Live stream: The World champions arrive to Argentina


The World champions have landed in Argentina!

A live video is on Youtube showing the arrival of the team back home to Argentina with thousands of fans waiting to greet them. You can view the live stream below:


  1. So its its time to say sorry 😂
    El principe brother and other guys who doubt mac, montiel etc, its time to say sorry..
    I was little bit Against montiel inclusion so i say sorry to montiel😂 now its your time…
    I always think macalester is good player but honestly i’m surprise too what he played at qatar.just class, Unbelievable, fantastic… .world class world cup for him and enzo too…

    • Not a single player in this WC that doesnt make mistakes, everyone has their mistakes but also their contribution (except Pezzella). Even those who dont get any minutes , I believe they played their part on training session to sharpen the main team.

  2. A 35 year old messi deliver worldcup.. why not 18 ,22 ,26,30 2006 like mappape get a every match start in 18 messi couldn’t… it’s coach mistake not his… who knows if he trusted in same way like mappape… 2006 he may be scored four or five goals… 2010… he was the best player… prime and energetic messi… due to maradona don’t pick player who won champion league milito zenneti campiaso riquelme … put forwards Rodriquez tevez dimaria higuain auguero only for words… macharano… if he chose gago campiasso in midfield zenneti as right back… put messi in forward line…it’s different story against Germany… 2014 ..due to injury we lost dimaria may be tevez in place of Palacios… 2018… if we choose proper coach bauza.. sampolli ge I great tactician.. may be if he had proper time different story…don’t forget scoloni his assistant… scoloni had time four years he developed team.. and put messi he delivers world cup… I think we lost two more world cup… if you had longevity.. that’s most important… 2010 Spain same coach and same players over 4 years… Germany same coach same players 8 yes.. France same team from 2014 and some changes.. 2018 success and now 2o22 finalist… and we need upgrade to maintain contender… even without messi.. argentina will 🏆 win 2026

  3. 😇I wish to be there in Buenos Aires right now. What will the atmosphere.Heaven.
    Joy joy joy
    Love you my Argentine brothers. Enjoy the moment as much possible.

  4. We lost at least 2 times in the past because of bad subs: In 2006 and 2014. In 2006 Pekerman took out his best player, Riquelme for Cambiasso in the 72nd minute really?

    In 2014 Sabella made a mistake too when he put Gago for Perez. We did not get stronger defensively, or offensively and we did not even take control of the midfield with that substitution. We paid the price in the extra time.

    In 2022, Scaloni got it very lucky. He took out the best player on the pitch until the 63rd minute, Di Maria. It is a very good lesson. Never take out our best player that early. Remember 2006. I know Scaloni will grow. He opted to imitate our Copa Final victory by playing Tagli and Acuna together than our semi final victory by playing 3-5-2 with Licha instead. It was a bad choice, but the luck was on our side. From the 83rd minute until the 97th minute (end of injury time), they attacked us non stop. I almost could not breathe when Thuram was diving. I thought they got another PK. Good thing the ref was not that biased.

    Another thing, I worry about our left back situation. Here is why. Acuna and Tagli both are exactly 30 years of age. There is no way they will be that good in 2026. We need someone new here, BUT being 30 years of age and just won the World Cup, there is no way one (or both) of them will retire. Maybe they will even want to continue playing after the Copa 2024. If that’s the case, it will be hard to regenerate. Medina is available but is a defensive minded left back. We really need someone new here. Aude (regular at Lanus), V Barco, Carboni, or Bernabei (Celtic) so far.

    But I remember someone named Nahuel Molina came out of nowhere just less than 2 years ago to jump into the starting line up of our RB. Maybe there will be a surprise too.

    • argentina to replenish its center back also both pezzella and otamendi will be too old by 2026. need to find there back up as midfield papu has to go now.preparation of next world cup needs to starts from june 2023.

  5. Next worldcup from current squad under 30 goalkeeper martinez(no age limit) forth 27 montiel 29 molina 27 right back no need center back Romero 27 lisandro 27 left back needed… midfield enzo 25 mac Allister 27 almada 25 locelso 29 Palacios 29 forward Alvarez 26 latauro 29 it’s great…. above thirty Paredes 32 dybala 33 de Paul 32 few positions to strengthen… we can deliver another world cup…

  6. All About Argentina 🛎🇦🇷
    De Paul referring to his criticism towards him after Saudi game: “We are in the history forever. Whoever doubted me, s*ck my dick”

    All About Argentina 🛎🇦🇷

    🗣️ Scaloni on
    : “This guy knows every news before us, he has more contacts than Entel.”

    All About Argentina 🛎🇦🇷

    : “My feeling is that Enzo’s value at the moment is more than €100M. Because a lot of big clubs are jumping on him, we already mentioned about Liverpool and Real Madrid, but many other clubs will arrive to talk to his agent.

  7. En Argentina nací,
    tierra de Diego y Lionel,
    de los pibes de Malvinas,
    que jamás olvidaré.
    No te lo puedo explicar,
    porque no vas a entender,
    La final con Alemania 8 años la llore
    Pero eso se termino
    Porque este año en Qatar
    La final con los franceses
    La volvio a ganar papa
    Muchachos !!! Ahora solo queda festejar
    Ya ganamos la tercera, ya somos campeon mundial !!!
    Y al DIEGO le decimos que descanse en paz
    Con Don Diego y con La Tota
    Por toda la eternidad.

    Our guys change song little bit in airplane. i believe it is more suitable anymore.

  8. I don’t know with this team, I felt we will never loose even when Mbappe equalised. When it went to penalties, I was very sure our Dibu will come on top.

    We went through all the phases before the final and came out on top so even ET never worried me.

    Now, we should target next Copa and World Cup in US. I see ourselves a good chance if we can keep most of the same group.

  9. The first worldcup I can clearly remember was 86 since then a long journey started disappointment humiliations suffering … penalty robbery of 90 Maradona ban of 94 red card of ortega 98 first round exit of 2002 stupid substitution of pekerman 2006 lack of coaching skills of Diego 2010 heart break of 2014 complete lack of preparation of 2018 and now the joy of 2022. This is my journey with albiceleste since 1986. Long life to argentina!

  10. No one mentionedabout Gonzalo Montiel. before start of wc .everyone criticized him. But now he proved he deserves better treatment from our beloved fans. His superb PK helped a lot to win this tournment. And also he played above average in wings..

  11. I still believe if Argentina had a good management and a good coach we could have won 2006 and 2010 world cup argentina had good players at that time and Argentina could have used messi in 2006 world cup like france have used imbappe in previous worldcup

  12. I got all my wish pretty much come true for 2022:
    – Argentina World Champion☑️
    – Emi golden gloves☑️
    – Cuti team of the tournament ☑️

    My next wish for the next 7 months until summer 2023:
    – Garnacho to join the national team and play significant minutes (above Nico Gonzales or J Correa when they join back the team)
    – Di Maria not to retire now (if he does not decline yet then don’t retire)
    – Enzo to move to a big team AND be a starter there (probably Liverpool or MU)
    – Messi to win Ballon D’or number 8
    – Argentina u20 to win the WC youth with Garnacho, Soule, Paz, Romero, Buonanotte etc
    – Emi Martinez to move to Spurs to replace Lloris and team up with Cuti.

  13. Best part of the whole final was Messi kissing the WC after he receives the golden ball. That photo would remain an iconic and hugely popular long after we’re all gone from this planet!

    Thank you “Saudi Arabia”….. that loss made this team even more stronger, more united, more cautious, more passionate…..and that chants ” where is messi” actually made messi more focussed and all know that a wounded lion is always “more dangerous”….The messiah you deserved this…From the first match i saw you in U19 world cup against Nigeria back in 2005 to till today i have seen maximum matches you played for national team or club team and even i was very lucky to see you play throuh my bare eyes when Argentina came to play Venezuela at ” Yuba bharati kirangan” Saltlake ‘ kolkata and i remembered that particular match was his “first match as captain of Argentina”… dream is now fulfilled…very happy and relaxed….
    Thanks Leo Messi
    Thanks Argentina Football Team World Cup 2022 Qatar

  15. Manchester United and Arsenal are monitoring the situation of Brighton’s Argentine player Alexis Mac Allister.

    Many clubs in Europe are interested in Emiliano Martínez.🧤

    ❌Aston Villa do not want to accept offers for the Argentine goalkeeper in the

    Ekrem konur this guy is very reliable with his sources

  16. The moment he went away from that unlucky ( as an Argentine) barca shirt, destiny cleared the way for him to show the world that he is a real Argentine. I was very thankful to God that just separated Messi from that curse. I mean for Ronaldo the word “Spain” was very lucky. He got all the great accolades playing for real Madrid, won 4 UCL, greatest ever achievement for his country by winning the euro in 2016 and a WC hat-trick against that Spain which made him almost untouchable. And for Messi all final losses and forced him to retire from the team. Criticism from all around the corners. He almost wasted 2-3 years in barca without winning any major titles. And a disaster 2018 wc to follow with a 2019 copa exit.

    • This are just co-incidence. We won all 3 trophies after Maradona died. So now you will say we were not winning because Maradona was unlucky for us?? These r just bogus things.

      • Messi should continue for the NT and play until the world admits that Messi played better for Argentina than Barcelona. And now it will turn surely coz a 35 year old winning golden ball and world cup is always much better than a prime Messi winning UCL or ballondor or scoring 91 goals in a season.

  17. I want to Scaloni to stay as a manager for next 12 years at least. I am sure he will produce more talent in upcoming years. Argentina mid field is young and full of talents. I am sure Messi and Di maria will play in next copa along with Garnacho and we will start as a favourite. Wishing more glory for upcoming days.

      • If there was garnacho I would bet that would be a repeat of messi vs guardiol. Yeah garnacho vs kounde. Messi stopped once but garnacho won’t going to stop running. May be Messi would have got one more penalty if garnacho was there and the golden boot.

    • Di Maria and Garnacho would be super scary. Watching the game again, I just thought how much fun it would be for Garnacho to replace Di Maria in the 63rd minute. France defenders would have been super scared that suddenly our “Mbappe” attacking their own especially we all saw how much of a joke France right defense was.

  18. Still cant realize we are champions in the world,
    So many crying faces, occasions, tragedies, bad lucks etc from 1994 i am watching Argentina, finally we are there with complete glory with passion.
    It would be an extremely different mentality while watching the future Argentina

  19. I have been following these 3 players closely: Emi Martinez, Cuti, and Licha. I follow all their club matches. I made a prediction that Emi would wil golden glove award and Cuti would make the team of the tournament before the WC. Now they really become as good as I thought. What a joy being their fan.

    Now I will add the 4th one to that list: Enzo Fernandez, wherever he goes I will support that team. I just hope it won’t be any Italian big team. After Maradona’s Napoli I can not support any serie A big team anymore (Bati was at Fiorentina, a small team. I am fine with that).

    • Seriously. As an Indian I have just seen on TV or electronic media as to how a carnival is celebrated in Rio..I can only imagine how things will explode in Buenos Aires. (Or for that matter the whole of Argentina). One more area where we could leave Brazil behind 🙂 The celebrations have just began to warm up. The best Christmas and New Year party ever!!!

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