Lionel Messi invited to join Brazilian Maracanã Hall of Fame


Lionel Messi has been invited to join the Brazilian Maracanã Hall of Fame.

Messi continues to break records and gain love from fans around the world. This time, from Brazil.

The Argentine World Cup champion has been invited to join the Maracanã Hall of fame. Adriano Santos, the president of the Rio de Janeiro State of Sports, sent a etter to the AFA which included this:

“Messi has already demonstrated his importance on and off the pitch. He is a player who has been at the highest level in the history of football for years”

“It is only fair that the Maracana pay tribute to him. After all, he is a genius with the ball.

“Nothing could be more fitting than for the Maracana to also pay tribute to him.”

Argentina won the 2021 Copa America at the Maracana in Brazil with Messi lifting the trophy. He would join fellow giants of football like Pele, Garrincha, Rivelino and Ronaldo of Brazil.

Chile’s Elias Figueroa, Serbia’s Dejan Petkovic, Portugal’s Eusebio, Uruguay’s Sebastian Abreu and Germany’s Franz Beckenbauer.


  1. Just watch how sad FIFA President become after Morocco concede the goal. French President was clapping and FIFA President wasn’t even looking toward the pitch!! He is one of us!!! He reallly wanted Messi to lift the cup!!!

  2. It was a handball and even last chance which France guy missed would have been disallowed coz whole France team was inside the field before even he took the shot.

  3. Dear Canadian homies…can you please watch the 2nd video and confirm if Upamecano is guilty of a handball prior to pen that led to Mbappes 1st Pen.

    This view looks like a clear handball but another angle is needed.
    Link 1 –

    Someone in Canada gave me this link for an alternate view but I’m unable to access. It’s around minute 10:45
    Link 2 –

  4. Dibu save of the tournament
    Licha tackle of the tournament
    Di maria goal of the tournament
    Messi pass of the tournament
    Scaloni youngest and best manager of the tournament, Argentina are world champion
    What beautiful time to be Argentina nt fan
    football make sense now

  5. It’s really sad to see Dibu unnecessarily crossing the line with repeated mocking of Mbappe. Many believe he made the greatest save in football history. But his repeated crossing of line along with many of our players taunting Brazil really paints a bad image for the team. Brings black mark for Messi too. If Emi behave with clear moral every chance he can immortalise himself in very limited time but it’s unfortunate he’s not realising that. Our players not realising that.

  6. I wonder how great will be the career of Leonel Scaloni -one of the youngest coach . He is only 44 years old. National team will get to the next level if he decides to stay with us. This WC win will do magic to the whole system- a wave of positivity will light up each corner. Even our everyday experience with this Mundo site will be completely different which have not felt since its inception….

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