Argentina U20 in trouble at Sudamericano after 3-1 loss vs. Brazil


The Argentina U20 team are in trouble at the Sudamericano as they lost 3-1 vs. Brazil.

Javier Mascherano’s team are still winless at the Sudamericano after their first two matches. Following a 2-1 loss vs. Paraguay, they would lose 3-1 vs. Brazil on Monday.

An early throw in for Brazil got them their first goal as Mascherano’s team were unable to defend it and Brazil would get their first goal of the match. Argentina pushed and nearly got a goal.

They would hit the crossbar and Argentina would also get a penalty and an opportunity to get back into the match. It was the captain Infantino who stepped up to take it but a kick save by the Brazilian goalkeeper denied Infantino a goal.

Brazil would make it 2-0 before half time. A run by Andrey Santos into the Argentina back line as he would outrun an unorganized Argentina back line and score.

After a handball in the opening match against Paraguay, defender Di Lollo would foul inside the penalty area and Brazil were awarded a penalty. Argentina goalkeeper Gomes Gerth would guess the wrong way and Brazil would score to make it 3-0 in the second half.

With Facundo Buonanotte injured, Agustín Giay was one of Argentina’s better players of the match but he would twist his ankle and get injured.

Maximiliano González would get Argentina’s only goal late in the match. A cross into the penalty area off a free kick and a header by Maxi Gonzalez as he would score his first of the Sudamericano tournament.

Nico Paz was brought on as a substitute and provided a nice piece of skill. He had started the match vs. Paraguay.

Still in fourth place, Argentina have played two matches and lost both. In last place is Peru who have lost all three of their matches. The top three teams in both groups qualify for the next round and here are the standings:

Paraguay, 3 matches: 7 points
Brazil, 2 matches: 6 points
Colombia, 2 matches: 4 points
Argentina, 2 matches: 0 points
Peru, 3 matches: 0 points

Argentina play Peru on Wednesday.

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  1. A brief summary

    Mascherano: perhaps go back to lead a local team and do it step by step. At the moment he failed.

    Games Gerth : Disappointing, but he is young .hopefully can improve in next 10yrs. But I am not convinced any European club will make an offer for him.

    F Gomes: Not that impressive or probably poorer than Gerth .Just look at him Vs France ,disastrous performance.

    V Gomes: Definitely an averaged CB

    DI LOLLO: Poorest player all the time ,perhaps abandoned soon by boca junior.

    N GENEZ: poorest player should be abandoned by boca junior

    JULIAN AUDE: promosing type but physically he isn’t strong .Hopefully can build up his body in near future .National team material.

    A GIAY : Not too bad nor too good .Actually he has some abilities but still too young.Hopefully can go abroad and develop into a decent player.

    M PERRONE: still too raw ,actually he is far more behind Enzo fernandez .I am not convinced he can survive in Manchester city first team .May be just like Benjamine garre ,loan loan loan to other clubs then come back to argentina superliga.

    M GONZALEZ: averaged performance and disappointing too. at first I think he is promising but now it seems not

    NICO PAZ: has potential ,perhaps he will be a useful box to box definitely not a no.10 .But he has the body and techniques and speed to become a good box to box.

    G INFANTINO: the same to M Gonzalez.

    BRIAN AGUIRRE: I still believe he has potential ,hopefully can play more matches in superliga later and go to Europe next year .

    J FERNANDEZ: promosing and useful player I think he is better than Brian aguirre.

    VALLEJO: useless ,forget it

    VELIZ : Poorest performance, as a striker even poorer than Gaich

    M PUCH : Fast ,strong striker ,may be useful

    S CASTRO: Not too bad nor too good ,I prefer Puch rather than him .

    All in all ,Only J aude ,J fernandez ,Bounanotte,M puch ,Nico Paz, Brian Aguirre are promosing

    The above six players ,perhaps ultimately only one or two can promote to national team

  2. It’s very important to build a team post Messi era. Yeah we played great as a unit. But it’s in scaloni hands to build a strong team without messi. In our 6 wc finals, 4 final entries was achieved through either Maradona or Messi. We had a great team in 98 02 and 06.

    • 1994 was a very strong team too only to lose momentum after Diego’s controversy!! 1994 , 2002 and 2006 were Argentina’s world cup to lose. Those 3 teams were far stronger than 2014 and 2022 but crashed out like minnows!!

      • No these were way weaker teams, tell me how many strong european teams were beaten by these ARG teams? I can tell you zero, absolute zero. Overhyped for nothing, ARG has no chance to play WC final wo Messi/Maradona, maybe at home like in 78, i dont count 30 final it was so retro WC.

        Against Bulgaria failed, Romania failed, England failed, Sweden failed, Holland failed, Germany failed.

        Greece and 10 men Serbia were jokes. Our 14/22 teams beat 8 european teams.

      • No way any of teams could have trashed an european champions Italy or WC finalist Croatia by 3 goals like Scaloneta, or win a final in Maracana, literally the 2006 team was humiliated in Copa final by Brazil reserve team.

        • Not to talk about their friendly results against these big europeans. It was rather negative except 2-3 matches in H2H. (Italy, Germany with Bielsa). Croatia and England beat Pekerman side too before the WC. Scaloneta or ARG 12-14 was a different animal, or even since 2007 with Messi. ARG beat europeans for fun in friendlies, trashed Germany several times, Italy several times, Spain, France etc.

  3. As sad as it might sound but I really could careless!! Now I don’t mean to be flippant but honestly what has success in the junior level done for the NT? The answer is NOTHING!
    look at the 95, 97, 01, 05, 07 generations, all that success and the NT was trophy less.
    I mean just look at the world cup winning squad, only 3-4 players (Lio, Fideo, Lautaro and Julian) played at the junior level. Tagliafico (2011) and Montiel (2017) were important subs while the likes of A.Correa (2015), Foyth & Palacios (2017) played almost no role aside from warming the bench.
    The ones that really mattered like Enzo, De Paul, Molina, Dibu didn’t play for the U20s while the likes of Licha, Cuti and Alexis played bit roles at the jr levels but didn’t even participate in any U20 WCs.

    Look, losing any tournament is never a good thing and I can totally understand that it can be quite disappointing but when I correlate the periods of NT success with that of the U20s a scary pattern emerges:

    Argentina were the winners of the (inaugural) 79 u20 WC where Diego shined but after that the 80s until the mid 90s were shocking for the U20s, yet Argentina won a world cup, 2 copas, a confederation cup and a finalissma.
    Argentina then won 5 out of 7 U20 WCs between 95-07 and the NT won NOTHING! It’s quite frighting to think that there is an opposite correlation between the 2.

    • the juvenile development is essential to a healthy NT. This is a pipeline, not the only pipeline. That being said, there is no reason we cannot perform in a respectful manner, not the fucking embarrassment this dipshit Mascherano is as a coach. Look, I love the guy as a warrior, I love what he represents; but he is more of a life coach than a tactician on the field. His teams are more times than not completely disorganized, he has limited ideas because he has no coaching experience, and he is there because people like the person not the manager. Scaloni has a UEFA coaching license so this bullshit that Scaloni and Mascherano have same background is crap. The U20 with Pekerman was essential to all the finals we attended even though we did not win. This problem needs to be solved to be successful. This guy needs to be out of there. Give it to Aimar, anybody that has a damn clue.

      • > Scaloni has a UEFA coaching license so this bullshit that Scaloni and Mascherano have same background is crap.

        So Scaloni takes classes and pays £29 for the UEFA license and you think there’s a defining difference between the 2? The reality is they are far more alike that you would like to admit. The UEFA license doesn’t diminish the fact that everything else you criticised Masche for overlaps with Scaloni. I get that Masche isn’t doing well but just like Scaloni, time and patience is needed for new coaches. As i mentioned last time, Scaloni took 3 long painful years to start showing anything of worth. He was very fortunate, if we didn’t win copa, he would have been canned.

        Ex player ✅
        Defensive player ✅
        No vision on how to create offense ✅
        UEFA License for £29 ❌
        Turned race horses into mules ✅
        Zero managerial experience ✅
        No results so far ✅
        Don’t even know what system he plays ✅

        And as far Masche demanding kids clean rooms and learn English, it’s obviously meant for disciplinary training and preparing the kids transfer to Europe. I really don’t see anything wrong, quite the contrary, I’d expect that from any forward thinking coach u20, u17, u15, etc.

        Masche rules for the curious –
        – Do your homework daily
        – You must learn English
        – Read books in your spare time during training camps
        – Clean your boots after each training session and each game
        – Get your own meals rather than relying on someone else serving them
        – Clear plates and cutlery after meals
        – Clean the dressing room before leaving
        – Attend a communication workshop to learn how to deal with the media

        • Right, it’s kind of weird that people use the results as an excuse to suddenly criticize and demerit the disciplinary things. Does that really bug people so much it’s the first thing that comes to mind when we lose? English can really help them if they move abroad and everything else could potentially help foster the humility and togetherness that is so central to the senior team. Of course, let’s hope results come soon

          • Exactly. Language barrier is such a critical aspect for players integrating into a new country. Newbies often feel isolated professionally and socially without knowing the common language and can hamper development and career. The rest of it is just basic discipline training. As you say, helps with discipline, humility, and unity…which we know in hindsight was so critical in Copa and the WC.

            For Masche, he might be shit after all is said and done but i think the guy deserves a bit of patience before the pitchforks come out. From the little i watched, a lot of individual errors. Players seemed nervous as hell, often forgetting basics like passing, trapping the ball, clearing, defending, etc. Hope they improve…

    • Youth development is very essential, it’s a simple logic. We got into a lot of finals and had bad lucks mainly because of coaches. WC06 is the strongest team we had after Maradona till now, lots of the players are from WC97 U20 and others.

      This year the greatness in Messi, Scaloni and E. Martinez hired lots of our youth development issues. We had Ottamendi, Di Maria and Messi still playing and near 35

    • Also youth WC winning led to booming of our stars in Europe, evidenced in the 2000s and early 2010s.
      Beckenbauer once said France will have a bright future (said back in 2004-2006) because of their youth development, they have two world champions now

  4. It is very sad for our U20. The only bright spots are: Paz and Puch honestly. Others were below average, OK J Fernandez was fine. Perrone seems to play for himself. It seems like anytime he touches the ball, he wants to try to deliver killer balls. It is a bit too much. As a midfielder he has to be balanced especially he is not an offensive midfielder. He needs to learn to play simple passing too. He killed the rhythm of the game by doing that too much. I saw many times Paz or Castro were open in the second half but he chose to pass the ball to somewhere else where it ended up a turnover.

    Di Lollo, man Masche if you are a bit smart, please don’t play him. The 2 Toulon defenders today were the worst: Di Lollo and Genez. Infantino forgot to defend. Maybe he was trying to be the next MacAllister as a left sided midfielder but forgot to defend. Maxi Gonzales was always average. I always noticed that since the Toulon days.

    Giay is pretty good at least he tried something. Valentin Gomez is still too raw. Not as bad as Di Lollo but brazil second goal was the combination of the super bad defense by these two and Infantino/Maxi.

    Now our chance to qualify will depend on Colombia. Peru already eliminated I guess. So we need to expect Colombia to lose the remaining games and us to win both remaining games. That’s it.

  5. Mascherano wants to build a new style with nowhere identity, but it doesn’t work. Better go with the basic Playing “Tango style”. Not good for developing the next generation.

  6. Without Garnacho, Soule, Barco and even Luka Romero this team looks mediocre. Mashcerano does not have the players to play his brand. Then why is he trying? It would be sad if players like Garnacho and co misses the U20 WC. I still hope we somehow make it to the WC. And bring in the young stars.

  7. When it’s bad, it’s really bad, likely we don’t win any games, that’s better, and Mascherano will be fired. Coaching is a much more intellectual than playing, also requiring soft skills too and Mascherano is lacking all these. There’s enough evidence that he should go.

    Maradona actually seems way better than Mascherano as a coach to be honest, so sad to say this. WC10 we played great until Maradona’s obsession with Tevez and unbalanced the team. We’re talking about the time where they had some experience already.

    It’s a shame that we used to win U20 champions back to back, now this. Winning WC U20 will open door to Europe and senior team, so U20 tournement is important.

    Saviola met Scaloni in Spain while he was learning coaching, and Saviola was really impressed with Scanoli’s knowledge. It’s also about the ability to learn at school too, and Mascherano may lack this. Not all great players become good coaches

  8. Actually U20 losing isn’t a big deal ,perhaps only a few players will ultimately become national team material .But the main point is ,you should have a proper coach ,select the proper player and teach them how to play ,also connect with national team and probably promote the best one to national team .
    However I don’t think this u20 have too much potential .At least you should show us you can play as a team with tactics . Or I don’t think we only have Di lollo as a proper CB . Argentina always have different types of player .but mascherano showed us we can only rely on Di lollo and nobody else

  9. mascherano should be fired . Even a keyboard fighter know Di LOLLO is a disaster not only for this tournament but also previous friendly such as 6 goals loss to France. But he insisted using Di lollo even last match contributed a penalty to Paraguay. This match Di lollo is a disaster again.

    As a coach ,you should realize the ability of your players and choose the best .At this stage mascherano isn’t up to standard.

  10. what a pathetic Arg. Federation. They are not paying attention on bringing first choice players from clubs. They are loosing thr hands . Releasing players from clubs for NT games is very imp. FIFA must take care about this. Young players future and developments lies in this type of major tournts..

  11. Even Grondona Junior was far better manager than this.

    We need someone consistent with Scaloni-Aimar style.

    In my opinion, Ayala should be given additional duty of U20 side.

  12. We must win our last two games and hope Brazil at least ties colombia.
    Or we can tie Peru… hope Brazil beats colombia by a few goals and then beat colombia by a couple goals ..

  13. Winning next 2 matches won’t be enough to progress…! Our hope of qualifying for U20 WC is in BIG trouble.

    One of the remaining match is against home team, Colombia, may be they just need a draw against us…!

    Mascherano is a big failure till now…Peru may be easy but we need to win against Colombia and pray Colombia should not defeat Brazil.

      • I think the local clubs have a big problem in their player selling scheme. Actually the standard of argentina local football league is far more behind europe.

        If a young player can’t play football early in europe ,then he probably won’t be national team material later. Now we definitely have talent young players in local league but their club won’t sell them easily nor giving them enough playing time in local matches .That completely ruin their prospects. Such as Barco (boca) neither sold nor giving him enough time in superliga.

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