Argentina U20 starting eleven vs. Brazil at the Sudamericano


Argentina U20 national team coach Javier Mascherano has announced the following eleven vs. Brazil at the Sudamericano.

Javier Mascherano’s team have to get the three points after having lost their opening match 2-1 vs. Paraguay. He has made five changes to the from the first match but has kept the same back line. Here is the eleven:

Gomes Gerth; Giay, Di Lollo, V. Gomez, Genez; Perrone, Gonzalez, Infantino; Fernandez, Puch, Aguirre


  1. worst under20 team and a worst coach ..without releasing our star players team losts its chemistry and balance. our federn is pathetic prevoius tournmnts also Arg team not getting the star players in time.

  2. Who is that CDM man? Worst player on the field. Not positioning sense, so many miss passes. How this team came to play with out any proper CDM. Nico Paz played good but not getting enough support from his team mates. Most of the players look unfit. We need a good CDM player asap.

  3. Brazilians need to now do us a favor by beating Colombians in next game. Its then a knockout game for us vs Colombia (assuming we have beaten Peru). We need to win & Colombia can manage with a draw.

  4. Who make infantino captain? Not a good forward pass nor a good defensive Work.. Lol even before penalty i knew he will miss…
    The team is average .. And machreano make it below average..

    • Well captain is more of mentality and leadership traditionally than ability. The concern is he’s not showing that either, really nervous after the penalty loss and not helping the team get out of what’s happened

  5. With the loss of Buonanotte, we lost a player who is much closer to Soule, Garnacho, Romero than many think. After that our best player is probably Perrone, and we aren’t getting the ball to him in good spaces or using him well. I don’t know why we are trying to build out from the back, we don’t recognize our weaknesses and aren’t using our strengths. The style of play can’t come before the team

    • I question Masche’s decision to keep bringing similar defenders as the Toulon’s ones as none of them (but Aude) looked good. I am sure there are better u20 defenders than Di Lollo and Genez in the whole country of Argentina (both almost always started in Toulon) as today these 2 along with Infantino have been the worst. Oh and Gomez Gerth has been very disappointing too after learning 1 month from our legendary goalie Emi Martinez.

    • In Toulon he lost 6-2 against France. Draw once and won 2 I think. In Cotif tournament where it was 2 x 40 minutes with smaller pitch, his team won the tournament. Now it looks like 2 losses.

  6. The tempo of the match is real good. I am yet to give up hope. The lads are moving the ball well & making a genuine attempt. Infact all the 3 goals scored till now against us are individual mistakes from GK,CB & now LB. Genez should have just cleared ball & conceded a penalty corner.

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