Manchester City to trigger release clause of Máximo Perrone from Velez


Manchester City are set to trigger the release clause of Máximo Perrone from Velez.

The 19 year old could soon be joining the Premier League champions. According to Fabrizio Romano, City are set to trigger his $8 million release clause.

Perrone, born in 2003, is part of Javier Mascherano’s preliminary Argentina U20 team for the 2023 Sudamericano. The midfielder would be joining City after the tournament.


    • Because Argentina’s bankrupt, it’s all about the economy of the nation, for example Brazil’s economy is relatively strong and their GDP is atleast 3X that of Argentina’s hence their players go fo alteast 3 times as high as Argentina’s.

      • > Because Argentina’s bankrupt,

        Agree with Argentinas financial issues as it determines to some degree how much domestic businesses spends on sports facilities, equipment, professional staff, etc which all impact player development.

        > Brazil’s ….GDP is at least 3X that of Argentina’s hence their players go for at least 3 times

        There’s more to it than the economic size assumption. First the disparity is much lower comparing club value $900m vs 1.2b. Even 3x GDP or 1.33x club value, it’s still large enough to remain competitive with Brazil.
        More importantly, “quality consistency” plays a massive role in transfer prices. if the last 10 transfers were similar quality of Enzo and Alvarez, you bet these kids would be going for $30-60m. The competence, prestige, and power of agents also play a role but sadly it ties back economic woes.

  1. Watched Sevilla vs celta vigo frist half..Celta vigo just outplayed Sampoli and co..Acuna was bad.sevilla need midfielder like almada..
    Cervi from Celta played Super

    • He was too young. Here is peking order: Crespo, Saviola/Tevez, Cruz, Messi. He was already a star back then but our coach was always like that. In 2002, Bielsa brought 35 years old Cannigia instead of the in-form young Saviola

  2. Released clause to low. I thought after the world cup price has to go up as demand goes up – economics right?

    How come brazil Erik going for $65 million? Did Real Madrid choose that number out of the blue cause they want to pay that or do they have a higher release clause?

    • Transfer fees don’t balloon overnight for a country even if it’s the World Cup. Specific player prices might go up if they were directly involved in winning the WC but league transfers needs consistency. Imagine if Morocco won, do you think players would go for 50m overnight?
      Enzo and Alvarez make a strong case but the league needs to pump out more and then maybe we’ll see target prices go up. Also depends on the agent and marketing and negotiating power behind them.

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