Alexis Mac Allister being linked with Liverpool transfer


Alexis Mac Allister is being linked with a move to Liverpool.

Mac Allister could soon be moving clubs with a stay in England potentially happening. According to Fabrizio Romano, Liverpool have presented their project along with a financial proposal to the Argentine. Discussions are advancing but an agreement has not yet been reached.

Liverpool have had a number of Argentine players represent them. Maxi Rodríguez, Javier Mascherano, Emiliano Insúa, Sebastián Leto, Gabriel Paletta and Mauricio Pellegrino.


    • Hahah fair enough bro! I am indifferent towards them

      Mac Allister has a great performance against MU yesterday, he has become an outstanding central midfielder.

  1. People started calling Alexis “penalty merchant”. He surprised everyone with his great and precise penalty-kicks. He is slowly turning into our new Diego Perotti (in terms of penalty-kicks).

  2. Incredibly happy for him. Loved him since his second season at Brighton. He had an excellent baseline and improved proportionally to his potential which a lot of players struggle at. Also happy to have been one of those who backed him when a lot of fans wouldn’t. He will be in a Europe champion team soon.

  3. Taty Castellanos has been a silent revelation this season. Building his reputation brick by brick, he has come a long way from Chile/Uruguyan/ MLS leagues & now among top 10 goalscorers in La Liga. At 13 goals currently, he should remain in the Top 10 LaLiga goalscorers for the season. Apart from Messi, we have only had Higuain, Ocampos, A Correa in that list in past decade. So quite an achievement for a debut season.
    Another commendable Albiceleste performance in La Liga this season is Lucas Robertone with 7 assists & 2 goals for Almeria

    • Robertone targeted by La Liga big guns.
      About Taty, he went through a long dry period and just a month ago, he had close his social media accounts after he was heavily criticized for missing presentable chances against Barca. He has shown great character and bounced back strongly.

  4. I personally don’t care where he goes as long as it doesn’t diminish his progress as a footballer, be that as it may, I don’t think Liverpool is a good fit considering the players they already have.
    One best word to describe the EPL, Fickle.

  5. After playing the intense world cup final , there was no better player with perfect experience of playing under extreme stressful condition than MacAllister to take the penalty!

  6. Gio Simeone just won the Italian league with Napoli, their first title since Maradona led them to victory in 1986 and 1990. Highly symbolic.

  7. It’s nice to see de zerbi started buanonotte against United. He is giving more chances to new youngsters and linking them with the experienced ones. And this is a sign of a great coach and a well balanced team. Buendia showing his potentials in this season. He is an asset for the NT. Alcaraz is more like a forward than a mid fielder. I hope he settles in his favourite position.

  8. Good move I think, he’s adapted well to England, Liverpool is a big club and they are in desperate need of reinforcements in midfield. A win-win.

    Brighton should probably consider Alcaraz to replace Mac Allister, cause Southampton are definitely getting relegated.

    • I agree in a sense. But I don’t think mccalister fits this Liverpool squad and system..I want him to move to a bigger club of course, but not Liverpool. But this looks like it’s going to happen.

      • Under Klopp they usually use 4-3-3 high press, something Mac Allister is perfectly capable of adapting to, he’s a versatile player. Both De Zerbi and Scaloni used high press too, Mac Allister is pretty good at that, plus quick transitions and one touch passing, we’ve all seen that from him. He should be fine in my opinion.

    • I think, It’s better for him to go to ManCity than Liverpool. Under Pep, he can turn into another level. But playing time will be limited there.

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