Paulo Dybala speaks on penalty in the World Cup final, mentions Dibu Martínez


Paulo Dybala spoke about the penalty he scored in the World Cup final while also mentioning Emiliano Dibu Martínez.

Dybala was brought on as a substitute in the World Cup final to take a penalty. With Lionel Messi scoring Argentina’s first penalty, Dybala was the second taker and he mentions he originally was not going to shoot down the middle.

After all of the celebrations in Buenos Aires, Dybala was at the airport in Córdoba and he spoke to the media. Here is what he had to say:

“When I went in, I knew it was for the penalties. I had planned to go to one side but Dibu told me after they missed that I should kick down the middle because the goalkeeper always dived. Luckily, I listened to him.”


  1. For someone who took it upon himself to hunt for, find and watch videos of every WC game since 1970 (also saw the finals of 66 and 58) I can tell you all that I’ve seen Fillol and Gogoyccia play and as good as both of ’em were, Dibu is even better!
    Messi aside, Dibu is THE most vital element of Argentina’s recent success! Think about it Dibu replaces Armani in 2020 and Argentina wins Copa (3 saves against Colombia) and WC (3 combined saves against Holland and France). The guy is hands down Argentina’s greatest GK.

    • Mamoun, I want to personally congratulate you ok this epic win. You have always been a voice of wisdom, positivity and passion on this site. Vamos campeón!

      And I agree, Emi is a monster.

  2. I really hope he starts more matches now. He still got a criminally low play time during the World Cup but I suppose our squad was performing well enough and Scaloni didn’t want to make him a starter.

  3. Good to see Dybala finally ingratiating himself with Messi properly. Called Messi idol on Instagram, posting photos together, sticking close to Messi during awards and on the bus.

    If Di Maria retires, we may finally see Messi + Dybala together on the pitch regularly for a year or two.

  4. LOL Dibu – I love you.

    Dybala – Can everyone here imagine sitting on the bench for 119 min and then Scaloni says “Anda Palla, Paulo”. Even with the insane pressure, I had NO DOUBT Dybala would come through.

    Dybala in short amount of minutes did really effin well. 1 big chance, 2 tackles, 1 Penalty goal, 2 shots on goal, pushed back opponents defensive line, defended well, added much needed creativity in the final 3rd….. and lastly, in the dying minutes against France, DYBALA like a bat out of hell saved our asses from Mbappe –

    I have no doubt that Dybala should have been Alvarez sub once it became clear Toro was in terrible form.

    • “Anda pa’ alla bustard” has to be mundo’s new official saying

      I hope we can see a lot of Dybala in copa 24, he played with hunger every minute he got this WC

  5. I would like to post something about out greatest goalie ever lived: Emi Martinez

    1. Go to his twitter, very interesting:

    2. Watch this clip:

    I can guarantee you NO ONE would ever beat us in PK shootout as long as Emi is the goalie, just watch that number 1 and 2. He basically already won it before the PK shootout started.

    3. An Aston Villa expert said this:

    “Either Aston Villa have the best goal keeper in the world or they will have €125 million.”

    It is true.

    We would not win the the WC without Messi and Emi. These 2 are the most important elements. If you put Livakovic, Bounou, or Alisson or Courtouis in Emi place, we would have lost the WC for sure.

    4. The Dutch goalie, Nospert tried to do a cheap imitation of Emi mind game, by trying to intimidate Messi and Lautaro before they kicked the ball, only to fail big time. Before the game, Nospert said that he was sure that he would stop Messi PK if there is any. He did not even save one PK during the PK shootout.

    Emi: The greatest goalie in the world today… Not even close. If anyone wanna beat Argentina they better do it in 90 minutes plus extra time, if PK shootout = game over guarantee.

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