The 2024 Copa America to be held in the United States


The 2024 Copa America will be held in the United States.

Argentina will be defending their Copa America crown in the United States next year. It will be 10 teams from CONMEBOL and six teams from CONCACAF with four groups of four teams.

The six CONCACAF teams will qualify for the 2024 Copa America through the 2023-2024 CONCACAF Nations League. An official announcement was released by CONMEBOL on Friday with an agreement also being reached regarding the women’s tournaments.


  1. @Roy.
    A majority of us lives in USA. And most of us are in Mundo since the beginning. We should arrange a Albiceleste Party at Copa America 2024. I am in. I live in South Florida. (40 mins from Miami 10 mins from Pink Stadium Inter Miami) I ll join anywhere in the USA.

  2. Any idea of the venues/stadiums???
    I plan on doing some super fanatic full body paint with a cigar. And another match I will wear some qatari clothes with the Argentina jersey to remind them who the world champs are.

  3. I’m super excited for the Copa America to be played in the US. I don’t live that close to any of the venues, but I would be willing to drive to one of them.

    Does anyone have any idea how much the tickets usually go for?

  4. SUPER KUN fighting fire with FIRE……..telling Zlatan to shut it………talking smack about ARGENTINA not winning the WC again when Sweden didn’t even qualify lol

  5. I would very much like to see a merger of Conmebol and Concacaf. The Copa America should always be between all teams on the American continent. With just 10 teams we keep playing the same opponents. UEFA has over 50 countries. We never play Surinam or Guyana, while both are in South America. A merger would make it much more interesting and provide more variety.

    • It would also increase competitiveness a lot. The US are on the rise and I actually quite liked Canada during the WC despite their poor standing, against Belgium they deserved to win. Mexico of course is always better than Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay. Even Jamaica could have a fairly competitive team if they nationalize a few descendants (mostly from England).

  6. Finally a Copa America with both CONMEBOL and a bunch of CONCACAF teams. A bit of a rehearsal for a 2026 WC too. Might make a trek to NE US if some games are there. MetLife for e.g. is a 6.5 hour drive from me.

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