Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni press conference before World Cup final


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Saturday before the World Cup final.

Lionel Scaloni will coach in a World Cup final on Sunday and he spoke about the Argentina national team and the World Cup final. Here is what he had to say:

“The group is in their best moment. Tomorrow’s match is Argentina against France, beyond Messi and Mbappe.

“We called up a ton of players in this process. We are very happy with that. All of those who have gone through this national team left on good footing. That was achieved, without a doubt.

“Our biggest win is that everyone feels part of it. That is fundamental. We have to enjoy these moments until the match starts. All of this will remain in history.

“I am proud and enthusiastic about the moment we are living. We are on the verge of a final but the important thing is the road to get here.

“I hope everyone can join us and we give them joy.

“Hopefully we can win the cup, it would be great. We know how to attack them, we have a clear game plan.

“I believe we have the best fans in the world. They needed joy and I believe we are giving it to them.

“Football is more than a sport. The people have been happy during this World Cup and for us, that is wonderful.”

Scaloni was also asked about Lionel Messi:

“If it’s Leo’s last match with Argentina, we hope we can win the cup. There isn’t a better scenario than a World Cup final to enjoy it.”

Regarding the World Cup final:

“France have a team that supplied Mbappe and makes him an even better player. He is one of the great players, he is young and he will continue to improve.

“I don’t think the referee can hurt anyone. He refereed well against Australia, let’s hope he does it again.

“We cannot only think about winning every duel. There are too many factors to analyze well and to try not to fail.

“I have already decided how we are going to line-up. We know where we can hurt the opponent.

“You have to play the matches minute by minute because it could change. We are prepared for that.”


  1. This is going to be a beautiful story and there will be tears for sure but this time, I hope it will be tears of joy.
    I have been supporting Argentina since 22 years and my support to albiceleste defines my childhood, youth and a middle aged man.
    If Argentina manages to win the final then it’s a great lesson to learn that no matter what you can be the greatest of all-time but nothing is given until you show great perseverance and spirit. What a story!

  2. I almost feel like I’m not fully conscious of what we are living right now, today I just suddenly remembered a bunch of things that I’d only thought of once or twice and now I realize just how significant they are.

    – Messi is playing his BEST World Cup, he’s not 25 anymore but this is his best performance in a World Cup. Remember he scored his first knockout goal a couple of weeks ago? I almost forgot that fact, and not only did he do that but he scored THREE.

    – While we can’t be 100% certain it is very possible that in twelve hours he plays his last World Cup game. Whatever happens it is sad and it is the end of an era. We watched him grow from 2006 until his fifth World Cup today. I am sure he will be in the next Copa America but this is probably the last time we will see his magic on a World Cup pitch.

    – I’ve also thought about this Di Maria quote many times over the years and only today in this World Cup did I remember:
    “I wanted to play and I didn’t care at all if I never played football again … “I knew [Real Madrid] wanted to sell me, and so the letter arrived. Daniel told me it was from Real Madrid, but I didn’t even want to look at it and I tore it up”
    Yes Fideo, you WILL play one again, you will get your chance to repair all that pain and regret from the past. “El futbol siempre tiene revancha” they say, I hope it proves true for you Fideo, for Messi, for Argentina and everyone.

    – It is just hard to comprehend that after 36 years we have a chance to become champions again. That’s an adult life. Four years for a World Cup is a lot, 36 to wait to become champions is much, much longer. We can’t bare any longer, tomorrow is the chance and I know this team will fight to the death to win it. I know we want it more than they do. Just look at the celebrations in Argentina compared to those in France. Actually, the celebrations in Bangladesh for Argentina are way more passionate than those in France for France. Imagine. It would be a tragedy for football passion for them to get the third star first. I will be so proud of the team regardless, but I feel like for so many reasons it has to be tomorrow. I almost don’t see the option of us losing, I can’t picture it.

    • Yes , indeed an adult age . Almost same as my age.
      Praying luck be on our side today & erase all bad memories.
      Havent ever seen in my life Arg wins wc

  3. Let’s go argentina, I’m very confident that we will do well tomorrow. It won’t be an easy game but if we start on a positive note just like we did ti croatia, we will b just fine

  4. Two questions…comments welcome.
    1) does anyone know what percent of the crowd in the stadium is Argentina and what percent is France?

    2) does anyone know about this report that Scaloni was not happy with todays practice session?

  5. For the First time, I’m not nervous about Argentina in a world cup match. 2014 final I was a nervous wreck. The Netherlands game was the same. 2018 vs France was the same.

    Tomorrow, Argentina wins comfortably 4-0. Not a contest. Deschamp will resign, and France’s media will talk crap and ask why France’s president used tax money to invite players in his jet. They will ask for Zidane!

    ESPN and Fox Sports will compare Messi to Michael Jordan and Tom Brady – players who supposedly ended their careers at the top (except that their love for the game brought them out of retirement. The same will happen to Messi, he will say what the heck, one more Copa, what the heck, one more world cup. I feel sorry for Dybala lol).

    The best Argentina football we’ve seen in the Scaloni era will be played tomorrow.

    Sleep well guys and as I’ve been doing before every game in this world cup. Here is another:


    Cuti will be a rock!
    Emi will be a Giant!
    DePaul will be an engine!
    DiMaria will celebrate with the heart gesture, symbolic love of all Argentine fans WORLDWIDE!
    Dybala will have his moment with his signature celebration!
    Enzo will get his chance and he will shine!
    Paredes will finally have one of his rocket shots on target!
    Alvarez will become the 9th Wonder of the World!
    Lautaro will set a record!
    Even MacAllister will be KEY and he will unlock defenses!
    Every sub will play like a starter!
    Messi will hold the trophy when it’s all set and done!
    In every major city in Argentina, the confetti will rain sky blue and white!
    Babies will be born 9 months from now!
    Broken marriages restored! “What were we arguing about again?”
    The world will sing a new song for Argentina!
    CR7 will sing don’t cry for me Argentina!

    Here in Mundo the troll, the agitator, the opinionated, the hater, and the fanatic will be in harmony and we’ll realize that we all loved our national team all along!

  6. How can anyone know the starting lineups of Argentina and France before the game even starts? It has always been a secret to me. There is always a motive behind the claims.

  7. Shoutout to few mundoers. Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the cup as much as we are!!

    @ elpipita (mamoun)

    @ ebo

    @ el_mongol

  8. Shoutout to few mundoers. Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the cup as much as we are!!

    @elpipita (mamoun)



  9. I think scaloni start with his favorites


    Molina. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna.

    Di Maria. Rdp. Paredes. Enzo.

    Messi. Lautaro.

    And then sub

    1. Lisandro
    2. Palacios
    3. Mac allister
    4. Alvarez
    5. Foyth

  10. Ok everyone, tomorrow is the big day. I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight, and am already full of nerves. My wife thinks I am crazy, but she didn’t grow up in San Isidro!
    So it’s time for everyone’s prediction. I will go with Argentina 2 France 0…

  11. My friends,

    Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been hoping for since this project started back in 2019. i just would like to say that I’m so proud of this team and coaching staff. They’ve accomplished something special with winning the copa in Brazil, beating the European champions, going 36-0, losing the first game of the World Cup while overcoming adversity and reaching the final. This team has taught us how to believe again. Win or lose tomorrow I’ve really enjoyed the up and downs on this board over the years. Let’s bring this one home together!

    Vamos Argentina

  12. The player to watch is Julian Alvarez. I expect that he will get at least one or two clear chances, and I sincerely hope he can convert them.

    France defense are not good at blocking long distance shots. England hesitated to shot from distance, but I hope Enzo, Di Maria, Messi or MacAllister can score a beauty for us early in the game.

    • I expect we go 4-3-3 with attacking tactics to dominate them from start to finish. This France team have struggled with handling pressure, imo.

    • HE said he knows how he’s going to attack the opponent.
      Scaloni, if the game against Croatia is a yard stick, will hurt France.
      I don’t know what he’ll do but I am assuming that he’ll man mark players like Griezmann, Mbappe and whoever else.
      Then, he’ll tighten defence.
      I am not a great tactician like most of you hear but whatever he does, I have total faith that it’ll work. May God be with us.

  13. A wonderful achievement from Scaloni has been being able to what others struggled with..being able to gain Messi’s potential in a system outside 4-3-3, 22 years I supported Barca, I followed Argentina, I didn’t think it was possible for Messi to thrive this much outside the Barca 4-3-3. I would like to say Argentina achieved something special here!

    • Yup! He honed and harnessed Messi’s skills and channeled them to a workable effort in the team something that former coaches couldn’t.
      He understands Messi as a player and understands how to create an outfit or a unit that can best bring the synergy needed in a team for it to function optimally.
      Scaloni is a genius. They don’t call him Lionel for nothing. Lol!

  14. Olive
    my friend i didn t enter in mundo all this days because after the game against Croatia i am passing this historical days together with my family my friends and my people. the streets the neighborhoods and all the cities in Argentina living days like it is huge festival. or something bigger than that. after the game against Croatia i can t explain you the picture. i can t explain by words. Anyway i am passing this historical days with Argentine way. celebrate and happy. So my friend we will speak again after the final. i hope everything go well and destiny give us back the happyness that was taken from us back in 1990 and 2014.
    whatever happens i am PROUD for Leo and all the members of the Argentine squad.
    those people write history anyhow. the happy ending only left. my friend i live my dream last days one more time. from 1990 i remember as small kid my first world cup and crying too together with DIEGO about the lost of that final. from that day i had a dream. to see our national team lift the world cup. i am grown man over 40 today and still i am waiting that dream. 2014 was close but….no. Now i am one day far from that posibility. so i keep on living my dream my friend. i wish tomorrow i could finaly be able to say “who said that the childhood dreams don t happened?” 🙂 🙂 🙂
    take care my friend. i wish you enjoy one victory tomorrow and to remember this day for the rest of your life because you will live history. as same i will do too.

    • This makes me so happy! I lived in Argentina during the 1998 World Cup. But I didn’t know anything about fútbol at the time. I was amazed at how the town turned into a ghost town during the games. And seeing how people celebrated (even in a small town in Salta) was just joyous and exciting.
      I can’t even imagine how everyone must be feeling right now. Christmas mixed with a WC final. There must be goodwill all around everywhere. 😁

    • I am so happy, I still feel like I can’t believe it, after we got eliminated in 2018 it felt empty, it felt like it was too late and the train had past. It felt like it was the last chance and waiting for Messi to be 35 was too much of an ask. 2014 we had it so close and we messed it up, it also felt like that was the chance we spoiled. After the 4-3 against France the idea of winning this year seemed too monumental as a task, so impossible, with Messi older and so much chaos and problems and slowly the years added up from 26 years without a trophy, 27 years without a trophy, 28, and then suddenly out of nowhere we won the Copa America and our squad had so many additions and Scaloni proved everyone wrong and things fell into place, almost unimaginable. Then I started to believe again that 2022 wasn’t too late and it was very much possible. Now we are here. One game left. Just one. This team represented us better than any team I ever saw in my life. No matter what happens tomorrow I know they will represent us better than anyone can and they will fight like lions.

      I really hope tomorrow you can celebrate in Argentina. Are you in Cordoba? I am sad I don’t get to be in Argentina this year but the most important thing is the third star. I hope that this team and God can give all Argentinians this great happiness after so many years of waiting. This will be the best Christmas present for the country 🙂 I really hope it happens this time

  15. I’m CALM and Feeling Good about Sunday..Currently staying away from all World Cup final pregame analysis media outlets.

    3-5-2 is the best formation. The exact same team and formation that was used against the Netherlands..I am the biggest Di Maria fan so I would love for him to start but the starting XI used against the Netherlands is the best option for Argentina in the final..The Netherlands playing style and player profile is kind of similar to France so go with the exact same lineup. Moreover, the Netherlands midfield and defense is stronger than/equal to France…

    This is a strong Argentina national team, people are always moving the goalpost when it comes to Argentina. Before the Netherlands game; oh, the Dutch national team is going to be tough blah blah blah, look what they did to the USMNT, Argentina need to worry about their wing play. It turns out to be an easy game for 80 plus minutes. Argentina was unfortunate to concede two late goals. 30 extra minutes? Argentina was still dominating the Netherlands who was barely hanging on for a penalty shootout…Van Gaal said he was going to win on penalty; ok then, let’s do this, Argentina was calm and in total control of the penalty situation from the first kick, this was not light work in a tough mental situation.

    Pundits: oh, the Dutch were bad blah blah blah..Croatia will dominate Argentina who defeated the pre World Cup “favorites” Brazil in the quarterfinals..”Only maybe one or two Argentina players can get into this Croatian side,’’ oh, the disrespect (woow). Also, Croatia has the “best” midfield at the World Cup. Scaloni: ok, I’m going to pack the midfield and neutralize Croatia’s strength and best player, I don’t care about possession football for this game. Croatia could barely get a shot on target until they started shooting from distance later in the second half, same trend like what we saw against Poland, Australia and the Netherlands..

    Argentina outplayed and outmaneuver Croatia. The problem for Croatia, even though Argentina gave them possession of the ball, was that their midfielders couldn’t get the ball beyond the Argentina mids and defenders, so they instead had to pass the ball to their wide players, this gave Modric less time on the ball to pull off any spectacular pass or shoot on goal from distance. With that being said, the pundits were not having it: Oh Modric was bad, this was his worst game. Also, Croatia was no threat against Argentina (yes, same Croatia that outmaneuver Brazil). Modric and Croatia weren’t effective because Argentina was tactically ready for them unlike Brazil.

    This is a strong and formidable Argentina national team that has grown more confident each and every game..The team is also in great form too, which wasn’t the case in 2014 going up against Germany. Argentina in 2014 had the players especially in attack but none of the players were truly in great goalscoring form (including Messi) during the final against Germany, the pre world cup injuries plaguing Messi, Di Maria, Higuain and Aquero did not help whatsoever, not to mention the heavy legs from playing two tough extra time games against Switzerland and the Netherlands. In 2018, Caballero gave away the game against Croatia (it was an even game until the horrible back pass) and Sampaoli gave away the game against France with his histrionic approach and tactics. If Belgium in 2018 had a 2-1 lead over France they would have gone on to win the World Cup, no way Belgium was losing that lead, look at how they defended their one goal lead against Brazil despite getting outplayed.

    Today Argentina is in great shape, the team is in good spirit and playing form. Messi is at his peak and the supporting team members are doing great at this year’s World Cup. MacAllister, Enzo, Julian Alvarez, Molina, Cuti, Licha etc. have all been breakout stars and phenomenons at this year’s World Cup. Kudos to them..Otamendi for me has been great, he took his Benfica club form to the World Cup..Tagliafico is a very professional player, not fancy or flashy but he puts in a shift when called on, we saw this against Italy and now Croatia. The bench is strong, Lautaro is back, the first game against Saudi Arabia seemed to have had a negative impact on his goal scoring form especially against Poland and Australia. He was back against the Netherlands with some shots on target and also scored the winning penalty goal.

    Before Finalissima the Euro centric pundits were all saying that Italy was going to win after recently securing the Euro Championship at Wembley against the “mighty” England. Majority of the “experts” said Argentina would lose, this wasn’t the case, Italy was outplayed off the park and it wasn’t even close. So after outplaying Italy off the park, pundits yet again decided to move the goalpost; oh, Italy was poor and they didn’t even qualify for the World Cup blah blah blah.

    Argentina defeated the European Champions in the summer. It will be a nice way to close off this chapter by defeating the previous World Cup winner France in the final on Sunday.

    This is a strong Argentina national team, just relax and stay away from the outlet’s that are rooting against them, it’s that simple. They’re scared of Messi and his teammates. This is a very strong Argentina national team..The pundits are scared too, the ones who told us Brazil, Spain and England were favorites especially Brazil, it was inevitable for Brazil according to the pundits..They were already measuring the drapes.

    Humility is sorely lacking from the major European teams and Eurocentric pundits.

    • Well put Kid. I also think this team is in much better position than 2014 who had Di Maria injured, Aguero just recovered (lacking match rhythm), and coming into the final exhausted (1 day less rest and spent 120 mins against Netherlands).

      France journey to the final is super easy. Their group was easy. Poland was one of Europe’s weakest, Marocco is just the same as South Korea in 2002 (good because of being the “host”/supported by the host). Only England was strong and they almost lost against them. France team this year is much more unbalanced than the 2018 team. I am sure we can win. I predict it won’t be a super difficult match like the Netherlands victory. Let’s see tomorrow.

    • It s always good to read good vibes and everything you mentionned is true however don t misestimate france i know that they are more tricky and vicious than our players not more talented but they re more physical and it s a detail which would have probably been useless 20 years ago but not now.
      Don t forget the referee s approach it could change the whole thing even when you play better and france is one of the most favorised team . Don t forget that rojo s foul on mbappe was committed outside the area and they ve got their penalty.
      The problem with a 3 5 2 is if you concede in first half you re fu…d but you could change the thing in second
      But if you play 352 and it 0 0 and you still playing this scheme when you conced at 70 the game is over . even if you put all you strikers the panic will be already here.
      It s going to be a huge tactical duel we re going to see what scaloni really worth on that game

  16. Our players have to be careful with the way they clear the ball, do not give loose ball that they can use to counter us or play long range shots. kick it away from dangerous area. They should also be careful with the way they tackle because Mbappe and Griezmann love diving too. Again we go for the ball first. Always go for the ball.

    • If that’s the case, play Di Maria then. Di Maria won’t have to worry about Mbappe getting too much space on the left.

      France never change their line up in the World Cup. They did do minor changes yes but I doubt if they will do that especially Giroud has been good for them.

    • I am very nervous about final..

      France’s attack one of the Best in the world so we need extra protection something like this..

      “” “” “” “Emi Martinez” “” “”” “” ”
      Monila -“” “guido”” “” Acuna
      ” Paul”” “” ” “” Enzo” “” “” “”
      .”””””””Messi ” “” “”Alvarez” “” “”

      We essentially need 3 at least three tall defender… Otamendi, Romero and guido…

  17. Im doing my part. Everything is ready for the asado fire. Cooking starts at 3 am est in United States. I don’t believe I will be able to sleep anyways.
    If all goes well, then all that’s left to do is:
    “fly to Buenos Aires and run to the obelisk naked” -Diego Armando Maradona RIP
    Vamos Muchachos!

  18. 2018: Japan loses to Belgium in the round of 16, Belgium beats Brazil, Belgium loses to France, Belgium finishes 3rd. France champions.

    2022: Japan loses to Croatia in the round of 16, Croatia beats Brazil, Croatia loses to Argentina, Croatia finishes 3rd. Argentina…

  19. Scaloni said the team is confirmed and that everyone should know it when they watch the last practice. In the very last practice that just ended, Argentina started with 3-5-2. That means (unless Scaloni playing mind games), Licha will start and Di Maria will be a sub again.

    It will be the exact same starting line up as the one vs Netherlands, but again NO confirmation yet. Di Maria still has a chance to start.

    The team vs Netherlands was very good actually. Netherlands could not create any single chance until 82nd minute, but that was partly because of the mistake of Scaloni too who by that time he subbed Cuti, Acuna, and De Paul. Without all the subs, Netherlands would have been beaten 2-0 easily.

    So it is Di Maria vs Licha for the final spot. Both are world class. Both are good in their own ways. I slightly want Di Maria more to start and Licha in the second half. But 3-5-2 is not bad at all really. Mbappe will be covered by Molina, Cuti, and De Paul.

      • Scaloni sometimes “lies”. After the Mexican game, right before Poland game. He said there is a big chance he would use the same starting line up, and that he is happy with his starters, but when the actual game began, we saw like 5 changes or something (the debut of Enzo as a starter, Julian Alvarez, Cuti, Molina etc).

        Let’s see if he lies again this time. If I were France, I would be happy if I find out that Di Maria won’t start honestly.

      • I have a feeling that Scaloni intentionally wants the world and France to think that we will play 3-5-2 but he actually will start 4-4-2 with Di Maria.

        Last Copa America final was the same. He waited until the very last minute before announcing 2 surprises just 1 hour before the match: Di Maria starting and Cuti starting. Both ended up having a very good game.

    • @el_principe… Well wouldn’t call it Scalonis mistake by substituting Romero Acuna n DePaul coz Romero was yellow carded so cudnt have risked him, Acuna received his 2nd yellow already missed semis and DePaul already had prematch fitness issues so technically Scaloni had to make those changes thinking of Semis already since that game was already dusted till 82 mins. Also that lunatic referee was giving yellow card in freebies so couldnt have risked any of the booked players.
      Yes I agree those changes were crucial ones which may have cost us Semis spot but Dutch first goal by 6.5 feet fella cud ve been hard to defend n that set piece goal was exceptional considering being last kick in regulation time.

      Now coming to match against France learning from Dutch game subs. Scaloni will definitely start with 3-5-2 same starting XI used vs Holland but this time if we take any lead or so we won’t defend that deep but he may bring in DiMaria to exploit available spaces in french half n god forbid if we have to chase then of course DiMaria will start from 2nd half itself. Whatever the situation Dimaria will definitely be seen on the pitch since he is our lucky mascot in Finals, also wouldn’t be surprised if he scores too.

  20. One Objective
    Win no matter what – Let them say ugly win , offside goal , fake penalty , fluke , etc

    We just need a win to erase all those year’s disappointments & heart breaks

    Ofcourse this should be great story to messi tomorrow he will definitely retire from international levels in style but , and but We used to support Arg prior to Messi era by around 10 years , probably 7th WC serious and passionate fan, so to me Arg comes first and championship would give me climax football satisfaction

  21. How true is the virus news or is it just hoax to divert Argentinas camps concentration?

    Reading up on French players symptoms it cud be Covid too but Covid-19 testing is no longer imposed by world governing body FIFA we would never know the truth.

    So does anyone here have genuine info from Qatar press about French players illness ???

    • They sent Spain and Penaldo home. This didn’t satisfy you? Or you were rooting for Portugal? I don’t see a reason to hate them other than being a Spain or Portugal fan.

    • You mofo must be a Muslim hater!!!!Morocco was deprived from a penalty and the could also sent France home!! Morocco team were decent team!! Why the hell you mofo son of biach will say something like this?!!! Fuck your Christian ass and your Jesus!!

          • Firstly my apologies who completely mistook my statement and kind of converted it into a religious hatred topic… I am not that kind of person, next up hakimi if you look at his interviews keeps talking about mbappe as if he is the only one playing in psg and he forgot there are other folks in that team ? Now I know folks will mbappe is his friend and Messi is not or some xyz person is not …. But there is also an hatred from some of the groupism that friends in psg have formed against Messi …. Messi being Messi does not really care about all of these petty details and still only wants whatever team he plays for to win ….but mbappe and hakimi being buddies should no better that if there is a senior player who achieved a lot to respect that player for God sake…. Also one more thing have you ever seen in psg when Messi is wide open does hakimi and mbappe pass him the ball, how often do they do that…. There is certainly some groupism in that team and mbappe and hakimi are at the forefront of it, there is no substantial evidence to prove my points but this is a observation from most of the psg games I watched and their interviews in particular

          • Roadwarrior. don’t apologize, you didn’t say anything related to religion. Maybe the only controversial part was including the entire moroccan team instead of just Hakimi, but otherwise, i suspected you were referring to the PSG bromance between Mbappe and Hakimi.

      • This comment is completely out of place, I am neither a Muslim nor a Christian but I will tell you one thing my friend never ever insult God in the name of religion

      • If we fight like this, there is no point in having a group like this. Only because we are winning, this group is in a better state than the previous WC stage. I remember it was a nasty environment here in the last WC. If we lose tomorrow, I will surrender my membership soon after the match. Not because I don’t support Argentina, but because of the possible ugly conversations going to take place here.

      • @Clackamas I feel sorry for you. Your so insecure connecting everything to a religious statement. We have many members here Christians, Muslims and even atheists. Try to keep your deficits for yourself and don’t spread your poison.

      • ??? You’re so afraid of someone hating a religion that you irrationally believe they are hating a religion to the point where you end up being the only one that disrespects and hates a religion. Funny

  22. FIFA is so cartoonishly corrupt. That (Amrabat on Gvardiol) was among the most obvious penalties in this tournament.

    Croatia handled their semifinal defeat with grace. It will be sad if they are denied a deserving third place by the black hand of FIFA.

  23. I pay special attention to Scaloni’s statements because it shows me the possibility that the team can win. What he said showed that he was very well prepared. It is important for him to study the opponent’s weakness to come up with a suitable strategy. He also have to know the weak points of the team to have a backup plan because the opponent can also study us. All of these are very important to determine the outcome of the match.

  24. Golden Boot Criteria

    “The Golden Boot will be awarded to the player who scores the most goals at Qatar 2022. If two players are equal, the one with the most assists will win it. If two or more players are still equal, the one who has played the fewest minutes will triumph.”

    Source: FIFA.COM

    I think Leo at least will score a goal or provide an assist and win the top scorer award and the trophy as well. Vamoos Argentina 💪

  25. Scaloni could very well go with Dimaria in the starting lineup. We need more than 2 attacking players to offset the French offensive approach. Mbappe will have a free role that means he will wait for counters and he plays on their left wing. We have Dimaria, Molina , Depaul and Cuti on that side. Messi knows we can’t let Mbappe come close to our box let alone run into it with the ball. However they will try to take the ball back when Dimaria, Molina Messi are pressing forward. We will not only have to mark Mbappe we also cannot let Grizeman and Giroud open and waiting for him to pass the ball.

    Then they have Dembele on the other side. He might not be the greatest finisher but he is skilled enough to run close or into our box and supply endless crosses. Acuna MacAllister and Otamendi will have to be on their toes the whole match. Our no1 priority should be to not lose balls in the midfield like against Croatia. Enzo will be playing between the defenders when the french attack that means he will have to deal with Grizeman and also move the ball forward. If we can stop the french from scoring an early goal and keep them at zero until 60 mins then there no way in hell we won’t score atleast one goal. Unlike all our opponents French will not hold back against us. They have seen how Australia and Netherlands caused hacov in our defense when they launched their full fleged attack. That also means they will have less players defending in the back. Playing Licha in the back 3 sounds a safe approach but if we concede an early goal which I pray won’t happen then we will miss an extra attacking player. One of Depaul MacAllister and Enzo will always have to drop deep when French have the possession of the ball. If we somehow manage to score an early goal and prevent France from leveling the score then we could win the match with high margin. The Saudi loss is best thing happened to us in this competition and it has not only made us mentally strong, our midfielders and defenders hyper attentive!! Messi and Co’s experience playing in the same team with French attacking players could be a great advantage!! Hopefully we will be able to exploit thier attacking game and win our 3rd star!!

  26. Happy that France is our opponent in the finals n not stubborn Moroccan team. Against France it’s not only to get our last WC18 revenge but also to defeat defending champions so that cocky Mbaape can start respecting Argentina n South American teams and Lionel Messi too.

    My prediction would be repeat of Copa America finals tight match where our players played like warriors throwing bodies on the line like it was their last match ever.

    🇦🇷 Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷 Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷

  27. ” We’ve a clear game plan. We know how to attack opponent.” 👍👍 I love it.
    Vamos! We’ll add one more star ⭐⭐⭐ tmrw inn shaa Allah!
    May Allah help us! 🇦🇷💙🇧🇩✌️💪

  28. So guys i want you all to be unite in one thing: no metter win or lose, our boys deserves all the best. Let them know that they make us happy. They brought us joy and happiness and let them enjoy on the pitch tommorow. Let them not feel the pressure and fear, just smile and play as best as they can. If we are going to lose but give everything, so be it. Heads up high and be proud. Vamos argentina !!!

  29. “Hopefully we can win the cup, it would be great. We know how to attack them, we have a clear game plan.“

    It seems to me that Scaloni detects France weakness…

    • Scaloni talks like champion with respect in it
      Af course they studied the opponent weakness and strength and I think players did thier home work too
      Theo hernandez is the weakest link for sure

  30. I hope he will start di maria cause the focus is just about leo but i have to admit that di maria injury in 2014 was one of the reason Argentina lost that game.
    Di maria has that hunger that rage even if he s a calm boy but he has something
    Hope he will be 86 burru and will score the goal of victory he deserves it a lot


    VAMOS!!! VAMOS!!! VAMOS!!!

  32. We can do it , certainly we can
    We have a chance to create history
    After losing 3 international finals
    We defeated south american champions to win Copa
    We defeated European champions to win finalissima
    & Now we will defeat world champions & become WORLD CHAMPIONS

  33. Tomorrow’s match is Argentina against France, beyond Messi and Mbappe. -Rightly said, Mr. Scaloni. We have to take care of Giroud, Griezman, Dembele, Rabiot, Kunde, Thurram et al and they have to take care of Alvarez, Enzo, De Paul, MacAllister, Di Maria, Otamendi et al.

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