Nico Paz released for Sudamericano, Alejandro Garnacho, Matías Soulé, not released


Nico Paz of Real Madrid is going to be released for the Sudamericano while Alejandro Garnacho, Matías Soulé, the Carboni brothers and Luka Romero have not been released by their clubs.

Paz will be released by Real Madrid for Javier Mascherano’s Argentina U20 team which will participate in the Sudamericano tournament at the start of next year. Javier Mascherano announced his preliminary list of players for the tournament and while Paz is not in it, according to Marcos Durán and JorgeCPicon, Nicolás Paz will be released by Madrid for the tournament.

The European clubs will not be releasing their players for the Sudamericano. FIFA does not mandate that they do get released and according to TyC Sports, Manchester United, Juventus, Cagliari, Inter and Lazio are not allowing their players to travel.

Javier Macherano is expected to announce his list on January 5 and will be without Matías Soulé, Alejandro Garnacho, the Carboni brothers and Luka Romero. The Argentina U20 team will take part in the U20 Sudamericano tournament which will take place between January 19 and February 12 in Colombia. The team has been drawn in Group A along with hosts Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay and Peru.

The top four teams in the tournament will qualify for the 2023 U20 World Cup in Indonesia while the top three will qualify for next year’s Pan American games, along with that tournament’s host Chile.

Here are the players that have been called up:

Lautaro Di Lollo (Boca Juniors)
Nahuel Genez (Boca Juniors)
Maximiliano Gonzalez (Lanus)
Brian Aguilar (Lanus)
Julian Aude (Lanus)
Franco Herrera (Newell’s Old Boys)
Brian Aguirre (Newell’s Old Boys)
Tomas Palacios (Talleres)
Gonzalo Alvez (Talleres)
Facundo Buonanotte (Brighton)
Gino Infantino (Rosario Central)
Ulises Ciccioli (Rosario Central)
Alejo Veliz (Rosario Central)
Valentin Gomez (Velez)
Maximo Perrone (Velez)
Mateo Seoane (Velez)
Santiago Castro (Velez)
Julian Fernando (Velez)
Francisco Marco (Defensa y Justicia)
Francisco Gomez (Racing)
Ignacio Mestro Puch (Atletico Tucuman)
Lucas Besozzi (Central Cordoba)
Benjamin Cremaschi (Inter Miami)
Agustin Giay (San Lorenzo)
Nicolas Vallejo (Independiente)
Julian Kadijevic (Comunicaciones)
Axel Encinas (River Plate)
Federico Gomes Gerth (Tigre)

Mascherano’s team plays Paraguay on January 21 in their first match. After that they will play against Brazil on January which is followed by another match on January 25 vs. Peru. The last group match is on January 27 vs. Colombia.


  1. Enzo to Chelsea is a good move in my opinion. Actually any EPL top team is good for him.

    Currently Chelsea is not doing well but their owners are very ambitious and trying things.

    I think Enzo will have immediate impact. Chelsea always has been a team of midfielders.

    Alexis to Juve is a predictable move. They like him due to his tactical intelligence. Inter Milan also likes him for same reason. But I would like him in EPL.

    • Yes, that’s how things stand as of now. Let’s see what will happen later. I was hopping Alexis will sign for Chelsea, Liverpool or Tottenham, but never expected he will chose Juve over the EPL teams as Serie A isn’t the perfect league for youth development nowadays. Anyways, good luck to the both heroes.

  2. Being sider for a while, but now come back to comment, after the glorious victory🇦🇷🇦🇷 anyway.. what do u guys think about possible move for Enzo to Chelsea? Isnt it indeed overprice actually? I just worried that if he somehow underperform in a match or few, and then got bashed to death by the Media

  3. Chelsea are now in direct talks with Benfica for Enzo Fernández. Chelsea want to offer huge fee instead of paying release clause in one solution 🚨🔵 #CFC

    Benfica always asked full €120m clause.
    Understand Enzo already said yes to Chelsea.

    #LFC or #MUFC made no bid, as of now.

    @Fabrizio Romano

  4. RIP Pele . The greatest Majician in football history..
    Wrong substitutions always cost major trophies for Arg. This time also Scaloni substituted dmaria . But luckily we managed to escape from a repeat of sad history of finals.

  5. Perrone to Man City is almost done. City FC not City group.

    Still a bad move. He will sit on the bench and will not get any chance. Because City will continue to buy established players in his position.

    And he is not matured enough for NT to showcase his talent like Alvarez.

    City will be bad move. Newcastle was interested, it would have been a better destination.

      • “City will loan him to develop”

        This does not work. Dario Sarmiento, KayKay, Bustos, Savio are example.

        He can also be on u21. Benjamin Garre wasted this way. There is also Bruno Zuculini.

        • You guys have to be optimistic about this move to beginne with garre was very young probably was under 18
          This guy is genuine talent and he will be 20 next week, there is no way he will go under 21 ones plus every player has his own lucky , every move is risky move to city under Guardiola won’t do no harm my gut feelings tells me this will work I may be wrong and guys may have point we will see if the deal go through.

        • The examples you mention are part of the reason why generally I don’t trust the “city group” thing or loaning pattern at all. But I feel more optimistic because those examples of players just stagnated in the second division of Spain, now they are in LaLiga and Perrone will actually be tested instead of wasting his development in a mediocre division. Kayky I think was also very overrated. When I saw him play a couple of times for Fluminense in the Libertadores he was awful. Dario Sarmiento had fitness problems too so there’s more to it. I think a first division loan may be a really good test for Perrone

  6. All anybody could say regardless of nationality, preference, team, loyalty ………..etc RIP Pele, a name synonymous with footballing excellence and brilliance, GOD gives and takes and nothing lasts forever but HIM.
    I wore one of my many ARG jersey’s today for 1st time since the WC win, a special one and not just because its ARG but also because my brother who passed away gave it to me as birthday present (2006 WC ARG Home) and had 4 different people smile, point to my shirt and thumbs up or say lets Go ARG…….It felt weird/different because whenever I wore an ARG shirt, I felt as if I was fighting for a cause, unrelenting desire to never give up, a badge of honor with battle scars …..etc and NOW I’m a winner who stayed the course and finally succeeded.
    WE ARE WORLD CUP CHAMPS AND I WILL ALWAYS enjoy what I dreamed and fantasized about forever

  7. “One day, I hope we can play football together in the sky” – Pele’s message after Diego Maradona died in 2020.

    Enjoy your game, legends 🙏 Rest in eternal Peace

  8. The midfield already look strong: Maxi Gonzales (DM), Perrone (DM/MC), Cremaschi (MC), Infantino (8/De Paul like), Paz (8/10), Buonanotte (10) are starters material.

    Upfront without Soule, Garnacho, and Luka is a bit flat. Maybe Buonanotte or Paz can move upfront and start with Santi Castro (9)

    The goalie of the WC Gerth will start. In the back only Aude is reliable. Others well hopefully they improve since Toulon days like Di Lollo, Genez etc.

    • I think Maestro Puch will start up front, I have high hopes for him and I’ve heard really good things about him. Let’s see if he can prove himself without the others. I think even if the big three were released he would still have chances to start. Curious to see how Cremaschi does. Was Giay in Toulon? He’s one of the top RB talents in the local league now so hopefully he can improve the “backline” although in San Lorenzo he’s utilized as a wingback

      • Yes Giay was in Toulon. Honestly every defender but Aude (LB) looked pretty bad in the tournament. Here the squad consists of many Toulon players like Aguierre, Castro, Infantino, Buonanotte, Paz, Maxi Gonzales, Di Lollo, Genez, Aude, Aguilar, and Gomez Gerth.

        Puch and Perrone are new additions. Castro looked pretty good in Toulon. He is a pure striker. The goalie Gomez Gerth did not also look that good in Toulon, but again these players are very young. If Alvarez and Enzo can improve in a year, they can do that too.

  9. I think it’s important to get all these guys in an officially sanctioned game for the senior team so they are locked up for Argentina. These are just games the European teams are playing to prevent them from playing for Argentina.

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