Lionel Messi scores record 18 goals in 2022 with the Argentina national team


Lionel Messi scored a record 18 goals in 2022 with the Argentina national team.

Another day, another Lionel Messi record. Prior to 2022, the record for most goals in a calendar year for the Argentina national team was 12 goals. That record was held by both Lionel Messi and Gabriel Batistuta.

But in 2022, Messi shattered that record. The World champion scored 18, with seven of them coming at the World Cup. Here were his goals for the year:

Goal 1: Venezuela, World Cup qualifier
Goal 2: Estonia, friendly
Goal 3: Estonia, friendly
Goal 4: Estonia, friendly
Goal 5: Estonia, friendly
Goal 6: Estonia, friendly
Goal 7: Honduras, friendly
Goal 8: Honduras, friendly
Goal 9: Jamaica, friendly
Goal 10: Jamaica, friendly
Goal 11: United Arab Emirates, friendly
Goal 12: Saudi Arabia, World Cup
Goal 13: Mexico, World Cup
Goal 14: Australia, World Cup
Goal 15: Netherlands, World Cup
Goal 16: Croatia, World Cup
Goal 17: France, World Cup
Goal 18: France, World Cup

For the first time in his career, Messi scored five goals in one match with the Argentina national team. He also scored in every match of the knockout stages at the World Cup!


  1. I can’t wait to see Messi resume playing for PSG and our NT. This is going to be a new carefree Messi, he’s won it all! Can you imagine how he will play now? I don’t think he’s done; PSG are going to make a run at the Champions.

  2. I dreamed that CR7 congratulated Messi on the world championship. That would be the most complete happiness in world football. If for some reason that is not possible, he can still congratulate Di Maria, the teammate who has helped him a lot.

  3. D Maria proved how worth he is in Final. in 2014 WC final Arg played without him. we lost it. In two Copa same is the case. A fully fit dnaria is almost equal to Messi. My brother is a Brazilian fan but he loves Dmaria. He is a big supporter of Dmaria and Mac allister..He said before final when dmaria is in playing 11 with full 90 Arg. sholud thrash France easily. match never goes to extra time. His prediction is absolutely true I think

  4. Do you still remember how many people in this forum wanted Di Maria out of the national team including the Gonzalo guy; we call him headless chicken? Then at some time during Scaloni’s era, Di Maria was not called up, but he kept insisting that he has played well with the best in the world like Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, … and comparable with them, and asked for a callup back to the national team, util then he’s back.

    What a story about Di Maria! With a fully fit Di Maria, we actually have two Messi in the game, it’s really hard for the opponent to play. 3 players need to follow Messi, then 2 with Di Maria.

    I am a big fan of Di Maria since he started his national career under Maradona, and never stop believing in him.

    • If we think of all time Argentina best 11. I say Di Maria has to be there now, maybe replacing Batigol.

      Emi Martinez (better than Fillol or Goyco to me)
      Di Stefano
      Di Maria

      Bench: Fillol, Cuti Romero, Burruchaga, Kempes, De Paul, Sivori, Ardilles.

    • I remember those days. The gentleman Gonzalo was mad at most of the old generations ; he and his fans wanted Di Maria, Aguero out of the team. And they were all making huge cry for the players like Icardi, Gaitan, Bustos, Pezella, Kranevitter ,Pizarro, Pavon. I was not that familiar with Argentine local leagues, so I thought may be they were really the missing links .

  5. When Dibu saved us from the last minute of the match, even after winning from shootout, I was asking myself, Did we really won or it’s a dream.. even after winning I couldn’t celebrate because I was thinking about that save😭..After all, the reality comes and we are world champion

  6. I revisited the KSA game thread and some comments look funny now😂 someone should make a slideshow of our comments during this WC journey lol

    • @karl mostly roller coster ride of emotions. I know myself included. One that stands out may be Madara too haha. He makes good points btw.

      If you go further back, “It’s MacAllister is trash. He is Biglia”.
      Further than that, “Scaloni sucks” (I said that before Copa too)
      Further than that, “DiMaria is chicken with head cut off”
      The effects of championship drought when you are so close
      Those need to be archived and never brought up again lol
      We all repented, We are all in good spirit, and we want another Copa and the 4th star!
      The great thing about being a fan is that being proved wrong feels so good!

  7. I have been lurker in this group since 2012 . i have nothing much to add . i am just so happy seeing and feeling argentina making history . now i can watch all the future matches without agony , anxiety . vamos argentina . love you all guys

    • Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know first take also covers soccer news😂😂 Stephen A Smith once said Patrick Mahomes vs Brady debate was over when Brady beat Mahomes at SB55. I think this also applies for the potential Messi vs Mbappe debate. People will only remember that 35 yrs old Messi beat a prime time Mbappe at the biggest stage in 2022. Messi >>>> Mbappe.

    • Stephen A Smith is a good one. The way he speaks is just very entertaining. Not all his points are valid, but he is one heck of a commentator. Too bad he doesn’t know much about futbol.

  8. Shouldn’t the FIFA rankings have updated already…..still the same so far.

    This is a dream that I am yet to wake up from, I remember saying to myself before the game started yesterday, ” we have watched other countries win the WC Spain, Germany, France, Brazil………etc, WHY CAN’T WE???” the rest was TRULY History, a world cup action packed from start to finish with the best Final anybody could ask for….

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