Carlos Alcaraz of Racing being linked with Benfica


Carlos Alcaraz of Racing is being linked with a move to Benfica.

Alcaraz is being seen as a replacement for Enzo Fernández, who is being linked with a move to Chelsea. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the 20 year old midfielder is their first target for a fee of around €16-17 million.


  1. SERIA A is slow league. Loris saves in WC from Lautro would be goal in SERIA A. C. Ronaldo scored more in SERIA A because of its slower pace.

  2. Paulo Dybala’s defensive work to stop Mbappe in the last minutes of the game which in all probability was heading to the goal given the monster of a player Mbappe is with his speed, dribbling and powerful shots; it certainly is up there as one of the best stops for Argentina ranking along with Mascherano’s against Netherlands and Lisandro’s against Australia.

  3. Emiliano Martinez made the greatest save in The World Cup history. Given the magnitude of the tournament and what was at stake for Argentina and Messi and also being the final minute of the extra time. It certainly is the greatest save in the history.

  4. We won the world cup.
    It’s the best feeling.
    Enjoy the players and football.
    We have a good base gong forward.
    Our defenders are young and great, but we need left backs.
    Our midfielders are great and players are coming up there.
    We need attackers, wingers to eventually replace di Maria and maybe Messi.
    The young generations looks promising in this department.
    Let’s support Scaloni and let him work.
    the only thing he should improve is:making subs.
    He knows best.

    • Making subs and prioritizing merit over favoritism. Like why was Pezzela again preferred over Lisandro Martinez in the final? It was nonsensical. French attackers are not even tall. Lisandro might have fortified Argentine defense and prevented France from equalizing.

      • Pezella over Lisandro was the height factor. France was using the speed & height factor against Argentina and it almost paid off. If you notice closely their players were taller than ours.
        I personally would have preferred Lisandro playing the world cup final as the sub instead of Pezella but history is now written.

    • what I ve learned of Scaloni he is a good tactician but really poor at subs. every match we suffered due to subs. honestly Acuna is underpar apart from one penalty contribution. di maria was tired n it was right subbing him but I would rather it being subbed with an attacker or atleast with the anchor man lisandro martinez. anyways the end of any debate. we are world champions that’s the final verdict n let the French do their childish petition which makes a lollipop difference

      • Scaloni made some really good subs though. Few examples –

        Saudi Arabia – Acuna for Tag, Licha for Romero, Alvarez for Papu, and Enzo for Paredes

        Mexico – Palacios for MacA, Alvarez for Toro, Molina for Montiel, and Enzo for Guido

    • improving subs – I think its in the argentine genes to make some blunders in the important matches. But nevertheless, his tactics were so good, and with all the strong performances, even though we suffered, we needed that little bit of champions luck which was depriving us for so many years. And with all of that, this team came out on top. This team has given so much of happiness to the entire world, am finding it hard to express them here. Its been 15 days since we won the f***ing world cup(it feels so good to write it), and yet I just keep revisiting those moments and the matches and the performances. What a time to be a football fan!!! I can’t watch movies or web series or s***…its just football…its a madness that has encapsulated all of us. Thank you La scaloneta!!

    • I’ll never tire of watching this goal. So beautiful. I’m glad we scored it and not rely solely on pen or rebound goal because it showed the world how dangerous and fluid we were. We completely destroyed France, reminded me of a peak Barca goal 🙂

  5. This Enzo move has set a chain reaction. Now Benfica will make a move for Alcaraz (heavily linked to Porto during last window) for 17 million. A big offer for Racing to reject.
    Newcastle are a rich club these days. They are investing in a lot of South Americans (Almirin signed from MLS is playing in beast mode) and due to Argentina’s success has turned its attention to Argentina. Their first target Perrone has been snapped up by City. So now they have offered 18 mil for Alan Varela of Boca. Huge money. But guess what, Boca has a rotten piece of shit called Riquelme. He has single handedly dismantled and continues to destroy Boca. Buys mediocre foreigners and stifles youth players who have had success with the reserves.
    so back to Alan Varela to Newcastle, Boca unwilling to negotiate. If they sell Varela they have a perfect replacement in Equi Fernandez, who was brilliant on loan at Tigre. Heinze wanted to take Valentin Barco on loan, which Boca rejected, they will let him rot in the reserves. The development of Luis Vazquez, Medina and Zeballos has stalled.
    Agustin Rossiis trying to get the hell out of Boca to Flamengo but Riqyelme again is frustrating Flamengo. Btw, one of Riquelme’s priority for the coming season is to bring in a shit piece Paraguayan Romero to unite him with his twin at Boca.

    I watched Balerdi play for OM in their 2-1 win. He played the second half. So confident and smooth. Reminds me Mamanuna before his move to Russia.

    • Riquelme’s job is to look for Boca’s interest.
      Why hand Rossi to Flamengo?
      Why let Barco leave on loan when he doesn’t want to extend first?
      Last game against Independiente Rossi, Varela, Langoni(overlooked here), and Vazquez played from the first minutes, later on Morales and some other came in.
      At the end of the day he is not trying to develop player for the NT or for Flamengo.
      He is trying to win titles and Boca and has won the last two.
      Far from destroying Boca.
      Zeballos is injured!

      • They won ugly. They have contributed nothing to the NT. True he has Boca interests first, but failure to lay a long term project and winning this title is nothing. He is scrapping for himself and sure is cooking something. Respect ur comments and the last game u mention but u have missed something not noticing a trend for the past couple of season.

  6. Liverpool is in total disaster,I was very very surprised that they didn’t go for Enzo last season before benefica since they know their midfield is weak after that champions league season they could have either gone to de Paul, pardees

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