Manchester City confirm Máximo Perrone signing


Manchester City have confirmed the signing of Máximo Perrone.

The Argentine U20 player has joined the reigning Premier League champions. Manchester City announced on Monday that they have signed the 20 year old midfielder from Velez.

Máximo Perrone is presently with the Argentina U20 national team at the Sudamericano but the club announced that he will join them after the tournament.


  1. Mascherano not the right guy for the youngsters. I never thought he had the talent to be a top level coach. Maybe he can teach them English and how to clean their rooms. SMH

  2. This team makes it look like we were lucky at the world cup. A nasty injury, faults and mistakes this team is not an Argentina team… Sorry guys after the world cup victory I really didn’t expect that performance.

  3. We had our chances inspite of a leaky defense. Infantino penalty miss in 1st half , Perrone at 56min with a weak finish , Castro’s wide header at 60mins were solid chances. Our game was definitely better than the scoreline. Di Lollo was the lollipop for brazil🤐 & he gave it on a platter. Hope thats his last match for U20.

    • And that one chance where I think it was Puch who pressed and stole the ball in the box with several teammates there and Infantino chose to pass it back and fizzle it out

  4. Very concerning loss especially from a tactical point of view. Brazil were NOT good, they don’t defend well and it is really easy to win duels in the box and their full backs are not good either. All of the goals they scored were gifted and somehow we thought it was a good idea to give their pacey players counter attacking chances through 1) trying to build out of the back without the players for it and 2) having Gonzalez as a 5 who is very one dimensional and lacks everything a 5 needs if their team is going to play out from the back. The first game our best player Buonanotte didn’t start and the second game we didn’t use Perrone properly while also keeping Paz on the bench who looked brilliant when he played. Overall I don’t want to get too hung up on these youth tournaments because naturally there will be players that are below par and really what matters to me is that we get the truly talented ones playing with the shirt and building chemistry with each other. There’s u20’s, u17’s, and u15’s, ten years from now all those squads of 23-26 players will be senior level age but there’s never like 70 players that are in the orbit for a World Cup spot. Many will fade out and it’s natural to have the occasional Di Lollo or Gonzalez on your team. If you look at the other U20 teams from a few years back there are several players that are in obscurity or nowhere near NT level. So no reason to get hung up on the poor performers. They will exist with an age margin of 3 years to select from, better players won’t be released, etc. The only negative to worry about in my opinion is the coaching.

    • I read a twitter feed yesterday that said Paz & Aude had fitness issues & wont start. Thats probably why Paz didnt start. Hence maybe Masche didnt have a choice as far as starting Gonzalez was concerned.

      • Interesting, reporting isn’t as good as with the senior team so it’s easy to miss those details. Hope Paz is a starter next game. Even if we are eliminated the ultimate goal should be to get some of the better players playing together and help develop them for the future. Hope for Paz, Puch, Perrone, and Fernandez to all be starters if possible this week

        • true. I have always been a big Masche fan. But hard not to agree that his coaching philosophy has not worked. Maybe ideal for a club which practices day in day out.
          We can still reach next stage if we beat Peru & Colombia & Brazil dosent give more than a point to Colombia. I still feel we have the team to wriggle out & qualify for WC U20. Giay’s injury in the end looked worrisome.

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