Argentina U20 midfielder Mateo Tanlongo joins Sporting from Rosario Central


Mateo Tanlongo of Rosario Central has joined Sporting in Portugal.

Tanlongo has joined on a free transfer with a move away from Rosario Central having been rumored for weeks. The 19 year old Argentina U20 midfielder has agreed on a deal until 2027.

He joins on a free with a release clause of €60 million.


  1. Talented midfielders is a good thing yes..but we saw what a team that relies overly on midfield without focusing on a coordinated defense and a solid offense can become with Spain..they passed circles around every team but ended up passing themselves out of the WC…

    I hope we start grooming and placing young attacking and defensive talent in good clubs to develop a good squad for 2026.

    Still cannot believe we are campeones del Mundo…Vamos!

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