Argentina to reportedly play Indonesia, possibly China or Australia in June


The Argentina national team are reportedly going to play Indonesia and possibly China or Australia in June.

World Cup winners Argentina are expcted to go on an Asian tour in June. Initial reports had Argentina playing Bangladesh but according to Marcos Durán, it now appears as though they will play on June 19 against Indonesia in Jakarta.

A second match, on June 15, could be against China in Beijing. Per the tweet, it could be against China or against Australia as the Australian federation recently showed interested in playing a match against Lionel Scaloni’s team.

There has been no official confirmation by the AFA in regards to the two friendly matches.


  1. Talking about future team, come someone knowledgeable tell who will be our future LB since likes of Acuna & Tagliafico will be 35 & 34 respectively come 2026. Am comfortable with the rest of the position only that Messi will be irreplaceable even after retirement.

  2. Angel Di Maria, Paulo Dybala,Leandro Paredes, Exequiel Palacios, Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Ocampos, Marcos Acuna, Papu Gomez, and Erik Lamela have all the chance to play and potentially win the Europa League this season. It’s really great to see all these players in the semifinal.

  3. This is a great chance to see more Argentines than Brazilians in a UCL final. If city and inter goes through means then it would be 3 Argentines and 1 brazilian only in the UCL final as I am not including perrone. Another very happy moment. Coz many bloody Brazilians and Mexicans mocked Argentina in the last UCL coz of the non existence of Argentines in the UCL final. And I think this would be the first time after a long time that Argentines outnumbering brazilian players in a UCL final. That gonna be great.

  4. In a world cup year, best player has to go to the player from world champion team!

    World cup > Champions league!

    Halaand no doubt has scored most goals but Messi is a mixture of DeBrunne & Halaand, a hybrid of a striker and a playmaker. Leo played a role of a protagonist in Argentina’s triumph! He basically won the world cup with players from mid table teams in Europe, while Halaand has world class players in each position in his club.

    • Messi vs haaland is a different case. But for supporting Messi don’t degrade our players. Yes maybe some of them are playing in the mid table teams but they are all better than all the overrated Brazilians. Even if you consider each position of players from Brazil and Argentina we can win easily. We have that much of a talent. Romero and lisandro can easily replace militao or Silva and can play in real or Chelsea. Molina is one heck of an attacking RB. Acuna and tag performed more than we expected. Enzo macallister can easily play in any top European teams. De Paul is a non stop engine. Pep moulded product in Julian and with a crazy Di Maria. Messi has a great supporting cast and a coach. But Messi is the one who made other players to get inspired to win the WC with his pure determination and talent. And haaland does not need that compared to Messi. Messi deserves the ballondor more. And atlast our beloved emi who made the dream of Messi a reality. Thanks to all.

      • I am not undermining our players! What I meant was City has multi million players at each position to help Halaand while Messi dragged a team of unknown players predominantly playing in midtable teams in Europe and made them champions of the world. City can win both EPL and Champions league without Halaand but last year without Messi we had no chance to win the world cup. However, post world cup some of our players are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

  5. Inter is so structurally disorganized compared to City and Bayern. I hope Real beats City to knock out robot boy from balon consideration.

    • Messi already has 7 Ballon d’Ors, and Haaland is not from football powerhouse nation, so I rather prefer Messi lose Balon d’or to seeing those Real Madrid Brazilians winning another CL and celebrating.

    • Come on, Messi will win Ballon D’or no matter what. CL is nothing compared to the worldcup.

      The only scandal I saw is 2014 where Portugal eleminated first round and Ronaldo lifted Ballon D’or.
      Messi is also top in terms of goals + assists in the league and WC too.

      • There are so many reasons I want City to beat Vardrid. The main one being their French and Brazillian contingent..then I’m a Barca/City

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