Argentina U20 starting XI vs. Colombia in Sudamericano


Javier Mascherano announed his Argentina starting eleven vs. Colombia.

Mascherano has made another change in the starting eleven in a match that Argentina have to win. Goalkeeper Herrera keeps his spot in the starting eleven after keeping a clean sheet against Peru.

Maximo Perrone of Manchester City is back in the starting eleven while Nico Paz keeps his spot in the team. Argentina have to win or else they are eliminated from the Sudamericano. Here is the starting eleven:

Herrera; Aguilar, Di Lollo, V. Gomez, Aude; Infantino, Perrone, Aguirre, Paz; Encinas, Puch


  1. Copa and Olympic 2024 will be only around one month difference again. So Scaloni will have to use the second team for the Olympic. I assume he will bring his best players for the Copa America and second team for the Olympic. Similar to what happened in 2021. With the second team, we will have no chance at the Olympic (if we qualify).

    However these players are young enough to play for the Olympic 2024: Enzo Fernandez (should make the Copa America team not Olympic), Carlos Alcaraz, Garnacho, Soule, Luka, Carbonis, Aude, V Barco, Paz, Buonanotte. Plus 3 over aged players. But these 3 over age should be second team Argentina players. 4 years ago it was J Ledesma. Let’s see if Garnacho will be part of Copa America or Olympic team next year.

  2. What a letdown tournament for us. I dont think we can give excuses of absence of Garnacho,Soule,Romero, Carbonis. All teams had major stars missing. Colombia lost their top player ( Duran) just before 1st match bcos of Aston Villa move.
    Masche was raw for sure & needs to go for now. But to me individual silly errors coupled with bad luck killed it.
    1) Gomes’s blooper & DiLollo’s penalty vs Paraguay was gross errors & cost us 3 points.
    2) Herrera joined the GK blooper party in Colombia match. Still thinking which miss was the worst (Gerth or Herrara)
    3) Buoanotte’s freak injury & losing Giay mid way was pure bad luck
    4) Infantino’s penalty save was a freaking GK hanging leg. More of luck than skill. 1.1 at that point would have seriously changed the match dynamics.

    Some Player potential takeways :
    – Paz has talent & is the one to watch out.
    – I would be surprised if Perrone succeeds in Man City. Looks under cooked for now except few good moves.
    – Masche under-utilized Julian Fernandez. Another talent for the future.
    – Aguirre, Castro & Puch atleast gets full marks for trying. But long way to go for even thinking of being NT probable.
    – Aude needs to work on physicality. Else he goes to MLS at best
    – Veliz turned out to be Gaich 2.0. Inspite of all the backline blunders vs Paraguay, he should have converted Perrone cross instead of hitting the post with GK at his mercy.
    – Di Lollo is the undisputed worst player of tournament. I would still bet on Valentin Gomez growing into a fine CB.

    • Agree ,J aude need to strengthen up his body otherwise it will be a waste

      Perrone will join manchester city first team ,at this stage he is moderate in defense and attack ,not a box to box nor play maker . as a result ,you defintely can’t compete with Rodri (Man city ).Ultimately will loan to other teams .he needs huge improvement

  3. I hope Masche will politely resign. He is just not the right person for the job. I agree one of Ayala or Aimar or Samuel can take care of this job at least now focus on qualifying for the Olympic.

    • True. Aimar should take over. He has U17 experience & also the time spent with Scaloni will atleast make the game philosophy aligned to Sr NT.

  4. This team is out not only for U20 worldcup but Olympics also.

    Only several players are national team material.They are
    1, Paz : Impressive if progress rightly ,3 to 4yrs later can play in national team as a box to box player.

    2, Brian Aguirre: as a winger ,he need to strengthen up his body and speed .It depends on when he plays in Europe, At least he can be a weaker Angel correa.

    3, Julian Aude: play like Zanetti but physically very weak .injury prone that is the big issue for him .

    4, Julian fernandez : still too raw ,but show potential .as a winger

    Others ,Infantino is impressive this match but not constant enough .Encinas is a suprise but still far from national team .

    Biggest disappoint should be two goal keepers ,all defenders ,M Gonzalez and Perrone.

    As to the striker ,Puch is the best then Castro is moderate. Veliz put him into rubbish bin

    • No Olympic has nothing to do with this I think. I check on wikipedia, the top 4 will make the WC u20, the top 3 will make the Pan America games not Olympic.

      Maybe there is another South American tournament by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

      • It used to be that the top 4 qualify for the U20 WC while the top 2 qualify for the olympics (in addition to the u20 WC) but that’s changed now.
        As amit says, you have to qualify for the olympics separately, and if you all remember Alexis and Gaich excelled in the pre-olympics tournament.

    • Sure ,I am not concerned about our defenders in next 4 yrs ,we have Romero ,Perez ,L martinez, Senesi, Medina, Balerdi, Foyth ,Molina . perhaps Gonzalez(fiorentina)can play like acuna .

      For the goal keepers only Dibu and Musso can be relied on definitely need more new blood . L brey (Boca) and J blazque (play in france) seems to be OK.

  5. I remember the last generation of our U20 4 years ago (2 years ago there was no WC20) in 2019 produce 3 NT material players: Nehuen Perez, Medina, and Julian Alvarez. That WC U20 also had Haaland as the tournament top scorer.

    The 2017 generation produce a lot of NT players like: Licha Martinez, Senesi, Foyth, Montiel, Palacios, and Lautaro Martinez. Cuti also from this generation too but was not among the U20 World Cup squad.

    The 2015 generation only produce A Correa and Buendia.

    This 2023 generation will likely only produce attackers maybe Garnacho, Soule, Luka (Luka development has stalled so far), and Paz/Buonanotte only. I don’t expect much from the rest.

    • Very true.
      If every generation produces 3 players at least it would be great.
      I also think those mentioned by you are candidates for the future.
      Garnacho, Soule – for sure.
      Paz, Buonanotte and Romero will be there too.
      There will always players that will come out of nowhere and players that will be vanish because they peaked too early, didn’t do the work to succeed.

  6. No participation in under20 WC is a disaster news for Arg. AFA is responsible for this loss. AFA is irresponsible to appoint such an inexperienced coach to do this job . what a shame .Preparation looks bad and lazy .In couple of years ARG. FA is seems pathetic in developing youth players..

    • No. Even with garnacho and Soule I don’t think this team can go far in the u20 wc. I mean the GKs were horrible and the defense won’t even stand a chance.

  7. There was a lot of individual errors in this team. May be masche’s team could have sat in better position even with less collective play if they had avoided those individual errors.

  8. The only player in this pathetic team who looks like adult footballer is Infantino. He at least tries to make wise decisions on the pitch.

    All others just run like headless chicken.
    Goalkeepers are just snowflakes.

    What the hell Mascherano was trying to play is a big question. I haven’t seen any try to implement some certain style of play.

  9. Soule and Garnacho would unlikely be released by their clubs anyway for the World Cup u20. With this current team, we would be embarrassed in the WC u20 without them. Garnacho is destined to play for the senior team. He is already that good. No more junior team for him.

    • Herrera looked much better before that blunder. It is unacceptable. Gomez Gerth had the exact same blunder in the first game against Paraguay. Our goalie future is not looking good. Only Musso, Ledesma, Rossi are below 30. But the later goes to Arab already.

  10. Aguirre looks our best bet for a goal. Perrone has not impressed me in this tournament. Just a safe passer at best. Paz by far has been our best player in tournament, but he does not seem to be in thick of things today. Puch also looks very isolated in this formation.
    Thankfully no howlers from Di Lollo till now. Encinas had a clear opportunity from an Aguirre cross at 40th min or so. But unfortunately the shot was not effective.
    With Julian Fernandez & Castro in bench, Masche still has a chance to script a great escape.

    • what also stood out is a full Colombia supporters in stadium & what a contrast in energy compared to a full Argentine support stadium. Such a sober crowd.

  11. I would say The best Young No.5 in local league is Federico Redondo not Perrone . Perrone is even worst than Infantino in midfield .just don’t know why Manchester city buy him

  12. I would say Argentina play better than Colombia. So far the defense has been good. The midfields 3 of Infantino, Perrone, and Encinas help the defense.

    Argentina play a bit unusual. Paz as the 10 like this:

    So far the tactic works. Aguilar playing right back is in danger of second yellow. Ciccioli needs to replace him. Herrera is much better than Gomes Gerth.

    I would be fine with a late goal. This Colombia have the ability to attack us if they want. Too early goal would be not that good.

    • You hit it to the tee … once again we are controlling the game just like the other matches… missed opportunities… but confident we can get the W and advance.
      Mas her ano is doing a good job btw… Los pibes can’t finish…. Yet

  13. Not playing well… directionless long balls and crosses, no control whatsoever. WC u20 is farcry for this team. Mascherano needs to rethink his plan in secondhalf.

    • Paz is a box to box ,shouldn’t expect him play like messi or No.10. I think he is quite good

      Brian Aguirre has potential

      Julian Aude should improve his physical strength but very good at dribbling

      Perrone definitely overrated. Just look at how Federico Redondo play today in superliga .you will know how bad he is when compared with redondo

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