Chelsea and Benfica negotiating €127 million bid for Enzo Fernández transfer


Chelsea and Benfica are already negotiating a bid of €127 million for Enzo Fernández.

The Argentine player is wanted by many top teams in Europe. Since joining Benfica, Enzo has continuously been one of the club’s best players and also made the Argentina national team for the World Cup.

Enzo Fernández has been linked with a move away from Benfica for several weeks and now a move could be happening. According to César Luis Merlo, Chelsea and Benfica are negotiating forms and structures for the Premier League club’s €127 million bid for the World Cup’s Young Player of the tournament.

The transfer does not appear to be easy but Chelsea are pushing for it. Should the transfer happen, River Plate, Enzo’s former club, would receive €31,750,000 million.


  1. Argentine player are always incredible. They are not getting proper respect from the European but now things change. Hope more player are getting good price which will help our club to grow more.

  2. Please not Chelsea! Even as a man city fan, I wish he waited for Liverpool for his own good… Chelsea play boring football imo.. maybe he will be the difference maker

  3. Too bad that no transfer rumors yet for Almada.

    Enzo’s rise to glory eclipses the most fairy tales. A 21 year old who joined River not so long ago wasn’t even confirmed to cut the 26 man squad two months before the tournament started has done the following:

    1. Forced himself to the 26 man squad by his sublime performance in the last 2 friendly games.

    2. Scored a wonderful goal against Mexico and became the starter, replacing Parades.

    The difference of Enzo with Alexis is that Scaloni forced McAllister to the team and brought the best out of him in Qater whereas Enzo forced Scaloni to not only include him to the World Cup squad (thanks to his quick adaptation with Benifica and performance in the UCL) but also to put him in the starting eleven.

    3. Became the most important midfielder for Argentina in the World Cup.

    4. Won the best young player award.

    5. One of the most expensive midfielders of the world.

  4. This shows that Enzo is worth €127 mil at least not €35 or €55. He is worth the same as Jude Bellingham. Maybe in the world only Haaland and Mbappe who are more expensive than him. Anybody else who believes there are players more expensive than him, they are wrong. Not even Gavi, Pedri, De Jong, Vinicious, Valverde, Gvardiol, Camavinga, Musiala are more expensive than him.

  5. If this happens go for it. There is no need to be shy and cautious anymore. You are the world champion and best young player award winner. Go and rule the midfield there. He has the attitude and let him do it.

  6. Enzo should be careful. On top of his world cup award, a 127m price tag will set expectations too high. He will be criticized for every little mistake and constantly reminded of his price tag. He should stay in Benfica for 6 more months. I would not wish such pressure on our bright 21 year old future pillar of Argentine aspirations.

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