Champions League preview: Julián Álvarez and City host Bayern Munich


The Chapions League continues on Tuesday with both matches involving Argentine players, one of which is Julián Álvarez and Manchester City hosting Bayern Munich.

Julián Álvarez will try to help Manchester City make the semi finals of the Champions League as he and Máximo Perrone host the Bundesliga champions. While Perrone is expected to start on the bench, it will be interesting to see if Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola starts the World Cup winner in the quarter final match.

Nicolás Otamendi is suspended and will be unavailable for Benfica as they host Lautaro Martínez, Joaquín Correa and Valentín Carboni of Inter. Here are the matches in the Champions League on Tuesday:

Manchester City (Julián Álvarez and Máximo Perrone) vs. Bayern Munich

Benfica (Nicolás Otamendi) vs. Inter (Lautaro Martínez, Joaquín Correa and Valentín Carboni)


  1. Alvarez is already better players than Lautro Martinez. Being star in city team and completely changing Argentina in WC should be taken notes. Martinez plays in slow league and always fails in tough games.

  2. I looked at Julian Alvarez’s strengths on and it’s like this:

    Through balls…….Very strong
    Holding on the ball….Very strong
    Taking set-pieces…strong

    Julian’s finishing is amazing, so they should change it to “very strong”. But there is one thing that shocked me; no “defensive contribution” stat for Alvarez knowing that Julian’s pressing is out of this world. This site is a joke.

  3. By the by i am not surprised by alverz passing abilities bcz during that 2 breakout seasons of alverez had for river,i think he had 10-20 assist alone in each season, infact he had couple of hattrick of assist so he got me surprised back then, so i always expected him to be a creator as well as finisher like di marria, dybala

  4. English media pundits were raving on Alvarez after the match. They said that he is one of the few players in the world that can be subbed in for the role of Haalaand and DeBruyne. Also they said that he is on the track to being one of the most valuable players on the planet and it will bee hard for City to hold on to him. Congrats to the spider Rico

  5. If we got FIFA U20 WC. I want both prestianni and echeverri to be part of the team… prestianni is already playing for velez team . echeverri is young but very talented can give good 15-20 mints

    • Yep they both super talented, it wont be difficult for them to play in u20 generally in football if you are good enf then u r old enf to play for any team once rach 16s and 17s

    • It looks good on paper but our U20 also have amazing forwards and midfields already. Upfront there are Soule, Garnacho. In midfield there are Paz, Buonanotte.

      But I agree Echeverri looks really good. Maybe he and Prestianni both at least should be considered. just like Brazil u20, the favorite might consider Endrick.

  6. Alvarez was superb. Had two shots on goal , one saved, one wide by inches. His very skillful cross led to Haaland’s goal and his corners terrorized Bayern.

    However, I want Arsenal to win the league and Napoli to win Champions league. Otherwise Messi haters will again start another attack on him demanding Haaland win the BallonDor. Even though World cup way more important and prestigious than Champions league.

  7. Pep is using alvarez as KDB replacement in most matches in PL too. He is good with the crosses. Had he scored any of the 2 he shoot … It would been amazing…

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