Enzo Fernández reportedly very close to signing with Chelsea


Enzo Fernández is reportedly very close to signing with Chelsea.

Fernández has been heavily linked with Chelsea since winning the World Cup with the Argentina national team. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Argentine is very close to signing with them.

Per the report, talks between both Benfica and Chelsea are at an advanced stage. It would be a deal of €127 million paid in three installments, each one in the region of €40 million.


  1. Chelsea is a sh*t club with a traditionally very ugly brand of football. Enzo is an artist. And he is very young. He deserves better than languishing in an ugly club under the weight of such a massive price tag and lofty expectations.

    Footballers rarely make these decisions alone. His agents, his family, not to mention the black-suits at Benfica would all be influencing his young mind for their own personal gain.

    • That whole scandal of his agent posting photos of him in Argentina seems like a deliberate ploy manufactured by that unholy triangle to turn Benfica fans against him and push him towards leaving.

  2. If it is happening then very good news. If some people here scared of big money move then please compare with the price of Antony of ManU, Raphinha of Barca etc. Enzo is good player as well as Midfielder which is not as shaky position as Striker where if you can not score you are failure. But I bet Enzo going be one of best midfielders in coming years.

  3. Too early but the industry can’t wait for luxuries demand, hopefully it will be not another Rojo or Di Maria to MU case. Chelsea is in need for a good coach rather than players.

  4. This move doesnt give a good vibe at all. Hope iam wrong. Enzo is facing disciplinary action for missing training sesssions and travelling to Argentina.

    He should be behaving in a more matured manner. Afterall its his move to benifica that cemented him a place in Argentina 26.

  5. bad move. We’ve seen it all before. So many talents go down the drain with bad moves. The club and agent would pocket a huge amount. There is immense pressure on Enzo to sign this deal. At Chelsea, u don’t have time to learn and settle if u don’t hit the ground running u would be forgotten like meat in a freezer. They will go looking for another hyped up player.
    Don’t move anywhere away from Benfica at least till end of season.

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