Argentina travelling back to the country after World Cup win


The World Cup champions are returning back to Argentina after lifting the trophy in Qatar.

Argentina are presently on their way back to the country after lifting football’s biggest prize in Doha. The celebrations will soon be getting even in bigger!

Congratulations to each and every Argentina fan!


  1. Cristian Romero vs. France yesterday..

    ➜ 1st in clearances [9]
    ➜ 1st in recoveries [12]
    ➜ 1st in headed clearances [7]
    ➜ 1st in accurate long passes [8/10]
    ➜ 1st in aerial duels won [2]

    What a performance 👏🏻🇦🇷
    Show this man some love , appreciations

  2. There are so many emotions from this final game in particular but coming back to the game on further analysis here are the points I noticed compared to previous finals:

    1) For a long period of time this game appeared like the Brazil vs Germany game from 2002 final, pretty one sided till about 78th minute

    2) Then this game turned it’s head after the penalty and it became like the Italy vs France 2006 final where Italy makes a comeback

    3) Then in extra time when Messi scores it suddenly appeared destined to be like our Argentina own victories from the 1978 final and 1986 final if provided fifa and VAR did not screw up

    4) And boy on boy that save from emi King goalkeeper Martinez in the last minute of extra time reminded me of casillas save from 2010 against robben and it felt like the 2010 final and knew Argentina were not going to lose out in the penalties with the momentum shift

    But all in all it felt like a complete mixtures of all the fifa previous finals and then some , I am sure it was entertaining for neutrals and not for me for sure being an argentina fan for so long and many other argentina fans in this forum and elsewhere

    But Argentina does have a habit of doing this , the drama, the emotion can never be removed from the DNA😃, so maybe this was all meant to be the way it played out and finally Messi and team Argentina got the ⭐⭐⭐

  3. There is something wrong when u see this:
    Lloris (Spurs)
    Kounde (BARCELONA)
    Varane (MU)
    Dayet (MUNCHEN)
    Theo (MILAN)
    Rabiot (JUVENTUS)
    Tchoumeni (MADRID)
    Griezmann (ATLETICO)
    Dembele (BARCA)
    Mbappe (PSG)
    Giroud (MILAN)

    Emi (aston villa)
    Molina (ATLETICO)
    Cuti (spurs)
    Otamendi (benfica)
    Acuna (sevilla)
    Enzo (benfica)
    MacAllister (brighton)
    De Paul (ATLETICO)
    Di Maria (JUVENTUS)
    Messi (PSG)
    Julian (CITY)

    I mean those in capitals are big clubs. Those in small letter are small clubs. How in the world 11 players who are pretty much key players in their BIG clubs got outplayed like a fool against our team that mostly play in small clubs for 60 minutes?

    There must be something wrong with the world futbol.

    • First of all Congratulations everyone in this forum.

      I grew up watching all the exits since 2010 WC so satisfied with the 3 wins since the Copa triumph .

      Secondly, looking into the future, who are the
      Potential Left Back options for the ’24 Copa America?

    • Futbol is about probabilities, not certainties. If Players are at better or big clubs, then there is a higher probability the team does well but it certainly does not guarantee the outcome. Also futbol is about specific moments, like Emi making the “best save of all time” in the dying minutes. The 3 second game changing moment isn’t a reflection of the entire team, it’s about about Emi vs Muani

      (Spurs by the way = big club, top 10 highest value)

      Also – hard to ignore the past…2010 Spain barca/real 2014 Germany Bayern, etc 2018 France all big club and 2022 Arg mostly big clubs.

  4. After seeing France’s handball, we got to thank god that we didn’t loose the game.

    They checked VAR our third goal and didn’t checked VAR the penalty. We have absolute luck that we didn’t loose the game. Messi lost the golden boot because of this too.

    Also French president attending the game created huge pressure on Fifa and refs too both the Marocco game and this one.

  5. Man that game was best game ever as neutral fan.Not Argentina or French fans for sure , I suffered with my 9yrs daughter watching yesterday game
    We went serious break down but it doesn’t matter we are world champion that is what counts This is first time experience as hard core arg nt fan To see my beloved albicelestes to win world cup
    Still it seems me to a dream thanks to God who decided to give Argentina this beautiful unforgettable moment

  6. Some of the take ways from argentine football…
    1) Credit has to be given to AFA president Tapia after taking over as president he made some bold decisions like appointment of Scaloni, always supporting players, recruiting Programe abroad for Argentina player played outside Argentina, involvement ex players in national set up.
    2) Lionel Scaloni deserve Credit for his big decisions. Despite being the youngest coach he made some crucial decisions like dropping out of form lautaro Martinez in favor of Julian Alvarez, Introduction of ENZO Fernandez, selection of 5-3-2 against Dutch, 4 midfielders against Croatia and inclusion of de maria in final.
    3) I always said that ENZO Fernandez is the best argentine midfielder by far. Here many members didn’t believe in enzo Fernandez. But l always believe great players doesn’t needs many matches to prove..
    4) Alexis Maclsiter what a player. One of the top midfielder of the world..His ball controlling and positioning are treat to watch..
    5) Julian Alvarez for one of the revelation of the tournament…His pressing just incredible…
    6) Nahuel Molina proved as a best right back of the world. His stunning goal Dutch and super assists against Poland are reminds us of his talent.
    7) Cristian Romero for me best argentine defender of the world cup .upto semifinal I have given slight edge to otamendi but his two error in final could cost us the final…1 penalty conceding and other his mistake cost kolo muani 1 on 1 against EMI Martinez.
    8) Acuna and taglafico well played. Special mention Acuna penalty win against Dutch and taglafico great display against Croatia
    9) Rodrigo de paul as always unsung hero.
    10) Biggest disappointment for Total out form of lautaro Martinez..he missed chances after chances
    11) one of the reasons Argentina win the world cup is EMI Martinez. One of the best goalkeeper of the world.
    12) Despite being heavily critised you have to respect Gonzalo Montiel nerves during penalty shootout.
    13) At last The 🐐 Lionel Messi..what can i say more. Quater world cup may be called Messi world cup 2022. NO player has ever dominate a world cup like this.

    • I like what you said. For me another thing that made us win the trophy is how quick Scaloni changed his pecking order. I mean just a year ago Lautaro, Paredes, Lo Celso were untouchable and Guido and Papu were the 2 main back ups.

      In about a year he changed them to Julian Alvarez, Enzo, MacAllister. And made Paredes as his main back up. Cuti almost lost his starting spot too when he had a bad Saudi game. But he regained it back.

      If before the WC started someone would tell us that Lautaro and Paredes would lose their starting spot, we would think that he is crazy, but it happened.

      Scaloni’s players selection is very strict. You play bad, most likely you are out of the starting line up the next game. I am sure not only players do improve, Scaloni does improve too. He is still growing as a coach. I mean he is not like Wenger or Klopp or Ancelotti or Pep. Those coaches were/are world class but they don’t grow anymore. Scaloni is scary. He makes a bit of mistake but his coaching skill is still growing.

      The Scaloni of 2021 is better than Scaloni of 2019. The Scaloni of 2022 is better than the Scaloni of 2021. It is amazing. Once Scaloni learns how to close out the games so we won’t concede after the 80th minute anymore… man, our team would be scary.

      If yesterday he would tell all of us that he would start Di Maria as left winger, I am sure all of us would complain saying that we would see headless chicken part 2 again, but his tactic was genius. He made the ball as far away as possible from reaching Mbappe by making Di Maria a left winger. Without reaching Mbappe, France was toothless.

      • el_principe

        Scaloni was great having DiMaria on the left but let’s not forget subbing him off changed the entire game. He is our luckiest coach. This was our time. Sometimes that is life. Scaloni made subs against the Netherlands which almost cost us. Scaloni made subs against France (DiMaria) which almost cost us. All of our NT coaches do funny stuff in the world cup and Scaloni is no different. The only difference is luck and destiny were on our side. A lot of praying fans this time.

        I’m happy this team won and Messi got this world cup. I think now it’s time to build the team around the midfield of Enzo, MacAllister, DePaul (backups LoCelso, Parades, Palacios). We need to find the next young Iniesta in the midfield and add a DeBruyne. Need a replacement for Otamendi since he ages past his prime after the 60th minute right before our very eyes lol

        • I’ve been thinking about how much of an improvement we are going to see when Lo Celso and Nico González are back and if Garnacho starts playing. It will make many of our substitutes world class as well.
          I think that’s going to help us play out games after the 70-80th minutes.

        • I request you guys to rewatch the match.. dimaria was clearly exhausted by the time he is substituted and were not able to keep the wing safe by the time.. but scaloni had no much option left in bench for like to like replacement unlike France ( Coman for dembele) closest was acuna with better defensive skill and decent offensive ability, if we had Gonzalez we might had the perfect replacement. So blaming scaloni for that substitution is clearly brainless. He did what he has to do to keep that wing safe.

        • The real reason we lost control is that de paul can’t track back fast enough after 75th min. So was molina. both goal were from right side. Otamendi should keep the ball too long for the first goal but second goal clearly showed that De Paul wasn’t nearly the defensive line when Mbappe was release from Molina.

          IMO, Scaloni should replace Molina or De Paul first before sub-ing off Di Maria. Taking off Di Maria encourage France full back to join attack without worrying too much. You can see how Kounde came advance in the pitch after Di Maria is sub-off.

  7. My first world cup final was 1978. Fell in love with Mario Kempes and the team albiceleste. 1982 was the first time I felt a heartbreak when Italy and Brazil toyed with us. 1986 was simply wow. Maradona became a God. 1990 was a bizarre heartbreak. Still can’t believe the referee fell for the dive. But somewhere it seemed like poetic justice delivered to the Hand of God goal. Then came series of world cups till 2010 where either the team or the coach made it difficult to do anything significant. There was none like the French coach to make young Messi do a 2018 MBappe. 2014 was another 1990 moment. Higuain, Messi missed chances. Germany played better. Finally comes 2022 where I am still trying to come out of last night’s hangover. Feels privileged to having seen all 3 wins by Argentina.

    • @Mario Kempes Great post that reminds how i felt in love with Arg AKA La Seleccion as our beloved Albiceleste ! As i got to knew i think at year 76’ about Mario Kempes when he moved to Valencia as at those days there was nor that much acces to World football as obviously nowdays so i have to dig in in to every football archieve or news and just saw some flashes and glimpses mostly and just big games like from European Cup and Cup Winners Cup Uefa Cup so not really much seeing about Kempes obviously before than WC 1978 as i would had loved Menotti to pick young DIEGO, but he did only at 1982 which was after that WC final at 1978 even more breath taking and obviously the first time i ended up suffering really bad, because as u wrote Italy’s Scirea and Gentile and specially Gentile man marked DIEGO and Arg ended losing 2-1 and the second game from the group stage 2 obviously ended by DIEGO kicking Brazilian player João Batista in the groin and was sent off in the 85th minute as the game ended 3-1 for Brazil as Arg only scored in the last minute etc. As 78’ & 86’ were the greatest until 2022 as all games were more less in control of Arg as Arg were leading all 3, but ended losing their lead as 78’ the Dutch hit also the post in the very end of the official time, but Arg managed to win in front it’a home crowd at Monumental obviously from goals scored by Kempes and Bertoni as 86’ again even greater lead was as 2-0 was levelled by German’s from 2 corners before that WONDER PASS FROM DIEGO TO BURUCHAGA to hit 3-2 as that final ended in official time, but there was plenty of drama too, but even theese 2 Finals from past obviously very long a go, Still the WC final at 2022 had for me the biggest drama from all these 3 Finals so from these Finals i can see some simillarities, though obviously theese 3 great final’s for me at least can’t be compared as they all are unique Finals of them own and won all by Arg more than deservedly, though there may be some Dutch who could have a point about 78’ final, but in my point of view such a point just simply don’t exist as Arg won at 78’ for the very first time as Dutch lost also the 74’ Final against West-Germany as they lost against Spain at 2010 so, Yes i do understand those Dutch fans who may Still feel that luck was never on their side, but the absolute truth is that u have to win your own luck or to be able to create your own luck to be able to win, but this never been the case for me when Arg has won those 3 Finals i have been more than lucky to see and more than viceversus i have seen Arg having so much of bad luck since 90’ final with 2014 the latest final to be reached before this very present 2022 WC final, which could had little bit more less drama than it did, specially for those as Still at very young age as even for me it was Still the very same from uphill to down hill and back to uphill, where at that point i could not even think of going downhill one more time, which was terrifying, and specially for my 9 old son, but somehow Still crying like against the Dutch in quarters, this time he kept beliving and when he saw that DIBU’s match winner save at the very end of extra time, by then he to,d me that Arg would win the penalties as honestly i did not know what to answer as i was going through emotionally obviously through 90’ and 2014 Finals and how bad luck had ruined those 2 Arg’s Finals as obviously at 2014 HIGUAIN and Palacios should had scored both at least once each, so when the penalty’s started i hardly could watch as my son kept telling me that DIBU would save 2 at least as, Ok one was shot wide, but if not DIBU would had saved that too as he was so close to saving Mbabbe’s first penalty, SO WOW, THREE STARS FINALLY IT IS ! AND MORE THAN DESERVEDLY !

  8. I never posts anything in My Whats App status, Yesterday it was flooded with Argentine clicks, I had to post it for sure, Everybody else was posting after each match, I rather prefer to post anything once we win anything. They are calling me mad now.

    When is our next wonder player going to come, I am sure it will take around 20 years to see the next one and I have a gut feeling that we are going to win another WC soon, like we did in 1978 and 1986 then there will be a huge gap? Our current set of players can easily play till 2026.

    De Paul, Paredes, Lautaro, Emiliano, Romero, Licha, Lo Celso, Dybala, Alvarez, Enzo, Macallister, Angel Correa, Nico Gonzalez, Palacios, Molina, Montiel, all these can still play for us in 2026. We don’t have a young left back, Acuna & Tagliafico will be too old for the WC 2026. Scaloni can now start experimenting. and Develop a young pacy side along with the above players, Also Messi who is like an Cherry on the Cake.

  9. I have to mention following players Are class act Neymar, Rice, grealish and James Maddison they all said good things about Argentina winning world Cup grealish said best final ever congratulations brother julian alvarez

    • Neymar even posted the picture of Messi on his Instagram.

      Even though VAR and the referee almost made sure we didn’t win by giving the last penalty which was clearly handed by a French player before Montiel , he didn’t bother to consult VAR!! Nevertheless, What a victory it was!!! Messi has crowned himself the undisputed greatest player of all time with this World cup!!

      • Neymar is one of my favorite Brazilian player. I dont like any other Brazilian Player, none. May be Ronaldinho for making Messi comfortable at Barca. Neymar meanwhile is a true friend, The way he was congratulating Messi even after his loss against us in the Copa final was really heartwarming. Added to that this too. The way he makes Messi comfortable at PSG is immense.

  10. Fell in love with the Argentina futbal team in 1994 when I was a young boy ,went through a lot of heart breaks over the span of 26 years and finally the moment arrived yesterday!!! When we won all my friends and family called to congratulate just me! 🙂

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