfielders, the world class De Jong. He won that personal battle against him. He almost had 2 goals and 1 assist in the game.

    Vs Croatia meeting 3 WC midfielders in Modric, Kovacic, and Brozovic. He won against all of them. It was Enzo pass to Alvarez that changed the whole game.

    Now vs France. Enzo vs Tchoumeni. Let’s see if he can be the better out of the 2.

    This guy is something else. A star is really born. 100% the next Cuti and Emi for Scaloni’s team.

  9. France this WC remind me a lot of Brazil in the last Copa America. 1) The mainstream narrative everyone feels safe to follow is that they are the favorites, the strongest, scary, etc. 2) they actually aren’t scary, at least not to me. Of course, they can beat us (like Brazil could have also beaten us, it was a close match) and of course they have some remarkable talent (Brazil, think Neymar-Mbappe) but they don’t scare me. Watching them against England and Morocco and I think it’s an accessible game, 50-50, but this France team isn’t one of the greats of history.

    • France have holes everywhere. When you watch Argentina, it is hard to find their weakness defensively. A counter attack team will NOT work against us. See what happened to Dutch who relied heavily on counter attack. Van Gaal was clueless as to how to score against us and he finally relied on the tall bodies and went to the primitive futbol (tall people = better in the air) and hoped for the help of the referee. Why?because their counter attack did not work at all against us.

      Marocco conceded an early goal that’s why they could not play their game. If we don’t concede early, they would not find space against us. We have too many bodies covering the right side of the defense.

    • Brazil didn’t have mbappe speed. Neymar does lots of showboating that kills the momentum. In copa they didn’t have a proper target man or no. 9 France has Giroud. France has European mentality plus only goal of copa final came from a horrible mistake from lodi. So its 70-30 in favor of France. France is heavy favorite in the final. I know they have weaknesses but our team also has lots of loopholes which maybe will be targeted by France

      • If I am a neutral fan and there is a match of Brazil vs France. I would put my money on Brazil for sure. France have obvious weakness. Brazil almost none. Their only weakness is they got cocky and think 4-2-4 could win them all WC games. if they never switch to 4-2-4 and kept using 4-3-3, they might be the team to beat of the World Cup.

        France also use pretty much 4-2-4 although Griezmann often dropped deep to be the third midfielder, but they don’t defend properly. A good defensive team will prevent their opponents to enter their box, but they could not do it. What was the expected goal last night of Marocco? I am sure it is pretty high.

        I am not underestimating France but Brazil is scarier. Mbappe is faster because Marocco gave them space. Come on you guys watch Mbappe a lot. It is not like in all 38 games of Lique 1 and Champions league, the opponents gave him all the spaces he wanted. PSG lost many times in the prime Mbappe era including the final vs Bayern and last year vs Madrid. Did Bayern or Madrid give Mbappe a lot of space? No, Mbappe was pretty much quiet in both games.

        Neutralizing Mbappe is not an impossible task. The thing is Marocco, England, Poland, Australia, Denmark gave him the space he needed. They don’t defend like Madrid or Bayern did against him.

        If you think that France is stronger than Brazil, I disagree with that. The FIFA ranking shows everything and their form in the last 20 games also show everything.

        Mbappe speed is useless against tight defense that don’t press high.

  10. There are 5 candidates of the referee for the final:
    1, Taylor (England) previous matches: Ghana-South Korea and Croatia vs Belgium

    2. Makkelie (Netherlands) previous matches Argentina-Poland and Spain-Germany

    3. Marciniak (Poland) previous matches Argentina-Australia and France-Denmark

    4. Al Jasim (Qatar) previous match USA-Wales

    5. Ghorbal (Algeria) previous matches: Dutch-Ecuador, Australia-Denmark

    Referee factor is very important. 2 times we got robbed by the referees who were super biased in the final both against Germany:
    1. 1990: That is NOT a PK
    2. 2014: That IS a PK and at least a yellow for Nauer

    Based on these 5, I would want an Algerian or Qatari to officiate the match. The Dutch referee was not bad but he is Dutch. His team just lost. Polish referee is the same, I am afraid because of the Euro connection and Lewa-Messi rivalry, he would be biased. England referee? No please. Although France is the one who beat England but 99% of English want France to win.

    • I can’t see anyone in the list who will favor Argentina. May be Qatari or Algeria..yes..may be.

      How can an European referee be should be Asian or African.

    • 1 and 2 most likely not going to get picked since well… both where beaten by finalists. 3 hopefully not since we played against them.

      Hoping it’s one of 4 or 5 otherwise there will be clear bias. Say what you will about the maturity of referees but they are also fans of football and people themselves so there will be inherent bias towards a side no matter the nation.

      But to reduce it as much as possible and leave it to chance 4 or 5 should be selected.

    • Hopefully we beat France fair and square regardless of the refereeing drama. There’s something referees cant do, keep a good team down when they score clean goals.

    • If this is true it’s not looking good. Although refs usually don’t bring their biases in the game but you never know. All it takes is a soft penalty given against us based on pure conceived notion. It’s well balanced contest and I hope both sides are allowed to play and even allow acceptable level of physicality inside or outside the penalty area

    • Thank god that idiot Brazilian referee from France vs England game will not be officiating. We have a ill tempered match against dutch so dutch referee is not a good idea. England referee will be okay as France won against England with bad refereeing decision they can favor Argentina even with political background

  11. ” Despite the fact that players had a day off and they could go anywhere with their families, Messi and Di María have preferred to stay at the camp”


  12. Luck will continue to be on Argentina’s side in the final. We have a few days to prepare and the fans outside please pray that no players were injured in training. France are a very physical team but Scaloni will have to plan to win the game with the best.

    • I am just going to bury myself in work and studies until Sunday. World Cup nerves always put my mind in a bad state.

      Even after we won against once opponent, I was worried whether that happiness will be short lived against next opponent.

      Netherlands had me very worried, then Croatia, but now France. I don’t know how to feel about it 🙁

  13. The best football Argentina will play in this tournament is coming this Sunday.
    France won’t even know what hit them just like Italy in Finalissima. You will see the shocked faces of the French players.

    Argentina Ultra-Instinct mode coming.

    4-0 final score. I declare it!

  14. If we are to become World Champion, we need to beat the best. There’s no easy path to the biggest cup of all, the challenge will always be there, and as fate would have it, we face the toughest team to play yet in the tournament. And we must be ready for it.

    I am no longer worried or tense as I used to be in this team. They showed up big time and put Croatia to the sword, and I have faith in this group unlike the previous years. They have shown now how to give their best on the pitch, be relaxed and determined to play, no matter what team they are up against.

    Vamos, now to relax and look ahead with pride to Sunday.

  15. Been negative will not change anything from the outcome of Sunday game so you may aswell think positive plus this France team is more than beatable as said before they are shaky, ppl worried France attack what about Argentina they aren’t a joke messi , alaverz and di maria they have thier own agenda just remember that.
    Believe me Argentina players will give 120% above all of that I genuinely think this trophy is per destiny (Qadar)to Argentina

  16. The video in the tunnel is so interesting. Can feel the tension running through the tunnel. Messi looks so calm and smiling and making sure all the kids get a piece of him. His mentality has come such a long way.

  17. As much as I wanted Morocco for the final this French team is beatable!! Their midfield and defense has many loopholes that can be exploited. However the few errors we made against Croatia, those cannot be repeated no matter what!! We gave away the ball quite a few times last match and we can’t afford to lose possession against France!! Their forwards are in superb form and we have to defend in unit and keep it extremely extremely tight in the back!! Giroud is in great form and he was the deciding factor in AC Milan winning the league!! All he needs is one opportunity in the box and 90% he will put that in. Dembele might not be a clinical finisher but he is very well capable of supplying non stop crosses in the box and we will have to figure out a way to block him. Grizeman is their source of creativity and he has got every weapon to take the game away at any moment. And they also have Mbappe, the golden boy with deadly combination of extre pace and dribbling ability. Both England and Morocco were able to keep him quiet but at the expense of leaving the other three with tons of space. Their supporting cast are no joke, well capable of scoring goals out of nowhere. Cuti , Otamendi and Licha will have a huge task on their shoulders against the french forward line!!

    Our focus should be to not concede the first goal under any circumstance. We can’t afford to trail against this extremely dangerous forward line. However with one extra attacking player their midfield will have holes. They will not sitback and defend that means we will have tons of opportunities to score. We have to score the first one and if we do that then they will panic!! Scaloni will mostlikely go with 3 in the back to tackle Mbappe and Giroud and our three midfielders will have to be on their toes the whole time!! Again, if we can stop them from scoring for 60 to 70mins then there is no doubt we will score atleast one!! Enzo MacAllister and Depaul will be vital in moving the ball in the absence of Dimaria who will start from bench!! And our wing backs Molina and Acuna will have to play their best match of their lives!! We will mostlikely win 2-0 , the second goal coming at the end of the match!!

  18. Vamos Argentina carajo!!! Vamos Messi!!! So thankful for Scaloni. So glad even without much coaching experience he came on board and fucking handled it

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