Leandro Paredes and Ángel Di María back in Juventus training


Leandro Paredes and Ángel Di María are back training with Juventus.

The World Cup champions are back with their club. Paredes and Di María are the latest Argentine players, along with Alexis Mac Allister, are back.

Juventus did not appear to do a special World Cup return to the players.


  1. @choripan: talking about eve banega man the guy was outstanding midfielder liked him a lot he was one my favourite player from the old guard I was so disappointed our pervious managers never utilise his playmaking ability from deep instead they always chose double five, to me it was big negative and corwadness from our pervious managers and that was one the reasons messi suffered all those years before great man Lionel Scaloni came to the house with unsung hero pablo aimar who made our attacking play so beautiful I mean his coaching skills. Let me take this opportunity to mention there are three passes I will never forget during different world Cups in particular oder,3 Eve banega pass to messi vs Nigeria in 2018, 2 juan riquelme pass to saviola vs Côte d’Ivoire in 2006
    1 messi pass to molina vs the Netherlands in 2022.So in this case banega is in good company. Eve banega gift midfielder Argentina never take advantage of it .

    • If they used Banega and Pastore in 2014 and Paredes and GLC in 2018 and Aimar in 2010, Zanetti, Samuel and Messi in 2006 things would be much much different. IDK what it is with our coaches….

      • In 2006 the exclusion of Zanetti and (to a lesser extent) Samuel will remain a mystery but that’s not what got Argentina knocked out, it was Pekerman’s decision not to use Aimar or Messi to sub for an exhausted Riquileme.

        In 2010………….Well Maradona happened! Left Zanetti, Cambiasso, Aimar, Gago and Banega and brought the likes of Ariel Grace because -and I kid you not- he [Maradona] dreamed of holding the world cup with Grace next to him *face palm*

        In 2014 Pastore was in NO shape or form good enough to join the 2014 team, he was infact in awful form and Sabella was right to leave him out. Banega’s exclusion was surprising but I think Sabella wasn’t impressed with his fitness and I trust in Sabella’s decisions because he was an awesome coach.

        in 2018……well Sampa was Diego 2.0, none of his decisions made any sense, although he DID take Lo Celso to the WC he just didn’t give him a single second *more face palms*

        • zanetti and samuel werent picked as they werent part of pekermans obsession with his ex youth players. zanetti runs vs germany may have resulted in more pressure, or maybe not wil nver know

          2010 was a joke. no cambiasso or zanetti, but tool bolatti and garce, and played guiterrez at right back, then otamendi
          2014. sabella picked the right team, his only mistake was picking gago esp vs germany when he could hve brought on more attacking player to go for it
          2018 was just a bad team, coming off a 6-1 loss to spain. no idea why rojo was CB, he was an excellent LB but Man utd and sampa ruined him.

    • Yep it was negative with 2 defensive minded players. Real shame banega, pastore, lamela, lo celso, etc weren’t used together more often. Thankfully Aimar etc changed it up.

      The Nigeria goal is one of my favorites. Banegas perfectly weighted long ball and Messi’s insane pace and 2 touches to control the ball left me in awe (*especially in slow mo). I felt exactly how Maradonas reacted.

  2. Wow the reception mac Alister got is awesome tears of joy for me huge recognition for his humble hard working talent I am huge fan of his since I saw him wear that number 10 and I defended him many time here .
    Again back to the reception was superb this what small clubs are all about no hate no ego just love for teammates, its a very proud moment for the club too to have a world cup final representative from this small club, and both McAlister and Enzo showing us it’s better to start Europe career with mid-table teams where we can play regular games and improve also can showcase your talent other than sitting on the bench of big clubs

  3. Gastón Edul
    Enzo Fernández tiene un acuerdo contractual con Chelsea. Su entorno está esperando que Benfica y Chelsea se pongan de acuerdo en la forma de pago.
    La venta va a rondar los 120 millones de euros.
    River va a ganar cerca de 30 millones de euros.
    Tiene que resolverse en estas horas.

    Yeah baby!

    More news update: Chelsea Reece James reinjured himself and will be out for some times. According to Marca, one of the candidates Chelsea are interested in is Nahuel Molina. Molina to Chelsea sounds good as Chelsea are pretty thin in their right wing back. Anywhere but Atletico is good basically.

    • I might be alone on this but Enzo going to Chelsea for 120 mill is nothing short of a disaster for him, because for that price Enzo would be the most expensive midfielder ever I believe and he’d be expected to defend / move the ball like Kante and score like Lampard (usually scored 20 goals + a season from CM!) and that’s just not possible, especially with the way Chelsea are right now. If Enzo goes to Chelsea now and doesn’t set the world alight within the span of 3 games, the English media will eat him alive! I mean heck, look at how they’re treating Licha despite of his excellent performances.

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