Nicolás Tagliafico spoke on his Twitch channel about Argentina’s World Cup


Argentina’s left-back World Cup winner Nicolás Tagliafico streamed on his Twitch channel with his wife and commented about the national team’s World Cup. The Lyon defender had been very active on the platform during the whole 2022 but stopped to fully concentrate during the tournament.

Here, some of Tagliafico’s comments on his stream:
“We have to ask the coach of Saudi Arabia for the lottery number. The guy said we were going to be champions and he had just beaten us! We love him. I want to send a message to him. Besides, he’s French!

“In the game with Poland, after the second goal, one of them told me how he could in Spanish:
“don’t attack anymore.”

“In the tie against the Netherlands, you don’t know what our heads were with their goal at the last minute. I didn’t see the strength of this group in other teams, it was what made us become champions.”

About the final vs. France:
“The first half we played was crazy, everything we tried went well. We hit the ball with our flip-flops and a pass would go to a teammate.

“It was felt in the atmosphere that the final had to be for us. We were strong.”

It has been a very intense ending of the year for Tagliafico as he has not only been one of the 26 players who lifted the World Cup trophy on December 18 but he also got married to Carolina Calvagni on December 27.


  1. Quarta and Nico Gonzalez on the bench for Fiorentina today. I thought LMQ regained his starting spot but apparently not. Nico probably still needs to ease into the starting line up after a long injury.

  2. It’s been a long time an Argentine played in Real Madrid. I mean real is the most successful clubs in the history of Europe and it is a shame that there is no Argentine playing in that club in last 5-6 years. And this club got the popularity through an Argentine legend de Stefano. And it is a hidden truth that casemiro and even Marcelo who is not even considered as legends in the Brazil history achieved the status of legends in the greatest club. And now vincius and rodrygo is making their way. From our side di Maria and higuain contributed great but not that achieved that legendary status. And di Maria would be always there in Argentina’s legendary players. And this is the time, I mean Enzo macallister lisandro Romero Julian all are capable to play in that legendary club.

    • Doesn’t matter where our players are at right now. They are world champions. After the way they treat di Maria I don’t care if any of our players go to real madrid. In fact I don’t care for the next 3 and a half years. U know why? Cause we are world champions.. we had a Brighton midfielder becoming a champion. So real madrid can keep their overrated Brazilians

      • Times change though.
        United and their fans treated ADM like shit but now look at Licha. Fans chanted Argentina during game against West Ham and raised a gigantic flag with a butcher knife over a nearby bridge (they won’t let flag into stadium since it includes a weapon lol).

    • Who cares we still won the world Cup.
      I don’t want my players to be in the big team and don’t play there.
      And in the end those Europeans will always undermine our talents no matter what.

  3. Two points about two different players.
    1) Bruno Fernandes not passing to Garnacho will only make Ten Hag job hell. This is a veteran player who is clearly insecure in his skills to hold down a younger player. At some point, Fernandes will be gone because these players are always the same…they are cancer to a squad.

    2) I hope NOBODY that supports our NT ever forgets Dibu’s contributions to our championship. There is no doubt he played just as big a role if not bigger than Messi. He won two penalty shoot outs and made a life saving stop against France which was one of the best saves I have ever seen in my life. God bless this man and his family for bringing so much joy to so many people.

    • Dibu was clutch 2times at the end vs Australia and vs France, great in the air and in penalties, but saved overall badly in the game. 54% shot stopping, and 8 conceded goals from 5,4 psxg is anything but bad. Imo at least 3-4 goals would have been saveable with good positioning. Saudi goals, Weghorst header and Mbappe shot.

      • I agree with both of you, without Dibu there was no world cup for us but some goals Dibu let in were savable , especially the Saudi second goal, Dutch 1st goal and Mbappe’s 2nd goal. However, in these type of extreme pressure matches individual skills get bettered by emotions and all the late goals we conceded were due to mental pressure we were under. Had we kept France at 2-1 for a while after Mbappe’s penalty, we would have exposed their emotions and could have won 3-1. Nevertheless, it was our destiny to win!!

        • Yes Dibu is a winner type keeper, great leader with good/badass mentality, great penalty stopper, dominant in the air, clutch saver and OK/good (4/5) with the ball and in passing. But with all the respects just a good shot stopper, not great. So much better tournament keeper than championship keeper imo, his attributes and strengths are way more important to win international tournaments than Alisson world class shot stopping skills but overall sterile character for example.

          For big int. tournaments Dibu>Alisson and co.
          For club football Alisson>Dibu with a big margin imo.

          • Rulli and Musso are better at shot stopping than Dibu from what I have seen but Dibu’s saves are some of the building blocks of our WC win so he is an undisputed starter for us for a long time.

  4. Great that Enzo is not moving right now. But he has a big damage control work in hand. He needs to win back the faith of the Benfica fans and do it all over again. His development could derail playing with a monkey on his back.
    I was hoping Bayern would go for Dibu Martinez to replace injured Neuer but not happening as they have signed Bono.
    Danny Blind has left Ajax and joined Bayern and Ajax have Balerdi as the top target. Might not happen as Ajax needs a CB immediately and Marseille might want to hold onto him for now.

  5. Our 8 WC midfielders: Paredes, Guido, Enzo, MacAllister, De Paul, Palacios, Papu, Almada all right footed.

    Our U20 midfielders: Perrone, Nico Paz, Buonanotte, Luka Romero, Soule, Infantino all left footed.

    It seems like the younger generation learn that Argentina best legendary players are left footed: Messi, Maradona, Redondo, Di Maria, Di Stefano (half left footed).

    • Lo Celso would have been the only. Soule and Luka Romero are wide forwards in my book, just like Julian Fernandez, another left footed winger.
      +a lot of left footed centre backs for future as Lisandro, Medina, Senesi and newer prospects as Valentin Gomez, Gaston Avila and Valenti from Parma. Another little older, left footed defensive midfielder prospects are David Ayala, Sforza and first of all Ezequiel Fernandez.

    • If there was a WC for left footed players only ARG would win it comfortably.

      Guido Herrera/Petroli

      Medina/Valentin Gomez

      RB is the only problematic position so we would play with a big CB there.

      Lo Celso/Nacho Fernandez/Cervi
      Perrone/Ezequiel Fernandez/Sforza
      Buonanotte/Luka Romero/Nico Paz

      Di Maria/Nico Gonzalez/Orellano
      Dybala/Lamela/Jose Lopez (young CF from Palmeiras)
      Messi/Soule/Valentin Carboni.

      And some older, not that fancy but overall good players as Ojeda, Pity Martinez, Reynoso, Juan Ramirez from Boca midfield, Garre etc.

    • I never heard of him before your post today, it’s good though scaloni planning rebuilding process again Which is winners do , weather we like or not half of winning team must go in order the success path continues it’s always important to bring fresh young hungry players to mix with experience ones.

      • Luca Langoni was the reason boca won league last year…scored most of the important goals at the right moment…I am surprised European teams are not after him…

  6. Can’t wait for the U20 South American qualifying to start. The official team is released. This is my starting 11:
    Gomez Gerth; Giay, Di Lollo/Genez, V Gomez, Aude; Perrone, Infantino, Paz; Buonanotte, Julian Fernandez, Puch/Castro

    1. RB: Aguilar vs. Giay: Giay just had one cap in Toulon in the last game against Japan, but that was our best performance where we won 3-1. Aguilar started in all games as RB and Right center back (against Japan) but was far from convincing. My choice is Giay as he is also a regular in San Lorenzo now.

    2. LB: Aude it is his time to have a breakthrough. I have a high expectation on him.

    3. CB: V Gomez was not in Toulon. The 2 who always started were Di Lollo and Genez. Both of them looked bad. V Gomez already a regular player of Velez. He deserves to start.

    4. DM: Maxi Gonzales always started in Toulon but was just OK. Perrone is a high profile player. The later should start.

    5. 8: Infantino is the captain, may remain as the captain. Masche sees him as a key player. He should start. Buonanotte moves to the right winger .

    6. Paz is a must start.

    7. 9: Between Puch and Castro. Whoever is better.

    8. The other winger I would choose Julian Fernandez.

    The tournament will start on Jan 21st, 2 weeks from now.


      Julian Fernandez clip. One of the disciples of Di Maria other than Soule, Cristian Espinoza. Not as speedy as the young Di Maria but has a lot of Di Maria game in his game.

        • very surprising Barco not even in squad. Boca’s contribution to U20, U23 is really poor. I hope Varela, Zeballos , Rossi make their moves from Boca soon. Kudos to Velez, Racing & Rosario Central for the U20 focus & commitment. River’s contribution with Enzo & Julian also has been monumental.

    • We already have nico Gonzalez as di Maria replacement, but we need more of these types of player. He is much faster than di maria ever was but he lacks that creative stuff which di Maria has.

    • the other option can be to play 1-3-2-4 & in that case Infantino, Buonanotte , Paz , Perrone all fit in with Julian Fernandez. Would love to see Buonanotte as the Central AM. He looks very promising & i am betting on this being his breakout tournament.
      Puch , Castro & even Alejo Veliz gives us good CF options. Midfield is clearly our strength in this squad. Full backs also are promising. Its the Center Backs that can be worrisome & hopefully Masche gets his defensive tactics right post our 2-6 defeat to France U20 last year

      • I was not comparing him to Di Maria. He has similarities and differences with Di Maria. He will be a better goal scorer than Di Maria.
        I was telling that we already have a replacement for Di Maria. In Scaloni’s system Di Maria can be replaced with Garnacho.


    Watch this. Garnacho was upset (CR7 like upset) when Bruno did not pass the ball to him when he was in good position. For me it shows the difference of mentality of Garnacho as an 18 year old. How many 18 years old in the whole world dare to be upset with a “big star” of MU such as Bruno Fernandes when he did not pass him the ball??

    Garnacho mentality is way above others for an 18 years old kid. For me it is something valuable. Most 18 years ago would say nothing and do nothing in Garnacho position there. For example I don’t think the 21 year old Almada would complain to Messi or to Di Maria when they did not pass him the ball when he was free but Garnacho is something else. This dude got a character, like Emi. Hope it turns out to be useful for us.

    I think in the future, some Argentina fans would be upset with his attitude too, but I am sure in general he will bring positivity to the team.

    CR7, Mbappe both are annoying, but not everyone can be great like Messi by being humble and showing flawless attitude. Some can be great by being extremely annoying, supremely confident, and pain in the ass attitude too. Let Garnacho be Garnacho as long as he is not over the limit.

  8. Just learned Angel Di Maria has scored around 180 goals in his career so far. And scoring goals is far from his main duty.
    This underrated legend will never get the honor he deserves……

  9. Guys this March friendlies. Will Scaloni call up Garnacho? He deserves it. Scaloni knows that even before the WC it was already a controversy that he was not called up when Nico Gonzales and J Correa both injured. For me there should be 6 additions to the 26 players World Champion winning squad this March: Lo Celso, Nico Gonzales, J Correa, Garnacho, Medina, and Nehuen Perez.

    The question is:
    1. If Garnacho is called up and make his debut for the senior team. Will he still want to play for WC u20? Messi, Aguero, Di Maria all played WC u20 first before making their debut with the senior team.

    2. Will he be released by MU for the WC u20. MU last game will be on May 28th. WC U20 will start on May 21st.

      • We can call up as many players as we can for the friendlies right? Usually every friendly Scaloni call up to 32-35 players. I dont think he will drop any of the WC players to honor them this march.

        • I agree scaloni will call same players first couple games to honor them probably he will start changing beginning of the world cup qualifiers somewhere June or July

    • Will he call Garnacho up? Quite likely, infact almost certainly! But the real question is: Will he give Garnacho time on the field or even start him? The answer to that will depend on how he does for MU within the next 3 months and the same thing will apply to Soule who is starting to get games for Juve.
      The big advantage for Garnacho is the fact that his position (LFW/LW) is not set in stone with the NT, no player has made this position his own. Nico Gonzalez came close but no thanks to his endless injuries he’s nowhere near guaranteed.

      • Yeah in the final against France, our lacking of options at left winger almost got exposed by France. Di Maria started there and did well. Usually the back ups were Nico Gonzales, J Correa, or Papu. But the first 2 were not available, the later was injured. Scaloni did not really trust A Correa or Almada there, so he put a much more defensive minded Acuna there with the hope that it did not change the flow of the game, but France were not scared of Acuna at all. Things changed dramatically when Acuna was on the pitch.

        Had Garnacho been available, he would have been the perfect replacement for Di Maria as France would have feared his pace in a counter attack.

  10. I cannot believe Martial is still starting over this point it is pathetic to see him try and fail over and over… dont know what financial/ contractual reasons are..but it defies logic…

    Also yes MU is toxic and lacks the drive to play at highest level…Garnacho should look elsewhere where he can learn from good older players..

    MU is the MLS club of EPL

  11. This manU players are jealous that before worldcup granacho won player of the month award for manU
    They are frustrated to have a young argentina talents emergance thats why they dont pass to him☹️

  12. MU is a very bad club. I hope Real will get Ganarcho in the summer. Rashford even ignored Ganarcho after scoring the penalty. A lot of assholes, they never win the league with that attitude

    • yeah man I notice that too. I think Rashford detects a danger in Garnacho presence. Rashford has been hailed as MU golden boy for many seasons in a row. Now Garnacho gaining popularity. He must be afraid that someone is taking the throne.

      Garnacho pace man… so Mbappe like. That is very useful in today’s futbol. Hope he would be selected by Scaloni this March and hope he will do the same for Argentina soon (creating havoc in left side).

      But I disagree if he moves to Real. Real has Vini Jr who is just the exact copy of Garnacho and is their most important player at the moment. I don’t want Garnacho to be just the back up of Vini. He needs to play as much as possible, I would say stay at MU and won the starting line up. That should be his short term goal. Sancho will be back, but Sancho is a trash. Garnacho competitor is only Rashford or Martial for 2 spots. 3 players for 2 spots.

  13. I know some might be sick and tired of me saying it……..WE ARE WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS BABY 🙂 I keep checking myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming or imagining things…….i never stopped celebrating the COPA AMERICA win nm THE WORLD CUP

  14. Garnacho played well! His positioning was top class. Unfortunately, Bruno Fernandez shot instead of making an easy pass to garnacho inside the box and rashford did not pass 3 separate times … one was an easy goal for garnacho at the second post.
    Garnacho finally was passed to and he draws a penalty.
    He should have really been on the WC team instead of almada. Just being honest.

    • Agreed about Almada but i have a feeling Almadas inclusion was all about marketing. Maybe AFA trying to get him into Europe and his NT inclusion might help vs Garnacho already in Europe.

    • Yo, we won a World Cup my man, I feel like all things happen for a reason, Lo Celso’s injury, no call-up for Garnacho, loss to Saudi Arabia, all blessings in disguise.

      In a parallel universe Lo Celso is not injured, Garnacho is not called up, we smash Saudi Arabia 3:0 with two Lautaro goals and then lose to Brazil in semis, after Brazil beats Croatia 1:0.

  15. Before the WC many thought our fullbacks were our weak links but they all played well including Tagliafico whose name in Italian means cut a fig lol

    • I searched for “Tagliafico name meaning” and nothing popped up.

      I then googled “to cut fig tree in italian translation” and this popped up “tagliare il fico”. hella funny!

    • The fact that Tagliafico wasn’t dribbled past even once in the world cup even after starting in the semi final and final is astonishing. His 1v1 expertise is still underappreciated. What a player.

      @toto from twitter, my point is bro isn’t only I & you who are appreciated for tagliafico who always give 7/10
      There many arg fans who likes him unlike some pple in here.

      • I always liked him, ever since his Independiente days and defended him back in those days (circa 2017) against cafetero wannabe who used to call him “Poor man’s Lucas Orban”. A close friend of mine is a hardcore Ajax fan and he remembers him and Licha fondly.

  16. MU players not passing to Garnacho…he was free sometimes and the ball was not coming. At the final moment, he got a pass and won a penalty. His speed is the key.

    • Very true..after rasford,when bruno didn’t pass him, he show frustration and then bruno something told him…later the run from bruno pass

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