Champions League Round of 16 Preview: Enzo Fernández, Nicolas Otamendi qualification


The Champions League Round of 16 continues on Tuesday with the second legs to be played.

Enzo Fernández and Chelsea will look to turn around a first leg 1-0 loss vs. Borussia Dortmund at Stamford Bridge. After going winless in six matches, Chelsea got their first win on Saturday and will look to make it two out of two against Dortmund.

Nicolas Otamendi and Benfica have a better result going into the second leg. Winning 2-0 away from home against Club Brugge, Otamend will want to keep another clean sheet in the second leg. Here are the two matches for Tuesday:

Chelsea (Enzo Fernández) vs. Borussia Dortmund
Benfica (Nicolás Otamendi) vs. Club Brugge


  1. Retegui called up to the Italian NT for the March friendlies…!

    Bruno Zapelli 20 year midfielder is also called up to the Italian NT but for U21. He’s also playing in Argentine league..!

  2. Penaldo fan boys and Messi haters have came out of cave after PSG exist. After World cup, football had became unbearable to them, now they came out just to hate Messi meanwhile their favorite is playing in saudi league and will never come close to World cup. Messi dont give shit about PSG and his first priority were Argentina and Barca, after Barca only Argentina is his priority and he fulfilled his dream of World champion. Messi is the only player with most ballon dor and WC and Copas. Let their idol pull crowd like Messi did in Argentina after WC victory or immense support and respect he got during World Cup tournament. Their idol can by Instagram bots or twitter trolls but not love and respect Messi get from genuine football fans.

  3. Always the midfield makes a team balanced and win trophies for you, the attackers can only make the difference, but wo good working midfield even the class attackers are hopeless. Vitinha Verratti Ruiz are not up to the mark. Our future is bright, million class options in the future for midfield. Enzo Macallister De Paul Lo Celso Palacios all works, balanced midfielder one by one. Paredes is still there, another leader, and great young prospects are coming in.

    • Fully agree. Too many mediocre players in PSG and certainly in midfield. Having 2 or 3 of the best players upfront won’t win you the CL. Mbappe and Messi could not do anything last night. The situation in the national team is indeed much, much better.

  4. Spurs fans are something else all suddenly they are saying cuti Romero is rush defender but in all honest cuti needs to come down bit it’s fine to be aggressive but not too aggressive the other day he said otamendi is his role model 😉 that is not good sign either In fairness I can’t recall otamendi collecting red cards as much as cuti.
    Conte will more than likely to leave in the summer or he may get Sacked before that if woeful results continues
    – Spurs fans were chanting pochettino’s name last night match, if poch come back to spurs I’m sure cuti will improve his discipline plus lo celso will have clean start under him .

  5. Mateo Retegui has been called up by Roberto Mancini for Italy’s Euro qualifier.
    A couple of days earlier they had already called by Bruno Zapelli for the U 21’s.
    Italy can completely run riot this way as lot of Argentine footballers can be be eligible for Italy through great grandparents.
    Shocking and pathetic by Italy. Hopefully AFA acts firm and swift on this matter.

    • still the national team is obsessed with the world cup triumph and those aged players. And here talented players are being hijacked by other national team. Apparently it seems that scaloni is going to build a team comprising of papu gomez, armani, pezzela, otamendi etc for 2026.

      • U are such a stupid guy.. this matches is for WC winners celebration so all 26 players who were part of WC will be definitely called up…

      • Do me a favor and stop say nonsenses or just change your picture.
        i can t see the holy River plate symbol and down written nonsenses.

        • with due respect, there is no harm or i don’t have any grudge celebrating world cup triumph infront of our fans. But our emerging players being called up by other national team is unbearable. Have you ever thought that we have only 2 proper number 9 in out team right now alvarez and lautaro, in addition simeone is 27 will be 31 by 2026. In this case retegui is the perfect candidate to be incorported. And this can be easily done just by a simple call up and there is no brainer in that.

    • Thts bad news. He was one player i thought will be called up from Local players. He is already 23 years old. If he called up italy will definitely play him….

    • Retegui is a big loss. We dunno how good he will be until he plays in Europe but dominating the local league at 23 is a good sign. The last time 2 players with similar age (a bit younger) dominating the local league end up our WC heroes named: Julian Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez.

      Italy know that they have no future. They can inly still our talents. Our players of course want Argentina but they might choose other nations if they know they have no chance like Chimy for example.

      Zapelli is a talent but we have a lot of AM among below 20.

      Hope Scaloni will protect Garnacho and others now. Many of our youngsters have dual nationalities like Soule, Luka, Paz, Carboni brothers etc.

      • Mateo is still undecided as he knows if he plays even a few minutes he can’t come back even though his dad Carlos (former NT hockey coach) is in Italy to start the process.
        Italy have copied Argentine model of sourcing and the bad news is that they have shortlisted upto 7 players in Argentina alone at various level. They also have an eye on other South American eligibles.

        • Anyway, we can’t call all these players. But, I thought Retegui can be addition to NT if he shows his level next season in a European club.
          Italy badly need a striker and they are calling a player who is playing in Argentine league..!

  6. Psg & City are not made for winning CL. It would be contested by Liverpool, Real Madrid & Bayern again with Benfica having an outside chance.

    After winning everything with the national team, Messi can do whatever he wants & I’d still be happy. Di Maria aswell.

    Barcelona seems to find their feet again in La liga. His most logical destination other than City would be returning to Barca. Argentina is clearly isnt safe, even though I’d love to see him there.

  7. Messi should stay in Europe if he believes he can be in the level he is now for next season.
    if not he should return to Argentina and finish his career here.
    he is not poor to search for money in Arabia or United states.
    this is my personal opinion. i will be disappointed if Leo go to Arabia or United states.
    He don t have to prove anything to anybody and he don t need the money.
    i want to see Messi stay in Europe wherever club he desires or if not there then back home.

    • It’s not about searching for money. Rather, it is having a good life for himself and his family. We already saw what happened just last week to his wife’s family’s grocery store. Argentina is far too volatile for himself and is family. They would not enjoy living there as comfortably as they would in Miami.

      • i have different opinion to be honest. it is clearly for money.
        Leo have house and many people close to his family in Barcelona.
        it is almost clear that after football he will live mostly in Barcelona so Miami is just for take his last big money in a contract.
        As about Argentina you are right that we have not the most friendly envoirment for people to live but people like Messi don t live in poor barrios like the rest of people. Not even to middle class barrios.

    • Messi’s will wait for the dust to settle in PSG before renewing his contract. No other team can pay his wages and he doesn’t want to go to MLS at least for another year. By the end of the year, most fans would have gotten over this defeat and both parties will have less hostile situation to sign the contract. However, both Messi and PSG are extremely incompatible with each other and having a mediocre and clueless coach with no bench strength makes a huge difference. Since non of the front three Messi ,Neymar and Mbappe wanted to subbed out they had to get rid of the big stars like Dimaria and Icardi and Sarabia recently, who would be rotting on bench had they extended their stay. Also very poor transfer market from sporting director Campos didn’t make the top three’s life any easy.

  8. I felt the PSG president is lost. He went into right directions with the players previously, right with selecting Tuchel as coach, but now he failed in a lot of fronts, but the biggest failture is
    Luis Campos, this guy led the club to a series of transfer failure including goalkeepers, forwards, … all sorts of things. He think PSG can win Champion League by having unknown and inexperienced players.

    PSG deserved to loose, even if Vintinha scored, Bayer will find a way to win. It’s a total domination for both game, nothing to regret for.

    Messi should go to Man City if they don’t get punished, other than that I don’t see a better club in Europe for Messi. Or just go to MLS.

    • It wasn’t Verrati’s fault, it was the 17 year old defender who made a blunder by passing it to Verrati who was surrounded by Bayern players near the box! The coach made a worst decision by not playing 4-4-2 when Marquinos got injured. You don’t play a 17 years old in a crunch game like this one.

  9. Hopefully Messi moves to Newells after this season. Against strong physical teams like Bayern Mbappe, Messi and co have no chance. There will not be another CL title. So why not give the people in Argentina the pleasure of seeing him in the league? Of course Newells cannot pay a huge salary, but nowadays he has enough money.

    • Sorry, but he’s in a team that ALWAYS play badly in CL, so that means he cant compete in Europe? lol . You think Mbappe is bad solely because he doesnt score against Bayern? I mean City has yet to win CL as of 2023, does that makes all their players overrated?

      Messi and Mbappe beat everyone and reached WC final. Messi faced Modric, Lewa , Van Dijk and Mbappe at WC and beat all of them.

      PSG has no midfielder who could play a bit of possession. Its all about putting a direct ball for Mbappe to run for it, and you simply cant do this against good sturdy defence. Their main strategy only works for Ligue 1 and they never had plan B when it comes to CL.

      They reminds me of Argentina circa Maradona/Batista/Bauza era. Just gives the ball to the star players and hope them to solves all problems on their own.

      Otamendi is still performing at high level in this competition and you’re telling me Messi is below Otamendi’s level ??

      Enzo is playing well at Benfica but now he’s in sinking ship that always lose, that doesnt means he’s in bad form. Benfica right now is simply better than Chelsea.

  10. I hope Luis Campos feels proud after kicking out Dimaria and Paredes in favor of Portuguese frauds Vitinha and Danilo. Infact Danilo sometimes struggles to control the ball. That was pure politics and thank God Messi won’t extend his contract at PSG.

  11. Ok now I understand, Luis Campos is a portuguese 😀 He hired a lot from a failure country like Portugal, but kicking out the champions like Di Maria, Parades, … Even Icardi should be third in pecking order for the forward.
    PSG will fail and he will be fired soon

  12. PSG director is a big failure. Di Maria still can contribute a lot to PSG. He’s midfielder but top 10 in PSG goal all-time sore list. Parades should be much better than the dump Vintinha too

    • Enzo’s speed is not too fast but he plays sensible. Enzo is not physical either. He’s more suited to La Liga, it will take some time for him. At least he’s not benched yet.

      • That’s simply a myth that John need speed to play in the EPL. The likes of Fabregas and Modric did just fine without having great speed. Enzo is already succeeding. He’s their best player play a mile and he’ll only get better once they put some midfielders around him. Hopefully Alexis will be their next target.

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